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IRIS USA Woozoo Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Bedroom, Baby Nursery – 3L Water Tank, Adjustable Mist Level, Night Light Function, Whisper…


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  • ADJUSTABLE MIST LEVEL: With three (3) levels of ultra-fine mist output and a maximum humidification rate of up to 230mL/h, the WOOZOO Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier makes it easy to maintain humidity in your bedroom, living room, office, or any space at an ideal 30% – 50% at all times. Low humidity can cause problems such as dry skin, sinus discomfort, and can increase static electricity build-up. Better air quality makes for better sleep, helps alleviate dry skin, and even helps to keep plants healthy.
  • EASY TOP-FILL RESERVOIR: The large 3.0-liter capacity tank enables continuous operation without the need to refill. On a full tank, the Ultrasonic Humidifier runs for up to 38 hours on Low, 23 hours on Med, or 13 hours on High. The unit shuts off automatically when water runs out. Refill and cleanup are a breeze with the top-fill tank design; simply remove the lid on top to directly access the water reservoir.
  • PERFECT FOR ANY ROOM: On the Low setting, the Cool Mist Humidifier’s noise output is less than 37db, even quieter than a library! The nonintrusive blue LED ring creates a relaxing atmosphere, perfect for sleep, studying, or even working at home or in the office without disturbance. This is the perfect humidifier for babies’ nurseries, children’s rooms, family rooms, living rooms, offices, studies, bedrooms, and anywhere you can think of.
  • SIMPLE EFFICIENT DESIGN: Inspired by the Japanese word for vortex, “uzu”, the powerful and convenient WOOZOO Ultrasonic Humidifier offers all the comfort and ease-of-use you need with a straightforward single-button control system. Operation is quick and easy, just push the button and let it get to work.
  • SAFE AND TRUSTED: BPA free, ETL listed, and Prop 65 tested; safe for people and pets.

Specification: IRIS USA Woozoo Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Bedroom, Baby Nursery – 3L Water Tank, Adjustable Mist Level, Night Light Function, Whisper…

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7.09 x 7.5 x 14.6 inches

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4.19 pounds



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Photos: IRIS USA Woozoo Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Bedroom, Baby Nursery – 3L Water Tank, Adjustable Mist Level, Night Light Function, Whisper…

4 reviews for IRIS USA Woozoo Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Bedroom, Baby Nursery – 3L Water Tank, Adjustable Mist Level, Night Light Function, Whisper…

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  1. WorldTravelr

    This is extremely easy to use! I have one upstairs that works well but is very complicated to refill. This one works well but is easy to refill. I like the light that tells which spread it is on.

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  2. shanghaishaman

    I followed the manufacturers’ instructions to set this humidifier up and filled it with tap water then turned it on the “high” setting. It immediately started shooting out a steady cloud of cool mist and continued to do so for 15+ hours (I was busy and distracted when it shut itself off so, this is only an estimate of how long it ran.) I typically run this on “low” and get at least 37 hours of mist before I have to refill it.

    It was also whisper quiet while it ran so, you can go about your day and forget that it is on. I sat it on an end table right next to my favorite seat on our living room sofa and have watched t.v. for several days without being bothered by it at all.

    The device comes with a very nice, multilingual instruction (English, Spanish and French?) booklet that does a very good job explaining the features, care and maintenance for this humidifier. This is a booklet that you do not want to lose so, be sure to store it where you can find it later.

    While the operation of the humidifier is pretty intuitive, the owner’s manual lists a LOT of required maintenance steps, cautions and manufacturers’ advice. Of course, you could just operate the humidifier however you see fit and clean or not clean it according to your desires but I read that manual and thought this thing is more needy and clingy than a horrible ex-girlfriend. Just reading all the expected maintenance makes me want to run away and hide from it.

    So far, I have used it for almost two weeks and have been pleased with how it performs but I have not completed even one maintenance cleaning cycle and I am not sure how closely I will stick with their schedule. I just want the thing to sit in a room, create humidity and not force me to interact with it other than when it needs water — like a house plant.

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  3. WorldTravelr

    After ordering another Ultrasonic humidifier which did not work right out of the box, I was wary about Ultrasonic units but this one had some good reviews, so I ordered it. Long story short … after filling it with water per the instructions, within seconds it was spraying a fine mist of humidity which looks like a vapor and feels cool to the touch. It works perfectly!

    There are two main types of humidifiers … those who use warm steam vapor (the unit heats water which then forms a steam) and those which use Ultrasonic waves (a high frequency vibration which forms a fine vapor). The Ultrasonic units are more energy efficient, silent with little to no bubbling sounds and do not use heat, so there is little risk of scalding compared to the hot steam method which uses a water heater.

    The downside to Ultrasonic is that because the unit produces such a fine mist of vapor, any impurities jn the water (minerals, calcium, copper, lead, etc.) are broadcast into the air as tiny droplets which can be inhaled. There have been no proven ill-effects of breathing in particles of minerals, etc. but few, if any health studies have been done regarding the longterm effects of breathing in such vapor. Many say it could cause a hazard but cannot back that up as Ultrasonic humidifiers have not been around long.

    What is known … after a while of running this, you might find a fine white powder on your furniture or coating things near this unit. That is the vaporized mineral deposits settling. To eliminate any risk or coating, I’d advise using distilled water vs. tap water. This is especially true in areas with hard tap water or areas where the water leaves a chalky residue in showers. The downside is that this unit has a large tank … it states 5 litres. That could cost you a few gallons of distilled water each week. Maybe $10 per week unless you have a water filter.

    That was my biggest area of research … how does Ultrasonic technology work and how safe is it? While I plan to use distilled water, I do think that the benefits of Ultrasonic technology outweighs the risk. Beyond that, the instructions are downright scary. They read like a series of warnings … included in these is that the unit must be emptied and cleaned after each use. As in every day??! I believe the manufacturer is being overly cautious as dirty humidifiers can cause respiratory issues and/or mold. Most recommend cleaning every third day. I don’t like that there is no humidity meter to measure the level in the room. 30-50% is average … how does one know if this puts TOo much humidity in the room?

    This is a fairly attractive and modern looking unit, although it is tall enough where it won’t completely dissappear into its surroundings. You need to position it away from tv/dvd players … anything magnetic, etc. according to the instructions as Ultrasonic technology doesn’t always play well with these things. I like that it has a pull out water bin with a handle, making it easy to fill and empty. The plug’s chord is also long enough as short chords are a problem many units have.

    Overall, I am satisfied with this unit. I like the fine, cool vapor this produces. I don’t love the possible health side effects of using tap water with Ultrasonic humidity … but luckily distilled water is easy to find at my local store. I am happy I ordered this and it’s been working well for me right out of the box. It covers a large area and the tank is pretty big and easy to use. The instructions read a bit strange as if they were translated from another language to English but the box says this was Made in the USA!

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  4. Grandma Nita

    This is a good humidifier but the noise was not quiet enough for my bedroom. There is a faint high pitched whizz which is quiet but not silent.

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    IRIS USA Woozoo Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Bedroom, Baby Nursery – 3L Water Tank, Adjustable Mist Level, Night Light Function, Whisper…
    IRIS USA Woozoo Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Bedroom, Baby Nursery – 3L Water Tank, Adjustable Mist Level, Night Light Function, Whisper…
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