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UGREEN Ethernet Adapter Compatible with Fire TV Stick 4K Max Lite Chromecast Google Home Mini and More Streaming TV Sticks Micro USB to RJ45…


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  • Ethernet Adapter for TV Sticks: UGREEN Fire Stick Ethernet Adapter is perfectly compatible with most TV sticks on the market. It’s compatible with Fire TV Stick Basic/Lite/4K/4K Max, Google Chromecast 1/2/3/Ultra/Audio, Google Home Mini, Roku Express 4K, and More. (Note: Not compatible with Fire Stick 1, Google Home Mini cellphones, tablets, and Laptops.)
  • Born for 4K HD Video: Still, suffering from loading and frozen when watching 4K HD videos? UGREEN Chromecast Ethernet Adapter provides you with a more stable and faster wired network than Wi-Fi. Up to 100Mbps internet speed let you say goodbye to these troubles and enjoy silky 4K HD videos.
  • Plug & Play: UGREEN Micro USB to Network Adapter is driver free for all supported TV sticks. Whether it is Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Stick lite, Chromecast or Express 4K, all you need to do is plug it in and you can use it immediately, very simple and convenient.
  • Power Supply Support: UGREEN Fire Stick Ethernet Adapter is designed with an extra USB A power supply cable, which can supply power to the TV stick and network card simultaneously. Let you use it easily without the need to purchase additional cables.
  • 3.3ft Long Cable Design: The Micro USB and USB power supply cable of the UGREEN Chromecast Ethernet Adapter are designed to be 3.3ft long, so you don’t need to worry about distance limitations and easily connect the TV and ethernet cable.

Specification: UGREEN Ethernet Adapter Compatible with Fire TV Stick 4K Max Lite Chromecast Google Home Mini and More Streaming TV Sticks Micro USB to RJ45…

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‎1.41 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎2.42 x 1.02 x 0.71 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎2.42 x 1.02 x 0.71 inches




‎5 Volts



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Date First Available

‎January 10, 2017

Photos: UGREEN Ethernet Adapter Compatible with Fire TV Stick 4K Max Lite Chromecast Google Home Mini and More Streaming TV Sticks Micro USB to RJ45…

12 reviews for UGREEN Ethernet Adapter Compatible with Fire TV Stick 4K Max Lite Chromecast Google Home Mini and More Streaming TV Sticks Micro USB to RJ45…

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  1. Dave I.

    Bought this product for the main goal of having a better experience with internet TV. While our family previously has used one of the big satellite/cable TV pipes, we are trying to get down to a simpler, but probably more functional way to watch TV. We started with just the Amazon Fire TV Stick alone, without any other devices, but we had some problems with occasional hangs. This is not good for watching live football. One issue with our situation is our main TV room is not right where the internet pipe enters our house. After reading up a bit about what could be causing the intermittent glitches, decided to try a hard-wired Ethernet connection direct to the Fire TV Stick. (And just for completeness, we also got a Powerline network adapter to have a hard connection from the internet gateway to our home to the TV.) It seems after a few days like this solution is doing the trick, possibly because it is eliminating most (or all) of the WiFi “buffering”. We have not been having any freezing of the Fire TV so far.

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  2. TeeMee-Kraftqueen65-Zealous Reader

    Yes it will do what they claim once I take the fire stick and make it no longer portable, and once I purchase seperately the RJ 45 Ethernet cable. If you read through CAREFULLY it does say both, but the big points they stress which allows your attention to wander is PLUG AND PLAY, and it mentions CORD, just **NOT** EVERY CORD YOU WILL NEED. Nor out of courtesy do they even bother saying “purchase separately.”

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  3. Tomcat

    I had this item for over 2 months then it died. Work great then all of a sudden it would not connect to the network. Tried different cables with no luck. Lan port and cable from router worked with out issues on other devices. Power cable side not affected. Had to send back to amazon for a refund. Item looked nice and solid package well. Not sure wither or not to buy another one for it only to fail a couple of months down the line.


    I had the item packaged up and was about to send the back and I was contacted by Ugreen customer services to try somethings before returning.

    Restarting the Fire Tv.

    which I had already tried before Ugreen had contacted me but it didn’t solve the problem at the time. Same again had also disconnected the cable at the power adapter side to see if taking the power out of the lan port would sort of reboot it but I only did this for a few seconds. It didn’t solve the problem at this point.

    Factory reset of the Fire Tv if the above didn’t work but I didn’t really want to do this because I would reinstall my apps and input all the usernames and passwords.

    So I unpackaged the item to try the above options and send back the results to them but upon reconnecting the adaptor it was working again. It had been unplugged for a few days before I connected it up again so it must need a few minutes disconnection time from the power port to discharged the components in side the lan port rather than the few seconds I unplugged it for.

    It has been working fine now for the last few weeks without any issues. If I have the same problem with it I will update the review with my findings.

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  4. Logical Spock

    I recently bought a Fire Stick 4K. I have an Asus meshed wifi network covering the whole house which has been working reliably with all my other devices. Even though the 5Ghz wireless signal on the Stick would test at almost 300mbps, I would regularly get frame drops and stoppages with my Youtube, Netflix, etc. streams. Youtube would even drop higher resolution streams to 720p to compensate.

    Even thought this wired device is only offering a max 100mbs to my streams, all streams are now flawless including 4K HDR. Connecting this couldn’t be easier. Just replace the Fire Sticks USB power cord with this and plug in your ethernet cable. Done. The Fire Stick automatically recognizes and utilizes the wired connection when powered up.

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  5. Cameron

    Was very skeptical about buying this product because I have had bad luck with this specific brand before but to my surprise it works flawlessly. I was originally going to get an OTG usb-a to micro usb cable and a gig usb Ethernet adapter but I took a gamble on this instead. Yes it’s only 100mbps but I was barely getting 20mbps via WiFi and it would cut in and out. It’s all sturdy plastic and it’s a sufficient length for my use case. I also appreciate the link/status lights on it so you know you’re getting signal. Not all adapters have this. Now I have a permanent hardwired connection to my Firestick and no more connection issues. I don’t really need the gig adapter for just streaming as I don’t run a plex server or anything that would demand a higher bit rate so the 100mbps (actually caps out at about 90-95) is just fine and I don’t eat up unnecessary bandwidth needed for my laptop or PS5, both of which are hardwired via a gig switch. I did have a couple minutes when I first connected it that I didn’t think it was going to work at all but I just restarted the Firestick and bing bang boom it was recognized. I would recommend this if you don’t need the extra bandwidth (kodi, plex, bluray rips, etc) and even then you will be limited to 480mbps due to the usb2.0 transfer rate limitation on the Firesticks micro USB port. I always hardwire my devices when possible and I’m glad this worked out.

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  6. Scott Lindsey

    Worked for about three weeks then it stopped being able to have a wired connection? Idk that’s what the device is meant to do….as i said out of the box it worked but it stopped so i returned it thank god it was within the returns parameters. Hey maybe i just got one that was made weird idk. Seller was nice about it still…so there’s that!

    Update 4 01 2019
    Here is a real beautiful thing to be able to tell you all. The seller of this product does actually look at the feedback left for there products. They contacted me and asked if I was willing to accept a brand new device on their dime. So obviously I said yes, why not? I am proud to report that as of present day they have made up for the possible bad device I received last time. All I have to say any business can produce a lemon here or there but it takes a great company to stand behind their products and actually go the extra mile to have their customers satisfied. I am completely satisfied, they didnt have to do what they did, but they did! Thats so impressive to me in this day and age. Thank you again to the UGreen company they make a good product and if by chance it fails, they are willing to make it good with you! Awesome!

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  7. Mr. P. Kay

    The box says it’s only for the Chromecast but there are some indications that it should work with the latest (2017) Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV as they both have the Amazon ethernet adaptor recommended for those that don’t want to use WiFi to connect to the internet. So I decided to take a chance and was very pleased to see it worked with no problems. Basically it replaces the provided power cable but adds an ethernet socket. As soon as fitted it, it connected via ethernet, i.e. wired, without me having to do anything to set it up. As soon as it did I noticed an increase in the speed at which videos and apps loaded. Also in my experience I find ethernet a lot more stable than WiFi. My only niggle was that it has a “cable tidy” attached at the USB connectors end of the cables which has to be move down the cables to allow you to use them. It’s a very snug fit so it took some effort to move it so you have to be careful not to hold the USB connectors or there may be a chance of them detaching from the cables if they’re pulled too hard. Other than that an excellent product which, as it happens, is a couple of quid cheaper than Amazon’s own adaptor.

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  8. Craig P.

    So I was struggling with the number of wireless devices in my house (There is only so much wifi bandwidth to go round) where I have 4 Google Chromecast Audio devices for whole house synced music. I’d get drop out and stuttering from various units. I bought one of the UGREEN units, wired it up and the CC Audio lept into life without any issues. Previously I could not set any delays on any units to fine tune the sync with problems, I’ve not added these to all 4 CC audio units and gone are the drop outs, the stuttering, and best of all I can finally fine tune the delays to correct some of the weird phasing heard throughout the house.

    Note that some speaker systems (Bose) have audio processing in their input that causes a slight delay to the signal entering and coming out of the speaker; tuning this out by adding a very small amount of delay to the speakers that don’t have this delay really works well….

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  9. Jordan Costea

    If you want to connect your Amazon Fire Stick to your TV, you can just forget about getting the official Amazon Ethernet adapter (especially since the official adapter is back-ordered until near-February 2018 and has been that way since Thanksgiving 2017). This adapter can do exactly what the official one can do, and even has a MUCH, MUCH longer cord.

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  10. Andrew

    This worked easily, but I still experienced buffering and freezing. My internet is gigabit fiber and internal wired network is 1Gbs. I ended up returning this, but found a better solution that works:

    All the typical Fire stick ethernet adapters are 10/100. While the USB2.0 port on the Fire stick supports up to to 480Mbs, there is still a bottleneck with a 10/100 adapter and I’ve experienced streaming issues with HD and 4K content.

    I ended up getting this 1Gbs USB3 ethernet hub and combining it with an OTG adapter. Fire Stick 4K recognized it and performance is vastly improved, even though it’s still limited by the 480Mbs USB2.0 on the fire stick. No pixelation or buffering! The quality of both of these items is very good.

    USB3.0 Ethernet Hub


    ANDTOBO Micro USB OTG Adapter…

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  11. Cameron

    I bought this item specifically to use with my 2nd Generation Amazon Fire TV stick (the one with Alexa voice control). Instead of connecting the Fire TV by WiFi, this adapter allows direct wired Ethernet connection to your router, so you can use the full speed of your router (depending on your service). My WiFi download speed averages 37.2mbps compared to the average direct router download average of 98.41mbps (my service is hybrid fibre broadband, meaning fibre to the street cabinet and then copper wire to the house). Who wouldn’t want to use the extra speed of Ethernet verses WiFi? This unit will also help bypass WiFi signal problems if you are okay with running a direct cable instead. It’s very easy to install, 2 minutes and you’re away.

    UPDATE: I’ve just used this to connect my Moto G5+ directly to a router via Ethernet for Internet access and it worked perfectly as the phone is OTG (On The Go) compatible. It recognised the Ethernet connection without having to adjust any settings. It works powered and unpowered. If you use it powered, you can charge the phone while online.

    If you found my review helpful, please click the Yes button to let me know. I’ll be happy to try and answer any questions you have about this product.

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  12. Fred Dread

    I bought this product to use with my Firestick (must have the Alexa remote, doesn’t work with first Gen firestick) It’s perfect and a lot cheaper than the official firestick version. It is Plug & Play as it says. Remove you’re power cable from the plug and device and replace with the cable provided, usb to plug and micro usb to device. Plug your ethernet cable into the port on the other end and turn on the plug. There is a green light on the ethernet adapter that lights up when powered on. I now have zero loading time when using Netflix and other streaming services. (Internet speed depending of course) I fully recommend this product for anyone wanting a wired connection for increased speed or to assist with poor WiFi connection.

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    UGREEN Ethernet Adapter Compatible with Fire TV Stick 4K Max Lite Chromecast Google Home Mini and More Streaming TV Sticks Micro USB to RJ45…
    UGREEN Ethernet Adapter Compatible with Fire TV Stick 4K Max Lite Chromecast Google Home Mini and More Streaming TV Sticks Micro USB to RJ45…

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