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Conair True Glow Mini Fridge for Skincare Products, Makeup & Beauty Tools, White, 4 ltr


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  • Beauty Fridge: 2 shelves + door basket keeps all your serums, moisturizers, face masks, beauty rollers and more at the ideal temperature, 41°F to 51°F. This mini beauty fridge is a must have for all beauty lovers. Compact design: 10.43″ x 8.18″ x 10.63″
  • Preserves & Protects: this cosmetic fridge preserves & protects active ingredients in liquid beauty products by keeping them at an optimal cool temperature. Apply chilled solutions to experience professional-style pampering that refreshes & renews skin.
  • Organized Beauty Products: Keep serums, sheet masks, moisturizers, mists, makeup, toners, fragrances, facial rollers, cold therapy masks, and more well organized in the dual-tiered storage space with a bonus door shelf.
  • Plug-in Power: a motorized fan generates and maintains a consistent 41°F (with door closed) without the need for settings.
  • Total At Home Spa Experience: From sonic cleansing brushes and facial steamers to paraffin treatments, light therapy devices and more, Conair True Glow skin care tools help make every day a spa day.

Specification: Conair True Glow Mini Fridge for Skincare Products, Makeup & Beauty Tools, White, 4 ltr

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5.5 x 5.35 x 8 inches, 3 Pounds

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Photos: Conair True Glow Mini Fridge for Skincare Products, Makeup & Beauty Tools, White, 4 ltr

8 reviews for Conair True Glow Mini Fridge for Skincare Products, Makeup & Beauty Tools, White, 4 ltr

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  1. Summer Girl

    This fridge says it will get down to 40 degrees, but mine seems to stop at 42. That being said, it works well for skin care products, but I don’t know about using it as a mini fridge for food. There is a little compartment on the door that holds small things, and a shelf inside that divides the fridge. I like it, I just think its a bit expensive for what it is. I have seen other units priced for less. Perhaps, since this is a well known brand, this one will last longer then the others. So far, it is working well, and it holds a lot of product.

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  2. Mitz

    Super easy to install and got cold within about an hour of plugging in. Its pretty quiet overall. It has a little shelf insert that is removable on the inside, which I’ve removed to fit taller items. It also has a little shelf on the door to fit masks and thinner items. This does exactly what it should do and keeps my items pretty cold. Originally used it for cosmetic items but when the weather warmed up I started keeping my sparkling waters in this fridge. Fits up to 4 12oz cans. I keep this on my vanity. No issues really you just have to be sure your wiping the inside of it weekly, a small amount of water accumulates nothing too crazy really. I dust the outside of it and the fan on the back of it often as well. Overall impressed and happy with it.

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  3. Miss Tinsley

    I had no idea how amazing it would feel to cool my serums and how amazing it would feel when I put them on in the morning and at night!

    Great size – As you can see this holds most of my daily make up – I use items in rotation and sometimes different ones due to having combination skin.

    This mini-fridge does have a quiet hum – but not too loud. The shelf is removable and you could really use this for drinks – it holds six cans at once!

    I think the price is slightly higher than similar brands.

    I also have the Chefman Portable Mirrored Beauty Fridge and it is only $49.99 and it heats up to warm moist towels for your face. It also features a mirrored front with a light and that is really nice to have.

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  4. KA

    product review: True Glow by Conair Mini Beauty Fridge for Skincare Products, Makeup, and Beauty Tools; 4 Liter

    Conair mini beauty fridge is easy to use, just plug it in and in no time (15-20 min) it reaches 54F (as seen in pictures) I have used a cup of water to check the liquid temperature. It reached 40F within 1 hour, which is the range the manual describes this fridge would operate. It is pretty small (4 liters) capacity but should work well personal skincare products. Technically it is not prescribed for drinks or food but can be used any place or room including basements or workshop according to the product description. It is not recommended to use this when the room temperature is lower than 60F. There is no compressor or refrigerant may be it is a thermoelectric based system, it operates quite, little buzz sound from the cooling fan.

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  5. R Mae

    The True Glow by Conair Mini Beauty Fridge works well at keeping my serum just cold enough to feel amazing on my skin. There’s enough space for me to keep many bottles of serums, lotions, toners, face masks, face roller, etc. inside. The shelf inside is removable for larger bottles or even drinks if you wish. It’s just as cold as my regular fridge. The overall size of the fridge isn’t too bulky, it fits easily inside the shelf in my bathroom. It makes a low humming sound but not noticeable. I like that this one comes with a carrying handle on top. If you haven’t tried a beauty fridge before, get one now. A bit pricey vs similar ones out there.

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  6. Ernest Stalnaker

    I have seen many small beauty fridges like this Conair model on the market recently. It is a popular item this year. But at the current price (Almost $80 as I’m writing this review), I think this model is overpriced. My wife already has a similar fridge from a different company that was only $60 when she bought it, and it also has a lighted mirror on the front door, which is a very useful feature. They both cool equally well and have a small compartment in the door. A fridge like this is not only for cosmetics, but you can use it for storing a few cans of soda as well (Useful for an office or bedroom). But it won’t get as cold as a regular refrigerator, since it doesn’t have a compressor. If Conair would drop the price on this model by at least $20, it would be a good deal. But at the current price I can’t recommend it although it works fine.

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  7. Yashahime

    what I really love is that when I use my beauty products and they are chilled. The mini fridge is optimal size for keeping serums and moisturizers and even face mask. When you open the fridge you have the option of removing the shelf or leaving it in there. There is a front section that is large enough to keep your face mask and keep them cooled. It’s a worlds difference if you use a face mask that is chilled instead of room temperature. The fridge is small enough to keep on a bathroom counter or a vanity and does the profile does not take up much space.

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  8. Melrel05

    This Conair True glow mini fridge is actually my 3rd mini fridge I have for my face products. What can I say, I have a lot of face products open and on rotation at any given time! Both of the other two I have are not name brand items, so I was curious how well this one would stack up against the others.

    First this one is slightly smaller than both of the others I have. Not by much, it’s really only a 2-3 bottle difference, but still. For the overall quality, I would say all three are pretty much the same in terms of quality. They are all plastic and definitely not super well made. This one does work just as well as the other two at cooling and keeping my products at a steady temp.

    Final thoughts. I think this is slightly overpriced if I am being honest. The prices of the other two I have are $45 and $65, and at $85 this one is the most expensive and also the smallest of the three. I also don’t see any quality difference between any of them either. So overall while it’s a decent mini fridge for your skincare I’m taking one star away for the price point.

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    Conair True Glow Mini Fridge for Skincare Products, Makeup & Beauty Tools, White, 4 ltr
    Conair True Glow Mini Fridge for Skincare Products, Makeup & Beauty Tools, White, 4 ltr
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