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Café – Drip 10-Cup Coffee Maker with WiFi – Matte Black


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Specification: Café – Drip 10-Cup Coffee Maker with WiFi – Matte Black

Voice Assistant Built-in








Integrated Grinder


Removable Drip Tray


Removable Water Reservoir


Adjustable Warming Plate


Works With

Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

Coffee Type Used


Carafe Capacity

10 cups

Model Number



Matte Black

Color Category


Coffee Preparation Method


Dishwasher-Safe Parts


Single or Multi Serve

Multi serve

Water Level Window


Product Name

Drip 10-Cup Coffee Maker with WiFi

Filter Type


Brew Strength Control


Dishwasher-Safe Carafe


Display Type




Product Width

15.75 inches

Product Weight

9.5 pounds

Product Length

8.6 inches

Product Height

15.75 inches

Brew Pause




Control Type

Digital, Knob

Water Filtration


Hot Water Button


Carafe Lid Type


Carafe Included


On/Off Power Switch


Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts

1 Year

Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor

1 year



Photos: Café – Drip 10-Cup Coffee Maker with WiFi – Matte Black

8 reviews for Café – Drip 10-Cup Coffee Maker with WiFi – Matte Black

4.8 out of 5
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  1. nhtechie

    This is targeted towards “gourmet coffee” drinkers and considering what I spend on coffee beans every month, I feel that I am one.
    The packaging is superb; I don’t think I’ve ever seen a box that splits down the middle for an easy lift-out before. Where’s the cord? It’s wrapped underneath! With a very sharp looking stainless carafe and body, this maker makes this something very attractive for the counter top.
    Here are some pros & concerns, before I run into a detailed review:
    It’s pretty
    Wi-Fi Capable
    The time is automatically updated (when Wi-Fi enabled)
    Highly customizable (temp / boldness)
    Carafe only / no single cup option without using the carafe
    Tough to remove the brew basket
    No removable water reservoir for cleaning
    Initial setup was simple. Some “Soft Cloth” non-abrasive soapy cleaning for the filter, brew basket and carafe and I was off. It did take a bit of a tug to get that brew basket out – I had to review the instructions to make sure it even did come out; I’m sure it’ll get easier to remove with time and use.
    After turning it on and configuring it for Wi-Fi (following the instructions), it took roughly 10 minutes. The App and set up process was pretty straightforward however the App does ask for a ton of information about you, more than any other “smart home” App I’ve seen lately, so be aware. After a quick software update to the coffee maker, I added in 10 cups of water and tied it into the Google Assistant. “Hey X, turn on the coffee brewer,” kicked off a 10-cup water brew for an initial cleaning.
    There are a ton of usage options to suit your taste preference. Bold is *very* bold and light is too light; I found that Medium was good for most of what I was brewing, until I tried “Gold,” now that’s the only setting that I use. When selecting other settings besides Gold, the temperature setting is helpful but found that under 200, it cooled down very quickly in my cup.
    From a gourmet perspective, I see it aesthetically. If you are serious about your cup of coffee, using something that doesn’t have a true single-cup option without the carafe is strange to me. From Turkish to siphons and pour overs, they all target 1-2 cups at a time. With the option to customize the temperature between 185-205, again – I’d see that more geared towards a single cup, not a carafe full of coffee.
    Clearing is easy, but the brew basket can’t stand on its own. I don’t like to add coffee into the brewer itself, I like to rinse out the filter in the basket, add the grounds then put it all together for a brew. With the cone-shape not rounded out at the bottom to support itself upright, I leverage my coffee cup as the holder. Again, a bit unnecessary.
    Overall, do I recommend this? Sure … if you like brewing multiple cups of coffee at a time, this is perfect for you. If you’re like me and prefer each cup to be a different bean / brew, then perhaps another style brewer is a better fit.

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  2. TechGuru

    CAFÉ drip coffee maker has a very attractive design that will make an impact to any modern kitchen countertop. While a cheap drip coffee maker can fulfill the basic need of drip pot of coffee only a smart coffee machine like this one that has precision temperature control, stainless steel vacuum carafe and app/voice controlled and certified for gold cup performance will ensure your coffee tastes delicious in the morning.
    Package: Machine is packaged well above standards like a gift box with 2 handles for easy carrying and will be a great gifting options to any home. Box opens up like a high end consumer product. Inside the box, it comes coffee maker, thermal carafe, brew basket, mesh filter, carbon filter, measuring spoon and user manual.
    Setup: It’s fast and easy to setup. Just rinse the thermal carafe, filters before first use, download the smarthq app on your ios or android device, create your account and connect appliance. Select Café and countertop appliances->coffee maker and follow the instructions by pressing and hold temperature button and the auto brew butoon until the wifi icon flashes. Once you login the credentials, your coffee maker will automatically set the time on the machine. You can also set manually but this is a better option for daylight savings and clock reset when you disconnect the machine and to reconnect.
    This coffee machine design is very attractive with stainless steel finish with brushed accent handles and very well compliments the kitchen countertop and gives a very modern high end look. It has buttons on the front with a easy to read LCD clock on the front with CAFÉ logo at the bottom in brushed copper color. Each button has long and short press button that has 2 functions. You can select different strength by pressing the button. Gold, Light, Medium and Bold. Gold strength brews the coffee to highest quality and the temperature is preset and cannot be changed. We liked the flavor of gold strength compared to bold as the machine uses set parameters compared to user selection whereas for other strength like mild or bold you can set the temperature from 185F – 205F using the temperature button.
    Option to auto brew is available as button on the machine or from the app or from voice to brew controls using Alexa or google smart devices. Yes this is a useful smart feature if you want to have your coffee brew before you wake up from the bed. We tried this option and really liked the convenience.
    Compared to other cheap coffee machines, this has the insulated thermal carafe that maintains the temperature of the coffee and keeps it hot for hours. Also, you select the brew size from 1 to 10 cups and it makes a full pot in less than 7 minutes. This machine has safety features and will not brew if it doesn’t detect the carafe and also its cool to touch. Make sure top of the carafe is engaged with the drip stop lever on the brew basket, if not brewing will not start. You won’t feel the temperature of the coffee by just touching the carafe outside even if its 200F coffee inside.
    It brews a great tasting coffee at 185 to 205F which is the secret for the best tasting coffee as it brews evenly, saturating all the coffee grounds in the brew basket with hot water that helps to increase the taste of coffee compared to other brands on the market. Only suggestion is to use the paper filter which is optional but it will save lot of time in cleaning.

    One feature my wife appreciates is the convenient power cord storage that keeps kitchen countertop free of clutter with hanging wires when not in use.
    Pros: Easy to use smart coffee maker with Voice to brew controls, precision temperature control, SCA certified for gold cup performance, Brew selection from 1 to 10 cups, stainless steel vacuum carafe that stores coffee temperature for hours, attractive design with cool brushed copper trims & handles, Auto brew programmable, easy to clean.
    Overall, if flavor is your priority then this machine is the winner as it brews the best tasting coffee that I tried. If you can invest on latest and greatest smart devices for your smart home, then this device will not disappoint you.

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  3. JTForney

    I still feel guilty about spending $400 on a coffee maker (to match my new GE Cafe Fridge, but I must say, it’s a wonderful coffee maker. It makes the best coffee i’ve ever had. Well done GE!

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  4. Danno

    This is a review for the brushed stainless steel drip coffee maker.
    The first thing you’ll notice about this drip coffee maker is its stunning and modern look. I love how sleek it looks and it feels in my hand. It’s eye candy on the counter, and it brews a delicious cup of coffee. A picture shows it great, but it’ll blow your mind on the counter. My wife loves how it looks (huge plus!). The rose gold accents pop and you can’t help but smile when you look at it.
    It has several different modes. It’s max capacity is 10 cups, but it allows you to select how many cups you want brewed. Other coffee pots use all of the water in the pot, but this one doesn’t limit you to that. I can select the strength.
    The default is their “gold” feature, which does a stand up job and produces great tasting/smelling coffee. I had to do a double take when I first sipped my coffee. I brewed a 8 cup pot in my old coffee pot and did a side by side comparison to this model. I absolutely love my old coffee pot (going on 8 years with it) so I knew it brewed a great cup of joe. With this new drip maker, I felt like it released new notes and tastes that I previously didn’t experience. I was blown away.
    Ok. This next part is tough to admit. I like drinking my coffee immediately without burning my mouth. There are many times I ask Starbuck’s to brew my coffee at “kid’s temp.” Well… For the first time, I can actually brew a cup of coffee and have it close to kids temp! Kudos to all you coffee drinkers able to just drink it at over 200 degrees… I personally believe I shouldn’t scar the inside of my mouth or have 3rd degree burns to enjoy a cup of coffee. Call me silly… I’m sure some of you did. Morale of the story, you can brew a cup of coffee at different temperatures while still enjoying an amazing cup of coffee.
    Brews great
    Works with Alexa
    Works with Google
    Connected app
    Select 1-10 cup cycle
    Temperature Control
    Smart Coffee maker
    Different brew settings (gold, light, medium, & bold)
    Superior to my K-Cup
    Stainless steel so nothing should shatter
    Only 10 Cups, would be nice at 12
    No hot water button (if you want to make tea)
    Water Basin not removable (have to fill a cup and go to it)
    This drip coffee maker makes my coffee taste delicious. I compared this to my K-Cup and other coffee pot and this blew both out of the water. The aroma, notes and taste are just so much more enjoyable using this coffee pot. It’s pricier compared to other products, but you can really and I mean really taste the quality. The craftsman of this device is so well made that I know I’ll be using it several times a day without being worried I’m pushing it.

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  5. EthanH

    I haven’t had a drip coffee maker since my college days. I currently have a french press, pour over, and a pod coffee maker.
    I honestly never liked the flavor of drip coffee makers. The cafe coffee maker bucks the trend by letting you choose the intensity of the coffee.
    The main body of the coffee maker houses the water tank, the coffee filter housing, the base, and the controls. The carafe is the only separate component.
    Off the bat, the one thing I love is the reusable filter. This saves you from having to buy those paper filters that never fit right, or collapse the moment the hot water drips down. The filter also has a handle for easy removal after use.
    The water tank can hold about 10 cups of coffee which is nice when you have guests over.
    Setting up the machine is simple. You can set up the time, the wifi and you’re all set.
    So now to the brewing. I did an initial cleaning to boil the internal components because you honestly can never be too safe.
    I got some of my favorite Brazilian coffee beans from my grinder and added the grounds into the filter, and chose the special “GOLD” setting. This setting chooses everything for you including temperature and boldness. I figure, why not…
    The coffee tasted great. It was bold with a little extra flavor. It extracted a lot of flavor from the grounds. Out of curiosity I brewed a second cup using another batch of the same Brazilian coffee, but this time I set up everything from the strength and temp (Bold and 200 degrees).
    I could immediately tell the difference between my personal setting and the gold setting. I think I found my default setting in the gold setting.
    Clean up was as easy as throwing out the used grounds and cleaning the filter and carafe.
    All in all, the maker looks modern, beautiful, and the coffee tastes amazing. It’s easy to use and easy to clean.

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  6. Josh76

    I have not used a drip coffee maker in nearly 20 years, I could never get it just right and the k cup machines were just so easy. Now, as I appreciate coffee more, I wanted better tasting coffee from a machine that looked great and was smart.
    The Cafe line of appliances look amazing and they designed their coffee maker to look as good. The setup was a breeze, however the app seems a little cheap, Setting it up on Wifi was simple, same goes for Google. Alexa, however was not as easy, but I find many smart devices work better with Alexa. I love that the clock is automatically set via wifi.
    Now it’s time to make some coffee; the dial changes the amount of cups and there are 4 options for brew strengths. There is a mesh filter and I added the coffee with out the paper filter. I did 6 heaping scoops for 8 cups at the bold setting. The coffee brewed quickly into the super stylish stainless carafe, not glass.
    The Laughing Man Coffee was at the perfect temperature and tasted fantastic, much fresher than a K Cup. When I went for a refill about an hour later, the coffee was still hot and delicius.
    I love the carafe…it’s sturdy, looks great and it’s really easy to clean. The machine is really well made, nothing about it feels cheap. It’s a hefty price tag for a coffee maker but this one still feels like a good value. I plan on enjoying this one for years.

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  7. DavidJr

    A mix between a pod style coffee maker and standard drip maker that uses regular ground coffee and filters. You can choose to brew one cup in just over a minute or 10 cups in less than 6 minutes. You can select your strength and temperature or stick with the gold settings making a perfect blend.
    The brushed stainless steel and copper gives this coffee maker a look that stands out compared to typical coffee makers. The vacuum sealed carafe really keeps the temperature and flavor for several hours. Even after 24 hours the coffee still held a temperature that was greater than my hot tap water. The one thing I don’t like about the carafe is that it takes some effort to get the last bit of the liquid out and it is really noticeable if you only brew one cup.
    The WiFi feature is only useful if you don’t know when you plan to brew coffee and already have water, filter and grounds in the maker. So, for instance, you want to brew a pot before you walk through the door but set it all up before you left. Just as you head home, start the brew through the SmartHQ app and have a fresh pot waiting for you. But, considering it takes less than 6 minutes to brew a full 10 cups it seems like a useless feature that raises the price.
    . Overall it is a great looking coffee maker and the ability to select your brew makes it better than a standard machine. But, it is hard for me to personally justify the cost for the features it does have.

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  8. CKent

    The first thing you notice about this high-end coffee maker is how stunning it looks. The steel and the copper along with the design leaves no question that this is a high quality machine. It’s practically an art piece next to most other kitchen appliances. Even the box it comes in puts other packaging to shame.
    The first thing you’ll taste though is the coffee, and that really is the most important feature of a coffee maker. Brewing at the pre-programmed ‘Gold’ setting (you can also select your own strength and temp if you choose), I can honestly say it was the best cup of home made coffee I’ve ever had. I normally don’t drink straight black coffee, even though I love the smell of it, but decided to try my first cup that way to get a good sampling. It was honestly so good I drank the entire cup that way. There’s even a small charcoal water filter that goes in the water reservoir to really get that water clean.
    I also feel I need to add in my wife’s thoughts, as her immediate family owned and ran a small coffee shop for over 25 years and she is definitely much more of a connoisseur. In her opinion, she agrees that this does make a great cup of coffee, but also follows that up by saying that has more to do with the quality of the coffee bean/grind itself than the coffee maker when it comes to the drip style maker. Having said that she does concede that this drip machine works better than any we’ve had before, even if only marginally.
    Another thing it does really well though is keep the coffee tasting good if you don’t drink it immediately. That’s because there’s no hot plate. No burnt coffee taste from prolonged heating. The design of the carafe keeps it hot for quite some time without the need to keep a heater on it.
    It also has wi-fi functionality which is cool to say about a coffee maker, and it makes sure you always have the correct time, but otherwise not really necessary.
    There are negatives though when it comes to this coffee maker that I’m not really a fan of.
    1. You still have to use the carafe even if you only want to brew a single cup of coffee. My wife and I don’t always get to our coffee at the same time, so having to use the carafe for individual cups multiple times in one morning is inconvenient at best.
    2. The way the carafe is designed the coffee pours out a bit slow and you have to tip it quite a ways before it starts to pour. I also found that I have to remove the lid to get all the coffee out.
    3. The water reservoir is non-removable. Not a major flaw, but it does make it slightly more inconvenient when filling it up.
    4. It’s not very intuitive when it comes to the controls. You definitely couldn’t use this without fully reading the manual first. It reminds me of how old car stereo clocks work where you have to press a button, turn the knob to select one thing, press a button again, turn the knob again to select the next thing then press a button again.
    Overall it is a great coffee maker, and based on its own merits it still deserves 5 stars. It looks beautiful in the kitchen and it makes great coffee, and that’s what’s most important when getting this machine.

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    Café – Drip 10-Cup Coffee Maker with WiFi – Matte Black
    Café – Drip 10-Cup Coffee Maker with WiFi – Matte Black

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