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Misto Oil Sprayer, Frosted Glass


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  • Misto is a reusable oil spray and Mister bottle that gives you the convenience and health benefits of typical aerosol sprayers but in a more healthy, economical and environmental way
  • Fill Misto with your favorite oils, vinegars, lemon and Lime juice, sherry, or marsala wine. Great for dressing salads, breads, or cooking
  • Easy-to-use pump style cap features a 2-step operation: Simply pump the container, then and press the valve on the pressurized sprayer for an even Mist
  • The Non-Aerosol sprayer doesn’t use chemical propellants, and it’s Refillable, so no more throwing cans away to end up in landfills.
  • Misto is BPA-free – Threading the cap on incorrectly allows air to escape and in turn does not allow the bottle to build up pressure to spray

Specification: Misto Oil Sprayer, Frosted Glass

Product Dimensions

2 x 2 x 7.75 inches

Item Weight

10 ounces



Country of Origin


Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

March 10, 2013

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11 reviews for Misto Oil Sprayer, Frosted Glass

3.2 out of 5
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  1. Donna D.

    I researched the reviews on the different brands of sprayers and I elected to buy this one. The reviews were very good. However, I’m disappointed. The spray is weak and not even. It comes out in spurts and streams of oil. I followed the instructions and only filled it half way with oil, I pumped it until there was a lot of resistance, but the result was not satisfactory. I was expecting a better product ūüôĀ

    Update May 6, 2018. I just decreased my 3 star rating to a 1. I am still very disappointed with this sprayer but I am disappointed on a grander scale. As indicated above, the weak mist came out in spurts and streams. Lately, it’s all been just streams. I have to get a pastry brush and brush the oil after spraying. This item should be called STREAMO instead of MISTO.

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  2. Toni

    DO NOT BUY THIS!!!! a pressurized container should not be glass and I learned the hard way! Mine tipped out of my cabinet 3 INCHES from the floor and EXPLODED! The glass was sent flying like bullets 20 feet away, and it cut my face in a few spots! This product should be recalled! This could have been a horrible accident sending me or my young kids to the hospital!

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  3. Vmaewood

    I bought a two-piece frosted set in January 2018 for $11.50. It is a beautiful product. I was having spray problems like those described here by others until the oil level got down to about 1/2 bottle. At this 1/2 bottle level, I am getting a fine, consistent spray. I don’t recall the instructions saying anything about how the oil level would affect performance, but that’s been my experience and I suggest that others with oil delivery problem try working with different oil levels in their mistos. I have not yet tried my second misto from the pair with vinegar.

    Addendum: I now see the instructions on the product site say to fill the misto HALF WAY with oil. A closer reading of the instructions might have helped many of us with performance problems.

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  4. Montserrat

    After a previous failure with another product I really really appreciate how perfect Misto is.
    Sprays an even mist of oil it doesnt jet oil in one place like others… fine mist …just perfect!
    I will buy another one to have different oils for my Ninja.

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  5. SG

    Finally a good oil mister! I’ve been using different oil sprayers inter kitchen and none of them gives a good mist like Misto! It was exactly what I was looking for.
    Pay attention to make it half full before use. Pump until you see the resistance, approximately 5 to 10 times. I used with a thick olive oil and the result was very good. Result may be even better on other kinds of oils.
    Definitely recommend it.

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  6. Antonio

    Aunque vi varias rese√Īas en YouTube y me di cuenta que varias personas no la recomendaban, yo muy ingenuamente pens√© que a m√≠ no me pasar√≠an esos problemas….que equivocado estuve

    El bote atomizador se ve hermoso, y es met√°lico de buen tama√Īo e incluso se puede decir que a buen precio, pero hasta all√≠ llegan todos mis puntos positivos, pues despu√©s de utilizarlo solamente 3 veces dej√≥ de funcionar correctamente, o como se puede apreciar en las rese√Īas en YouTube.

    En mi caso fue después del tercer uso, pero a otras personas les puede suceder antes o después, resulta que en su primer uso el aceite sale en aerosol muy finito y cubre muy bien los alimentos sin llenar de aceite en exceso (ese es su propósito en primer lugar) pero después de eso en lugar de salir un aerosol, sale de plano un chorro delgado de aceite, y la primera vez que me sucedió pensé que había sido porque la presión interior del contenedor había caído demasiado, a pesar de haber bombeado la cantidad recomendada por el fabricante, pues decidí bombear un poco más de aire para resolver el problema del chorro de aceite, pero para mi sorpresa no salió aerosol sino el chorro destapé y revisé el nivel de aceite y lo volví a poner al nivel que recomienda el fabricante pero desgraciadamente desde entonces hasta el día de hoy nunca regresó ese aerosol de aceite de la primera vez.

    Ahora lo uso muy poco, y prefiero utilizar una brocha de silicona muy económica para untar un poquito de aceite en los alimentos pues de esa manera utilizo menos aceite en mis alimentos cuando utilizo la freidora de aire

    Si te gust√≥ mi rese√Īa por favor dame un “me gusta” para que m√°s personas como t√ļ la puedan ver ūüôā

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  7. Amazon Shopper

    I. Like. Spray. On. It. I. Used. When. I. Did. Pork. Chops. And. On. My. Chips. And. It. Worked. Very. Well. It. Does. What. It. Said. On. The. Box

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  8. Debby

    I love that this sprayer allows you to use any oil and the glass bottle ensures you can pour to the halfway point and lets you know when you’re low. I do wish there were just a subtle line indicating where the halfway point is because halfway is not really half of the bottle (the paper instructions included give more details on this).

    Now, the challenges:
    1. Unfortunately, this sprayer can’t produce nearly as fine of a mist as the pre-packed store-bought spray oils. You get larger droplets without as much coverage so I find myself using twice as much oil than I really wanted to in order to cover the full pan.

    2. You’re required to frequently pump the sprayer, and it gets pretty annoying. I can’t spray a large pan without having to pump halfway through to get the optimal spray strength – the pressure depletes quickly.

    3. Holding down the spraying nozzle requires more effort than the store-bought option.

    4. The worst part is that oil gets everywhere on this sprayer. Every time I take off the cap, oil drips off the pump and onto the nozzle and surrounding plastic base. Unless you wipe down the nozzle, your finger will get oily and then the body of the sprayer gets oily, too. Remember, having to repump and restart the spray multiple times during cooking means you’re going to deal with oily fingers or keep a towel nearby to constantly wipe up the excess oil.

    In the end, I’m keeping this product because it generally does what I bought it for, and I want to do my part in reducing waste by not buying multiple disposable cans of spray oil per year from the grocery store.

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  9. SG

    I have a lot of oil misters of different brands and different dispensing methods, but this is hands down, the best mister ever! It sprays a fine mist of oil, unlike all of the others that just squirt heavy streams of oil. I do take care to clean it after a certain amount of usage, as directed in the instructions.

    Really great even for coconut oil!

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  10. WA_Customer

    Misto spray works right sometimes, I use it anyways. The bottle leaks – the top is very loose. I will use it until I can get a quality one by a different brand and a larger one, it’s rather small.
    Update on my use of the Misto spray, I will be switching to the EVO bottle I recently found now that I have an air fryer. The Misto works sometimes but once the pump loses its oomph it goes into a stream of oil. What I have really been noticing when it is spraying well it creates a big cloud in the air and I can’t imagine that would be good to breathe in.

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  11. Bryan Freeman

    What do the Misto sprayer, wooden spoons, and cast iron pans have in common?
    They all require care and cleaning at the expense of convenience – and they are worth the trouble…if you want to put up with the trouble.
    Does the Misto sprayer spray as evenly as a disposable compressed olive oil sprayer? Not quite, but close. Does that matter? Not really. Will it spit and sputter if you don’t clean it? Yep. Do I think it’s worth it? Yes. Here’s why.
    1). It saves me money. I can use premium olive oil in this vs. mediocre/higher quality disposable sprayers and come ahead after three uses. I’ve filled it more than 20 times so far.
    2). I can choose what to put in it. Changing oils is a cinch. I’m not stuck with one.
    3). It’s better for the environment – even if that doesn’t float your boat see 1) and 2).
    BUT…you have to know how to use it and care for it.
    How, you ask? Follow these instructions.
    A). Fill it no more than halfway – like they say in the instructions.
    2). When it’s half full, pump it more than they say in the instructions. When it’s more empty, pump it waaaay more. It’ll spray better and longer. As you use it you’ll, get the hang of it.
    iii). When it’s empty, fill it halfway with hot soapy water, pump it up, and spray it out. Rinse the container and repeat with clean water. Then refill with oil.
    d). Never, ever, remove the spray button on top and attempt to clean it. You’ll be sorry if you do.
    Oh, and don’t store it pressurized.
    If you use a high quality balsamic vinegar and leave it inside, it’ll skin over and clog the sprayer. So if that happens, depressurize it and clean the pick up tube. I actually use the glass version of this for vinegars so I can see inside when this happens.
    Bottom line – If you don’t mind the maintenance, it’ll save you money and allow you to use any any oil/vinegar/whatever. If you want consistent fine spray every time, use pre-charged disposable olive oil sprayers at $4-$10 a bottle.

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    Misto Oil Sprayer, Frosted Glass
    Misto Oil Sprayer, Frosted Glass
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