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Inomata Japanese Rice Washing Bowl with Side and Bottom Drainers, Clear

Original price was: $9.98.Current price is: $8.50.

(13 customer reviews)
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Specification: Inomata Japanese Rice Washing Bowl with Side and Bottom Drainers, Clear

Product Dimensions

10 x 11 x 5 inches

Item Weight

3.2 ounces





Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

June 29, 2017

Photos: Inomata Japanese Rice Washing Bowl with Side and Bottom Drainers, Clear

13 reviews for Inomata Japanese Rice Washing Bowl with Side and Bottom Drainers, Clear

3.0 out of 5
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  1. M B Fay

    I tested this washing bowl by washing small quantities of a couple kinds of rice in it and found that the more plump rice grains, such as sushi rice, stay in the washing bowl during the rinsing process. Longer, more slender grains, such as Basmati, do tend to fall out of the slits at the top of the bowl. The rice lies in the bottom of the bowl and makes the water drop out slowly. And I was rinsng only a very small quantity. If you are washing alot of rice, the slow draining might be a problem Actually, a wire mesh strainer is better and faster at washing rice than this washing bowl. The bowl is also large and, if you dont have alot of storage space, it will be a piece of clutter. I plan to donate this to a thrift shop. Somebody else may have better use for it than I do.

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  2. Metal Monkey

    Other than the very long delivery (more than a month), all is good

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  3. Adam Brown

    I received a plastic bowl WITH NO DRAIN HOLES IN THE BOTTOM. Pretty much renders this thing completely useless. It’s listed as the product’s main feature yet there isn’t a single hole in the bottom of the dang thing. Such a waste of time and money.

    This has the “MADE IN JAPAN” stamp and the small red plastic hanger ring that seems to be missing in several other customers’ orders. I may be able to save this by drilling my own drain holes but I’m not a fan of using tools from the garage on food items.

    I ordered from the seller named “Tokyo Beauty Secrets (Fast Shipping from USA)” because they offered Prime shipping while the default seller did not. Guess it would have been worth the extra time to wait for the proper product.

    I mean, come on. This is like selling a car to someone without an engine. A bottle of water with nothing inside. A pair of shoes with no soles. No one in their right mind would be satisfied by this purchase. Total lack of quality control on the seller’s part (all they had to do was look at the thing to see there’s something wrong with it). Complete failure. Wouldn’t recommend this product or seller to anyone. Would have rated zero stars if it was possible.

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  4. Kidagakash

    Item was cracked at the bottom

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  5. Angel CKY

    Found a genuine product and uploaded a Photo of the difference


    Waited 3 months for this item to arrive, only to open the package today to realize that it’s a fake product.

    As shown in photos, you’ll see the following:
    • Missing Red Accent
    • 10CM actual height VS 14CM original height
    • Made in China with Japanese words above it
    • Quality Difference
    • Missing lines inside the bowl

    DO NOT ORDER if you’re looking for the original item as I am, this was false advertisement!

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  6. A. Patton

    I hate washing rice. You have to use loads of water. It takes forever. The rice sticks to the bowl or accidentally pours out with the water. For this reason, I usually buy musenmai in Japan so I can throw it directly in the rice cooker. But coronavirus has torpedoed that strategy.

    Enter the Inomata rice rinsing bowl. This thing is like the Zojirushi of rice washing. It’s made of impressive non-stick materials such that it’s easy to transfer the rice straight in to the pan or rice cooker without spillage. The way the water flows in the bowl is perfectly optimised and results in clean rice after just several seconds. If you frequently enjoy Japanese rice, this is surprisingly superior to using a normal bowl or strainer.

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  7. WayneT

    This rice washing bowl is great. My wife is from the Philippines where rice is a staple food product. For years she has not been rinsing her rice before cooking and I was a little worried about the amount of starch in her diet. It was suggested to us to pre-rinse our rice before cooking to wash off any excess starch for a healthier meal. We use a rice cooker and before rinsing the rice would bubble up an enormous amount to the point of almost overflowing making it hard to clean the cooker, but now after rinsing there is no mess. The rice tastes better and doesn’t burn at the bottom of the cooker like it use to. Simply rinse the rice first then put the whole thing in a large pot and let the rice stand in water for 15 minutes then re-rinse.

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  8. Bolo Jungle

    My seller feedback (separately) wasn’t so good. This review is for the product itself, not my experience with the seller. The thing arrived in a brown paper envelope and, while it is well-made, it was cracked and in pieces. I sent it back, they gave me a full refund, so that was good. But I still wanted it and found one at a store in town (I had to go to 4 different stores – I’m happy that I had those options, but it wasn’t an easy find – the store that had it had one left (and it was in a sale bin).

    ANYWAY, it works great. When I was visiting Japan, reading about Japanese cooking, and in talking with friends who are Japanese, I learned about washing your rice (you can Google it – kind of interesting). I never knew that was a “thing”. Sounds involved, but it isn’t. Even the highest quality rice still carries with it some impurities because of how it is grown and harvested. You put your rice in this strainer and cover it with water. Stir the rice around a few times (I use a wooden spoon and am careful not to damage the rice) and the water begins to get cloudy. You drain that and then do it maybe 2 more times. The third time, the water looks pretty clear, so you’re good. Now I always do this with rice. The only advice is that this will shorten the amount of time you need to actually cook the rice because it started to absorb the water while you rinsed it, so you have to get into a new rhythm with that. (Normal strainers don’t work well because of the small size of the rice grains)

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  9. “zeidlern”

    Be careful who you order this from. Mine was NOT the same as the photo or the description where it clearly has a red piece and says made in Japan. Mine was made in China per the stamp on the bottom and looked used. I usually only ever order from Amazon as the seller but I took a chance this time. My order came from Niux. This is crooked.

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  10. Slim

    I was washing rice in the cooking pot for quite some time and trying to drain the water was a pain. Every time, there would be rice falling out of the put because it would slip past my hand as I held the rice to drain the water.

    Now that I got this washing bowl, it literally only takes a couple minutes to wash my rice. The best part is that there are holes to drain the water from the bottom as well as slits on the top to drain the water also in case you want to lean the rice on the side. It’s great! I can just put the bowl over the faucet and wash the rice to clean out the cloudy starch as the water drains!

    • Drain holes on the bottom and side
    • Easy to clean starch out of rice
    • Easy to handle

    • A bit big

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  11. Yan

    What I received is not what is stated and pictured. First, the item is not made in Japan as stated but made in China. There is a sticker that states Made in China AND its also printed at the bottom of the washer. It is very small and upon another look, there are scratches already on the side of the washer. Will be returning this.

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  12. ereader

    Surprisingly efficient; I guess I never washed my rice well before getting this bowl.

    They knew what they were doing when they designed this wash bowl. It removed more of that cloudy starch in less time with fewer grain loss. The cooked rice seemed less sticky too.

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  13. Kimberly

    I knew my bowl was being shipped from China so I assumed it would be packed decently. It came in a thin plastic gray bag with no inside packing or cushion. When I opened it, it had several big cracks in the bottom as if something heavy had been put on top of it and squashed it. It wasn’t expensive but it’s the principle. I can’t believe that it would be shipped in a thin plastic bag, considering it’s a plastic bowl. It’s completely useless to me.

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    Inomata Japanese Rice Washing Bowl with Side and Bottom Drainers, Clear
    Inomata Japanese Rice Washing Bowl with Side and Bottom Drainers, Clear

    Original price was: $9.98.Current price is: $8.50.
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