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Hover-1 – H1 Electric Self-Balancing Scooter w/9 mi Max Operating Range & 9 mph Max Speed – Iridescent


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Specification: Hover-1 – H1 Electric Self-Balancing Scooter w/9 mi Max Operating Range & 9 mph Max Speed – Iridescent

Maximum Speed

9 miles per hour

Product Length

5.9 inches

Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor

90 days

Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts

90 days

Battery Charge Time

2.5 hours

Battery Charger Included


Batteries Included


Number of Batteries Required


Battery Size



36 volts

Rechargeable Battery


Product Width

15.8 inches

Product Height

5.7 inches

Maximum Operating Range

9 miles

Color Category




Model Number


Additional Accessories Included

3-pin charging cable

Assembly Required




Product Name

H1 Electric Self-Balancing Scooter w/9 mi Max Operating Range & 9 mph Max Speed

Battery Amperage

4.3 ampere hours

Battery Voltage

36 volts

Product Weight

22 pounds



Photos: Hover-1 – H1 Electric Self-Balancing Scooter w/9 mi Max Operating Range & 9 mph Max Speed – Iridescent

8 reviews for Hover-1 – H1 Electric Self-Balancing Scooter w/9 mi Max Operating Range & 9 mph Max Speed – Iridescent

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  1. REKCE

    We love the colors of this Hoverboard! It’s really a nice looking board. It also has the ability to go pick up good speed, which our kids love. It feels like a quality board. We paired the bluetooth music up to it and the sound is pretty good for being a protected speaker. The music makes it even more fun for the kids to “dance” around on it.

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  2. Karthik

    My son loves this, we got it for his birthday. It has bluetooth speakers, app to check the speed, change the led light color and to track the miles driven. My son rides it inside home and on paved road. This is one thing that he has been using for more than 5 months. His excitement has not reduced. It is solid and heavy, good color theme with fancy LEDs.

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  3. Bubbadoright

    I got 3 of them so now 4 grandsons have them and use them all the time!!! One had a problem but since I got them from Best Buy they replaced it no problem and everyone is happy happy happy!!! The peace of mind dealing with Best Buy getting advice on what to purchase and why is a real relief in this day and time. Thanks Best Buy!!!

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  4. REKCE

    My elementary aged son has been primarily using the Hoverboard and he loves it! He picked up how to use it in record time! He thinks it’s fun that it plays music (it’s bluetooth paired to my phone) and scoots all over the place. The sound for the music element is decent; could be more clear but my guess is due to the need to be durable some of that quality is compromised–works for the purpose intended though. It’s water resistant so we don’t have to worry about it being outside during moderate weather. It is physically heavy so when he’s changing locations we do move it for him. The app is nice because I can control the level (for us we like it on beginner!) and can customize the lights to for something fun for our son! Because the device can be dangerous if not used properly, it isn’t something we will be letting the neighborhood kids just try but it’s fun for our own personal use.

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  5. Patrick

    I bought this for my daughter and she loves this thing! Of course, although not fashionable, the proper safety gear should be worn while using this device, especially when starting out using it. The design of this particular brand and model looked sturdier than the one her cousin has, so I naturally had to get the better one for my daughter LOL. She uses it outside and inside and likes it as much as the day she got it. It is still in great shape and works as well as when I got it last year.

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  6. Ruby

    Purchased this for an 8 year old who really wanted a hoverboard. I picked this model because it seemed like a very solid, high-quality choice with a long range, good top speed and amazing weight capacity. I figured we’d have it for the long haul and the whole family, including me, would be able to ride it.
    It hit the mark on all of the above, except it may actually be too big and heavy to be ideal for a smaller kid. I think he’d have an easier time if he had a smaller, lighter model. Even as an adult, I can tell this thing is no joke – it has serious power and you need to ride with confidence or it can get a bit scary. (Hint – always step off backwards!!! If you step off the front, it can take off on you and land you on your backside, trust me.)
    One issue I’ve had is with the bluetooth connection and app.
    The range is pretty short, so if I’m following along on a bike or something, playing music, it cuts out if I’m not very close to the hoverboard (but range should be adequate if the rider is carrying the connected device). Also, sometimes the app seems to have issues controlling the device – I’ve had some trouble controlling the lights or changing the rider mode. The issue could be with my phone – it’s been dropped a few times and the bluetooth isn’t the most reliable, so I’m reserving judgement on that issue.

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  7. Michele

    When pulling the Hover 1 from the box we first noticed how solid and well-built it was. It came charged for immediate use, along with easy to follow instructions for proper care.
    The sleek black /grey color combination and chrome wheels made it feel sporty and edgy. Before riding the Hover 1 we downloaded the app which was very easy to learn and navigate. The led graphics and blue tooth speakers are entertaining and eye catching, a definite must for all hover boards.
    Riding for the first time we noticed how much more smooth and quiet it was compared to other hover boards. The alerts for low battery and fully charged battery make for safe and simple operation for all ages.
    The overall experience with Hover 1 has been constant fun and entertainment. If there was one drawback it would be that battery drains quickly with all the Hover 1 options being utilized at once.
    Thanks to our friends that recommended the Hover 1.

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  8. Fr0sti3R0gu3

    Within a weeks time we purchased three and returned all of the boards three weeks later for reasons I will explain below.
    After a week (board #1 showed up on a Monday) of having our households very first hoverboard… the kids (all four of them) had so much fun that my wife and I decided to buy a second one to help balance out the shared experience.
    To keep the story going, I want to let the readers of this review know that we spent a few weeks looking over manufacturer’s websites, product reviews and doing our due deligence of spec’ing out various boards before we chose to go with the Hover-1 product. The weight allowance of the boards we went with is 264lbs, which neither of us come close to this threshold. We chose to go with the highest threshold of weight allowance for two reasons… one is experienced based that a higher weight threshold should mean sturdier design or higher quality materials (or both) which could hopefully lead into better life expectancy for the board and second is if we ‘adults’ wanted to try one out, we could.
    Just after we purchased the second board, a deal of the day had the same model on sale for two-hundred, which is why we had three boards in our house within such a short period of time.
    During the time between the purchase of our other boards and the waiting period of about a week for them to arrive at our house… our first board began to experience loss of bluetooth connection (no more speaker use) and the lights stopped working as well. The board would still charge and operate mechanically. The kids didn’t seem mind the loss of lights and sound, but I definitely did.
    The second board we recieved came out of the box with the lights and sound never working at all. It did have a very noticeable rattling sound when you picked the unit up and tilted it and mechanically it functioned just as well as the first one. Just a side note: There wasn’t any shipping damage on the boxes containing any of these boards.
    The third board, which was the deal of the day board, worked as it should right out of the box. We didn’t give it much use before we returned it. I just didn’t trust the build quality of these boards after seeing the first two fail the way they did.
    We did try to reach out to Hover-1 in a email because there isn’t a phone number associated to the customer service department. We never recieved any response which just added to our decision of returning the boards. I also closely inspected the Hover-1 warranty and noticed to my dismay that the warranty has stages to it and none of these stages go past 90 days. So, if you experience problem with the boards past this 90 days you would pretty much be out of luck, unless you purchased an secondary warranty from the retailer. We still haven’t had any feedback from Hover-1 and it’s been almost 30 days out of the 90 they offer, if you catch what I am trying to say. It’s not like they could know we returned the boards. Could you imagine, if we had purchased the extended warranties (which has to be purchased in 7 or 14 days, [I just know it’s less than 30 days] of the initial product purchase) we would’ve been out that additional expense as well. Best Buy doesn’t carry over extended warranties or refund them as they are use it or lose it.
    I hope that by sharing my home’s experience, all you future BB Elite+’s make a more informed choice.

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    Hover-1 – H1 Electric Self-Balancing Scooter w/9 mi Max Operating Range & 9 mph Max Speed – Iridescent
    Hover-1 – H1 Electric Self-Balancing Scooter w/9 mi Max Operating Range & 9 mph Max Speed – Iridescent

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