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Drive Auto Car Trunk Organizer – Collapsible, Multi-Compartment Automotive SUV Car Organizer for Storage w/ Adjustable Straps – Truck & Car…


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  • COLLAPSIBLE – Car organization is now easy to come by with the Drive Auto car trunk organizer. It can be resized to fit large or small vehicle spaces and conveniently folds away when not in use.
  • SECURE – Skip the loose clutter. This car storage organizer features our Tie-Down Strap System to keep belongings in place while on the road. Just fasten to the backseat or anchor points in the trunk.
  • CAPACITY – Each SUV & truck organizer makes tidying the interior of your car effortless. The storage trunk has multiple compartments to hold groceries, tools, cables, work materials, and other items.
  • DURABLE – If you’re looking for car organizers and storage space that stay upright for the ride, our truck bed organizer comes reinforced with a waterproof lining and stiff base plates in every panel.
  • SATISFACTION – Whether you purchase these car and truck accessories as a gift or for yourself, our team is available 24/7 to answer questions or concerns about your trunk organizer for car storage.

Specification: Drive Auto Car Trunk Organizer – Collapsible, Multi-Compartment Automotive SUV Car Organizer for Storage w/ Adjustable Straps – Truck & Car…


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Item Weight

‎3 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎23 x 17 x 10.75 inches

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Special Features

‎Front Seat Mode

Photos: Drive Auto Car Trunk Organizer – Collapsible, Multi-Compartment Automotive SUV Car Organizer for Storage w/ Adjustable Straps – Truck & Car…

9 reviews for Drive Auto Car Trunk Organizer – Collapsible, Multi-Compartment Automotive SUV Car Organizer for Storage w/ Adjustable Straps – Truck & Car…

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  1. Brooklyn

    The media could not be loaded.

    I have been trying for years to figure out extra storage space in my car. There are always more things in my car than places to put them.
    One or two cup holders, but 3 cups, ha! I ‘d seen trunk organizers for sale but was always a bit skeptical if they made sense because
    1) Either too big from my front and back seats
    2) Too small for my trunk
    3) Stuff inside will just tip over anyways, right?

    I don’t know maybe I was a skeptic but this thing is really really useful. I have never before found one with harnesses like this. The ultimate for me is when driving solo for work it breaks down to the exact size to fill my front passenger seat. And then I harness it around the seat back. I love that part and can vouch for the design that it works.

    Here are my comments on the overall make up.
    -solid structure, there are plates or thin boards in each panel
    -has heft to it
    -buckles and handles are the right size
    -the phenomenal and favorite part is the harness mode straps
    -the large grey double pockets fit my big items like large coffee mug
    -fabric had a new material smell – dissipated
    -I would prefer the smaller black mesh pockets to be more open, but they do fit glasses and keys, but not my folders.

    See my video for how I’m using it and illustrate what I’m talking about, but so far I am incredibly pleased! I like the capability to go full size in my trunk for groceries/hauling kids stuff to practice, and to also collapse and fit my front seat. Overall, very well executed product.

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  2. John Thompson

    I purchased two boot organisers.

    I only received them yesterday and have only used them for one shopping trip, so consider this an initial impressions review at this point 🙂

    This week I changed from an Audi A6 to a BMW 5. The BMW 5 actually has a smaller boot than the A6, but it is by no means small. With these larger saloon boots, shopping has a tendency to be thrown around in the boot, so I have been wanting to get something like this for a long time.

    I will be mainly be using these to put in shopping bags and other items when the boot is relatively empty.

    Here are my initial impressions:

    * The organiser is well made. It’s more durable than I expected and looks like it will last a long time.
    * There’s a couple of side pouches. Not so useful for shopping bags, but useful if you are using this to store car related items such as car wash,tyre pressure checker, WD40, or whatever. Bottles could be placed here too.
    * Two strap are included. They are quite long, but you can shorten it quite easily.
    * The clasps on the straps aren’t great. The clip is cheap and feels too tight, which makes opening and closing it a pain. It is, however, quite secure when the clip is on.
    * The hook at the other side is too loose. When I tried to move the organiser further back initially, the strap came away from the hook in my boot. So it isn’t the most secure on the hook side.
    * The organiser squashes down really well.
    * I love that I can hook the organisers together easily in the centre of my boot.
    * It’s worth repeating that the hooks aren’t good enough.

    The straps and hooks are the main issue for me. After putting my shopping in the organisers today, I arrived home and saw that the organisers were just sliding around my boot. The problem is the hooks don’t stay in place.

    So in summary:

    * The actual boot organiser is really good and seems like it will easily hold food and other items.
    * The straps feel cheap and the hooks are not secure

    I have ordered some carabiner snap hooks to help me secure the organiser better. These are much easier to use and much more secure too. It will only cost you a few pounds for a 10 pack or 20 pack of this style of hooks.

    Out of the box, the organiser is not perfect because of the straps and hooks being cheap and unsecure. I’m hoping the hooks fix this issue and make them more secure.

    As I noted previously, the actual organiser is really good though. I love the way the base can be removed so that it you can reduce the size. It works really well. In my boot, I’ve essentially got 1.5 organisers rather than two full ones.

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  3. John Thompson

    Saw the reviews and needed something to organise my boots in 2 family cars (We have 3 kids!!).

    5 weeks in both have ripped and torn at the seams…. just after I was able to return them 🙁

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  4. Kevin Muldoon

    Very impressed with this item, I recently changed car and now have an estate and was getting very irritated by the sound of my things sliding about as I was driving, this item has solved the problem. It is very versatile, can be expanded to suit your storage needs and can be tied into position using the supplied strapping.

    The reviews of previous buyers were what helped me to decide to but this item and I have to say they were all very accurate based upon my short ownership experience.

    I’ve only had it a few days so can’t really say how well it will last but the build quality is very good so my hopes are this will last for a long long time.

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  5. Zythia13

    There are several similar car trunk organizers available online and in a number of stores, and all seem to be generally the same dimensions and configurations. I spent a few dollars more for the DRIVE organizer in order to get the better features offered by the DRIVE Auto Products model:
    – Heavy duty fabric, both inside and outside.
    – Excellent craftsmanship, with extra edging on all the sides and pocket flaps, and around the bottom edge, where the majority of wear and tear occurs. Seams are straight, strong, professionally sewn, and without loose threads. That tells me the organizer is constructed with care and attention to detail.
    – Two pockets with velcro-closed flaps on one end of the organizer. Another eight open-mesh pockets on the two sides, with elastic at the top to hold them flush to the organizer. Again, the pockets are nicely finished and the materials should hold up to heavy use.
    – The sides and the two bottom panels all are rigid and completely covered with fabric (as opposed to some organizers that leave one face of the bottom panels uncovered). I don’t know what material is used inside the panels, but they seem sturdy enough to carry the weight of a full organizer. The sides are not at all floppy or saggy; the organizer looks good (just like the picture on the order page) even when empty.
    – The side straps are an ingenious way to keep the organizer in place within the trunk or back of an SUV.
    – After placing the order, the company sent me a confirmation email with a personal note from the service manager. A very nice touch in which DRIVE demonstrated pride in their product as well as concern for the customer.

    I would recommend this organizer as a cut-above the competition, and well-worth the modest cost. Now, for the disclaimer: I did NOT receive a discount, or a free product from the seller. I paid FULL PRICE.

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  6. Rob

    I got this for my wife, and genuinely wished I’d taken the ‘buy two’ discount offer.

    It’s got a really useful amount of pockets and bins, and it’s very sturdy for heavier items. What I really like is that it collapses in half and fix it with a couple duffle coat style toggles, so you if you need the space you’re not stuck with a great big box. That said, the whole thing completely flattens if you want all of your space back. My wife keeps a few permanent things in there, and uses the other half for shopping.

    You could even unload your shopping trolley into one of these and avoid bags altogether – though a big shop might need two to carry it 🙂

    Despite buying my wife some (genuinely!) lovely Christmas presents, she said this was here favourite!

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  7. Zythia13

    Sturdy, decent size. Works great in my car trunk. Emergency kit and jumper cables, as well as a tote full of grocery totes. Yes, I have a tote full of totes in my tote. Works great.

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  8. DavidG

    I’m exceptionally pleased with this purchase. It took me awhile to pick an organizer out because there are so many.

    After the purchase, I wrote this email after asking where I could buy a set of straps so I would have replacements. I’m including that email because it covers my reasons and results well;

    My Email:

    I have only one suggestion, and that is to consider adding a strip of hook and loops down the sides of one or both large compartments instead of using snaps. This would allow people to adjust the divider position.

    Overall, I’m very happy, and there were two major factors in choosing this.

    1. The size. Its large. It would fit in a normal sized sedan’s trunk too. And on a small car you could still collapse one side if it’s too big for the trunk or you have other items. Myself I used the straps to secure two 1 gallon distilled water bottles I always keep with me in case my car overheats. It did this to me and I don’t want to be caught without an option. I thought I’d have to use a pocket, but the way I did it, I didn’t use any of the room, and still hold the containers VERY tightly with the straps as well as the organizer itself.
    2. (and the biggest reason) the straps. I know I could use bungees to do this. I have a container of a large assortment of large, medium and small ones. But the straps look MUCH nicer.

    I don’t know if it matters, but another partial reason was price. I thought the fact that it was a bit more than most others would indicate better quality, and I was right.

    Thank you again!


    This organizer surpassed all expectations, and after using it today to get groceries I’m even more happy. I wrote the email above because Iw as asking where I could get a second set of straps. I wanted to tie it down in 4 places so it’d stay put. I can tell you without question, you don’t need more than the included 2 straps. I was shocked at how well it held.

    Very pleased!

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  9. Rob

    I have a 2019 Subaru Crosstrek and the trunk dimensions are 43 lengthwise (from wheel to wheel), 29 inches (from back of seats to trunk door and 16.5 inches (from top cargo cover when in use, to the trunk floor). The organizer is 21 inches lengthwise and in half, 10.5 inches. The width of the organizer is 16 inches and the height is 10.5 inches. I didn’t read the dimensions on product information but used only my measurements.
    Photo 1- Empty trunk
    Photo 2- Two organizers folded
    Photo 3/4- One organizer in different directions
    Photo 5- Two organizers didn’t fit lengthwise, fully opened side by side. But one fully opened and the other half-opened did.
    Photo 6- Two organizers fully opened, fitting perfectly side by side, going from front to back.
    Photo 7- Two organizers fully opened, but each placed in different directions. One lengthwise and the other front to back.
    Photo 8- Both organizers with the cargo cover closed.

    I haven’t started using it yet but I got these to store my carpool friends’ purses, knapsacks and lunch bags. I think these will great for organizing things in the trunk like groceries and the like. I’m not sure about the sturdiness of carrying groceries from the car to the house in these. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this for that usage. But just for overall use for organizing and storing other things like emergency car kits, I think these would be awesome! I will say that if I have to store windshield fluid or oil, I would probably find a basket to put inside these organizers to give it more sturdiness along the walls. The divider divides one compartment into a third is a snap-on with batting filling. Great for things not too heavy or weighted. Overall, I’m very happy with the product so far. I’ll update this later if someone reminds me after a year!

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    Drive Auto Car Trunk Organizer – Collapsible, Multi-Compartment Automotive SUV Car Organizer for Storage w/ Adjustable Straps – Truck & Car…
    Drive Auto Car Trunk Organizer – Collapsible, Multi-Compartment Automotive SUV Car Organizer for Storage w/ Adjustable Straps – Truck & Car…
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