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4K Webcam with 5X Digital Zoom, 2021 NexiGo N950 Pro Webcam with 8.5MP Sony Senor and Dual Stereo Microphone, Light Correction for Zoom Skype MS…


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  • 【Ultra HD 4K & 8.5 Million Pixels 】The NexiGo webcam comes with a SONY 8.5MP sensor that features up to a 3840*2160 Quad HD resolution at 30 frames per second which delivers crisper image and clearer videos for a professional conference, live streaming, online teaching, recording, and gaming.
  • 【5X Digital Zoom & Adjustable field of view】Support the 5X digital magnification function. You can capture all crystal-clear details and colors and adjust the field of view to be more narrow or wide to just focus on what you want via digital zoom function while maintaining UHD resolution. Just focus on what you want via Pressing the button to enlarge images in turn, maximum zoom up to 5X. Provides you with more professional conferencing recording and streaming videos.
  • 【Built-in Stereo Mics】The NexiGo USB webcam can provide better quality for video calls, recording videos, and streaming games to help you look more professional. Built-in dual omnidirectional mics with noise cancellation ensure clear audio capture from every angle. Automatic low-light correction provides an ideal video even in dim lighting conditions.
  • 【USB A & C Webcam and Built-in Privacy Cover】The NexiGo webcam is compatible with USB-A as well as USB-C input ports. NO additional driver required. The built-in privacy cover allows you to enjoy safe digital web life when not in use and prevents hackers from spying on you. It is perfect to provide privacy, security, and peace of mind to individuals, groups, organizations, companies, and governments.
  • 【System Requirement】 Minimum Requirement: Dual Core 2.5GHz for 1080P; Dual Core 3.2GHz or better for 4K Resolution, 8GB RAM. For MAC users: MacPro 2018 or later, please check compatibile models below. For PC users: 1GB dedicated graphic card for 4K.

Specification: 4K Webcam with 5X Digital Zoom, 2021 NexiGo N950 Pro Webcam with 8.5MP Sony Senor and Dual Stereo Microphone, Light Correction for Zoom Skype MS…



Item model number


Hardware Platform

‎Laptop, PC, Smart tv, Mac

Item Weight

‎13.8 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎5.98 x 2.12 x 1.78 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎5.98 x 2.12 x 1.78 inches





Date First Available

‎October 27, 2020

Photos: 4K Webcam with 5X Digital Zoom, 2021 NexiGo N950 Pro Webcam with 8.5MP Sony Senor and Dual Stereo Microphone, Light Correction for Zoom Skype MS…

6 reviews for 4K Webcam with 5X Digital Zoom, 2021 NexiGo N950 Pro Webcam with 8.5MP Sony Senor and Dual Stereo Microphone, Light Correction for Zoom Skype MS…

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  1. Raleigh

    Bought the camera for the zoom feature. While overall the picture is fantastic, this camera on occasion needs help from additional lighting. Ill also add that the auto focus is flawless. My only complaint is if your room is really bright, you may need lighting behind your camera to get proper color tone.

    also, the mount does NOT swivel left or right. Only up and down. There is a tripod mount available that would fix this, but it does not come with the tripod.

    Finally, the zoom feature works great, no program needed to zoom the camera as it has a button you press on the top. Very easy to use and it remembers your setting for next use.

    Sadly i have not tested the audio pickup nor do i plan to as i have other equipment for that.

    Overall if you’re ok with lights in front of you then this is a great product, ive sense got used to it so it no longer bothers me.

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  2. RenRap

    It’s clear they put a sticker over where on the box it says “Autofocus” with a sticker that says “Fixed Focus”. I’m guessing a driver broke or some other problem where the camera could no longer support autofocus. Some of the other top reviews mention autofocus working great, so maybe at one point these cameras did allow for autofocus. As of 2021, they do not.

    I took a series of pictures of a notebook at 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 feet. You can see that at no point is the camera focused. It doesn’t matter how many pixels a camera can pickup if they’re all out of focus. My $15 Raspberry Pi camera has autofocus and this $140 webcam takes potato quality shots. I’m a pretty disappointed here. Nexigo, either move back to autofocus or increase your quality control such that the fixed focus focal point is at least somewhere in the vicinity of a typical computer desk.

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  3. Sampson

    I recently bought a much cheaper webcam and ended up returning it. It wouldn’t autofocus and just didn’t look right. This one however, works great. I have had no issues, and as you can see from the pictures the video/picture quality is great. I’m working from home until June 2021 and this is must have for those lovely “you’re on mute”, “can everyone see my screen” moments we’ve all grown fond of.

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  4. Abraham A.

    During this covid-19 era, I am using zoom extensively. What I was looking for in the webcam, good light exposure, good control, and good continuous focus. I tried Logitech pro, nexigo webcam 1080P 60FPS, and other ways using canon eos webcam utility and esoft ivcom. All failed for a simple reason that is having a control utility tool for adjustment. The NexiGo N950 Pro Webcam has a wonderful utility program called AMCAP that could be downloaded from their website. I used this program and adjusted my new webcam that gave me a very professional result with 4k resolution at that amazing price.

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  5. J. N.

    For my setup I was looking for a webcam with a narrow field of view. My shots are primarily mid torso and up while standing or sitting. Many webcams come with a 70 to 90 or more degree field of view. I don’t need people seeing my entire space behind me while on a video conference. Sometimes I have a screen behind me and I don’t want the camera seeing past the edges. This is a one person shot on the camera, not a boardroom needing to take in an audience. I also don’t need a $500+ DSLR or video camera for what I do. I had searched for months for an adjustable field of view option in a basic webcam and finally decent cameras with the ability to narrow the field of view through a zoom feature are now hitting the market. Not knowing if this Nexigo N950 camera would be what I was looking for, I also purchased a Mokose UC70-6-12MM and side by side compared the two trying to achieve a desired view of me without a wide full view of things behind me. This should be a simple concept, but webcam makers just haven’t seemed to grasp this till recently.

    The side by side comparison is for any that are looking for a similar setup to me and are not sure what cam is better. This Nexigo N950 and the Mokose are both considered web cams, but are not exactly apples to apples. The Nexigo has a field of view that adjusts between 20 to 90 degrees using zoom. The Mokose has a FOV of 32 to 61 degrees. Once plugged into the usb they both were easily recognized by windows 10 and other applications such as Zoom. They both produce a quality picture that far exceeded any built in webcam. A main key difference is the Nexigo is automatic for lighting and focus and the Mokose is manual. The Neixgo does need you to manually zoom the shot by pressing a button on the camera. It will make small zoom adjustments with each press, up to 30 presses, and then resets to wide view and starts again. A major down side is the original FOV setting is way too wide for me at 90 degrees. So I need a zoomed shot. I would need to remember how many presses I need to make every time I turn it on. This is a major down side for me. It will not remember the zoom level I want once powered off. The Mokose is manual. Once the field of view is set it will stay there. It also has manual focus. For me that is fine because I’m not moving the camera or my seating/standing position more than 6-12” in and out from the camera and it holds focus in this range without an issue. The auto lighting adjustment on the Nexigo works well. I found I was oversaturated a bit on Zoom, but in windows camera the image was good. The Mokose has a manual lighting aperture adjustment. I could dial it in better manually than the Nexigo could automatically. A key difference I found between the two is the Mokose likes added lighting. It’s more studio oriented where external lighting would be provided. The Nexigo seemed to work with limited lighting better. The Mokose tends to give raccoon eyes without a well lit room or additional face lighting. The Nexgio is friendlier to utilizing ambient lighting. This is also dependent on the amount and type of lighting in your area, ymmv. They both tripod mount which is exactly how I use them. The Nexigo has a built in stand and monitor clamp with up and down adjustments (no side to side), the Mokose does not and needs to sit on a flat surface or on a tripod. The Nexigo has a mic and Mokoe does not. I can’t comment on the mic quality as I use a table mic.

    Even though the Nexigo can be reduced to a narrower field of view of 20 degrees, the native lens angle of 90 degrees makes reducing down to the desired view angle for my personal setup tricky. Zoom is not the only way to achieve field of view adjustments in lenses. Each click of the zoom button on the Nexigo reduces the FOV, but also brings the object closer. That’s ok to a point, but then the object can be too zoomed. Backing up the camera may help, but then the field of view behind me is larger again defeating the purpose. The Mokose starts with a smaller field of view with smaller zoom and angle adjustments. Therefore I can achieve the right FOV without my nose hairs being viewable.

    After comparing both and making the best adjustments I could, I’m returning the Nexigo. The Mokose just gave me a superior picture, better overall angle adjustments, and held a fixed zoom. More like a studio camera and that works well for my setup. It is not an on the go camera. It’s a set and don’t move it camera. If I needed something that I could easily pack, move and just sit on my laptop monitor that gave me some zoom ability and a good picture, the Nexigo would be the one. But for my needs of a narrow field of view camera to just shoot a mid-torso and up shot that I could setup and leave setup, the Mokose is perfect.

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  6. Fuwah Mui

    The only redeeming value of this computer camera is the zooming feature. I previously purchased a $50 webcam which now sells for $17 on Amazon. This unknown name brand camera’s picture quality is not high definition. But the technology of the webcam is high quality in regards to low lighting compared to the NexiGo webcam. The low price webcam has the quality to illuminate the subject (which is yourself, and surrounding area) with very low lighting. The NexiGo camera does not do well with low lighting. It’s as if you turned the lights off in your room. The image quality is high definition. But you better have good lighting. I decided to keep the NexiGo webcam as a second camera for my second monitor. I really wanted to return the NexiGo after the disappointing product comparison. Higher price does not always mean better quality.

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    4K Webcam with 5X Digital Zoom, 2021 NexiGo N950 Pro Webcam with 8.5MP Sony Senor and Dual Stereo Microphone, Light Correction for Zoom Skype MS…
    4K Webcam with 5X Digital Zoom, 2021 NexiGo N950 Pro Webcam with 8.5MP Sony Senor and Dual Stereo Microphone, Light Correction for Zoom Skype MS…
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