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BURST – Water Flosser – Black


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8 reviews for BURST – Water Flosser – Black

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  1. SwigglesMilam

    The Burst Water Flosser is a portable battery-operated refillable water flosser designed with three (3) cleaning modes that include Turbo, Standard and Pulse. Turning it On and Off as well as switching between modes can be facilitated and changed by holding the button with the smiley face that is on the face of the unit. The device also has three (3) different tip designs. It comes with a ‘Classic Tip,’ but ‘Perio’ and ‘Ortho’ tips can be purchased for deeper cleaning and hard to reach places between implants, braces, etc. The tips are designed to rotate 360 degrees and can be removed for cleaning or interchanging by pressing a small ejector button on the top of the flosser.
    The water flosser can be fully charged within a six (6) hours period and last for 80 days. The materials used in designing the unit incorporated making it waterproof which also makes it appropriate for use in the shower. The water reservoir is detachable and easily slides on and off the main unit and locks in place by securing a lock switch on the bottom of the flosser. The water reservoir has a rubber flap that secures the water in the reservoir and allows one to easily move the flap to refill the flosser as many times as needed.
    The Burst Water Flosser is appropriately named as water burst with force to clean all areas of the mouth and gums. Just like other dental hygiene products, this too must be used over a sink because of the force and amount of water that comes out of the device in a brief period of time. The water flosser is fairly lightweight which makes it somewhat easy to hold, but it could have been designed to fit more ergonomically in a medium size slim hand which would have eliminated the slide of it in the hand during use. I feel that it was designed around the average size man’s hand, but with a little more ergonomic curves to the design it would naturally adapt to fit all types and sizes of hands more comfortably. The water flosser works well, but I do wish it had a stronger air burst that could be used when water was not desired and/or needed for use on specific areas where teeth may be too tight to floss.
    The water flosser comes with a charging cable and USB wall adapter, travel bag and classic tip. It has a lifetime warranty and is available in three standard colors of black, white, and rose gold. Various refill plans are optional, and they include toothpaste, tips, dental floss, etc., but you can also make ‘one time’ purchases.
    I do recommend the flosser. It is easy to travel with and holds its charge exceptionally long so the flosser and the tip in the bag is all that is needed for several weeks.

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  2. msumulong

    By all means dental flossers have been pretty much the same. Being that one dental tool that you use but not able to carry along when you go around. The Burst Water Flosser takes it to a new level. How, it is a portable and battery operated dental flosser.
    So first, what comes out of the box? Well it is a well packaged device with a graphic layout similar to toys making it standout compared to other flossers which come in drab packaging design. Inside the box you’ll find the flosser itself but with the water reservoir detached, a removable flossing tip, a charger with cable and some user manuals.
    The flosser comes in pre-charged. But of course you’ll fully charge it by the time you use it regularly. Prior to use, you have to place the flossing tip and the water reservoir. There is a main power button. And when you press and hold the power button, the water flosser is initially set to standard mode and will switch to pulse mode. Another hold and press and you get to turbo mode. I have tried all water modes so as to determine which mode will provide me with the best results. The standard mode seems to work best for me. And as a travel or portable water flosser, this comes with a travel bag.
    Overall, the Burst Water Flosser works as advertised. And the only gripe I can think of is that the reservoir can only contain little water that you my have to refill the flosser even before you finish. But in general, I am happy with the product. I would recommend this to all.

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  3. MacUser

    My dentist suggested I get a water flosser. I researched a bunch and finally chose this one. I feel it was a good choice. I can’t say enough good things about this water flosser. I’m going to try to mention most of the things that I had questions or concerns about while looking for one.
    It’s extremely easy to use. It’s easy to fill with water. You can fill it straight from the tap, but I have nasty tap water, so I put spring water in a glass measuring cup, warm it slightly in the microwave, then pour it in. The water reservoir has an opening to fill it, with a nice sturdy hinged plastic cap, or the reservoir also removes entirely from the unit and you can fill it from the top. It holds about 3/4 C, and I do fill it twice to do my teeth thoroughly.
    It comes with only 1 tip. I would have really liked if it came with more different ones. There are few brands available in the market that come with multiple tips. I would have given 5 stars to this if it also came with multiple tips.
    It has 3 modes: normal, soft and pulse. The booklet that comes with it gives instructions on how to switch to each mode. I really liked the ‘soft’ and ‘pulse’ settings. It comes with a USB charging cord and an adapter part you plug into a socket, though you can use any adapter (like for a cell phone), and also can plug it into your computer’s USB port or a portable battery pack, so including one really wasn’t necessary (I have enough of them floating around already!). Although, I think it came almost fully charged, so put it on charge for about half an hour to fully charge it. I don’t know how long the charge lasts because I’ve only used it for 2 days, but with the ease of charging it, I’m not concerned about that. I’ve used it multiple times in those 2 days, and it hasn’t slowed down yet.
    The first couple of times using it may be a bit of a mess but I learned a tricks:
    1. Keep your mouth completely closed
    2. Keep the tip as close to your gums and teeth as possible. You have to put the tip right up against your teeth so the water pressure can get slightly below gum line and between teeth.
    3. Keep a paper towel or hand towel close by for any water that gets out, especially when trying to get at the back teeth. Cleaning the back teeth while keeping your lips closed can be a bit tricky. I recommend starting in the back so there won’t be as much water in your mouth while you’re cleaning back there.
    After I used it the first time, my mouth and teeth felt so clean. I was hooked! I use it as often as I can. I have just found it very comfortable to hold and easy to use. Although I would have loved if it came with different tips, I still think it is a great product. I’m glad I chose this one, I can’t see the point in spending twice more for some of the others that don’t have anything that this one doesn’t have.

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  4. JerryZ

    I am new to water jet flossing. I read the manual from cover to cover so as not to miss any details. The manual read more like a comic, with humor that wasn’t really required.
    Charging went well. The special waterproof silicon gland provides great protection for the units internal components. When I read the manual, it stated you might want to floss in the shower. Yep, one might as never having used a device like this, water went everywhere!
    So I tried using the BURST for a week to become better aligned with it. I got better at working over the sink and with more practice, was able to control the water stream. The manual does persuade me to use the standard control, with two ither options available. The unit is lightweight and comfortable in my hand. Family members swear by their water pick flossers so ai was excited to give this one a test.
    My dentist tells me a healthy mouth and gums have been linked to a healthy heart. The BURST fells good after brushing with my regular toothbrush and paste. I still prefer the old dental floss for removing the debris that gets caught on my crowns and implants. The addition of water flossing is a great addition to my oral hygiene.
    I do wish the tank was larger as it empties rather quickly, 30 seconds or so. The appliance is warranted for life if you sign up for their replacement tip subscription. The tips is easy to replace.

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  5. Bootleg89

    I have been using this flosser every single day since I got it. I am using it way more than I thought I would and I love it! It has three features, strong spray, medium spray, and pulsating spray. I use it on medium and pulsating spray. I have not even needed to try the strong spray as this flosser gets everything pretty efficiently. My teeth are not very tight and I have small gaps where the standard settings can get any debris out from between the teeth. My wife uses the strong setting as her teeth are closer together. She also says that it feels like it gets everything out.
    This flosser does take at least one or two tries to get the hang of it. You have to hold the power button down to turn it on and put in stand by. Then you push the power button once to start the flossing action. Water sprayed all over my first time. Then I felt like water was spraying as it ricochet off my teeth. But then the second time I tried it I had the whole process down pretty good. I had it set to the medium setting once I activated it. I got it in position, then hit the button to start the flosser. I then angled my head down and aimed the flosser directly in between my teeth and it reduced the splash back greatly.
    You also have to be very effective with your flossing as the water tank is small and does not last very long. If you are efficient, you can floss all of your teeth with one water fill. If you spend more that a few seconds on a section of teeth you will find the water runs out before getting all of the teeth. Some people who want to be extremely thorough will find the need to fill up twice to get everything. I personally think it lasts just long enough for me to get everything as I have the process down to a science.
    I have been using this for about a week and only charged it when I first got it. I think the battery life is superb. I cannot say enough good things about this flosser. It has not left my counter top in my bathroom. I will be taking this with me on vacations as well. I love it!!

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  6. Ponskippa

    This water flosser has been pretty easy to use, it is very powerful. Almost too powerful, at least for my gums. You can choose three different speed and power settings. There is full power / steady stream. A softer steady stream, and a burst. I found the burst mode to be the most ideal speed and power setting for me. Maybe I have bad gums, but it made mine bleed a little bit the first two nights that I used it. Not sure if it is a bad thing, but I’m going to keep using it at the softer burst setting for a week or so and see if the bleeding continues.I use traditional floss and I typically don’t make my gums bleed with it. This thing is so powerful, the water literally sprays everywhere if you use it with your mouth open lol. You’ll have to keep your mouth closed and feel around your gum lines with the pik. Anywho, this water flosser only has 1 button. You press and hold it to change the settings, the icons will light up to let you know what setting it is on. The water tank is easily accessible. Fill it with warm water as you use it. It comes with a charging cable. I haven’t had to charge it since the first full charge yet. Would I recommend it? If you are experienced and enjoy using water flossers. Then yes, I think you would like this.

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  7. DarR

    I always heard good things about water picks but have never jumped the gun because my bottom teeth are horribly crowded. This can be TMI but my bottom teeth are crowded in a sense that I need to heavily floss especially when I eat UNpulled pork or stemmy veggies.
    This Burst water flosser though makes string flossing a thing of the past. This water flosser throws the right pressure to dislodge all those food debris in my mouth at HALF THE TIME I USUALLY FLOSS. First off, holding it is comfortable. It has the right balance of bulkiness but enough size to store enough water in for a complete floss. Now, it does take me at least two loads to floss my teeth. It used to take me three loads in my first few days but once I got used to it, the first load of water will run out in my last few teeth at the back. So just a little over one load is right for me (with crowded teeth that need extra flossing to make sure they are clean). Again, holding it is easy so it is very very portable, besides it being compact enough for me to put in my luggage. My medium-sized hands wrap around the handle comfortable enough and the buttons are easy to navigate. The power /setting button is responsive enough, while the light indicator is easy to recognize—I just make sure I set the right pressure setting before I floss or else a lot of water will be wasted as I adjust pressures on the fly (takes time to think and feel you know).
    Battery life is not a problem. I mean, it takes me less time to floss so I have not really encountered it dying on me, and because I also leave it charged. Longest I left it uncharged was 4 sessions (2 days) and it had more than enough juice to keep going without any sense of slowing down. Charging is easy and I was afraid the adapter will short or something when it gets wet. Not that I intentionally tried wetting the tip of the charger but it did get splashed on and so far, everything is functioning well.
    This water flosser is so good, I think everyone should have one—and perhaps save the earth from more plastic waste or cut trees done by traditional flossing.

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  8. ShawnInKB

    This is a good portable option if you’d like to travel with a water flosser or just don’t want a more bulky unit on your bathroom countertop.
    I don’t have overly sensitive teeth, but I felt the Turbo and Standard modes were a little too much pressure for my back teeth. These modes also crank through the water quickly in about only 20 seconds! It’s a toss up here on size vs. performance. I get that they needed to keep the reservoir to a small size for travel, but you will have to fill it a few times each time you use it.
    For me I prefer the pulse setting (the lowest setting), and because it pulses a little slower, that gives me more time to move to the next tooth. I’m usually able to get through my whole mouth with 1 to 2 fillings of the reservoir depending on how much “clean” I need.
    Note that it has a proprietary charging cable to make the unit more water resistant, but be sure to keep it in a place you won’t lose it. The charge lasts supposedly up to 4 months, so you shouldn’t need to travel with the charging cable.
    It looks good and is stylish if you’d like to keep it on the counter.
    Also practice a bit and it gets easier and less messy to use. First couple of gos, I had water splashed EVERYWHERE 🙂 but it’s much better now that I’ve got the hang of using it.

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    BURST – Water Flosser – Black
    BURST – Water Flosser – Black
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