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ILIFE A10 Lidar Robot Vacuum, Smart Laser Navigation and Multiple-Floor Mapping, 2000Pa Strong Suction, Wi-Fi Connected, Works with Alexa, Ideal…


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  • 【Smart Laser Navigation, App & Voice Control】: Custom Area, Carpet Area, To-Go Zone, No-Go Zone, Cleaning Schedule. Designate areas you need to clean and areas to avoid on the ILIFEHOME App and the robot will guide itself according to your custom map. The A10 works with alexa, conveniently start and stop cleaning with voice commands. (Only support 2.4G network, not 5G. )
  • 【Self-Recharges and Resumes Cleaning】: If the robot has not finished the layout before the battery runs lower than 10%, the robot will self-recharge to 100% and then continue cleaning from the breakpoint. Ideal for large houses (2150 sqft or more).
  • 【2-in-1 Floating Roller Brush】: Stays in close contact with the floor and automatically adjusts to uneven surfaces, picking up more debris.
  • 【Powerful 2000Pa Suction】: Up to 2000Pa suction efficiently captures debris and large particles, either on hard floors or low-medium pile carpets.
  • 【What You Get】: 1 A10 Robot Vacuum (Vacuum only), 1 Dustbin,1 Charging Stand,1 Charging Mat,1 Remote Control,2 AAA Batteries,1 Power Adapter (length 1.5 meters), 1 Cleaning Tool,1 Roller Brush,4 Side Brushes,1 High-Efficiency Filter,1 User Manual,1 Quick Start Guide, and our worry-free 12-month warranty.

Specification: ILIFE A10 Lidar Robot Vacuum, Smart Laser Navigation and Multiple-Floor Mapping, 2000Pa Strong Suction, Wi-Fi Connected, Works with Alexa, Ideal…

Product Dimensions

12.99 x 12.6 x 3.74 inches

Item Weight

5.84 pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number



1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

September 17, 2020

Photos: ILIFE A10 Lidar Robot Vacuum, Smart Laser Navigation and Multiple-Floor Mapping, 2000Pa Strong Suction, Wi-Fi Connected, Works with Alexa, Ideal…

10 reviews for ILIFE A10 Lidar Robot Vacuum, Smart Laser Navigation and Multiple-Floor Mapping, 2000Pa Strong Suction, Wi-Fi Connected, Works with Alexa, Ideal…

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  1. Amazon Prime Customer – SK

    We did a lot of research on robotic vacuums available at the time of our purchase and finally settled for the iLife A10s. It does both, dry vacuuming and wet mopping. Writing this review after around 4 months of use.
    The features were great coupled with good reviews and checked all the boxes for our requirements. However, the icing on the cake for my decision was the excellent customer support. Before finalising my purchase, I had several calls with iLife sales team and each time they were very detailed in explaining the features.
    We received the robotic vacuum well packed and brand new with import date of the same month we purchased. So that was satisfying to know that, we got a fresh piece. The package also contained spare mops and a brush.
    The tech support provided by Pooja was second to none. She was really good and detailed in helping us setup and configure the vacuum, through a video call. She patiently heard each question we had and explained all features and their working in detail. In fact after a couple of months we reached out to her again to understand a feature on mapping, which we had forgotten. She was prompt and responded back quickly taking us through some of the configuration settings again. Thanks Pooja, for your continued support.
    The iLife A10s robotic vacuum comes with a remote as well as a downloadable App. We prefer the App since, it is really easy to use. It works well on both, iPhone as well as Samsung android mobile.
    In all, so far very satisfied with the iLife A10s robotic vacuum. It does what it is supposed to do well and is easy to use.

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  2. Thomas Furman

    I hate give this vacuum a bad review but since it stopped working after four months, it’s hard to leave a good one. I waited a couple of months after it stopped working because I was hoping the manufacturer would make good on their warranty. But they haven’t. After many attempts to contact them I’ve been met with only silence. Just completely ignored and that’s very frustrating. I have a second unit and it works great and would have given it a good rating if they would have responded and replaced the defective unit. I have since replace it with a IRobot and it works great as well. It’s just a little noisier than the ILife unit. If you purchase one and it does not breakdown you will likely be satisfied with the battery life, cleaning, etc. If not, you’ll need lots of luck getting it replaced.

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  3. Diego Pastor

    The Pros:
    – Robot delivers what it promises. It really vacuums and swipes my apartment. Good quality. Very efficient system avoiding obstacles and “learning” the environment.
    – It is very silent
    – battery life: my apartment has some 60sqm and battery life is enough to do the job at once.
    – value for the money: compared to similar models with similar features, iLife has a good price
    – online wi-fi app is awesome! You can access the robot from anywhere over internet and activate, program, schedule, check if the jobs were done… cool feature!
    The cons:
    – it demands some adjustments on your sofas and rugs positioning as the robot can be stuck in some traps (mine got trapped under a sofa because hight issues, and I had to move some rugs to avoid the robot to be stuck in the unleveld surfaces)
    – the charging cradle is quite light weighted and in some occasions the robot moved it from the position when trying to dock to recharge. I had to fix it to the ground with tape to avoid that.
    All in all it was a great acquisition. Very happy with the robot!

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  4. Abhishek G.

    I have sent my machine for repair after 10 days of use. My machine (A10s) has been with ilife team for the last one month and I am being told a new story every day. The tracking number of parcel they sent me landed in Chennai and then it was being picked up and then again being returned and so on. I purchased this robot for daily use in my house to make my life simple but now due to negligence on your part I am busy daily following up with your team about the whereabouts of my machine. The machine being sent to me as a substitute is not up to mark for my job, also I didn’t paid money for using an inferior model. What kind of service are ilife is providing.
    EDIT – I’ve received the machine in about one month after complaining. They sent me a new machine. Mr. Abhishek from iLife helped a lot and really a good and helpful person. In all now I am satisfied with operation and service of machine as well as after sales service.

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  5. Alok S | आलोक

    I needed a replacement for the first device, due to an error “Please check radar sensor”. The customer care was very helpful. Replacement was initiated through Amazon and a “hand-to-hand” replacement done within two days. Hassle free troubleshooting!

    As for the cleaner itself, I’ve been using it for a month now. It’s not a total replacement for a maid, but we can do without! It learns the house map quite fast. There’s bumping into anything harshly. And much to my surprise, it completes entire 3bhk without running out of juice!

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  6. Saradha Vishnoo

    Bought it for my parents. Works very well especially mopping. Leaves the floor looking very clean. Easy to use but initial configuration does require some know-how. I have not really tried Alexa integration.

    Best in this budget.
    Very clean mopping.
    Easy maintenance.
    Consumable Parts and very easy to remove and replace
    Customer service and tech support is very accessible (Hope it stays the same)

    Mop attachment cannot be retained when charging. So cannot schedule mopping as the attachment needs to be fixed just before starting and removed immediately afterwards
    Vacuum is not very thorough. Small trash often get hit by the rotating brush and gets thrown far away before it can be vacuumed up
    Gets stuck on carpet edges and needs intervention

    The cons are mostly small inconveniences that I can live with considering overall the product does a great job. Will definitely recommend to anyone looking to buy a robot vaccum under 30K.

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  7. Sakshi

    I will prefer to write the review in bullets.
    1. Excellent substitute for brooming as suction is great to pull any loose hair from the surface or dust even from under the bed.
    2. Mopping is like rubbing a piece of wet cloth and not actually scrubbing the surface ,so not very useful . But spot mode serves the purpose. So, not bad.
    3. Navigation is good ,it avoids the hurdles and will not get stuck at any place due to a barrier.
    4. Following the map is a problem. For this reason I exchanged the first device I bought as it was missing parts of the map while cleaning , at times an entire room. However, the second device I received has the same issue. But I did not return this time. It covers most of the map and then goes back to its location. I have to check the app and see where it missed and then mark the places remaining and it will clean them. So, works fine for me.
    5. Once or twice a week, you will like to do the clenaing on your own as it can’t cover the corners or places smaller then its own size.
    So, a good substitute for maid. But just like at times you have to clean yourself to cover what maid misses, you ought to do with the robot as well 😉

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  8. Amazon Customer

    I have had the Ilife v3 for about 4 years and have had nothing but a great experience with the vacuum. We decided it was time for an upgrade and wanted to try the new WiFi system and app that comes with the newer model. We decided to give the Ilife A9 a try! We have hardwood floors and 2 dogs so lots of hair and dust to clean up. The ILIFE robot works great! The quick start guide is easy to follow. You just dock the robot to charge and then press a button to get it started. Setting up the daily cleaning routine is easy and straightforward as well! The robot is quiet and does not scare our dog or our 7 month old. It picks up hair, pet hair and the small dust particles. The suction is great! I love coming home to a clean home and not having to sweep the floors! At this point I do not think I could live without it!

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  9. Amazon Customer

    The media could not be loaded.

     Excellent product with easy installation and good cleaning!

    Bought this product as this is free return and $50 coupon. Now decided to keep it!

    1 easy installation. Typically I’ll have my husband install everything and anything. My kids are excited to see this package and urged me to install it right away. I did it within 5 minutes. Also, manufacturer is very considerate and include batteries for remote control as well as electro wall.
    2 smart machine. I have stairs in the house. The machine can tell it stairs and will stop like it bumped into a wall.

    3 easy to use with voice assistant. There’s one time it was stopped because it was trapped by wire on the floor, but I hear the voice assistant and was able to remove the wire and let it continue to clean.

    4 good cleaning! I use it mostly in the dining room area and play space. It picked up hairs, food crumbs. Now I don’t have to clean after each meal!

    I have stairs

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  10. Bamabelle

    Firstly, I would have given this 5 stars except of the non-compatibility of the app with a tablet. Therefore, I can’t comment on the wi-fi or mapping ability. But (and I’m sure Amazon is breathing a sigh of relief as I’ve returned quite a few robot vacuums), based purely on the performance, I’m keeping this one.

    I own a Shark IQ self empty. As I have dogs, my first floor is divided in two parts with baby gates. I use the shark in the larger part and find the self empty feature just too convenient to part with. I didn’t want to invest that much money in the smaller part of the first floor so looked for a more budget friendly option; therefore I decided to try the iLife.

    Honestly, at this price point, I don’t believe you’ll find a better robot. The remote is quite adequate to run the robot. The suction is very good. The navigation is on par with the Shark. It finds it’s way to the base; or at least has so far, doesn’t get stuck and doesn’t clog. On max, it vacuums far long enough to clean the smaller part of the first floor and even goes back for a second go which leaves very few missed spots, if any. The voice notification is a bonus.

    Because of the filtration system, I don’t find the filter gets as dirty and I don’t see having to replace it soon. The dustbin is an adequate size and it does a good job on the area rugs. I sent a couple of robots back because they were unable to navigate the rugs (height). Again, no problem with the iLife. It also circles around chair legs rather than bumping into them then changing direction as another robot did.

    It was packed impressively and included two extra brushes and an extra filter. The machine seems very sturdily built and recharges quickly.

    Reading over this, I’m not sure why I kept the Shark, lol. If they ever make a self empty version of this robot, I’m in.

    I did want to note that neither robot with the camera navigation beat the navigation capabilities of the one I tried with the laser navigation. Alas, I sent the laser navigation one back also because it couldn’t handle the 1/2″ rise with the area rugs.

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    ILIFE A10 Lidar Robot Vacuum, Smart Laser Navigation and Multiple-Floor Mapping, 2000Pa Strong Suction, Wi-Fi Connected, Works with Alexa, Ideal…
    ILIFE A10 Lidar Robot Vacuum, Smart Laser Navigation and Multiple-Floor Mapping, 2000Pa Strong Suction, Wi-Fi Connected, Works with Alexa, Ideal…
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