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INTEX 26643EG SX1500 Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools, 10in


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  • Pump flow Rate: 1200 GPH. System flow Rate: 1, 050 GPH
  • 6 function control – enables pool owner to filter, backwash, rinse, recirculate, drain & close system
  • 24-Hour automatic timer
  • The strainer basket provides easy-cleaning, and prolongs the life of the sand.
  • Hydro aeration technology is incorporated into the filter pump for improved circulation and filtration.

Specification: INTEX 26643EG SX1500 Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools, 10in

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15 x 20.5 x 12.5 inches

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27.2 pounds


Intex Recreation Corp.

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Photos: INTEX 26643EG SX1500 Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools, 10in

11 reviews for INTEX 26643EG SX1500 Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools, 10in

4.8 out of 5
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  1. Melinda Rewis

    I upgraded my pump that came with my 18×48 Intex steel frame pool to this. Received it 2 days earlier than expected. Fed ex is the Jimmy John’s of delivery lol love ’em. Sand filters are the only way to go. I am very happy with unit so far. I was able to assemble the unit and switch it out with my old pump in 1/2 a hour. So far it’s run great. No issues. I have a hose attached to the drain plug, for ease of use due to the frequent back flushing of the new sand and a pool that has been sitting for 2 years. Couldn’t be easier to use. The sight window is a great feature for observing the water color during the back flush. The digital program panel is very easy to use. A back flush is a matter of a couple clicks. I would suggest, as I had read in other reviews for sand filters, is to purchase your sand from a pool supply or hardware store. I was able to get a 50lb bag for $10.

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  2. Grateful Fred

    Good side: the intex pump arrived a week before time. All the pieces of the pump was intact and in good working order. The pump itself is working great and has you can see the water is so much clearer than the cheap pump coming with any intex pool. I love it and we got it for 187.00$. It’s really cheap compared to any sand pump on the market. Overall, I’m more than pleased with my purchase.

    Bad side : The only bad side was trying to find an adapter to connect the pump. So, I would stronger advise you to buy the adapter from intex they show you in you may also like. I bought to kit in thinking in case of if on break to replace it because you will not find those adapters in any store. Better have that in mind when you order your pump to order those adapter too. Another thing is the pump is a bit noisy so I would definitely make it work overnight not to disturb the neighborhood. You don’t hear it with close door or windows.

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  3. Ashley Yoquelet

    I have the 15×48 pool.
    I got the 12 inch pump

    You will also need to keep your 1.25 inch hoses that’s came with your old pump so dont throw them away.  If you have two places sucking in water like my 15 foot has you will need to buy…..  1 Type b hose adapter  1 Plunger Valve  1 Double plunger Valve.  It doesn’t tell you about buying the other stuff and it sure does suck when you get your pump and cant hook it up since you dont have everything .  The double plunger valve goes for 33 bucks on Amazon. That’s ridiculous. Go to the intex replacement part site and order one off of there for $8.75!!!!  But if you only have one place sucking in water you will need  2 Type b hose adapters  2 single plunger valves

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  4. Mamacart

    The media could not be loaded.

     I have a 16×48 swimming pool with skimmer. It was easy hooking it up. To the skimmer, I used a hose clamp to connect their hose to skimmer. I used old hose to the flush line. I did not have to buy anything extra. It came with hoses from pump to inlet n outlet of pool. On the inlet side I had to trim hole bigger with razor knife because it was 1/2″ to small. After that everything went smooth. The pump is strong enough to clean pool. It is very easy to backwash and rince pump. Love it. No changing cartridges.

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  5. Grateful Fred

    Very effective in filtering water for a crystal clear pool, as I was using a canister filter prior to switching. Installation is easy but you need to pay attention to the instructions and watch videos online prior to assembly. As a system the filter is great but I think Intex should also include mounting adapters which you need to buy separately. I don’t mind paying for the cost of the adapters but if they were included the hunt for them would’ve have been a lot easier as they are not always readily available. The Intex Adapter B are something you’ll need if you’re fitting this to a BestWay pool which uses a 1-1/4″ opening. And the hose sizing of the intext system is not 1.5″, it’s 2″ if you base it from what the hardware stores sell. Be aware of sizing as it can be confusing and misleading. Programing and functionality of the pump to turn on and the system is a bit confusing as I was in a locked out mode and could turn on system. Had to resort to online help forums to trouble shoot why my filter system wasn’t running.

    Packaging could have been better as parts in my system were damaged in shipping. The star hub center piece is considered fragile and could be better insulated for shipping. I had to resort to repairing the hub and pipe myself with marine grade epoxy.

    Once you get the system up and running, it works good and effective to filter your pool so it’s crystal clear. The noise isn’t too loud so running it at night outside won’t disturb your neighbors.

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  6. shawn moran

    I have an 18’x9’x48” rectangular above ground intex pool that came with the smaller sand filter pool pump. This was somewhat ok in the first few months but with the size of the pool I’ve got it just did not filter the water enough no matter how much I ran it. This 16” pump pushed out some water. The photos are exactly 7 days apart. My chlorine was high but I needed to add some acid and algaecide. Important in this equation was to brush the sides of the pool after adding the chemicals. This broke it all up and allowed it to be properly filtered. It would have probably cleared up a couple days sooner but I did not have the brush so it was not pulled off the side. I ran the pump 10 hrs a day for that first week and could have run it longer but the brush was definitely necessary. The pump is easy to install if you are trading out one intex pump for the other as the tubing and fittings were all included. I kept one tubing to use as the backwash hose even though it’s short it doesn’t shoot the green water straight out in front of the pump this way. The timer works great but to set it you press the lock button twice while it is running. It will flash the timer amount and you can adjust that way. I tried the instructions method and could not get it to work. And finally, I ran the backwash and rinse often as you can tell from my pictures it was needed.

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  7. Mamacart

    I have a Coleman 18×48 pool that has the dual inlets. I just hooked up the hoses from the old cartridge filter pump that came with it directly to the new sand filter. Within 15 minutes it was moving stuff off the floor of the pool!! The setup sucked for me because I already had water in the pool and had to switch pumps with the water filled up. NExt year I’m sure it will be much easier. This is the larger one so you will need 3 bags of the 50# sand to fill it to the max line inside the large tank. I did not need to purchase anything extra to hook this up to my pool. I will update this review once we have had it run longer throughout the summer!

    Update 8/16/19. Super impressed with this pump. We use our pool almost daily. The pump circulated every 12 hours (12 hours on, 12 hours off). I vacuumed our pool our once a week, backwashed and rinsed through the filter. This was the first year my pool stay super clean. Cartridge filter it came with can’t compete with the sand filter pump. I only used chlorine in the float and shocked once a week after vacuuming. Never had a need to purchase additional chemicals like I did with the cartridge filter pump. The only thing I would add is a water shut off valve where the two inlet hoses are that suck water from the pool into the pump. Having one would make it easier when cleaning out the trap on the side of the pump. Outside of that we were incredibly happy and satisfied with our purchase!

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  8. Melinda Rewis

    This is my first year upgrading from the crappy little pump that comes with the soft wall pools and I am amazed! I have a 18” pool and well water and filled my pool with it for the first year ever instead of getting a water delivery. It was a mistake as the pool became an apple juice color. I got the pump hooked up and put it on a 10 hour timer. Got up this morning the pool circulation SO good and it’s no longer yellow! It still has a way to go but the pump is getting it done! Best $200 I’ve spent for sure! No more awful paper cartridges I wasted so much money on.

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  9. Dani M.

    My intex pool uses 1 1/4 hoses, the sandfilter comes with 1 1/2 hoses…had to make adaptors. Only gave it 4 stars for ease of install because of needing adaptors. Intex should include adaptors with the sandfilter since this a very popular conversion.The sandfilter works awesome with my pool. Night and day better than the cartridge filter that the pool came with.

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  10. Hammer

    Upgraded the cartridge filter/pump that my Coleman 22 x 12 x 52 pool came with to the intex 14” sand filter/pump and couldn’t be happier.. water is crystal clear.. Did not need any hoses or adapters as the ones that came with the pool fit perfectly.. Instruction manual very clear and easy to the timer function and going from 1500gph to 2800gph makes a huge difference !!

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  11. shawn moran

    Bought the 12-inch filter for a 16 foot round Coleman. No hose adapters, or additional fittings were needed. I simply unscrewed the hoses from the Coleman pump that came with the pool, and fastened them to the new Intex…easy peasy. And I have no leak problems, but I did use a little o’ring sealer as always. Went with Zeosand rather than silica sand for the additional filtering capability, (2 to 5 microns vs 20 to 30 with sand). Be sure to thoroughly backwash Zeosand before filtering with it. The timer unit does have an override to run the pump continuously if/when needed.
    UPDATE: So far…I have nothing bad to say about this pump-filter. The pool water is unbelievably clear. The pump is fairly quite as well.

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    INTEX 26643EG SX1500 Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools, 10in
    INTEX 26643EG SX1500 Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools, 10in
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