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Ring Video Doorbell Wired – Convenient, essential features in a compact design, pair with Ring Chime to hear audio alerts in your home (existing…


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  • 1080p HD wired video doorbell with two-way talk, advanced motion detection, standard 2.4 GHz connectivity and customizable privacy settings
  • Get real-time notifications sent straight to your phone. To hear audio notifications in your home, pair with a Ring Chime, compatible Alexa device, or select the Video Doorbell Wired + Chime bundle. Note: the doorbell will not sound your existing chime.
  • Advanced motion detection helps you know when someone’s at your front door before they ring your doorbell
  • Night vision with sharp contrast ensures you’ll never miss a detail – even in the dark
  • Hardwire Video Doorbell Wired using your existing doorbell wiring and the included tool kit for around-the-clock power and peace of mind
  • With a Ring Protect Plan (subscription sold separately), record all your videos, review what you missed for up to 60 days, and share videos and photos
  • Connect with Alexa to hear alerts on your compatible Echo device or see a Live View with an Echo device with screen. Talk to visitors by saying, “Alexa, talk to the front door.”

Photos: Ring Video Doorbell Wired – Convenient, essential features in a compact design, pair with Ring Chime to hear audio alerts in your home (existing…

5 reviews for Ring Video Doorbell Wired – Convenient, essential features in a compact design, pair with Ring Chime to hear audio alerts in your home (existing…

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  1. Amazon Customer

    Don’t waist your time or money. This bypassed my old doorbell and was not clear that the old doorbell would no longer work.
    Why did they do this?!? I bought this to replace the button outside my house and the camera was a nice feature but my tplink $30 camera was just fine and half the price. The worst part for me is I just don’t understand why they would do this. The more I think about it the more it bugs me. This is going back for sure.
    Update: Amazon did a clear job providing adequate information in letting purchaser know this system bypasses existing doorbell chime that was not present at time of release. They also allow Alexa devices to announce when someone presses the button. For that you have earned another star. However I still struggle with the idea of a company called “ring” with a single push button that does not ring my existing doorbell, why? Your company name is ring yet you cannot ring my doorbell Seriously the doorbell chime doesn’t ring… Mind blown,It still bugs me. Want so bad to love this product and want to give it a higher rating but I just can’t do it because it will not ring the doorbell!!!

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  2. Dan

    Installed this on my lunch break with zero problems. Anyone who rated this less than 5 stars did not do their due diligence. Any research comparing the doorbells would tell you that you are unable to use your existing chime. We have quite a few devices on the 2.4GHz frequency and have no problems.

    Works great with existing echo dot devices and had no difficulty setting this up. Actually it was absolutely painless. I do not need my 30 year old chime to freak the dogs out and tell me someone is at the door, my phone and my echo dots take care of that!

    To anyone new to ring, yes, you have to pay a measely $30 per year to record your video. Worth it. I have two ring cameras, $60.. still worth it. The most you will spend is $100 per year for all your devices. Can I set up my own camera system and record locally? Sure. Do I want to spend hundreds of dollars on a server to do so? Absolutely not. Do I want to deal with drives randomly breaking? Nope. Check the cost of WD purple (surveillance drives), the cost of a server and a software license. By the time you get your money back by comparison to ring cameras, there will be better tech out.

    TLDR, this is a smart doorbell designed for smart devices. This will not work with your old equipment. This is absolutely worth every penny and the annual fee.

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  3. Vlad

    I installed the new Rind doorbell wired exactly as the instruction said. It updated, and we were able to see outside. Within 10 minutes it no longer worked. Spent 45 minutes with tech support with them verifying that we did everything correctly. So they are sending a replacement, but when I installed the old doorbell it no longer works and there is no power to the chime. The circuit was not trip so the Ring doorbell burnt out the doorbell transformer. Not I need to spend more money, maybe hire an electrician to get this fixed. Very Upset!

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  4. Vlad

    This is my review for:

    Ring Video Doorbell Wired

    I tried to keep my review short but there was a lot of information here so I added headers for easier reading.


    When the first Ring doorbell came out, I really wanted one, but it was a bit too expensive for my taste, so I went with a cheap knock-off. I have been using that knock-off since then and I hate it. The image quality wasn’t awful, but it had a lot of bugs and it didn’t play well with “Alexa”. I kept automating my home adding echo’s, lights, switches, cameras, you name it and every time I circled back to the doorbell I would think: “I already have a video doorbell and the Ring doorbell is still pricey; maybe I should buy some other automation toys”. Well, this new Ring came out, and it was less than 100$ thus I said, let’s try it…


    Dimensions wise, this one is pretty small (5.1”x2.4”x 1.1”). The button is very noticeably a button; to me this is important as with my old knock off doorbell, people would constantly push the camera lenses thinking that they rang the doorbell.

    Differences between this Ring Doorbell and Previous versions:

    I did some internet research prior to deciding for it, and I could only find a few things: (1) it supports only 2.4 GHz networks instead of being dual band, (2) it only works as a fully wired setup (3) it has a single faceplate and (4)it is way cheaper than previous models.

    To me, it wasn’t a big deal the doorbell not being dual band, I planned on using the 2.4 GHz band anyway as I have been with my knockoff brand doorbell. There are several obstructions along the way (two thick walls and some furniture between the door and my repeater, and my router is in the basement), and the 2.4 GHz network is usually better for that albeit a bit slower.
    This doorbell requires to have an existing wired doorbell setup, unlike previous iterations that you could have fully battery powered doorbell. Yet the setup is only needed for power. You will be bypassing the existing doorbell chime, thus, you will either need to purchase the model that include the Ring Chime (+20$), purchase a separate Ring Chime (30-50$) or use a compatible Alexa device as the speaker(s). I am using a few of my echoes and I like the setup a whole bunch.
    The Ring Video Doorbell has a single face plate (black) vs 4 different color ones for the Pro. I did search online for other faceplates and I found a pearl white one going for about 15$ but I am sticking with the black one.
    The newer model is about 70% cheaper. About 60$ vs the 200$ MSRP for the Pro.
    Issues so far:

    I haven’t had a lot of issues, but I already had one. I had some connectivity issues right of the bat. The fact that this doorbell bypasses the hardwired chime exacerbates this. No connectivity means no doorbell whether you have power or not. A few resets, I moved my repeater closer and it appear the problem was corrected. However, I point it out because when compared to my old 2.4 GHz knock-off video doorbell, I never had an issue. I am considering this as a one off but I will update my review if this issue persists.

    Bottom line

    What I liked:

    Compatibility with Alexa. When Amazon acquired Ring a while back, I just knew that integration with Echo devices would probably only improve but even knowing that, I was impressed. You can define specific devices you want them to work with. It allows for tons of customization including ringtones.
    I currently have two echo dots and an echo spot serving as my alerts and this setup works great. The video playback on the Echo Spot is smooth as silk with minimal Lag. I will be linking it up to my new Echo Show when it gets here, next week. I don’t envision any issues linking it up, but I will update my review if needed.
    It features an advanced motion detection system that allows for customizable alert motion zones. It is extremely intuitive to setup. Thumbs up, all the way.
    It was very easy to install
    It looks elegant yet sleek.
    It is cheaper than any previous Ring Model.

    What I dislike so far.

    It supports only 2.4 GHz networks. This is not a major negative as 2.4 GHz networks usually allow for a better range, especially if there are obstructions along the way. Still, it is worth mentioning.
    I have a hardwired doorbell chime that is useless now. If my WIFI fails at any point, my doorbell is dead in the water.
    I already had connectivity issues. They might have been a one off so I am not necessarily overreacting to them but I will update my review if needed.
    The first two negatives were design choices that allowed lowering the price point and they were something I knew coming in. However, they are still significant enough that I called them out.

    Overall, for the price, this is actually a very good device. If you already have a Ring doorbell, this item is not for you. If you don’t, and you are ok with a fully WIFI driven, hard wired power doorbell camera, I strongly recommend it.

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  5. Michael

    I have had the original Ring doorbell for a few years. I never used the chime in our house (actually hate the one builders put in, so that was a reason we got a ring doorbell in the first place). We use Echo Dots and phones so not ringing the chime was OK for us. Also don’t mind using 2.4 ghz for this device. When I saw the Wired was coming out and the price, I had to give it a try, especially given the credit given for trading in the old one. I took a picture of old vs new so you can see the size difference. I like that it is stripped down to bare minimum, but still has better features than our previous Ring like Pre-Roll, 1080p, etc. I would say it is comparable to Pro at 1/4 the price. The small size is great as I can mount it right on the doorframe now.

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    Ring Video Doorbell Wired – Convenient, essential features in a compact design, pair with Ring Chime to hear audio alerts in your home (existing…
    Ring Video Doorbell Wired – Convenient, essential features in a compact design, pair with Ring Chime to hear audio alerts in your home (existing…
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