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BaBylissPRO Ceramic Tools Spring Curling Iron


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13 reviews for BaBylissPRO Ceramic Tools Spring Curling Iron

2.3 out of 5
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  1. Luanne W.

    The media could not be loaded.

     I ordered this item just 1.5 months ago and it has completely stopped heating up. The red and green blinking element which indicates it is still heating just continually blinks. It looks brand new and has been used gently only a handful of times and now it’s completely worthless. Unfortunately I’ve also missed my return window by a couple of weeks so there’s $30 down the drain.

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  2. Adriana Artigas

    No me gusto el producto no me sirvió

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  3. Stacy

    When I first got this I was pleased with how the curls looked. However, the item has a bizzare odor when it is heated up and it always turns off on it’s own during curling. After about 10 uses it completely stopped heating up. I can not get it to go off the flashing red and it won’t get hot. This is not worth it.

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  4. S. Crawford

    After having experienced a very serious hair “incident” on a business trip with a curling iron designed only for U.S. outlets, I was forced to make a quick change. (Side note: ladies, be careful!! a curling iron designed only for 110v usage used in 200v+ countries WILL burn your hair off if you use it with just the adapter and not a transformer too!!! Please don’t learn this the hard way like I did!)

    I bought a transformer to go along with my travel adapter for my next trip and discovered that the 110v curling irons just don’t work well with the transformer in place. I don’t know why, but for some reason, they just don’t seem to heat up. I considered buying a European curling iron just for use in international travel, but when I saw this one, I realized that it was a better solution. I don’t need to worry about different curling irons depending on which country I’m going to and don’t need to carry around a clunky transformer that will render the tool useless anyhow.

    Keep in mind, you’ll still need a small adapter to use this outside of the US because the plug is intended for American outlets, but you won’t need a transformer. This works equally well at home or abroad, so even if you don’t have travel plans yet, you can safely buy it without any worry.

    My only complaint was that there seemed to be a bit of industrial grease (or something from the factory) on the handle when it arrived. I briefly considered returning it, but was able to clean it off. I’m not mentioning this to complain because as you can see from the rating, I love the curling iron. I just am mentioning it in case anyone from the company sees it – I’m sure it was a one-time incident and it came off easily, but was a bit off-putting at first.

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  5. Michelle Gonzalez-Virgil


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  6. Shibby

    Over the past few years I have purchased 3 separate BaBylissPRO curling irons and have generally loved them all, except for the fact that they keep breaking. The issue is always with the on/off button. It works normally for the first few months or several months then slowly, the on button won’t register unless you press it really hard or press it several times, then eventually it completely stops working. I am now down to zero curling irons because they’ve all died the same way. The last one I purchased only lasted for 8 months before dying.. I believe a curling iron should last longer than >1 year. Otherwise, this is a really great curling iron. I’m pretty bummed they can’t last.

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  7. shopping girl

    I am disappointed with this curling iron. I had it for a year and a half and whenever you turned it on the red and green light blinks until it reaches the correct temp. then the Green light goes on and everything is good. Well…so it seemed to be taking a long time for the lights to stop blinking and I started to use it thinking it may be almost hot enough. I got the surprise of my life. I rolled the hair quickly and I heard crackling and burnt hair. I burnt a chunk of hair right off. As it turns out, the curling iron temp regulator wasn’t working and this curling iron must have been over 700 degrees. All I could smell was burnt hair and it burned so fast there was burnt powder in the sink. ( along with a clump of hair. I have never experienced that in my life.
    I had one of the same curling Irons for about 6 years and when that one went, it just stop working. I bought another one as I thought it was a good iron. I would have preferred the iron stop working to burning a clump of my hair out. Needless to say, I will not be buying another one of these. They used to be a good iron, maybe they are contracting the work out somewhere else. I better start looking at where they are manufactured.

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  8. BeeTee

    Purchased the 1-inch iron for my below shoulder-length hair two weeks ago for use in achieving the loose curls look since my hair has grown out. My stylist used this exact iron on my hair at my last appointment and a friend who is a stylist also recommend this brand. I have used it several times and am really satisfied with the quality of the curl this iron is giving me. The heat is pretty evenly distributed along the wand. I get strong curl whether I am curling my hair closer to the end of the wand or closer to the heater. These curls are even staying in quite well in the late-August hot and humid weather. I actually did a test to see how long the curl stayed in. I curled my hair at 2 pm one afternoon and it still had decent curl and body the next morning and evening. Enough so that I could lightly backcomb it with a pick and spray it and didn’t have to re-curl anything. Still looked pretty good. Actually here to buy a larger barrel for days when I just want some volume and very loose curls and body. Will update my review if there are any issues.

    **Also, Conair owns BaByliss and that is why you see the Conair name on the iron. It is a BaByliss product.

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  9. Laura

    Me encantó, jamás hubiera podido arreglar mi cabello tan lindo en casa. Y no tuve q hacer un gran gasto., lo hubiera adquirido años antes! Súper Recomendable

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  10. Amazon Customer

    I like this iron but it doesn’t last very long. I have purchased this twice now in the last year and both times they broke. The first time the cord came loose from the handle. This time while I was using it the screws came out and the handle fell off. Debating on buying it again since this will be the third time. I could have just purchased a really nice curling iron for the price of three.

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  11. Diego

    Es por mucho el PEOR producto para pelo que he comprado, no sirve para nada, no enchina ni un poco, me quemo el pelo, y me lo dejó lacio, no tiren su dinero, voy a devolverla

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  12. karen

    Hola, tengo una duda, compre una rizadora baby liss y resulta que dice Conair en la tenaza. Esto está mal porque debería d ser baby liss la marca no?

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  13. Kasha

    I didn’t like this model of Baby bliss compared to other one that I have. The length of the barrel is too short to curl my medium length hair. Also found it to be heavy, which after 20 min of styling will strain my arm. I do like the temperature control buttons and the long cord.

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