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Logitech – C505 HD Webcam – Black


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Photos: Logitech – C505 HD Webcam – Black

8 reviews for Logitech – C505 HD Webcam – Black

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  1. Kris1973

    There was really only one real surprise with the C505 webcam: It’s really tiny!
    Otherwise, it’s exactly what you’d expect from a Logitech webcam. I was not overly impressed with the 720p image in either direction. It wasn’t outstanding, it wasn’t bad. It had a little trouble with the lighting in my home office; it just couldn’t get the exposure quite right but after some fiddling with curtains and lamps, it settled into something quite passable.
    The audio, particularly as I moved around the room, was very good and setup couldn’t possibly have been easier: plug and play.
    There’s no Windows Hello support either, but again that’s expected for a webcam in this price range.
    The mount is great and had no trouble supporting the tiny little webcam in just about any configuration that makes any kind of sense.
    The bottom line is this: If you’re looking for a tack-sharp webcam to really impress on those Zoom calls we’re all in nowadays you’ll want to spend the extra money and go for a higer-end, higher-resolution model. If you need an affordable, solid webcam that’s light and easy to use the C505 is a good choice.

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  2. AverageDad

    Due to the pandemic and work-from-home and school-from-home, webcams were a hot item for the first 9 months of 2020. Prices went through the roof, but are finally coming back down as the manufacturers catch up with demand. At this point, webcams are almost becoming a commodity as cheap models from China are flooding in the market. This Logitech C505 webcam is a good, basic webcam with a few caveats.
    First, the good: It’s a Logitech. Logitech is the gold standard for webcams. The build quality is solid, and compatibility seems to be excellent. No driver install is required – just plug into a USB port and Windows 10 identifies it and loads drivers automatically. Of course, this is true for most webcams these days – I own three other webcams, an old Logitech C905 and two no-name Chinese brands, and all three are automatically identified by Windows 10. According to Logitech, the C505 is also supported by MacOS but I don’t have a Mac so I couldn’t confirm this. It does work fine on a Chromebook I own.
    Resolution: Note that this webcam only has a 720p resolution (HD, but not full HD). This may or may not really matter for you – If you are planning on recording to YouTube or Vimeo, you probably want full HD 1080p. But if all you need is to Zoom or Skype to friends and family, or school, 720p is probably OK. In a smaller window you won’t notice the difference; if you go full-screen you will.
    View angle or ‘Field of View’: You have to dig sometimes to find this specification for webcams, but it is very important. When I refer to field of view (FOV) I’m describing how ‘wide angle’ the lens is. For this camera, the FOV is 60 degrees, which is actually quite narrow compared to most webcams on the market. Many webcams being sold have a FOV between 110 – 120 degrees. That wide angle is great if you will be using the webcam for a group of people at a conference table. However if you will mainly use the webcam for yourself, the narrower FOV works better – The really wide-angle lenses will also create a ‘fish-eye’ effect and shows everyone how messy your room is. Since I typically use my webcam for only myself, I prefer a narrower FOV. That being said, I found the 60 degree lens on the C505 a little too narrow; with it attached to my monitor and about 24” from my face, my head fills up about 80% of the vertical space in the image. I prefer the view angle on my older Logitech C905, which is about a 90 degree angle lens. For examples of the C905 vs. C505 view angles, see the photos I attached (I blurred out my face intentionally – that’s not the camera!). Both images were taken with the two webcams at the same approximate location relative to my face.
    Picture quality: One difference I did notice is the picture seemed slightly dark compared to my usual no-name brand webcam. I don’t think this is related to the 720p resolution; the difference is not dramatic but it is noticeable. Logitech offers software that lets you tweak the webcam settings which might let this be adjusted; unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be available for the C505 on their website yet. Side-by-side, my older Logitech C905 webcam (also 720p) has better picture quality (without any tweaking). Granted, that older C905 has a Carl Zeiss lens which the C505 does not, but still – the C905 is a 2007 product!
    Convenience: This webcam clips fairly securely to the top of your screen like most webcams these days do. Be aware that the webcam has an up-down adjustment, but cannot swivel side-to-side. So, it will work best if you have a screen directly in front of you so the camera can be mounted to aim directly at you (such as a laptop). In my case, I use dual monitors set at a shallow ‘vee’ angle, so the camera is always aimed a little off-center at me. Also note there is no tripod mount, which some people find useful – I like the flexibility of having one, even if I don’t use it much.
    Microphone: Typically I use a separate phone for audio on teleconferences, but I did test the microphone and it works pretty well – certainly better than the integral one in my laptop.
    Summary: This is a decent, solidly built webcam with excellent compatibility and good Logitech support. However, it is missing a few amenities (side-to-side swiveling, tripod mount) and the image quality is a little lacking. The field of view is on the narrow side, which can be a plus or a minus depending on how you plan on using it. There are better performing cameras for less money if you are willing to go with a lesser brand, but with the C505 you do get the peace of mind from the Logitech name behind it rather than a no-name brand. Whether that is worth the cost premium is up to you.

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  3. ADAMA

    Thank you for your great product and your great service.

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  4. Sarai

    Is really good, I love this one from logitech so far so good

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  5. Turbolence

    For over 25 years, Logitech has been a market leader for affordable, quality computer peripherals ranging from mice and keyboards to speakers and gaming controllers. I still use one of their trackballs from the 90s and a speaker set from the early 2000s almost daily – their durability through the daily grind is a hallmark of the brand. Logitech recently rebranded their consumer devices under the “logi” brand and began tangentially marketing these into the small business and prosumer segments, where they face competition from long-standing commercial names. The Logitech C505 HD webcam is their latest entry-level webcam, offering 720p video with a long-range microphone suitable for basic video conferencing. While it delivers on its paper specs, the webcam’s video quality leaves far too much to be desired given its MSRP.
    At the time of this review (October 2020), webcams are in extremely high demand due to an ongoing global health crisis that has seen office workers transition to work-from-home en masse. Availability of such devices is poor, and while I have attempted to provide an unbiased review here, my opinions should be taken within the context of severe supply chain shortages.
    – Unboxing and Setup
    Logitech makes setting up the C505 HD Webcam as simple as can be. On any modern operating system (advertised as supporting Windows, Mac OS, and Chrome OS), simply open the box and plug it into an open USB (Type A, the traditional rectangular type) port on your machine. If your computer only has USB-C ports you will need to find a USB-C hub or dongle to connect. I was able to test on Windows and Chrome OS, and on both machines the system immediately recognized the device as a traditional webcam and made it available to recording and calling apps alike.
    The integrated clamp works decently to place it atop a screen. It’ll take a little positioning to get the front-heavy webcam stable, but once in place the rubberized grips hold well enough to allow for tilt adjustment of about 15 degrees in either direction. The webcam housing is considerably large and hangs over the top edge of a screen by about three-quarters of an inch, which can obstruct title and menu bars on screens with thinner bezels.
    Logitech advertises the C505 with a dual-use hinge that also functions as a stand for placing atop a desk or other raised surface. Unfortunately my unit does not hold its position in this mode – the hinge is not strong enough to support the weight of the webcam at shallower angles (as when perched atop a computer case or pile of books) and it will slowly close its clamshell within a minute or two of being set up. However this is a minor point given lower webcam angles are rarely used.
    – Video Quality
    This is where the C505 fails to gain traction. Advertised as a step-up from integrated laptop webcams, I was very disappointed with the video quality this webcam presents. Even with plenty of uniform, dispersed foreground lighting, the C505’s optical sensor provides grainy video in well-lit scenes that also washes out color. A fixed focal point further compounds the quality issue, causing blurry optics at distances closer than a few feet (which is most of the time you’ll be using a webcam). I saw virtually no difference in quality compared to a budget laptop’s integrated, 480p webcam, and I did not notice any of the auto light correction occurring that Logitech advertises on the packaging.
    A Windows app available through Logitech’s support website allows you to make some lighting and color adjustments to the webcam’s video, but these adjustments can only correct so much from a low-quality source. The software package is also terribly bloated – an 84MB setup file for what amounts to post-processing color and exposure adjustments that are integrated in most video apps is borderline offensive.
    Long and short, the video quality is poor by most webcam standards – even front-facing cellphone cameras do a better job at capturing images. If you’re using this for video conferencing, try to stay in the thumbnails and avoid center stage.
    – Audio Quality
    The C505 wins a point back with a strong microphone. While most laptop microphones are quiet and muffled, the C505’s integrated long-range microphone picks up voice clearly from normal distances, perhaps clipping a little at close range, and has no issue picking up conversations from across the room. With the webcam atop my TV and me sitting on a couch about 8 feet back, I conversed easily with family without needing to raise my voice.
    You will need to have some noise cancellation or volume-sensitive microphone activation within your calling apps, however, as the microphone can pick up quite a bit of background noise. Typing on a keyboard while the microphone is in use is all but a no-go, doubly so if you’re using either a mechanical keyboard or a laptop keyboard with the C505 perched atop the screen.
    – Value & Bottom Line
    What irks me most about the C505 HD Webcam is the video quality relative to its price. I upgraded to this model from a decade-old Logitech C170 webcam, and I cannot see any appreciable upgrade in video quality despite a doubling in MSRP. The native capture resolution is higher (480p vs 720p) but I am hard-pressed to find any further difference as both devices produce video quality that was acceptable for a $25 webcam in 2010 but is inexcusable for a $50 one in 2020.
    Ultimately, the only saving graces of the C505 HD Webcam are a strong microphone and plug-and-play setup. Give it an extra star if you have no other alternative for video calling and it’s the only affordable webcam in-stock when you need one. I’m disappointed to give Logitech such a low mark here, but a brand’s past reputation for quality means little when a new product fails to deliver on that expectation. The C505 is not recommended.

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  6. Porsche

    The Logitech C505 HD webcam is an affordable, 720p webcam for personal, educational and business communication. The integrated mono microphone makes sure that your voice is nice and clear. It’s very compact and fits fine on top of a laptop.
    The picture is presented in a 4:3 format, which means that to achieve widescreen, the image has to be cropped to a 16:9 format. This may only be an issue, if you take the field of view in mind. It’s very close and looks zoomed in, compared to other webcams. This means that your face will take up most of the frame. This might just be what you need for calls or a face cam for streaming.
    The weakness of the camera is the auto light correction; as Logitech calls it. As someone with a North European complexion, it has a tendency to look overexposed, giving my face white splotches. Unfortunately, you can’t fix overexposed video. At least if it was too dark, you can brighten it up. This is a bit disappointing, considering that this is a newly introduced model.
    If you’re not sure how this compares to other webcams, let me compare it to a few I have at my disposal. Compared to the integrated webcams on my 2018 iMac and 2019 Dell laptop, it performs relatively similar. If you’ve bought a computer in the past five years, the C505 will likely not be much of an upgrade picture-wise, but you might benefit from the microphone and movability. I also have a Logitech StreamCam, which has an added $110 premium. The StreamCam is definitely the better choice, both for video and audio, but I will point out, that the C505 is louder and more voice-centric. If you’re familiar with the StreamCam, I can also point out that the Logitech Capture software is not compatible with the C505, which allows you to adjust and tweak the camera settings.
    If you’re looking at this webcam for streaming, I can only recommend it for a face cam, because the viewers will only see your face, neck and some of your upper body, assuming the webcam is the same distance as if it was on top of a laptop. It comes with a 7 foot cable, so you can of course move it farther back.
    I recommend this webcam for people who are looking for an affordable way to be able to make video calls and attend video meetings and lectures. Whether it’s for personal, business or educational purposes, it will deliver a video and audio experience that puts emphasis on what’s important, without the bells and whistles.

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  7. TechnicallyWell

    ## Design
    The Logitech C505 is designed to fit on top on many flat panel monitors and laptop display, but the base can also be used to place the webcam on a flat surface. Unlike some other webcams, there is no tripod adapter on the bottom of the camera.
    There is a white LED on the front of the camera that lets you know when it is active. There is no manual privacy slider on the webcam, so you would need to unplug it or cover it when not in use if you’re concerned with security.
    ## Features
    – Extra long cord: The USB cord included with the camera is 7 feet long, allowing you to place the camera in a higher position such as on top of a monitor or shelf. This way, you can aim the camera at a more flattering angle instead of using your laptop’s built-in camera.
    – 720p video: This spec is actually lower than the 1080p resolution you’ll find on many other webcams. So why would you want a lower resolution? First, unless you’re recording a high quality YouTube video, 720p is sufficient for most video conferencing calls. And, if your internet connection has been shaky since working and schooling from home, a 720p resolution will use less bandwidth than a 1080p resolution, freeing up some bandwidth for other things. Plus, many cameras built-in to laptops are so bad that they don’t produce a 1080p-worthy picture anyways.
    – Built-in microphone: The built-in microphone performs well even from a distance. However, to avoid feedback or echo issues, it is still better to pipe your computer’s audio through a earbud, as using your laptop’s built-in speaker for calls can cause the sound to be picked up by the camera’s microphone and create an echo.
    – Wide-compatibility: The camera works with Windows, Mac, and even Chromebooks (which is nice since many Chromebooks have a poor quality camera). The camera was automatically detected and did not require a manual driver install.
    ## Performance
    Picture quality is great on the Logitech C505, but for the best quality, you’ll want to make sure you have a bright light in front of your face and a relatively dark background behind you. The camera does seem to perform well in lower-light conditions, although the picture does get somewhat grainy.
    ## Summary
    If you’re tired of your laptop’s camera looking up your nostrils, the Logitech C505 is a no-frills webcam with a long 7-foot cable that allows you to place it at a more flattering angle. The 720p resolution is sufficient for video calls over Zoom and the microphone performs well even if the camera is a few feet away.

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  8. Bappy

    The Logitech – C505 HD Webcam is a clip-on camera with HD 720P 30 frames per second video with an integrated microphone. It is a clip-on style webcam, the mechanism is not spring loaded – so you have to find a sweet spot for placing the cam in your preferred position. It needs to “lie” on a mounting spot as opposed to being fixed. You will not likely use this with a notebook as most have integrated cameras, would not well suited for mobile use unless your notebook is on fixed desk.
    As for the video, it performs adequately, video is not particularly crisp and seems a bit noisy (speckled) especially in lower light situations. A selfie light ring might be appropriate if you are using this in a fixed location. The field of view is sixty degrees, and the camera rotates vertically providing a good level of placement flexibility. The audio which is prominently touted on packaging mainly delivers and is superior to most notebook microphones. The microphone delivered a rich voice in conversations and held up well in video conferencing.
    Overall, this is a decent webcam which some positives and two negatives, was not thrilled with the resolution and noise in lower light situations. I would probably recommend the higher resolution 1080p camera though, perhaps their C920 Pro model which also includes stereo microphones.
    – superior microphone, pickups rich sound.
    – 7ft USB-A cord
    – 720p resolution, video is noisy especially in not well-lit situations
    – Clip mount meant for hanging, not attaching the webcam to your mounting location.

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    Logitech – C505 HD Webcam – Black
    Logitech – C505 HD Webcam – Black

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