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ILIFE Shinebot W400s Mopping Robot, Wet Scrubbing, Floor Washing Robot, XL Water Tank, Zig-Zag Path, Suitable for Hard Floor only.


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  • 【MORE THAN MOPPING】: ILIFE W400s cleans the floor by 4 steps : Spray the hard floor with clean water to soften stains, scrubs the hard floor with a microfiber roller, removes dirty water with superior suction power and wipes off residues with a rubber scraper, leaving the hard floors spotless.
  • 【MULTIPLE CLEANING MODE】: 4 different cleaning mode: PATH, AREA, SPOT, EDGE for handling multiple room. Maximum cleaning area will be 600 sq.ft (Compare the W400 400sq.ft).
  • 【INSTANT DIRTY WATER COLLECT】: Enable collect the dirty water for ensuring only mop with clean water in every moment. The floor will dry much quicker than normal mopping, friendly for the pets and kids.
  • 【WATER TANK SEPARATION DESIGN】:The 0.85L water tank to spray clean water and the 0.9L water tank to collect dirty water.Greatly improve the cleaning efficiency and easier to maintenance.
  • 【SUITABLE FOR HARD FLOORS ONLY】: The Shinebot W400s is suitable for hard floors only, like tile, marble, hardwood or laminate. Below floor tiles are not suitable: tiles with large gaps, uneven floor tiles, the height difference between tiles is over 3 mm that the shinebot cannot cross it.
  • 【WHAT YOU GET】: 1 Shinebot W400s, 1 Shinebot Cleaning Solution, 1 Remote control, 2 AAA Batteries,1 AC Power Adapater, 1 Charging Base, 1 Extra Roller Brush, 1 Cleaning tool, 1 User’s Quick Guide, 1 User’s manual and our worry-free 12-month warranty.

Specification: ILIFE Shinebot W400s Mopping Robot, Wet Scrubbing, Floor Washing Robot, XL Water Tank, Zig-Zag Path, Suitable for Hard Floor only.

Item Weight

7.26 pounds



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1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

December 25, 2019

Photos: ILIFE Shinebot W400s Mopping Robot, Wet Scrubbing, Floor Washing Robot, XL Water Tank, Zig-Zag Path, Suitable for Hard Floor only.

12 reviews for ILIFE Shinebot W400s Mopping Robot, Wet Scrubbing, Floor Washing Robot, XL Water Tank, Zig-Zag Path, Suitable for Hard Floor only.

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  1. Claudia

    Arrivato prima del previsto, imballo adeguato, confezione accurata e di qualità, qualità costruttiva ottima, corredato da due rulli, detergente pavimenti, strumenti per la pulizia.
    Si muove correttamente senza tralasciare zone con movimento adeguato, il software di gestione é efficiente e copre tutta la superfice, la batteria permette di pulire adeguatamente per 2ore.
    Semplice da riempire con acqua pulita e detergente, svuotare e pulire per riporlo a ricaricare nella sua base apposita.
    Costruttivamente é molto valido, robusto e ben ingegnerizzato.
    A differenza di tutti i robottini che lavano i pavimenti con un panno questo é l’unico che utilizza acqua sempre pulita spruzzata su un rullo ruotante + aspirazione per poi essere raccolta su un contenitore separato.
    Pulisce a fondo e si vede bene con lo sporco raccolto nella vasca di recupero.
    Adesso passiamo su l’unica nota dolente…:
    – Lascia delle strisciate di acqua, quindi se avete mattonelle lucide questi segni si noteranno.
    – Non raccoglie perfettamente l’acqua tra le fughe, quindi più il pavimento é in rilievo o presenta delle lavorazioni, più acqua rimarrà… e ci impiegherà più tempo ad asciugare…
    Purtroppo ciò é dovuto al fatto che l’aspirazione non é adeguatamente potente e la raccolta si affida ad un profilo tira acqua… ed é un peccato.
    Io l’ho acquistato per tenere pulito un ufficio di 70Mq. e anche se si vede qualche strisciata, il grado di pulizia che si ottiene é soddisfacente.

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  2. bill jacob

    Let me start by saying I am a former Scooba 450 owner and I read a review that said this wasn’t as good, so I went in with low expectations. I was wrong, This product doeant just randomly bounce off walls, it cleans with a purpose. The battery life is two times that of the Scooba and there are not little water spots for me to dry afterward. This product is also half the cost of my old Scooba! I would highly recommend this product. I typically use the clean area mode and know what I need to block off based on how it maps the house! You will not be disappointed with this mop!

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  3. Amanda Stephens

    1. Great water tank feature – can clearly see the separate compartment for dirty water getting more full and that as I’ve used it more through the week, the water gets less dirty each time
    2. Cleans very well, especially when used regularly
    3. Very easy to clean and set up

    1. A bit thick, so won’t fit under some pieces of furniture
    2. Doesn’t go over an uneven surfaces at all, so have to lift to put into bathroom
    3. A bit noisier than expected. It also makes a squirting sound, which I wasn’t expecting at first.

    Overall, great little worker!

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  4. unknown

    This passed the maid test. Cleaned substantially better than her mopping. Right after the mop, we let it run and it picked up a lot of dirtied water, leaving shine on marble flooring with the random trails from mop cleared. We use it every evening as maid does the mopping in morning, and turned to be very helpful when the maid took a week’s leave.
    A lot of pros and some app limitations which need to be ironed out, because of which, some kind of babysitting needs to be done for this robo(wife calls it Ramu Kaka)
    Pros: Only robot which washes your floor.
    Has separate clean and dirty water

    Cons: lacking custom mapping feature, we need to put blockades to prevent it running away to a different room.
    Corners, you need to clean manually sometimes (this is applicable for any robot I believe, as none can reach corners)
    There is no way to clean the dirty water tank. You can bend the cleaning brush a bit in front to make it reach some more restricted areas, but, there are places where it can’t reach, whatever you do.
    Tech demo was superb and the technician clarified some technical doubts, and some tips about where to start to avoid orientation issues when cleaning narrow paths, etc. They sent a complementary bottle of cleaning solution for hard floor on request.
    Tips: If you see some dirty water droplets after you lift it, before lifting, just drag it a few inches and then lift.
    If the brush is clogged with lot of lint, just wash it a bit under pressurized stream
    Always start from a corner and in an orientation that a lot of zigzag is avoided if you have a narrow path on the way. This will save a lot of time.

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  5. Claudia

    The media could not be loaded.

     I love my shinebot mop. I have a robot vacuum and really wanted a mop. I previously purchased the irobot bravaa jet, for really not that much cheaper and it crapped out very quickly. The spray sensor would get mucked up…. anyway, I took a chance on this mop and am sooo happy. Great battery life, will do about a 1000 square feet on one charge, great sensor and pattern variett, I have the remote but never use it. It really does a great job, the water that comes out the back is grey and dirty. I love the two water system, and the tank will do about a 1000 square feet so it’s not soaking the floor. It’s easy to clean the roller and rinse tge inside, but as someone previously said the dirty water tank is a little tough to clean.

    All in all, i love this! Great if you have pets and kids ‘set it, and forget it’. I put it on when I start bedtime and my upstairs is done when I go up. I feel like regular mopping takes so much time and energy and this mop is a great alternative.

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  6. Amanda Stephens

    I was skeptical but I need help with cleaning the floors. I received it last week. I’ve only used it a couple of times, but the tile is clean and it dries pretty good. I love that the dirty water is not being recycled. That was my selling point. It is not great on the grout Lines but I figure that it will be easier for me to keep them clean. I don’t mind that I have to put it on the charger, takes seconds. I’m actually happy with my purchase.

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  7. Robert A. Lime

    Here is the info I learned while doing research that I couldn’t find in other reviews. Plus my verdict a month in.

    – It’s worth the money (exceeds my value expectations)
    – It exceeds expectations (don’t expect it to replace your housekeeper or a thorough mopping once a week)
    – Most criticism in critical reviews seems unfounded or off-base
    – it’s pretty smart (does not re-clean the same area 5 times)
    – It’s a pretty dang decent cleaning
    – It will not go over thin carpet such as carpet tiles
    – battery life is excellent
    – I think it’s worth getting a dedicated mopping robot vs. a 2-in-1. I can’t imagine a 2-in-1 doing the job that this guy does
    – It’s quiet enough that you can watch TV/have a conversation/have dinner while it’s cleaning in the same room (quieter than a vacuum robot)
    – The three modes are useful

    I hope this helps!

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  8. D. Arora

    I am not sure if it was this particular robot issue or a issue in general….have marble floors…it was leaving drops of water instead of how a roller mechanism or a regular mop should work..if one paints or knows how to use a roller brush would know what is been smooth water patch…it did not even suck up the water..left water marks and also tyre marks which are still on the marble floor…..whatever videos out there I have watched them and this is not how this thing works. Everyone has a mixed opinion about it…had called ilife regarding the issue was told will have the technician call to figure out the problem within 15 20 minutes but no one called nor clarified is this how it is supposed to work….hence returned it.

    so maybe someone else would have a better experience with it…did not work well for me.

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  9. bill jacob

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     This was the first time using the Shinebot and I was ready to return it if it didn’t do a good job. I have to say I was pretty impressed. It wasn’t perfect but it sure did a good job as you can see from the dirty water picture that I am attaching. There’s only two of us here but I do have a large wood floor and it did a good job. In a few places I went behind it with a dry soft cotton mop just so there would not be water sitting on the floor from long time. It did a good job and I did not use the cleaner this time because I was thinking that I might have to return it. Next time I’ll put in a little cleaner and it should do an even better job. My floor is shining! It’s a keeper.

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  10. Iris M.

    The media could not be loaded.

     Gran desilusión
    En realidad tenia mucha alegria cuando llegó mi Ilife shineboot W400, con la pandemia tengo mucho trabajo en casa y realmente hice una gran investigación leyendo reseñas de diferentes robot mopa, este era el unico que lavaba y secaba el piso. A pesar de leer varios comentarios negativos en las reseñas de Amazon, me atrevi a comprarla ya que tambien habia reseñas positivas. Después de leer el instructivo, la puse a cargar y al dia siguiente con mucha decepción me di cuenta que deja mucha agua en el piso, al secarse queda el piso manchado y además hay riesgo de que al estar tan mojado el piso, alguien se pueda caer.

    -silencioso (más que mi roomba 677)
    -trapeó (mop) todas las areas de la planta baja.
    -tiene un tanque (depósito) de agua limpia de 600 ml que es suficiente para limpiar toda la planta baja de la casa.
    -el agua sucia del depósito realmente muestra que limpia bien (ver foto del agua sucia en un tupper)
    -tiempo de entrega antes de lo esperado y excelente atención del vendedor.

    -deja el pido muy mojado y al secarse queda manchado.
    -el control remoto no hace su trabajo.
    -el cepillo solo queda sucio en la parte del medio lo que indica que falta superficie de contacto.
    -le falta potencia para recoger el agua que queda en el piso.
    -la ceja que tre (tipo limpia vidrios) tal vez también necesita mayor superficie de contacto con el piso.

    Me da mucha tristeza devolverlo por que tenia grandes expectativas para ayudarme con las tareas de casa.
    Ya inicié trámites de devolución, espero no tener problemas.
    Mas delante pondre reseña de la experiencia de la devolución

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  11. Artemis

    We used to get someone to come & clean the house periodically. That stopped during COVID. Mopping the kitchen often used to get left off by the time we finished rest of the house & were exhausted. This does a good job of doing light mopping. Not sure how well it would work if the floor was super dirty. I am thrilled that I have this option. I was impressed that the water tank was quite full even after mopping the whole kitchen & entrance hallway. It is really slow so if you want to practice patience sit & watch it 🙂 otherwise set it up & leave it alone. The floor felt really clean & smooth to our feet afterwards. The movement is better than ecovac Deebot which is far more random & annoying.

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  12. Mike

    I have Roomba S9+, their most expensive vacuum, and I love it. I was all set to by the Braava Jet M6, their whole-home-mapping fully automated robot when I realized that a) it cannot cross room dividers and b) you have to change pads pretty much every time it mops. So unlike the S9+, which can go into any room in your house (no stairs, obviously) and empties its bin after it’s done, the Braava M6 is not a true automated solution. You have to intervene each time it mops. I figured if I had to do that, I might as well get an inexpensive basic model. I almost got the Braava 240 or the Samsung thing that moves on two buffing pads. I’m glad I didn’t.

    This is, I believe, the best mopping robot on the market. First, it’s a real automated mop. It doesn’t just scrub the floor with the same dirty pad. It sucks up the dirty water into a separate tank and the spinning buffer gets refreshed with clean water as it moves along. Second, while it doesn’t have app integration or mapping features, it does create an internal map each time it mops, which means it methodically cleans whatever area you put it in. The small water reservoir is enough for about 1500 square feet, possibly more. That means it can mop most of the average person’s home on one tank. It comes with floor cleaning solution, a cleaning tool and a replacement roller.

    I am really impressed with the navigation and internal maps. It has some sort of front IR sensor, gyroscope and accelerometer and seems to know where in the room it is as it makes its map. It slows down before colliding with objects, just like my S9 with its laser “time of flight” sensor. It also cannot cross room dividers (like the Braava M6) and does not ride up onto rugs, but being confined to a room is a good thing with this robot, as it lets it mop only the room you put it in.

    I absolutely love this thing. I don’t see a lot of information about this robot on YouTube and I hope the company is doing well, because they are the only ones who seem to understand consumer needs in this product space. If they go under I will buy as many of these things as I can, so that I always have one. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

    One caveat…it cleans the floor well, but not spectacularly. About as well as my Bissel upright plug in “mop,” but not as well as a real mop, provided you put some muscle into cleaning. The way I see it, this is to clean moderately dirty floors and keep them clean. Not to clean something disgusting that hasn’t been mopped in months. Provided you go into it with that understanding, you will not be disappointed.

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    ILIFE Shinebot W400s Mopping Robot, Wet Scrubbing, Floor Washing Robot, XL Water Tank, Zig-Zag Path, Suitable for Hard Floor only.
    ILIFE Shinebot W400s Mopping Robot, Wet Scrubbing, Floor Washing Robot, XL Water Tank, Zig-Zag Path, Suitable for Hard Floor only.
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