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Blink Video Doorbell (Black) + Mini Camera (White) | Two-Way Audio, HD Video, Motion and Chime Alerts | Works with Alexa


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Last updated on February 20, 2024 12:10 am Details
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  • Experience 1080 HD day and infrared night video, motion detection, and two-way audio with Video Doorbell and Mini.
  • Designed for every home, install Video Doorbell wired or wire-free. Go wire-free with chime app alerts or use Mini as an indoor plug-in chime. Connect to doorbell wiring to sound your existing in-home chime.
  • Set up yourself in minutes by following the in-app instructions.
  • Answer your door no matter where you are from your smartphone.
  • Choose to save and share clips in the cloud with a free 30-day trial of the Blink Subscription Plan or locally with the Sync Module 2 and USB drive (sold separately).
  • Works with Alexa — get alerts, engage with two-way audio, and more. When Video Doorbell is wired or paired with a Sync Module, ask Alexa to answer the front door to see who’s there live in HD.
  • Includes Video Doorbell, Mini camera, Mini stand (attached), USB cable, power adapter, and mounting kit.

Photos: Blink Video Doorbell (Black) + Mini Camera (White) | Two-Way Audio, HD Video, Motion and Chime Alerts | Works with Alexa

5 reviews for Blink Video Doorbell (Black) + Mini Camera (White) | Two-Way Audio, HD Video, Motion and Chime Alerts | Works with Alexa

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  1. Whose That Guy

    I got this doorbell because it’s cheaper than the Ring one. It was easy to set up. Two screws into the door frame and I was able to slide it on. The camera works well and I was able to link it to all my Alexa stuff. I did the no wire worked and it works well!

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  2. Madora

    There’s a few more steps to set up, and requires a blink sync for completely wireless use. Camera quality is there, wish the box came with double stick tape, but I managed. To set up the chiming on an Alexa you’d have to have the skill installed once it’s installed it recognizes the doorbell. For the price features and true wirelessness! I recommend!

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  3. Whose That Guy

    The media could not be loaded.

     If you are like me you are a happy existing Blink Camera user who is thinking about adding the door bell to your existing setup. I had a blink camera setup aiming at my front door so at first I was not too sure that I really needed the door bell. However for the cost I am very glad I got one. There are a couple of things to know:

    (1) If you are an existing Blink customer, you do not need a second sync module. All you need is the door bell and you can simple add it to your existing account (as easy as adding an additional camera).

    (2) If you are planning on hardwiring the blink doorbell to your existing doorbells wires. . . . you still have to use 2 AA batteries to power the camera. This did not make sense to me as I figured my hardwires would power it, but sure enough after calling Blink support I realized I needed to put the AA batteries in the camera. The hard wire will allow your blink doorbell to ring the doorbell in your home but will not power the camera.

    (3) You can turn on motion detection or just have the blink door bell turn on when the door bell is rung. This is a nice feature. If you want to catch anyone that comes to your door (whether they ring the bell or not, you can simple turn this feature on in the app). If you want to save battery life and are only interested in door bell ringers you can turn motion detection off.

    (4) It has two way audio, meaning you will always hear the person at your door. . . . but you can also choose to speak to the person if you choose. For me the audio the person at the door hears comes across a little staticky, but that could be my phone or the fact that I am using the corner mount.

    (5) It has more of a fish bowl view so it catches a wide view (meaning it can cover most of your front porch)

    (6) There is no additional cost to having the Blink doorbell or camera system. Unlike other door bell systems out there, there is no additional cost to the Blink Doorbell. The app is free, cloud storage is free, downloading images or videos is free, etc.

    If you are looking to set it up with just batteries and no wiring to an existing doorbell system, setup is a breeze (will take two minutes). If you are looking to hard wire it, it is still pretty easy. I am not a handy man and what I know about electricity will shock you (get my joke) but even I was able to hard wire it. Get the doorbell, you will be glad you did. Hope this review helped.

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  4. dschott

    A few years ago I was excited to see that BLINK had a doorbell announced at CES so I committed to a multi-camera setup. After it became apparent it wasn’t being released, I purchased a RING doorbell and subscription plan begrudgingly. The minute I saw the pre-order for this, I instantly grabbed one. Excited to have everything in one ecosystem, the anticipating and re-excitement from years ago was there. During the waiting period I realized someone pointed out, which at the time was NOT listed on the pre-order page, that you need a Sync-2 module to save the footage/rings. I had a spare but it could have been annoying. Fast forward to today when I received it. It looks beautiful and is a slim profile but the mounting bracket is an absolute joke. 2 shallow screws and no thumbail screw to lock the device in, this could easily be ripped out of the wall within 2 seconds. Combine that with the amount of pressure needed to lock this device into place, theres no doubt in my mind that after a year of changing the batteries some of these small clip/brackets on the plate will indeed snap. The image quality is way too HDR and totally blown out by the sun and bright daylight in the sky, creating a darkness on the face of whoever rings the bell which surprise, kind of defeats the purpose. Lastly, the fact that Amazon did NOT have the mount was the cherry on top. The email they sent later allowed us to order the corner mount free of charge, but inside the blink app it states that it should come with a couple different mounting plate options which it did not. So all in all, I prefer the Blink ecosystem to most and physically this doorbell is great but for something in R&D for 3+ years you definitely dropped the ball on the easiest pieces of the puzzle, especially for a company that owns RING which has an excellent mounting package in the box.

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  5. TechJunkie

    I got this and just mounted it. I will say that the instructions are not very detailed but being tech oriented I was able to figure everything out. I added the blink app and connected the sync 2 module up using the app instructions which were fine. I did buy a 256gb usb for internal storage which was detected in the app. Once the sync module was up I added the batteries to the camera but left the back off. In the app you add the device as a doorbell and follow the setup. Once done I took the back outside and started to mount it. Prior to mounting you have to leave a small space on the side so you can put the cover on. In my case I left a little on the left. Mine is mounted on the trim which is on a corner so I did use 2” screws with the same thickness as the ones provided and also took a little clear weather caulk to give it as seal. Don’t cover the contacts on the back. The longer screws hopefully with deter someone from stealing it but my neighbors has been up for months. These screws were long enough to get to the wood door frame. I did change the 10sec delay to 15 so less pics are taken as we are coming and going. Quality looked good on a cloudy day so I’ll have to see how night is as well. So far I like it. We shall see how the battery does. I’m adding the fact that once the 30 day trial ended my local storage took over; however, not having the sub takes away the ability to delete more than one at a time. That’s ridiculous

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    Blink Video Doorbell (Black) + Mini Camera (White) | Two-Way Audio, HD Video, Motion and Chime Alerts | Works with Alexa
    Blink Video Doorbell (Black) + Mini Camera (White) | Two-Way Audio, HD Video, Motion and Chime Alerts | Works with Alexa

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