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Call of Duty Vanguard Standard Edition – PlayStation 5


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8 reviews for Call of Duty Vanguard Standard Edition – PlayStation 5

4.5 out of 5
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  1. Sammy

    Bought it for the campaign and Zombies.
    The campaign was disappointed. Just when it was FINALLY getting decent, it ended. I’d guess it was around 6 ½ hours long.
    I’m no longer into the multiplayer but I checked out the maps; meh!
    The new twist on Zombies is interesting but of course, with only one map available at launch, it’ll get old quick.

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  2. JonW

    love the fact that it offers the older CODS to be played, lack of zombie multiplayer is aggravating but other then that pretty pleased

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  3. Supa3045

    Great game specially cause it was on sale ya boy.!!!

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  4. Snake2nv

    Good game, Addictive & Pure violence. Just use a headset for this for the best sound effects.

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  5. Golgo13

    Quite possibly the best cod game so far. Can’t wait for warzone pacific

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  6. rono3rich

    Such a masterpiece I love how unique the killstreaks make it feel I can’t find any other game worth buying these days and TAKE MY WORD FOR IT you will definitely be playing this game a ton.

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  7. DroTheGamerNerd

    Another in the books so worth it that its with my other games now lol …. Honestly just wish the campaign was longer

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  8. Dean

    I’ll start off by saying this might be a good “other viewpoint” type of review, because I don’t share the same opinions as most….that being said….
    My favorite CoD’s are MW, MW2 and Ghosts….yes, I loved Ghosts especially Extinction mode. I do NOT like any of the Black Ops series either – sorry! I cannot stand the sound, the lag when you eliminate someone, and the ‘ole “get behind cover for a full 2 seconds only for the replay to show that you WEREN’T in fact behind cover” lol
    I bought this game because, well, I buy all the CoD’s. If I don’t like it, I’ll sell it right away and no harm or foul. I already went into this with very low expectations as I knew who created it. My first couple matches were retro Black Ops where what I don’t like about that series is in full play in this one. I’m also on gig-speed fiber, wired connection, NAT Type Open using a third party router – so there’s nothing that can be blamed on my internet speed either. I definitely won’t judge based on a couple Day #1 multiplayer matches either, as I know it can take a good week or two ironing out all the issues.
    There are bugs, yes – care package bugs, audio loops that won’t stop, disconnects, big hit boxes, streaks making direct hits and not getting any eliminations, etc….whatever, deal with it on Week #1! LOL There will be patches!
    As for the gameplay and maps – the more I play, the more I enjoy them! I really like the maps so far, as a lot of the them have multi-levels so it’s not all flat ground battles. Yes, there are always places for people to camp and there will always be campers – also, deal with it! I’m not that good of a player hanging around 1.0 E/D but find myself doing well often and not getting eliminated instantly by across the map quick scopes.
    The spawns definitely need the most work as I have respawned directly in front of the enemy looking down the sight way more times than I like to count, especially on the smaller maps. Hopefully that will get worked out!
    I enjoy all the multiplayer modes, including the Champion Hill – 8 teams of 3 randomly playing 3v3 matches until each team runs out of “lives”. Nice change of pace from running and gunning.
    Zombies – oh Zombies, the type of mode you love or hate. I LOVED Cold War’s zombies and brought a lot of my friends together as they did too. There was a game plan to figure out, coordinate and share with friends before and while you are playing. We tried to beat each other’s highest Exfil round constantly, which made things fun. It wasn’t the giant open world, 13 things to collect, “need to read a strategy guide” type mode. Vanguard’s Zombies is a mix of everything – including Cold War’s “Outbreak” mode, which involved you following an orb around and staying within. This installment involves a “main” area with “challenges” you select and complete as a team. Upgrades are available after every round, and perks are randomly scattered. It is semi-linear, but I kind of like that. Remember, releasing the same old JUNK gets boring so I’m glad they are trying to change it up.
    All in all, yes, it’s just another Duty. I haven’t tried Campaign yet because MP kept my busy all weekend. I hope they keep it fairly simple as Cold War’s seasonal drops and added content just made my head spin and I lost interest. I can say I’m fairly surprise at how much fun I had with it over the weekend, and just played with randoms all weekend too….gawd I love Call of Duty trash talk waiting for a game to load haha
    Try it for yourself!

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    Call of Duty Vanguard Standard Edition – PlayStation 5
    Call of Duty Vanguard Standard Edition – PlayStation 5

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