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Kenneth Cole Unlisted Men’s Dress Shirt Big and Tall Solid


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  • 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester
  • Button closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Worry-free spread collar includes sewn-in collar stays for a crisp look even without a tie
  • Easy Care: machine washable, lightweight, breathable fabric provides all-day comfort
  • Pocket-less design ensures a sleek, modern look. 2-button adjustable cuffs
  • Versatile, button-up dress shirt
  • Big dress shirts are cut with extra room all around. This comfortable fit features more relaxed armholes and sleeve openings. Tall dress shirts are designed with added length in the sleeve and body. This fit offers style and comfort for taller guys

Specification: Kenneth Cole Unlisted Men’s Dress Shirt Big and Tall Solid

Package Dimensions

14.84 x 9.17 x 2.76 inches, 12.52 Ounces

Item model number




Date First Available

October 4, 2018


Kenneth Cole Unlisted

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10 reviews for Kenneth Cole Unlisted Men’s Dress Shirt Big and Tall Solid

3.6 out of 5
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  1. Erick Duarte

    VERY generous fit. The 19” neck sized shirt = a 60” chest. These are very largely made.

    (I wonder why the manufacturer chose to make the shirts that big, and not list the measurements here…)

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  2. Charles F.

    Let’s be honest. This is not a formal dress shirt of quality. If you’re on a budget, though, this is an adequate dress shirt (knockoff). For the price you cant go wrong. Just realize you don’t get quality you would see in $60-$150 shirts.

    Nice color
    Light fabric
    Fits as expected

    Stitching poor
    Many loose threads after first wash
    Fabric bunched up at seams
    Seems large, folded over on inside (reversing in middle half way up seam to opposite side, with crease) and ironed that way at factory

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  3. Bilbo Fredericks

    I enjoy buying dress shirts online because making the same mistake over and over reminds me that, at the end of the day, I’m really dumb.

    Apparently, the manufacturer assumes that a tall person with a large-ish neck and long arms couldn’t actually be a tall and broad shouldered person seeking a shirt that doesn’t fit like spandex, but must instead have the same midsection dimensions as filmmaker Michael Moore after Thanksgiving dinner, followed by being stretched on a medieval torture rack to a foot and a half taller than normal. The fit around the chest and shoulders was pretty good, but the mid section would be best measured in whatever units are used to describe ocean depth (fathoms?) because holy cow….it’s absurd. You could camp under it. You could use it as a wing suit. You could use it in battle to surrender with the confidence that your flag could be seen from space. You could have it tailored and end up with enough spare fabric to clothe Zimbabwe.

    I’m quite sure that this shirt is either a joke because no one could actually be this size, or was designed for conjoined twins who are sharing one normal upper body and two of everything from the chest down (giggity), or possibly doubles as a birthing blanket when the Alien finally bursts forth from your belly button after feasting on your internal organs. After looking at myself in the mirror wearing this thing, I kind of hoped for the Alien thing to happen so at least I wouldn’t have to bother with the return.

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  4. Zanne Michelle

    Bought them for work. They have held up well and are comfortable enough to wear all day. I work in a warehouse.

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  5. Rainer Blair

    Mido 1.90 y peso mas de 120 kilos y siempre he tenido un problemas para encontrar ropa que me quede bien de largo o de las mangas
    Y esa me queda a la perfección

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  6. Rainer Blair

    Really nice shirt! Sits perfectly, looks very dressy but is quite comfortable. The hazy blue specifically has an awesome sheen to it. Highly recommend these shirts!

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  7. Patrick

    I’ve had multiple Kenneth Cole shirts from their reaction line, but the problem I always have is, although they are wonderful shirts with excellent texture patterns, they’re too short for me!

    When I saw that they had tall shirts from a different line recently, i of course had to jump on it, and wow. This shirt in particular looks amazing. And the shirt goes all the way down to my knees. I’m constantly bending at work and the reaction shirts always get untucked. No longer a problem. These things stay down all day and I’ve never had a problem.

    This is actually the second shirt I’ve ordered, I purchased the blue first because I’ve never had a blue dress shirt before. And I was so impressed I had to start buying more as soon as I got the shirt on.

    Like others have mentioned, these are cheaper shirts. But they’re by no means badly made. The material still feels nice and the colors are beautiful. The only issue I’ve had with these shirts so far is having to cut the excess string on the buttons. But that takes a couple minutes and it’s understandable with the price. I will not dock off a star for that.

    I’m very impressed with these and I will buy more when I need even more color in my wardrobe

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  8. Michael S. Tollefson

    First of all, I’d like to say that I like the material of the shirt and pretty much everything about it other than the fit. Now I understand fitment is more difficult when buying online. Some of that is because of the standards or lack thereof for sizing. In this case, the way the sizing they use here, it only seems possible to buy the correct size based on your neck size. I hate to date myself here, but in 51 years on this planet, I’ve never seen such a weird size chart (20” Neck 34” – 35” Sleeve). Now the part that states, “20-inch neck” makes sense and is measurable, but if you take a tape measure, you can’t find anything on that shirt that measures 34 or 35 inches. If I measure with a tape measure from the tip of my thumb (That’s how I hold the tape) to the center of my neck with my arm held straight out, that comes to 35”, so not sure if that somehow translates out to the actual sleeve size?? I imagine if it’s something like the lumber industry for example, where a 2X4 doesn’t actually measure 2” X 4”, is that the same type of weirdness here? I have no idea, so I just had to take a chance and buy what I thought might fit. Yeah, sure I could have used Amazon’s try it on first thing or whatever, but that’s besides the point. Why not just advertise your clothes with a standard normal size chart that normal people are used to? Or list more information about actual sizes or lengths? Why not specify actual sleeve lengths? Chest size? Torso length? Anything a person could measure on themselves to find out what size to purchase?

    I was able to wear this shirt for the occasion on which I was purchasing it, however, I will likely never wear it again unless I tailor it down to fit more appropriately. If I measure from my wrist (Where a cuff would sit) to where the seam of the stitching for the sleeve is on my shirt at my shoulder, that measures 21 inches. This shirt I bought listed (20” neck 34” – 35” Sleeve) seemed appropriate for sleeve length but almost a little short, the 20” neck is spot on, but the torso is absolutely enormous! I’m about 270 pounds and 6’ tall, so almost 100 lbs overweight and I’m absolutely swimming in this shirt. I normally wear an XXL in a t-shirt or polo etc. It is too late to return the shirt so I’m stuck with it as is.

    I’ve since asked the question on here that I didn’t have time to wait for answers before. I’m told that they measure from the collar for sleeve size. It still seems wonky to me as that measurement doesn’t seem to come out – or hard to tell which one is right for me. As I said before, if I measure my body from the center of my neck and extend my arm out – 35” is out at the tip of my thumb. So in that case you might think that this shirt at 34” – 35” has too long of sleeves for me. You’d be wrong. The sleeves are almost too short in reality. And either way, why not include some kind of size? How would I know the rest of the shirt size? Is it an XXL? 3XL? What is the chest measurement? There’s a size chart you can click on, but it is of course a useless generic chart that doesn’t help at all because it shows what range each size varies, but nowhere does this page show what actual size the shirts are in order to cross reference it. How do people know to measure off the collar or whatever weird sorcery they’re doing? Perhaps something showing that process would be helpful?

    It is because of the failure to properly advertise the sizes, and this reason alone that I’m giving this a lower star rating. This is because I feel pretty strongly about this lack of accurate description. If I would have been able to see that this shirt doesn’t fit, I would have likely kept shopping and found something that fits more appropriately. Unfortunately, where I live there are almost no options for local shopping for clothing within a reasonable distance, and the stores that do carry clothes are pretty lacking in good sizing for people like me (non 5’ 10” tall people – yep, believe it or not – 6′ tall is taller than average) and their shelves are mostly bare these days. Get with the program Amazon and all the companies trying to sell clothes through here. This is ridiculous. Again, the product seems fine. The problem I have is with the description, advertising, or whatever you want to call it. The company selling should have put more effort into this, or Amazon, but my guess is the company. Shame on whoever it is.

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  9. Paul Hartmann Jr

    It fits like it should, it looks good, but ironing is a hassle. I should have looked into the type of material it was made out of, because it’s a pain to iron. Some shirts can go from the dryer, to a hanger, and not look too wrinkled. Not this shirt. It takes a while to iron, and it collects wrinkles easily. Other than that, its fine.

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  10. P. Calitri

    Nice shirt and sleeve length was perfect. Material not as soft as other name brand I purchased but did the job just fine. When you can’t find classic fit in stores any more nice to know you can get one in 3 days in a pinch.

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    Kenneth Cole Unlisted Men’s Dress Shirt Big and Tall Solid
    Kenneth Cole Unlisted Men’s Dress Shirt Big and Tall Solid
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