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LiBa Back, Neck and Foot Neck Massager for Trigger Point Fibromyalgia Pain Relief and Self Massage Hook Cane Therapy, Back Scratcher, Shoulder,…


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  • INTUITIVE ERGONOMIC DESIGN – The Selfie Massager’s beautifully sculptured line and curves is the perfect marriage of form and function. Unlike other massage therapy tools which tend to be either basic and toy-like or over-sized with too many knobs and handles, the Selfie Massager was designed to be the ultimate massage tool since each therapy node and spike can be used on every part of the body from the neck to the feet. Only your imagination is standing in the way of this tool’s versatility.
  • ALLEVIATE MUSCLE KNOTS OR TRIGGER POINTS – The Selfie Massager is the ideal muscle massage tool for bringing relief to a patch of muscles in spasm (knots) or trigger points. By applying pressure to the affected muscle patch, blood circulation is stimulated bringing in more oxygen and nutrients for faster muscle relief and recovery. There are a myriad of trigger points throughout the body located in the neck, shoulders, back, torso, thigh/hips, legs and feet.
  • IDEAL SIZE , DIMENSION AND WEIGHT -The Selfie Massager weighs less than a pound. When used on a consistent basis, anything over a pound can easily fatigue the arms and hands diminishing the accuracy and pressure applied to the affected muscle group impeding recovery and healing. Also, the awkward handle shape and positioning on many popular massagers can make it difficult to operate for those with limited range in mobility. Our design addresses those issues.
  • BPA, PBDE, TBBPA FREE & ECO FRIENDLY – The Selfie Massager is made with eco-friendly components that are BPA, PBDE, TBBPA free so it is safe to use in the water or shower. The environmentally sound plastic is also hypoallergenic so there is little risk of an allergic reaction during prolonged contact with the skin. We take great care in bringing to you the finest trigger point massager that not only promotes your well-being but that of the environment as well.

Specification: LiBa Back, Neck and Foot Neck Massager for Trigger Point Fibromyalgia Pain Relief and Self Massage Hook Cane Therapy, Back Scratcher, Shoulder,…

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14.88 x 10.71 x 2.8 inches, 3.15 Pounds

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February 15, 2022



Photos: LiBa Back, Neck and Foot Neck Massager for Trigger Point Fibromyalgia Pain Relief and Self Massage Hook Cane Therapy, Back Scratcher, Shoulder,…

12 reviews for LiBa Back, Neck and Foot Neck Massager for Trigger Point Fibromyalgia Pain Relief and Self Massage Hook Cane Therapy, Back Scratcher, Shoulder,…

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  1. Judy Breadner

    I liked that I could massage my neck and apply the amount of pressure that works for me. I found a couple of very painful spots on my back that I gently massaged to the point that they relaxed. It is easy to move it around to get where you need the pressure and you get to control the pressure. My favourite though is that now I can reach the bottom of my feet and give them the massage they so well deserve.

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  2. Marigold

    I get Upper back Muscle spasms from neck injury. When pain flares I press carefully on tender sore spots in upper back and shoulders and have been gradually building up length of time doing it. I breathe in first and then exhale as I press on the spot . Provides nearly instant relief from strong pain. So grateful to find this.

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  3. Amazon Customer

    Great little device if you have no one around, you can control the amount of pressure on the spot. Also this isn’t some fad invention, my brother who is a Physical Therapist recommends and uses one. If you have hard to reach aches (Mine is below my shoulder blade), this is for you.

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  4. Connorangus

    I have had Thoracic Outlet Syndrome 3 years after an injury at work. For a long time it was not treated properly thanks to the insurance company and my very incompetent lawyer. I recently began going through actual physical therapy (as apposed to the comp-mill places I did go). When my PT pulled one of these out I almost laughed, but it was the absolute best thing for me. The Liba acupressure cane is amazing, it has two halves that connect very securely and can be put in a backpack or suitcase for travel. I was hesitant that the connection would not hold up to the force I exert on it, but the high density polyurethane material is very solid. The density of the extrusion is similar to sparring swords of the same material so it has some flexibility but not enough to absorb the force applied (not working against your self) so you can get as much leverage as you need. The price is probably the best you will find as it’s quality matches more expensive versions. I will be buying more as back ups and gifts, many of my friends and family have labor intensive jobs or sit for long periods at a desk.

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  5. ron l.

    I was yearning to buy this item for years. I used it and it helped to relieve my neck pain immediately. Keep it right by my easy chair. I would recommend it.

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  6. graves

    While I rate the product extremely high (5/5 stars) and comes with my highest recommendations, I also wanted to highlight some of the dangers of using this tool as I accidentally victimized myself…

    This cane a treasure, and you truly don’t understand the power behind your own force. For reference, I am 30 year old female veteran and I suffer from killer neck, shoulder and upper back pain from carrying around a rucksack that weighed over a 3rd of my own body weight (125lbs).

    While using the product, I have experience incomparable pain relief. Unfortunately however, I have never had a professional massage, nor did I know anything about a “deep tissue massage,” which is what I ended up doing one day… I applied DEEP pressure to the trigger points in my neck and trap muscles and within 10 hours, I was in excruciating pain all over my body. I had successfully poisoned my blood with metabolic toxins that were released during my seemingly innocent massage. I woke up at 3:33AM with a splitting headache, nausea, and my body felt like it had been blown over by a semi truck. Every movement and gentle touch to me skin hurt me. The discomfort lasted for an entire 24 hours and how I was able to remedy the poisoning was as followed:

    *** Number 1, please be hydrated before AND after using this cane. Hydration is key is making sure the proper nutrients can make it where they’re supposed to be. I am a great example of someone who does not drink enough water and I definitely felt the repercussions.
    • I drank three 8 ounce cups of warm water with a good shake of ground ginger, ground turmeric, and ground fennel added. I topped it off with a teaspoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey (adjust any measurements to your pallet and exclude anything you may be allergic to). I consider this to be my “antibiotic concoction” and it helped to break down a lot of gunk and move it on filter-organs.
    • I took a hot, steaming bath that evening to promote blood flow and healing. I found that any time I applied heat the pain would completely subside whereas ice I felt made my blood vessels constricts, therefor restricting blood flow and making me feel even worse.
    • I fed myself healthy proteins to replenish my temple. That included a whole avocado, 2 bananas, and a sweet potato throughout the day for fuel. I felt so awful that food sounded horrible but the three things above were entirely manageable during the nausea stages (but I knew I needed to eat or I would continue declining).

    I woke up the following morning around 6AM and my body had clearly done one heck of a job pushing the toxins out because WOW did I sweat, and woah did it smell sour (sorry for the visual). The reason for this is because the lactic acid was released thru my pores and held a particularly unforgettable scent of ammonia. I also felt 100 better. While my muscles were sore from the massage, my body felt clean and clear and under control. It’s safe to say I have learned my lesson and I will from now on only apply very minimal pressure, and will leave the deep tissue massage to professionals who know what they are doing, and how to look for warning signs that a client may be experiencing a negative reaction from a massage.

    All in all, I DO recommend this product as long as you are aware of the risk when using it. I think it would be highly beneficial for this company to include a card they can slip into the box that will give a brief description not only on how to use it, but how to prevent injury such as the one I experienced above. Injuries like this CAN cause serious medical emergencies for example: If you press on your neck with too much pressure, there is a chance that you could accidentally sever your artery which could lead to a stroke and/or death. You could also cause yourself to have a stroke, no arterial severing necessary.

    Take care and happy healing, all!
    I hope my experience helps to make yours better.

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  7. Patricia

    Does the job when having neck or shoulder pain. Can’t seem to grasp the concept for doing the Lowe back with the instructions provided, but I have made due lol .. I would recommend it forsure.

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  8. Angel

    I used to go to a masseuse for deep tissue massage because I carry a lot of my stress in my shoulders and neck and I would be in a great deal of pain that would continue to build up. Now, when I start feeling any pain, I just pull the massager out and I can get to that pinpoint spot of where the knot is that needs to be worked out. The sturdy shape of this allows you to manuever it to any spot you need and apply as much pressure as you need. No more trying a ball against the wall to work out the kinks! Highly recommend!!

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  9. Claudia Teresa Clemente Barrera

    Esta es una buena opinión acerca de este producto. Es muy fácil de usar y obtienes resultados al instante. Trae un pequeño manual de usuario muy completo con ejercicios para varias partes del cuerpo. Te permite hacer un masaje controlado por ti mismo, no necesitas ayuda de nadie más. Tu mismo controlas la presión en la parte del cuerpo que necesites aliviar el dolor. En mi caso, lo compré para aliviar la tensión en la espalda y en el cuello de personas que pasan tiempo sentadas frente al escritorio y sí funciona. Aparte de todo, llegó antes de lo esperado.

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  10. Stacey

    I absolutely love this thera-cane for my shoulders! I have very tight shoulders and distinct trigger points in my right shoulder and this hits them perfectly. The ergonomic design really allows me to put a lot of pressure on the trigger point without straining anything else because of the way I can hold the handles and apply different variations of pressure. I think the ball size of the massager also is perfect for me. I do use this on my neck and a few other spots randomly when needed, but love it most for my shoulders. I use it almost every evening/night and sometimes multiple times a day when my shoulders are very sore and tight! My husband uses it on his too, but it took him some getting used to and doesn’t like as much “pointy pressure” according to him…but he said it has helped a bit when his are extra tight too. Like most things, it may not be for everyone, but I LOVE it! So much so, I want another one for my office!

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  11. Kindle Customer

    I have Fibromyalgia along with other issues that affect my back mainly. This cane helps me apply pressure to the trigger points in my back and neck. It use the little balls on the end to melt away the tension. The cane lets you apply the amount of pressure that you need and can handle. I usually leave a small knot when I’m done due to my trigger points needing deep pressure to release the tension. But afterwards, I feel so much relief. This cane is worth every penny and then some. I just wish I’d discovered it years ago!

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  12. Serene

    Sometimes I feel like the cell phone is a magic genie lamp 😂. I had just mentioned to a friend that I was going to look for one of these hooks. The next day I got a notification that this company was having a sale. The price was lower than I’d been seeing so I ordered it immediately and I’m so glad I did!! The sale seemed to just be one day, so don’t miss out next time! I have so many trigger points so this tool has really been a game changer for me. I highly recommend this brand

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    LiBa Back, Neck and Foot Neck Massager for Trigger Point Fibromyalgia Pain Relief and Self Massage Hook Cane Therapy, Back Scratcher, Shoulder,…
    LiBa Back, Neck and Foot Neck Massager for Trigger Point Fibromyalgia Pain Relief and Self Massage Hook Cane Therapy, Back Scratcher, Shoulder,…
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