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WiMiUS Newest 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector Native 1080P LED Projector with Carrying Bag 4K Support 5.1 Bluetooth 4P/4D Keystone, Zoom 500″ Screen…


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  • [Newest 5G WiFi & Bluetooth 5.1 & Dedicated Storage Bag]—WiMiUS newest projector (released in Aug) is with both bluetooth and wifi, very convenient for use. It can be easily connected with kinds of bluetooth speakers. With innovative 5G wifi chip, it can connect with smartphones wirelessly 2 times faster than other wifi projectors. For better carrying and better protection of the projector, we prepared a dedicated storage bad for it. You could put the projector and all the accessories into it.
  • [+20% Lumens & Native 1080P Resolution &12000:1 Contrast]—If other 9500L projectors still dim for you, then let’s try K1 model. The latest full HD projector equipped with the latest LED technology, which is +20% brighter than other 1080P projectors. Also it has native 1920*1080 resolution, supports 4k,10 times more details than 1080P supported projectors. The wimius k1 has the highest resolution, highest brightness with excellent cost performance. It will bring you excellent visual feast.
  • [4-Point Keystone Correction & Zoom &Dust Proof]—With the unique 4-point data correction function which is as larger as ±60°, it is possible to project from larger angle. You could control the distortion in both vertical and horizontal directions on the remote. Moreover, with the 60% zoom function, just control the image size on the remote control without moving the projector. Moreover, we added double dust proof filter within the projector, it can protect the projector from dust effectively.
  • [Home Entertainment and PPT Small Conference]—Be equipped with USB, HDMI, AV port, this projector is compatible with a various of devices, such as PC, TV stick, PS3, PS4, Chromecast, USB stick and so on. It’s a very good choice for movies, parties, playing games. What’s more, it can read office software like word, excel, power point presentation from USB stick directly. Very convenient for small conference (5-10 people conference). It can play netflix only when connected with TV stick.
  • [200,000H LED Lamp and 4 Years Warranty]—By adopting a highly transparent coating lens, projecting clear images and videos, and adopting new LED technology and smart eco technology, the low power consumption LED lamp has a long operating life over 10 years. In addition, we provide 4 years warranty, twice longer than all others. The first year for free replacement, the rest 3 years for free repair, giving you double assurance.

Specification: WiMiUS Newest 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector Native 1080P LED Projector with Carrying Bag 4K Support 5.1 Bluetooth 4P/4D Keystone, Zoom 500″ Screen…

Package Dimensions

15.07 x 11.14 x 6.26 inches

Item Weight

0.176 ounces

Date First Available

August 1, 2021



Photos: WiMiUS Newest 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector Native 1080P LED Projector with Carrying Bag 4K Support 5.1 Bluetooth 4P/4D Keystone, Zoom 500″ Screen…

4 reviews for WiMiUS Newest 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector Native 1080P LED Projector with Carrying Bag 4K Support 5.1 Bluetooth 4P/4D Keystone, Zoom 500″ Screen…

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  1. Rory McSweeney

    Projector is OK and I like that the fan emits a low frequency sound so not as noticible as the “Wsky” generic white label m15 type (same project sold under different brands) projector I bought three years ago (bottom of pile, also 1080p as is the little one on top).

    Written on the bottom is model RD-828, the real factory model and the specs for brightness and contrast are not 9500 lumens and 12000:1 as they clearly state.

    Comparing the two (Older Wsky m15) with a white image and the exact same picture size, 100 inch with both on max brightness and colour, this is only 20 percent brighter measured using the light sensor on my phone. Its also a very ‘glowy’?
    projector. The contrast does almost nothing, until you drop the brightness down so the black top and bottom border of a movie is not brighter than the wall, it will be washed out. A real 12000:1, even half that, would mean you could have the brightness up more and balance it with contrast.

    I’m going to try it with a grey projector screen, this should make the sweet spot of brightness vs contrast a little wider so I’m not reaching for the control with fairly small changes in ambient lighting. Hopefully the grey screen will work though I’m not certain.

    Looking at the history of Wimus and others/Chinese factory seller, it started as a 7500 lumens and then 8500 now 9500L but that’s the stated spec not actual changes to the product. Amazon customer support instead of making them correct this have allowed other makers to upgrade their lie instead, projectors that were 8500L weeks ago are now 9500 and there is no updated model, Amazon support confirmed this. When I asked who to escalate to I was sent an email by customer service with Jeff Bezos’ email though he left the company earlier in the year… At least they were honest showing its now Amazon policy to let the fake specs run and only the boss whoever he is can reverse that.

    So, it’s OK, it’s not bright enough for daytime use really, nearly but not really unless it’s very gloomy. It’s too bright for night use unless the brightness is way down, contrast does little and unlike three other projectors I have which have two, it only has a single User setting. I am getting tired of fiddling with settings as a result for. Night/day and may send it back for this. Its not a serious upgrade of the larger one in my pile, it may actually be inferior but it did arrive with clean optics unlike the other three.

    Could be worse, the nonsense allowed over the creeping upwards specs is insulting though? Why allow this whoever is Jeff now?

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  2. Bob S.

    When comparing the NEWEST K1 to the original K1 or the recently released K8, the NEWEST K1 has the best performance and features of the three.
    Be sure to buy the projector listed as the NEWEST K1 with a contrast ratio of 12,000.

    The original K1 has a ratio of 10,000 and the K8 is listed as 15,000.

    But here’s why the NEWEST K1 is the best choice. Don’t be confused as some reviews are listed under the wrong units. The K1 has the lens on the right and a grey cloth top. The K8 has the lens on the left and a completely plastic chassis without the cloth top.

    The advantages of the NEWEST K1 are:
    – Brighter than the original K1
    – Much quieter than the K8 which has loud fan noise
    – Fully electronic 4 point keystone adjustment whereas K8 has an additional manual ring which conflicts with the electronic adjustment
    – Much louder and clearer audio than the K8
    – Nice cloth top with individual tactile buttons and red/blue LED strip light power indication visible from front. K8 has a small green LED only visible from the top and cheap feeling buttons.
    – Functional lens cap regardless of lens position. On the K8 you must unfocus and extend the lens out of the case every time to be able to put the lens cap on.
    – The NEWEST K1 has a cloth covered carry case with functional internal storage. The K8 comes in a “backpack” case design which won’t store flat. I’d rather put the K1 case inside of my own backpack if I needed to.

    BOTH PROJECTORS HAVE SUPERB VIDEO QUALITY. While the K8 is definitely brighter, the fan is really loud, and the audio is really inferior to the NEWEST K1.

    All in all the NEWEST K1 is the best projector as they are all similarly priced.

    Wimius is a great brand and has very responsive customer support.

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  3. Daniel C. McShan

    The media could not be loaded.

     This is my second Wimius projector, and I really like it. It’s portable, comes with a nice case, and is easy to use. I use it in several locations with different throws – even outside, so I really appreciate the digital zoom. The onscreen menu system is simple and way better than OSD I’ve seen before. While not a “smart Projector” as such, it is wifi enabled, which is really convenient for quickly beaming an iPhone to to, for instance. Most of the time, I have it on my Amazon Fire stick, but for portable conferencing its super handy – I actually use it in my dining room for such. I have a video to upload, but Amazon seems to be having some issues at the moment. All in all, great projector.

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  4. Brad M. Bagley

    I ordered this projector with mild skepticism. I have used projectors as my main viewing devices at home for around 20 years. My latest one was a DLP 3900 ANSI Lumens 22000:1 contrast ratio. It lasted right at 3 years and died. Not wanting to spend $1000.00 to replace it, I started researching LED projectors. I viewed many under $300 and read tons of reviews. I came to the conclusion that the only way to truly know how they would stack up to my old one was to take a chance and order one. Back and forth across multiple decisions, I came back to this one each time. I received it today and I must say I am pleased so far. The Picture quality is very crisp and clear. After modifying my ceiling mount to fit it, I mounted it 14 feet from a 12 foot screen. The adjustments to make the image fit my screen were very simple with the keystone and zoom functions. (I had to bring it down to 90% because of my throw distance). I played with the image levels a bit and we watched a movie streamed from Disney+. It was a brilliant experience. The Colors were vivid and the brightness cut through a low ambient floor lamp well. Although the internal speakers have very solid sound, I would suggest connecting a sound bar or similar amplified audio device *the output from AV is lower than expected*, overall, I would recommend the K1 to movie goers. My 1st experience removed my skepticism! Way to go WiMiUS! I am anxious to see how the lamp life holds to claim. I will write more and upload a video in the near future.

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    WiMiUS Newest 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector Native 1080P LED Projector with Carrying Bag 4K Support 5.1 Bluetooth 4P/4D Keystone, Zoom 500″ Screen…
    WiMiUS Newest 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector Native 1080P LED Projector with Carrying Bag 4K Support 5.1 Bluetooth 4P/4D Keystone, Zoom 500″ Screen…
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