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Smart Plug Amysen – A Certified & Alexa, Echo & Google Home – Only WiFi 2.4G (4- Pack)


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  • Smart remote control : the smart plug works with amazon alexa and google home which helps to manage your home devices through voice control. You can control home appliances remotely and smartly by your phone or tablet when you use Only Cloud Intelligence App .
  • Timer function : switch your home appliances on/off automatically and intelligently by setting a specific time with the smart plug. You can make a schedule for the air conditioner and pre-set your house lit before coming home .
  • Easy to install and use : this smart plug connects with internet through wi-fi network(only 2.4Ghz). no hub and subscription required, just plug it into an outlet, and connect a device to the smart plug, then wirelessly control home appliances whenever and wherever .
  • Energy saving and safe : with the convenient timer function, the smart plug can protect the devices safely and prevent your appliances from overcharging and overheating, and reducing energy use .
  • Wide application : the smart socket can be used for any home appliances, such as lights, electric ovens, toasters, fans, air-conditioners and coffee mills, etc. Strong signal ensures the connection between the network and sockets .

Specification: Smart Plug Amysen – A Certified & Alexa, Echo & Google Home – Only WiFi 2.4G (4- Pack)

Package Dimensions

4.25 x 3.5 x 2.5 inches, 8.01 Ounces

Date First Available

July 15, 2021



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7 reviews for Smart Plug Amysen – A Certified & Alexa, Echo & Google Home – Only WiFi 2.4G (4- Pack)

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  1. Barby4321

    Received and was pleased with these plus overall. They are not too bulky and I wanted to replace some old timers (these are certainly smaller than traditional timers). One thing to note, had difficulty getting this to connect to WiFi so that’s why I docked a star. Once I finally got it to register on app through WiFi had no issues connecting with my Alexa/Echo account and setting up timer so lamp to go on/off. Also added to a couple other outlets to turn off to save power when not in use. I like that the timer doesn’t have to be reset if power goes off like older traditional timers. Smart plugs in general aren’t cheap so I won’t be outfitting my whole home, but will definitely purchase more for specific electrical items I’d like to be able to turn on/off especially when traveling.

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  2. Richard R. Robson

    When will I learn that cheap is never good? Ordered this and opened up the box to find the instruiction brochure was printed in exceedingly small font (had to use a 3x magnifier to read it) and in “Chinglish”. The product requires you to download an app, whose terms and conditions are written by and are an agreement with Hangzhou Duanqu Network Media Technology Company, Ltd., in accordance with the laws of the Peoples Republic of China. It is in the Alibaba network of Companies. They then tell you they will collect all sorts of personal info including birth date, id certificate number, personal biometric info, address (geographic and electronic), and telephone. During use, they may collect information on, number of family members, rooms in your house, any searches you doi when, wht and where you search.

    You “will abide by the “laws of the People’s Republic of CHina”. They then lay out a privacy policy that sounds great, except when it comes to the information you provide through the app to a third party (e.g. Alexa).

    They state they may decide to share your info with the Peoples’ Republic of China under conditions not specified in the contract, but accessible if you contact

    There were several pages following this initial information that just added to the paranoia welling up in me as I tried to summarize them.

    Suffice it to say that I would not recommend the product to anyone who cannot put a great amount of trust in this unknown company, its parent Alibaba, and/or the PRC.

    Not for the faint of heart!

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  3. Amazon Customer

    I was very excited to receive these plugs so I can make it easier to put my plant lights on timers. But they are a nightmare.

    They seem to keep randomly losing connection with my phone and/or wifi. Sometimes they randomly just shut off, I’ll use the app to turn it back on, and then they just shut off again.

    I set timers for the same time everyday. It worked on day one. Day two, they didn’t follow the timer. I checked and the timers were still set correctly in the app, the plugs just didn’t do anything.

    Setting them up is obnoxious. They seem to struggle with connecting at times. Once I unplugged one to move it, and the app just went ahead and deleted that plug entirely so I had to get it all set up again once it was in its new spot. It didn’t do that when I moved another one.

    The app is also just annoying and not as user friendly as it seems. It’s very glitchy and at times unresponsive.

    I’m going to attempt to return these.

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  4. glthornton

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with the seller of this product. They were awesome!! The problem is with the product itself. The issue around being able to link to Alexa is 100% incorrect. You have to use an app called Cloud Intelligence with these plugs. And the app itself?? Works just fine. However, it’s when you try ‘bind’ or link the Cloud Intelligence app with Amazon is where it goes 100% wrong. You go through all the motions and you log into Amazon and it says that it’s linked, but it really isn’t. I didn’t find this out until after I saw the Cloud Intelligence App reviews on Google Play that there are lots of people that have indicated that there is an integration issue between these 2 applications. And since this obviously has been happening for a little while, no one seems to care about resolving the integration issues. Therefore, I would not recommend this product (the seller was great) for anyone planning on integrating with the Amazon Alexa. Sorry folks…. for me too little too late.

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  5. G. Michael Dudley

    Could not get these to connect to my wifi. Tried all the different options but they would not connect. The tiny, index card sized instructions were not helpful and I could not find any information online. Returned them and ordered a different brand that worked flawlessly!

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  6. Barby4321

    I’ve heard friends talk about these smart plugs and how cool they are. I just had to see for myself. Hubby is so tired when he gets home from work so I decided to purchase these to make his life just a little bit easier when he gets home.
    They were pretty easy to set up. I was able to do it all by myself, effortlessly. (I am not tech savvy at all)
    I did have to reset the network and turn off all of the devices I wanted to connect for 15 minutes. once I turned everything on at the same time it worked perfectly.
    I Used one of these to control his fan in the bedroom. It is so nice to turn the TV off and then tell Alexa to turn on THE FAN!!
    White noise from the fan is so sleep inducing for him.. but not for me, so once he’s asleep I can tell the fan to shut off without having to get out of bed.. Use it to ask Alexa to turn off the floor lamp, which he always forgets to do once he’s in bed as well. The conveniences are endless.. planning on ordering more! Amazing price! For such a wonderful gadget! Highly recommended

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  7. C Howard

    I actually ended up returning these because it requires you to use them on the 2.4 GHZ Wi-Fi signal when the rest of the devices in my home use the 5GHZ Wi-Fi signal. The problem with that was it was very difficult for the plug to detect the 2.4 signal as well. Also, You have to download a separate app for these plugs to work. Then you have to integrate the Alexa app with the new app Through a series of steps that I’m sure we’re not nearly as complicated as it seemed because I was very frustrated at that point. Consequently, it seemed it was just too much of a process and too many steps so I sent them back.

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    Smart Plug Amysen – A Certified & Alexa, Echo & Google Home – Only WiFi 2.4G (4- Pack)
    Smart Plug Amysen – A Certified & Alexa, Echo & Google Home – Only WiFi 2.4G (4- Pack)
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