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Farberware – 5241284 Farberware Pro Meat Masher, 10-Inch, Aqua Sky


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  • SMART DESIGN: features 5 beveled pinwheel blades for optimal mashing, chopping, stirring, and more
  • VERSATILE: use to chop meats, mash potatoes, stir batter, and more
  • HEAT RESISTANT: withstands temperatures up to 450 F
  • EASY TO USE: Mash by pressing blades into cooked food until desired consistency is achieved; Angled blades scrape the sides of bowls and pots while mixing and mashing
  • EASY TO CLEAN: hand wash with a damp cloth for best results

Specification: Farberware – 5241284 Farberware Pro Meat Masher, 10-Inch, Aqua Sky

Product Dimensions

10.71 x 2.48 x 2.17 inches

Item Weight

5.6 ounces


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Date First Available

July 8, 2020

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13 reviews for Farberware – 5241284 Farberware Pro Meat Masher, 10-Inch, Aqua Sky

4.5 out of 5
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  1. Heather Eberts

    I’ve waited a long time to buy this but now that I finally did I wonder why I waited so long ! I love it and it’s so useful too . I would never go without it . It’s perfect for cooking ground beef or plant based ground. Afterward I pop it in the dishwasher and it comes out looking brand new to be used again and again and again . If you’re thinking about it , just do it , you won’t regret it

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  2. Ernest Buehl

    I guess I should have taken a closer look. I thought it would be one solid tool. The smasher part looks sturdy but then you have an attached handle. In my many years of experience as a home cook, that is just poor craftsmanship. Two piece utensils tend to be weak. Also the potential for water to enter , get stuck and breed Bacteria is bothersome. This is the second poorly designed tool I’ve purchased from a seemingly reputable company. I’m disappointed and will look closer before buying Faberware again
    This is an honest review .

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  3. K. Beach

    1, it literally scratched my pan, I purchased to avoid that.
    2, a b# to clean if you hate raw meat near anything.
    3, meat sticks to it so I feel I’m mixing raw meat into the cooked meat.
    4, hits pan on tip of base, I find myself having to do more circular movements then just up and down.

    Was a splurge purchase, I’m sticking to my spatula though. Really just a conversation piece, not real functional.

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  4. Rebel

    I had been meaning to buy a meat masher for a long time, but never remembered it at the right time. I ordered this one to go with the color of all my other kitchen utensils. It has a very sturdy handle that is one piece with the rest of it, with a metal center for strength. No little cracks to get food stuck in. It works great to break up hamburger or previously frozen blocks of any meat. It cleans so easily that you could just rinse it off if it wasn’t for the grease. Highly recommended.

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  5. Don’t Waste Your Money or Time!!!

    I saw this on some BuzzFeed lists and wanted it but put it off forever because I didn’t neeeed it. I never really make ground meat or mashed potatoes anyway. But this actually inspired me to start making ground meat in the Instant Pot and really I don’t think it could be easier than the IP and this tool. It’s awesome! Also great for making guacamole or egg salad. I tell people all the time about this tool and those little bear claw meat shredders which are also awesome. This thing is super sturdy and cleans up really easily too. Love it!!!

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  6. asterisk

    This tool is amazing. I have spent the last 4 years trying to think of good excuses to order dinner out instead of cooking. I saw one of these on a cooking video and immediately knew I needed one. It breaks the meat apart really well and it is easy to clean. It’s very sturdy. I like it so well I have been to a restaurant only once and that was for breakfast. Now I only have one need, How do I turn off the smoke detector while cooking? The family now refers to it as the dinner bell. Of course that has nothing to do with the tool. If you don’t have one of these, you need one. Also I looked at one of these in a big box store the other day and this price is better than the store.

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  7. SharyH

    I make a fair amount of tacos, enchiladas, as well as biscuits and gravy from venison and ground turkey. I have used a spatula to breakdown the meat for these purposes for years. I didn’t know what I was missing until I purchased this little jewel. This cooking tool allowed me to use less effort, create less mess (by far), and end up with better results than those spatulas ever provided! I will never be without one from now on! Do yourself a favor and get one for your kitchen!

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  8. Samantha

    Love the color. Love the sturdiness. It is a nice solid item. Does the job well in mashing up meat or potatoes. I use this in my Dutch oven to mash things and it works great at doing that without scratching the surface or chipping the coating. It is really great with heat resistance. I’ve not noticed any issues from heat. I would give this item 5 stars if it didn’t have this tiny notch in the very bottom in between the “arms” where they all intersect at the very tip there is a small notch / hole in the material. This has an uncanny ability to collect a well stuffed glob of whatever you’ve just mashed. And unavoidably so as it’s located in the very section that receives the most mashing action. I just take a toothpick or knife tip and dig out the piece or use high pressure on the sink sprayer to get it out each time but it is pretty gross. If you just toss straight into the dishwasher or don’t notice that little spot it could build up a pretty potent piece a rotten food, a very tiny one but in the case of raw meat a really gross one. The color is so pretty though, wish all my utensils looked like it. Is a great masher, would be a perfect masher if it didn’t have the tiny food catching notch. The use compared to the notch, worth the bit of trouble. I’d still buy again

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  9. Celeste

    Useful gadget.

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  10. asterisk

    I had a meat masher from Pampered Chef, that accidentally got left in a hot pan and melted the edges. I tried to shave down the melted edges, but there are small bits of plastic jutting out and I’m worried about them coming off when I use it.

    So since I had to get another one, I thought I’d try a different brand. And, I have to admit, I love the teal color of this Farberware masher.

    So far, this one works really well, and is comparable to the Pampered Chef masher.

    – Farberware length is just slightly shorter, maybe by half an inch. I don’t notice a difference when I use it.
    – The handle is smooth instead of a rubber texture, but that didn’t really make a difference to me.
    – PC has a round piece that comes out around the handle – I think this is to stop your hand from sliding down the handle. I never noticed it until I saw that Farberware doesn’t have this piece. I personally did not miss this, but this is the only piece that someone else might like to have.
    – The bottom of the tines are the same as PC at the part that makes contact with the food.
    – PC tines tapers smaller at the top as well, whereas Farberware does not. But that didn’t make a difference in performance either.
    – Cleaning is the same. Any cooked on bits of meat need to be scraped off the tines, and both are dishwasher safe.

    Overall, there are some small differences between the 2 brands, but they did not affect performance. I would absolutely get the Farberware masher again.

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  11. housewifeandfurmom

    This is great for breaking up meat, canned tomatoes and such. Cleans up nicely!

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  12. Kimberley Orobko

    Works great, very sturdy, nice colour!

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  13. Catherine Vanner

    Great replacement to my long-term one.
    Love the color and it’s a brand name product.

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    Farberware – 5241284 Farberware Pro Meat Masher, 10-Inch, Aqua Sky
    Farberware – 5241284 Farberware Pro Meat Masher, 10-Inch, Aqua Sky
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