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MelodySusie 30000 RPM Professional Nail Drill-Scarlet, High Speed, Low Heat, Low Noise, Low Vibration, Portable Electric Efile Drill for Shaping,…


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  • Powerful and Ease-of-use: High-speed, low vibration, low noise and smooth operation with variable speed control (0-30,000 RPM ). This professional nail drill great for grinding, cutting, carving, removing gel polish and cuticles for natural nails, acrylic nails and gel nails.
  • Lightweight and Low Heat Handpiece: Made of high-quality aluminum alloy, suitable for both professional use in salon and beginner use at home. (works with all kinds of 3/32” shank bits) It comes with the twists lock system which lets you easily change the bit.
  • Top-notch Appearance Design: It comes with the compact small controller and the handpiece fits in the center of the drill. Saving space on your desk. Bit holders on it let you can have your favorite pieces right there at your convenience.
  • Foot Pedal and Two Rotation Direction: “hand” mode and “foot” mode for you to choose and better meet your requirement. This electric nail file is equipped with the f-forward and r-reverse buttons to change the direction of the rotating bit, which enables any right-handed or left-handed use.

Specification: MelodySusie 30000 RPM Professional Nail Drill-Scarlet, High Speed, Low Heat, Low Noise, Low Vibration, Portable Electric Efile Drill for Shaping,…

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8.5 x 7.8 x 3.94 inches, 2.01 Pounds

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Photos: MelodySusie 30000 RPM Professional Nail Drill-Scarlet, High Speed, Low Heat, Low Noise, Low Vibration, Portable Electric Efile Drill for Shaping,…

9 reviews for MelodySusie 30000 RPM Professional Nail Drill-Scarlet, High Speed, Low Heat, Low Noise, Low Vibration, Portable Electric Efile Drill for Shaping,…

3.8 out of 5
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  1. J.B.

    At first I seen reviews stating the hand drill didn’t work so I was concerned since I already placed my order. I received it yesterday and I plugged everything in (didn’t read the instructions) and the hand drill did not work . After I read the directions it says “NOTE: align arrow with socket as arrow on the drill” (rephrasing it) but after I done that it worked smoothly. In the directions it tell you what to do and what not to do to keep your drill long lasting! Hope this help with the hand drill issue

    Update : 12/25/19 – so it’s Christmas and I had it for 3 months now using it about 1-3 times a week and it’s doing okay so far! I think it’s a whining noise now but it’s still works as it did when I first purchased it! I do clean it and try to maintain it and keep it in the box if not in use! But it’s still holding on lol

    Update : 2/20/20

    Customer service stinks! I tried to order a replacement drill cord bc my other one gotten damaged and they are still giving me the run aroundthis been going on for 3 months. My hand drill cord seems as if it wants to give out soon. If the cord is bent a certain way with the hand drill it stops working. Will be needing a new drill soon I guess :/ 🙁

    Update : 6/30/2020

    Customer service blocked my messages( guessing cause I emailed them a lot about my warranty). They responded but kept giving me the run around. I even paid through PayPal for my cord to be shipped ( I think only $8) I DO NOT RECOMMEND this company due to customer service. But as for the drill it is still holding on. It do still have the shortage but my husband cut the cord and connected a few wires that helped a lot. I have nail clients and it’s still holding on. I did order another drill which comes in tomorrow.
    YouTube : Kia’s Love … I used it in one of my nail videos

    Now I’m ordering a new drill … the hand piece has. Big shortage in it . Sad to say the review was correct. Save YOUR MONEY

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  2. LaurieM

    LOVE this drill! Smooth, quiet and does the job for acrylic and gel polish! I’m a nail technician and this is by far my favourite one for the price 😁

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  3. Alice L.

    I was so excited when I got my new e-file. It worked great for the first 3 months but now it stops working right in the middle of a client’s nails. Something has come loose or wires aren’t connecting. 🙁 I won’t buy again… looking for a better file. Good luck all.

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  4. J.B.

    First thing first….ordered on 9/4 received it 9/6!!!!!💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾 I am in LOVE with this drill! Quiet,does not take up alot of space on my table,Very powerful and thats on a low speed! Came with a foot pedal which I love using foot pedals but for some reason just haven’t had the urge to use it because the drill works so good! I also purchased a set of their bits which I tried to see if they worked as description stated…..and yes they did! They are the 💣! Going to purchase another set just for back up. Was not paid for this review nor do I have any affiliation with the company(and this is a REAL review) but if you want a nice reliable dependable efficient durable steady quiet powerful drill purchase this one! I have several…but this one is my main girl!❤❤❤ If you’re a beginner this definitely would be a great investment you won’t regret it. Thank you MelodySusie

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  5. Alice L.

    If you’re anything like me then you are comparing and contrasting every single drill on Amazon and reading every review right now. You want the best for your money. I originally bought the pink drill from Melody Susie and I loved that one so much that I also wanted to buy this one since the RPMs were higher. I love this drill. But keep in mind it needs to be set on a table and the spiral cord is attached to it. With the pink drill that I have I can literally take it anywhere with me… I can even do my nails on my bed with my dust collector. I would not be able to do that with this drill. Yes I do think this drill is a tad bit stronger. So if you’re going to do multiple people a week you might want this one but otherwise you could probably go with the pink melody Susie if you wanted to save money. Just make sure you have good bits. I also bought my bits from Melody Susie and I have not been disappointed. I bought the gold ones. The drill handle itself is not as comfortable to hold as the pink one. Probably because the pink one is more lightweight but this is still easy to use and still comfortable to hold… just not as comfortable as the pink which is smaller.
    I know you’re reading reviews from people that say it died on them or it didn’t work… And that kept me from buying this. I have not had a problem with either of my drills. And I will tell you that Melody Susie has the greatest customer service ever. I bought a couple sets of bits from them and the one set I bought were not fitting correctly in the pink drill. They completely took care of me and the situation. That’s actually when I decided to buy this second drill because their customer service is amazing and I do feel like they will back their products and take care of you. I was so scared by people saying these died on them by the third time or it stopped working after a month. I literally went through every drill on Amazon and read every single review. I even did some outside research on YouTube and other channels. So not only did I love my first drill but I loved it so much and trust this company now to buy a second one. This one. I’m mean I hope that let’s say 6 months down the road if there’s a problem with the drill that Melody Suzie would try and help me. You never really know. I would just register your product with them online or if yours comes with a warranty postcard (You know, those little tiny pieces of paper that we’re supposed to mail back but we never do. I even think I threw mine away.) All I can say is they actually went beyond what I was expecting when they helped me with the bits I didn’t like.

    I can’t promise you they would do the same with the drills but all I can tell you is both of my drills are working amazing. I have used them every single day for probably 3 hours a day on and off. I am quarantined so I have nothing better to do than to practice nails. Looking back I wasted a lot of my time reading every review and trying to hopefully get something that worked (and wasn’t terrible like a Walmart nail drill). It’s always those five bad reviews that scare the crap out of you. And again I want to make sure that I say you have to have good bits. I do not use the bits that come with the product. I did it first and they got the job done but I don’t think they’re good. Get another set of bits from Melody Susie All of them I think are under 15 or 20 bucks and they will last you a long time. They have ceramic and titanium I think. If either of my drills have an issue or something happens you can trust that I would come back here and update my review. Right now I am telling you that you can stop reading all the reviews and just get this drill (or the pink one if you want). And if you’re reading this later down the line and I haven’t updated this, then they are still working great.

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  6. Ziep nguyen

    Not happy at all, this is the 2nd time I’ve purchased this product in a matter of months and it has stopped working. I bought the 2nd one in August and has now stopped working again by cutting out and heating up.

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  7. Trinity

    The media could not be loaded.

     Iam a professional Nail Technician in London for years. During 3rd lockdown i had been thinking i should spend time at home to create some new nails design ( just to kill my time) . Just ordered a drill machine. I didnt expect that i could find a good one on Amazon ( as i hv never used any machine under £300 in my salon)
    All i expected was something that work ok just to remove gel colour on the fake tip.
    However this machine done the job more than i had hope. It worked really good even with acrylic or hard gel, strong motor, no viberation even fast speed.
    I would recommend this for shellac mani pedi, or medium and not to thick nails extention. For mobile nails technician used, or even for the salon used in London where you dont have mainly nails extentions client, or to trainning staff.
    In overall, it worth for the price.
    Here is some picture of my work using this machine . All are acrylic extention nails .

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  8. Ziep nguyen

    Nice product and not flimsy. good variable speed which you slowly turn up rather than having set speeds. Easy to change the files. The files that came with it are fine though I did by more. unfortunately mine stopped working after a couple of months very light use (I only use it on myself) but the customer service was excellent and sent a new one the same day.

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  9. Kia Williams

    Amazing drill for beginners! I’ve recently started doing nails and had to dig through many YouTube videos in search for a affordable drill to start off with!
    After watching a review video I ordered and fell in love, it is very beginner friendly! The design is perfect as you can place your drill bits on top and the hand piece is not heavy at all. I have been using for about 2 weeks now; and have absolutely enjoyed it. Will be doing a update after a bit more use. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for an affordable drill (:

    *** 9 Month Update! ***
    After 9 months of usage, the Forward and Reverse switch on the back stopped working!
    I hardly ever used it however, when I would do my own nails for my right hand I would change it to reverse. I was unable to get any tips or info on how to fix the issue. Other than that the drill was amazing. Never had any prior issues.
    Amazon was very nice and understanding, and allowed me to return.

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    MelodySusie 30000 RPM Professional Nail Drill-Scarlet, High Speed, Low Heat, Low Noise, Low Vibration, Portable Electric Efile Drill for Shaping,…
    MelodySusie 30000 RPM Professional Nail Drill-Scarlet, High Speed, Low Heat, Low Noise, Low Vibration, Portable Electric Efile Drill for Shaping,…
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