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Corsair iCUE 4000X RGB Mid-Tower ATX PC Case – White (CC-9011205-WW)


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  • Combining stylish tempered glass, customizable RGB lighting, innovative cable management and concentrated airflow, choose the 4000X RGB for a unique high-performance PC.
  • Show off your components and RGB lighting with tempered glass side and front panels, built with dedicated front ventilation channels for ample airflow.
  • The CORSAIR RapidRoute cable management system makes it simple and fast to build an immaculate, professional-looking system with major cables neatly routed through a single channel, with a roomy 25mm of space behind the motherboard for all of your cables.
  • Includes 3 CORSAIR 120mm AirGuide RGB fans, utilizing anti-vortex vanes to concentrate airflow and enhance cooling. Each fan is equipped with eight individually addressable RGB LEDs for brilliant customizable lighting.
  • Fully control and synchronize the RGB lighting for up to 6 fans with the included iCUE Lighting Node CORE and CORSAIR iCUE software.

Specification: Corsair iCUE 4000X RGB Mid-Tower ATX PC Case – White (CC-9011205-WW)

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Item model number


Item Weight

‎17.6 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎17.83 x 9.06 x 18.35 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎17.83 x 9.06 x 18.35 inches





Date First Available

‎September 15, 2020

Photos: Corsair iCUE 4000X RGB Mid-Tower ATX PC Case – White (CC-9011205-WW)

10 reviews for Corsair iCUE 4000X RGB Mid-Tower ATX PC Case – White (CC-9011205-WW)

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  1. Kevin Hugill

    Firstly I like the case. I have a 750D which was a little bigger but not by much. It looks great and the airflow Seema high. I put noctua fans in for a total of 7 fans with the space for 3 more should I choose. I went with a top mounted 360 AIO from Corsair. The big issue I found was when running the CPU power cables to the top of the motherboard the AIO with fans impeded the path. In the end I had to squish the cable a little to get it to fit which is not ideal. I also have 2 3.5″ HDD which are located next to the power supply and the space is very tight again a little force got everything in. Maybe some custom cables would help with the cables being made flat but I went with what I had. 0.5 cm taller around the AIO and 3cm more space for the PSU and HDD bay and case would be pretty perfect. On the flip side the visual part of the case look neat and tidy

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  2. Knowbuddy

    Cons first: I/O only has 1 USB3.1(A-type) and 1 USB3.1(C-type)(picture included). No fan splitter, the rgb board is only for rbg, not power obv. No rear fan included.

    Pros/Review: Stunning case. The white color is very clean, the glass is super clear, the rgb is beautiful. Fans are quiet and the airflow/cooling is satisfactory, although nothing runs hot in my build anyway. This is the most beautiful case I’ve seen in person and I absolutely love it…

    My case budget was around $80, which is what I had left over after picking out some ssd storage upgrades for my pc. I didn’t really need a case and this was way over budget for me($120), but I just had to have it. So much so, that I decided I’d rather not buy the SSD, just so I could afford this instead if at all. I wasn’t excited when it arrived, I’ve been burned before, but after a thorough inspection I found only a small scratch on the inside and some grime(oil?) on the outside which I cleaned easily. I’ve built several PCs before for friends and family, all in NZXT, which is a brand I have no complaints against. When I saw this online, I could see it was built just a little different. I would say the quality in this feels a little more solid and even the paint seems to have a nicer texture to it. The magnetic cover/filter on top is real nice and the front glass is very firm, even a little scary to pop off. No included rear fan is a small downside with this case(costs). I have spares, but nothing nice enough for the RGB 4000x so I picked up one SP120 RGB pro fan from corsair, which I believe is the same as the front fans. Plugs nicely into the rgb board and zero issues programming the rgb with iCUE. The mobo wire cover-bar is a mixed bag, but I like it overall. It’s a bit tight and shallow, and real close to the board. I like it, but it can be difficult to get cords into it, especially if the sockets on the mobo are real close to the edge as typical motherboards do. My SATA sockets are on the bottom of my board so getting those into the PSU shroud puts the sata cables at a real sharp kink to fit in and hide. I found enough space in the back to hide the many cords there, but it is tight as other reviewers noted or complained about. I found it ideal though because it lets the case feel really roomy in all other aspects and I have a shitload of cords back there, especially with 2 SSDs, 2HDDs, and a fan splitter/hub. IMPORTANT I HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting a fan splitter depending on how many fan pwr sockets your mobo has. Mine only has 4 including cpu, so I picked up the ARCTIC fan hub, 10-slot, on amazon for 10 bucks. It’s thin and small enough to fit anywhere back there, although not a lot of space with maxx 2ssds and 2hdds, which is another grip i suppose. If you do get the same fan hub I did, I recommend not using the magnetic strips or sticker strips unless you are sure about the placement behind the mobo. As I mentioned, I have a shitload of wires back there, so I let the hub free-float back there since I think I’ll be moving it around if I add more fans. ALSO IMPORTANT, this case may cost $120, but realistically it’s going to cost you more. You’re going to want to have a matching rear fan at the very least, and a fan splitter/hub. Despite added costs, I love this case and I am extremely happy with it. Very happy with this purchase and could not recommend it more. Thank you Corsair and Thank you Amazon.

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  3. tenzin

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     The front filter is real flimsy. The front filter actually gets sucked in by the fan and makes this noise. Also the case cable broke off when trying to install the sdd in the front, there is two spaces for the sdd tray but this case can only fit in one, tried squeezing the sdd on the right side and the flimsy case cable broke off, and i cant get the plastic piece thats stuck in the motherboard out. This made my motherboard useless

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    I saw this case at the last moment before I ordered a Nzxt 710 for my new pc build and for the $80 usd price I decided I’d give it a try as I have had the 710 before and this was much cheaper. The overall build quality is really good and I was a little surprised. The reason I have given it a 4 star is for 3 reasons combined. 1- the thumb screws holding the two side panels on are not the best quality but in all intents and purposes they keep the side panels on so not the worst. 2- this reason is most likely why the thumb screws are a little…screwy…lol. but the side pannels are a bit stiff and you have to make sure you line them up exactly and can be hard to put back on correctly. 3- this might be a little nit picky but I really wish they would have included a 3rd fan but you can always get another one later. Overall for the $80-100 usd this case is for sure a great buy and i would recommend 10/10 times. I have built in a lot of cases and the cable management routes in the back are amazing and why I liked the NZXT h710 but for $60 usd cheaper I have to recommend this case.

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  5. Chuck Finley

    Seems nice and solid. Standoffs were already lined up just right for my AMD B450 motherboard. Lots of airflow openings (pretty much the whole thing is openings, except the two big square sides). The four screw holes for the power supply are just a hair off from the holes in my Corsair RM650, so the last one was a little tricky to get in. I’d advise a little filing with a round-section file before putting your hardware in, to make the holes line up correctly. Lots of room for additional drives if I decide to add some (currently just running a M.2 SSD card). NOTE: the accessory box is not missing, it’s tucked into one of the SATA drawers, accessible by removing the panel on the motherboard side. Good thing I decided to take that off, because the response to my simple “where are the screws” question from Corsair support was just a form email about returning the case. Not very helpful.
    ALSO NOTE: this case has a connector for a micro-USB, and the B450 board doesn’t have a place to connect it. The normal USB is fine for me, but this slight incompatibility may bother some people. I just have the micro-USB wire tucked out of the way.

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  6. Michael Yester

    I put this as a one star for those who are on the fence and look at the lower reviews.

    This is a great case. The side panels are held in in a way that you don’t even really need the screws. Plenty of room inside the case and behind it for cable management. Only tools you need are a screwdriver for the motherboard.

    The one glaring issue is the front dust filter. It rubs up against the front fans and you need to rig up a way for the filter to stay clear of the fans.

    That’s not a big deal, but this may help Corsair and others realize that this is a great case otherwise.

    Note: If mounting your GPU vertically, there isn’t much room for your PCIe cable underneath your video card before you hit the bottom of the case. I got the Thermaltake cable and it goes straight down. I need to return it and get a flush fitted cable.

    I also want to mention that the glass on this is very dark. If you like looking at the RGB or fine details of your handiwork, it’s hard to do.

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  7. ANM

    Mostly good, except for a few complaints.

    PSU compartment is a bit tight, takes some for to get it in.

    The white finish scrapes off quite easily. More flex in the panels than I would like, feels a bit flimsy.

    The 3.5” HDD cage is pretty much useless, best removed, as it gets in the way of PSU cables, even when moved back. Wasn’t an issue as I wasn’t using any 3.5” drives.

    Do NOT use the vertical GPU mount. Waaaaay too close to the side panel, reviews show GPU running 20 degrees C hotter.

    Airflow and cooling are great, though this does limit noise suppression. Lots of decent quality dust filters. Ample cutouts for cables, love the side channel.

    Overall, decent case for the money, with modern features such as the Type C front panel connector, but a lot of compromises to account for the price. If these bother you, get something more up-market.

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  8. cryzer

    Rimasto scioccato da questo case. Bello spazioso e ben costruito. In dotazione troveremo 3 ventole rgb già installate nella parte frontale, fascette con logo e varie viti per fare un ottimo cable managment. Nella parte laterale abbiamo un pannello in vetro soffiato per far vedere il nostro favoloso pc all’interno e dall’altra parte troviamo compreso anche un controller con possibilità di attaccarci ben 6 dispositivi rgb comandabile da software. Sopra troviamo un filtro magnetico che aderisce alla struttura. Sotto troviamo uno scomparto dove alloggerà l’alimentatore e rimarrà coperto. La cosa negativa di questo case è che non si può purtroppo inserire un dissipatore a liquido da 360 nella parte superiore, ma è possibile montarlo solo davanti. Sopra il massimo è una da 240.

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  9. M. P. Gibbins

    Upgraded my system with a Corsair iCUE H115i Elite Capellix 280mm Cooler and this 4000d Case. I previously had a Corsair 400c also in white but it was just a bit small, airflow wasn’t great and cable management was a struggle. I can say that this is not the case here.

    My System is running a X570 M/B with a 3700x, 16GB RAM, RTX 2060, 2x LL140 Fans (Front), 2x ML140 Fans (Top) and 1x LL120 Fan (Rear)

    Everything about this case is just simple and well built, the tempered glass side panel, back panel and front filters just pop off. They are all secured tight when popped back in.

    Cable management in this case was a pleasure with plenty of space in the back.

    I couldn’t run 140mm Fans at the top of my 400c as they fouled on my VRM Cooling but that wasn’t a problem with the 4000d.

    One thing to note is that there is not enough room to run a 280mm cooler at the front if you want the pipes at the bottom. This isn’t a big problem as long as the pump is lower than the top of the radiator as I have done. See JayzTwoCents and Gamers Nexus for more details on this.

    The glass side panel is so clear it catches my eye every now and then and I think the panel is off.

    Airflow through the front is great. My 3700x runs around 30c idle and 65c under load with the fans at 45%

    The only problem I encountered was the front panel USB 3.0 connector was very tight when plugging it into my motherboard and it almost broke when I tried unplug it. A simple fix for this would be to buy USB 3.0 extension cable for inside. This also allows to hide the cable as it is quite bulky like all USB 3.0 Cables.

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  10. Alex Vicenzino

    Il case a livello di qualità di materiali e di estetica é bellissimo, ma non é per nulla comodo assemblarci sopra e ci sono delle pecche alquanto fastidiose che mi fanno chiedere se abbiano testato il suddetto case con qualche build.
    Si vantano tanto di averci messo una canalina per fare passare comodamente i cavi ma quest’ultima é già piena a causa di tutti i cavi provenienti dal pannello superiore…
    Case Corsair che ha problemi con i componenti Corsair (non vorrei provare con altri marchi), ci ho montato un dissipatore da 360 mm ICUE H150I RGB PRO XT e nella parte inferiore, il filtro anti polvere non si attacca più perché a causa della cornice del dissipatore, non si aggancia… com’è possibile che non abbiano notato questo problema, ho provato più volte a solleverlo il più possibile per ovviare il problema, ma lo spazio é davvero ridotto, soprattutto nella parte inferiore del case dove HDD e alimentatore ci stanno letteralmente INCASTRATI, e stiamo parlando di un alimentatore da 750w sempre corsair, pensiamo se qualcuno volesse montarci uno da 1000w, dovrebbe rinunciare agli HDD per farlo stare…in fine, il case é uscito da poco, e non si sono pensati di metterci un alloggiamento per il Commander pro (che é sul mercato da anni) che sono stato costretto a lasciarlo appeso nello spazio più libero e centrale nel retro del case…insomma personalmente non consiglio questo case.

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    Corsair iCUE 4000X RGB Mid-Tower ATX PC Case – White (CC-9011205-WW)
    Corsair iCUE 4000X RGB Mid-Tower ATX PC Case – White (CC-9011205-WW)
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