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UGREEN 2.5″ Hard Drive Enclosure USB 3.0 to SATA III for 2.5 Inch SSD & HDD 9.5mm 7mm External Hard Drive Case Support Max 6TB with UASP…


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  • 2.5″ External Hard Drive Enclosure: Easily connects your 2.5 inch SSD & HDD to PC, laptop, PS4, Xbox for data transfer or expanding storage. It protects the hard disk from outside scratches and makes SATA hard drive portable for the data storage. It is awesome for booting up old HDD/SSD and recovering important files of broken PC.
  • 5Gbps with UASP Accelerated: The maximum data transfer speed of the USB 3.0 interface is 5Gbps. The SATA interface of this enclosure supports UASP accelerated transmission protocol, 70% Faster than conventional USB 3.0 when connected to a computer that also supports UASP. Backward compatible with USB 2.0 or 1.1 ports.
  • Easy Installation: Tool-free installation. Plug & Play, No driver is needed for this SATA enclosure. Just push out the cover, plug in the drive, close the cover and go. Hot-swap supported. No request for extra power supply. 【Please click the “Safely Remove Hardware” icon on your PC first then unplug it to avoid data loss when complete usage】
  • Secure Hard Drive Friendly: The blue LED indicator lets you know the working status easily. The attached EVA foams inside protects your hard disks from improper shaking and scratches. With a detachable 30cm cable, it is quite flexible to connect and take along. (Note: If there are screws on your hard drive, you should remove them. Otherwise, it will not fit into our enclosure)
  • Universal Compatibility: Supports Windows, LINUX, Mac OS 8.0 and above systems. Designed for 2.5 inch 7mm/9.5mm SATA HDD & SSD up to 6TB. Compatible with WD, Seagate, Toshiba, Hitachi, Samsung, Crucial, SSD and HDD with SATA port and so on.

Specification: UGREEN 2.5″ Hard Drive Enclosure USB 3.0 to SATA III for 2.5 Inch SSD & HDD 9.5mm 7mm External Hard Drive Case Support Max 6TB with UASP…


‎10 TB





Item model number


Hardware Platform

‎Mac, PC

Item Weight

‎4.6 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎5.04 x 3.23 x 1.26 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎5.04 x 3.23 x 1.26 inches

Hard Drive

‎10 TB

Computer Memory Type


Processor Count


Flash Memory Size


Hard Drive Interface

‎Serial ATA-300

Power Source



‎5 Volts


‎Ugreen Group Limited

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

‎March 31, 2017

Photos: UGREEN 2.5″ Hard Drive Enclosure USB 3.0 to SATA III for 2.5 Inch SSD & HDD 9.5mm 7mm External Hard Drive Case Support Max 6TB with UASP…

9 reviews for UGREEN 2.5″ Hard Drive Enclosure USB 3.0 to SATA III for 2.5 Inch SSD & HDD 9.5mm 7mm External Hard Drive Case Support Max 6TB with UASP…

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  1. Spooty J.

    First off, the construction seems solid. I like the foam for shock and vibration absorption. It’s not amazing, but i’m satisfied for the price.

    Now for the actual usage… I put a pre-formatted drive in here that wasn’t being read or appearing at all, but thankfully I had the knowledge to solve the problem.

    FOR THOSE HAVING ISSUES, I will now share the steps to fix this problem….. It does involve completely wiping your drive, however.

    Hit the windows button and type in computer management

    click disk management on the left

    if there is an invalid drive, hit the windows button again and type “cmd”

    after opening the command prompt (preferably as an administrator) type “diskpart” hit enter

    type “list disk” hit enter

    type “select disk (# of your disk from the list” (for me it was “select disk 5”

    DISCLAIMER: this next step will totally wipe your drive

    Type “clean” and hit enter.

    Now we go back to computer management -> disk management (if you left it open, you might have to close and re-open), and we should see that our drive is now valid, but not mounted.

    right click the white part of the box (or the grey i forgot honestly….. right click something) and mount the disk.

    Now you want to right click the white part of the box again (yes i’m sure this time) and format the disk. You won’t have to pay attention to any of the numbers – just name the drive what you want and format it how you please (exFAT, NTFS, FAT32, etc.)

    After that, everything should be good to go, like it was for me.

    The biggest hassle was writing this review, but I figured people would have this problem and pull their hair out, like I would have prior to gaining this knowledge.

    Hope this helps – everything is now working fine for me as you can see by the benchmarks in the picture.

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  2. Steven H. Leibson

    I just replaced the hard drives in my laptop and my wife’s laptop with Samsung EVO 860 SSDs to try to get back some of the performance lost to Windows 10. It seems a shame to toss a 1Terabyte and a 256Gbyte hard drive just because they no longer work well as boot drives. What to do? Turn them into nearly free external USB drives with this $10 (and change) kit from UGREEN. I ordered two kits. They arrived at my friendly neighborhood Amazon store the next day. Frankly, I didn’t know what to expect at this price. What I got were nicely packaged enclosures with 1-foot USB 3 cables and readable instructions. I broke a fingernail trying to get the first one apart. (Hint: There’s a nearly invisible clear film tape wrapped around the front bezel that hold’s the enclosure’s sliding panel in place so be sure to remove that film before taking the case apart.) It takes less than 60 seconds to open the enclosure, slide in the hard drive (or it could be an SSD), and close the case, plug in the right end of the cable to the enclosure, and plug the USB end of the cable into your PC. Boom, it came up like a dream for me, twice in a row. I plan to use these enclosed drives as clones. Backup will entail using cloning software so that these drives will always be ready to pop back into a laptop should one of the SSDs fail. (Unlikely)

    These enclosures are plastic, not aluminum. What do you expect for $10. They’re fine by me. Any shock that would crack the enclosure would likely also destroy the bard drive inside although the enclosure has rubber bumpers to provide some level of physical shock protection. In all, I’m very pleased with these enclosures and can highly recommend them.

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  3. Spooty J.

    Cheap construction as expected, but fit is fine, connection is reasonably solid.
    Works with windows and linux just fine. Fast enough.
    However, does not seem to turn off when my devices turn off… the light just stays on and it’s not powering down at all it seems.
    There are so many enclosures around, but hardly any with power buttons or automatic power management built in… this has neither. Cheap and cheerful.

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  4. Emilio Lozano

    There’s very little to say:

    Open the box,
    slide in your disc,
    close the box,
    plug in with the cable provided.

    It seems quite robust. There’s internal padding to cushion the drive a little. It looks quite smart. It works with SSDs and older conventional drives.

    I’m very happy with mine. I hope that you are with yours.

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  5. vdawg80

    I bought three of these enclosures on Prime Day for some 2.5 hard drives I used for archiving files. Tested two of them with Seagate 1Tb 2.5″ hard drives. Plugged them into a Windows 10 desktop. Drives couldn’t be detected. Disk Management saw drives, but “Drive not initialized”, “Drive not ready” errors.

    Was just about to return these.

    Then saw another review saying if you use a USB 3.0 A to Micro Type-B cable from another manufacturer (instead of the cable included with this item), then the issue would go away. Yep, this is what I tried and voila, the drives were detected fine. Obviously, UGREEN went cheap on the cables. Frankly, I don’t trust UGREEN to send me better quality cables. I’ll find my own replacements. Keeping the plastic enclosures as they seem to work fine with someone else’s cables.

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  6. P

    En cuanto la entrega fue como siempre a tiempo.

    La carcasa llegó en un sobre con burbujas de aire, lo cuál no me agradó mucho, pero llegó bien.

    La caja que cubre la carcasa traía una cubierta de plástico para asegurar que sea nueva.

    La carcasa venía cubierta por una bolsa de plástico blanco mate, viene con un manual y cable para conectarlo.

    Sujeta bastante bien el disco duro ya que trae unas gomas laterales para evitar que se mueva, yo considero que un disco mecánico de 2.5″ entra forzado pero funciona bien.

    Trae un indicador LED azul que indica cuando está conectado a la computadora, me agradó!

    Se siente de muy buena calidad, ugreen no me ha fallado con los productos que les he comprado.

    Lo usé para un disco de estado sólido y no presentó ninguna falla, lo recomiendo ampliamente.

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  7. RockyV

    Don’t listen to these reviews that say the enclosure doesn’t work.

    Only two things wrong with this enclosure:
    1. Those people clearly don’t know how to use Windows or at least Google or YouTube(let alone their brains).
    2. The manufacturer doesn’t give a heads up on what to do to make your hard drive actually WORK.

    If it doesn’t it’s either a bad drive, a bad cable or the enclosure itself meaning you got a dud.

    Long as all your hardware works you’ll be fine by doing the following:

    1. Put you drive in the enclosure and connect it to the computer.
    2. Open Disk Management under Administrative Tools(may also be Computer Management depending on your version of Windows).

    3. Go to YouTube and search “How to Initialize a Hard Drive”.
    There are plenty videos that show what to do and most of them are about 4-5 minutes long at the most.

    4. THINK. -_-

    I have 2 Samsung 860 EVO drives. One in this enclosure and one in another buy Orico.
    As of right now they both work great and my review will stand as is unless that changes.

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  8. KEDDR

    I used this to boot up my Raspberry Pi using an SSD. Although it seemed promising at first, I noticed that any small physical movement of the SSD in its enclosure would result in an I/O error. Took a while to figure out what it was (by swapping out this component and another, this cable or another etc), but it appears to be the cable. Contemplating on returning or at least contacting the manufacturer to see if they’ll replace the cable.

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  9. Emilio Lozano

    Turned my internal Hitachi hard drive into an external one.
    – Excellent build quality and finish.
    – The cable is of surprisingly great quality.
    Works perfectly. I’m happy with the functionality of the product.
    Don’t waste your time reading reviews – click Buy !

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    UGREEN 2.5″ Hard Drive Enclosure USB 3.0 to SATA III for 2.5 Inch SSD & HDD 9.5mm 7mm External Hard Drive Case Support Max 6TB with UASP…
    UGREEN 2.5″ Hard Drive Enclosure USB 3.0 to SATA III for 2.5 Inch SSD & HDD 9.5mm 7mm External Hard Drive Case Support Max 6TB with UASP…
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