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Terasako Magnetic Charging Cable 4-Pack [1ft/3ft/6ft/6ft], 360° Rotating Magnetic Phone Charger Cable with LED Light, 90° Angle Connector,…


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  • 【360° ROTATION & LED LIGHT DESIGN】The magnetic charging head can be rotated 360°. LED lights are designed to help you find cables more easily in the dark. It best choice for drivers, vision impaired,child, elders and handicapped persons.
  • 【UNIVERSAL AND MULTIFUNCTION】: With creative magnetic 3 in 1 design, compatible with most devices. Equipped with 3 different types of magnetic tips which is Micro USB & Type C & iProduct, no need to carry any other cables when you are in a car, office, or travelling.
  • 【ONE HAND OPERATION】The magnetic cable allows you to operate the charging cable with one hand for charging on/off. It is convenient and safe to drive. It best choice for Uber and Lyft ride share
  • 【INTERFACE DUST-PROOF】Inserting the magnetic tip at the charging interface of the phone can prevent dust from sticking.
  • 【SUPER VALUE PACK】Magnetic charging cord *4, magnetic micro tips *4, magnetic Type-C tips *4, magnetic i-product tips *4, our worry-free 12-month and friendly customer service.

Specification: Terasako Magnetic Charging Cable 4-Pack [1ft/3ft/6ft/6ft], 360° Rotating Magnetic Phone Charger Cable with LED Light, 90° Angle Connector,…

Package Dimensions

8.54 x 3.19 x 0.75 inches

Item Weight

4.5 ounces

Item model number


Other display features



Magnetic Charging Cable


Dongguan Chenxun Electronics Co., Ltd.

Date First Available

May 15, 2019

Photos: Terasako Magnetic Charging Cable 4-Pack [1ft/3ft/6ft/6ft], 360° Rotating Magnetic Phone Charger Cable with LED Light, 90° Angle Connector,…

12 reviews for Terasako Magnetic Charging Cable 4-Pack [1ft/3ft/6ft/6ft], 360° Rotating Magnetic Phone Charger Cable with LED Light, 90° Angle Connector,…

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  1. RuXuS


    The price on this was good for what you get. I paid just under $20 and got 4 variously sized and shaped cables.

    The tip of the cables glow blue when powered, which makes it easy to tell if it’s plugged in and it looks nice!

    Seems durable enough but time will tell. I’ll update this if any issues pop up.

    I like that it comes with multiple pieces of each magnetic adapter.

    I have use for all 3 magnetic adapters that it comes with.
    (Micro USB for my Smartwatch and gaming controllers, USB C for my Samsung Note 8 and Nintendo Switch controller, and Lightning cable for my BeatsX).

    I also like the variety of cable sizes:

    The Right Angle 6ft cable is great for my Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4 Gaming controllers, and for my Smartphone.

    The 3ft cable will be great for my car but I hope it runs Android Auto (I doubt it, see CONS for explanation).

    The shortest cable is great for my Smartwatch and BeatsX.

    I still had enough Magnetic adapters and a cable left to give one to my mother for her Micro USB cable using phone and Lightning Cable using iPad.


    As I feared, you DO get what you pay for.

    No fast/quick charge capability!
    Damn near every device nowadays has fast/quick charge capabilities. (Even wireless fast/quick charge!).

    This makes me concerned that I also wont be able to transfer data via the cables and tips either, and that eliminates my ability to use Android Auto (I am not optimistic but will update when I’ve tested).

    *Here’s the main issue:
    If I can’t use Android Auto, I’ll need to remove the Magnetic USB C tip every time I drive, which will eventually lead to the Magnetic tips getting lost.*

    NOTE: The seller never advertised fast/quick charge capability or data transfer capabilities (to my knowledge) but given the state of technology right now I’d assumed that this feature would be standard.

    Overall I give it 3/5 stars for the Price, Versatility, Variety and quantity of cable sizes and Magnetic tips.

    I would have given 5/5 stars if it allowed Fast Charge, but it’s a decent product for the price.

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  2. John

    This is the best thing since sliced bread, especially if you’re still dealing with a micro USB connection. There’s no more worry about plug orientation when connecting to your phone. Also, it fast charges if your power adapter supports it.

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  3. Eric

    Product works well. All cables successfully charge all my devices with the exception of the longer cables not charging an older generation iPAD the shorter cables work well. Cables are very flexible and the lighted ends help location in the dark and are not intrusive. Adaptors when fitted to the devices are not intrusive and work with all the cases I have my devices protected by. I would buy again.

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  4. David P. Walker

    It works on most of the devices except on our iPhones. The magnetic is definitely not strong enough to stay connected unless on a flat surface and the device is stable on the table or something. If I would buy again, I would try some other brands.

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  5. Roger

    The concept is brilliant, especially for those who have to use their phone constantly.

    Unfortunately, the execution doesn’t meet up with the concept. In practice, the connection is fiddle and unstable and it takes longer to get it to charge than it would to simply plug the phone in with a regular cable. And it’s somewhat random – it will charge normally but then with no movement the dreaded “this accessory may not be supported” pops up.

    Tried this with a number of iDevices (iPhones, iPads, etc) and even purchased extra tips on the off chance that perhaps I got a bad batch.

    It’s sad – the concept is fantastic, but unfortunately they don’t work well in real life!

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  6. Dean Smith

    Love the magnetic connection in the car or beside my bed. So easy to pass the iPhone or iPad near the cable and it just clicks on.
    Unfortunately, when using the connection to the computer it will not connect to iTunes which is a major problem as I have to pull the tiny adaptor out and change to an original cable and then there is a chance of losing the tiny adaptor.
    The blue light is a real pain!. So bright in the bedroom or car. I ended up having to put electrical tape over all the cables to reduce the light source.
    My iPhone had to be rebooted a couple of times as I got an error message about the cable.

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  7. RuXuS

    PLEASE, DON’T BUY THESE. If you have fast charging they are NOT compatible. The magnets DON’T suck but they sure are junk. These will now be relegated to e-reader and headphone chargers.
    EDIT: This company has now been emailing me NON-STOP with offers for amazon gift cards IF I remove this bad review. They are trying to say they can’t pay their credit card bills because of bad reviews. PLEASE don’t buy from companies that BUY good reviews. Their products should earn the review NOT monetary compensation.

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  8. JenniferAndTonic

    One of the 6ft cables is temperamental and sometimes needs reconnected to enable charging

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  9. Mark Deavult

    Ok guys I’m coming back finding this item and giving you my review. In short summary stay away do not buy. I’ve seen these as an add came back and purchased 2 sets( 1 for my fiancé). For the first month everything worked great charger worked every single time! For the 2 weeks after the first month you would have to unplug the cord and plug it back in for it to resister the device. 2 months later I cannot even get this charger to charge my phone I’ve changed the tips out and nothing I mean literally nothing( once every blue moon I’d get:this device is not supported….) so from my expertise do not purchase. And I also have no other chargers at my house this was it! 2 months later I’m going back to the regular higher end chargers? Hope this helps believe me stay away. The idea is really neat but the magnet is not as near as strong as advertised!

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  10. Mark Deavult

    It’s a really innovative idea and would be extremely convenient if it worked as described. Mine could possibly be defective but not likely due to the various parts included and different combinations that all worked subpar. I have a Samsung Galaxy 9plus, and an ipad. It came with correct attachments for both, as well as 3 different cables to attach magically. In every instance when I tried charging the devices, they would stay at the same battery percentage they were at when I plugged them in. The battery wouldn’t go any lower but it also didnt charge it at all. I could leave them plugged in for hours and it would be at the same percentage as when I started. Just initiated the refund process. Will update with any further information regarding the situation.

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  11. PoppyBlu

    I love this product I’m constantly having to charge my phone. It’s the phone’s fault not the charger. But because I’m always having charge my phone I have to carry a battery pack around with me so using this charging cable with my battery makes everything so much easier and more convenient for me. The only thing that I have to say is if you get out of your vehicle and leave this cable plugged in then do not attach the magnetic part to something metal because I did this I attached it to my handcuffs that I have hanging from my rearview mirror and when I came back out of the store 10 minutes later my whole car was filled with smoke and a very powerful smell of burning Electronics.My Car charger had begun to melt and there is almost no doubt that my car would have caught fire if I had stayed in the store for 10-15 minutes later.

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  12. Pete

    You have a device that supports fast charging. The magnet connector is strong enough to attach to your device, but it can still disconnect if you’re not careful. Also, if the USB Port on your device is well overused, the magnetic USB connector can fall out when you least expect it, so be weary of that.

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    Terasako Magnetic Charging Cable 4-Pack [1ft/3ft/6ft/6ft], 360° Rotating Magnetic Phone Charger Cable with LED Light, 90° Angle Connector,…
    Terasako Magnetic Charging Cable 4-Pack [1ft/3ft/6ft/6ft], 360° Rotating Magnetic Phone Charger Cable with LED Light, 90° Angle Connector,…
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