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Logitech – Design Collection Limited Edition Wireless Compact Mouse with Colorful Designs – Blue Aurora


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The Design Collection mice mood-boosting designs bring a vibrant new look to your desk setup. Small, comfortable, super responsive, and completely wireless. With smooth scrolling and precise cursor control for easier navigation. The compact design perfectly fit users with smaller hands and kids—making it a great option for homeschooling.

Specification: Logitech – Design Collection Limited Edition Wireless Compact Mouse with Colorful Designs – Blue Aurora

Voice Assistant Built-in


Color Category


Number of Buttons Total




Product Name

Design Collection Limited Edition Wireless Compact Mouse with Colorful Designs



System Requirements

USB connection: available USB port required

Model Number


Wireless Connectivity

Radio Frequency (RF)


Blue Aurora

Mouse Type


Mouse Operation

Scroll wheel, Button(s)

Mouse Grip Style




Tracking Method


Minimum Sensitivity

1000 dots per inch

Adjustable Weight


Maximum Sensitivity

1000 dots per inch

Lighting Type


Number of Batteries Required


Operating System Compatibility

Windows, Mac, Chrome, Linux



Mouse Power Source


OnOff Switch


Rechargeable Battery Mouse


Battery Type


Battery Size


Batteries Included


Mouse Pad Included


Maximum Wireless Range

32.8 feet

Additional Accessories Included

Nano Unifying Receiver, 1 AA battery (pre-installed)

Product Height

3.74 inches

Product Width

2.16 inches

Product Weight

2.96 ounces

Manufacturers Warranty - Parts

1 Year limited

Manufacturers Warranty - Labor


Plug and Play Operation




Photos: Logitech – Design Collection Limited Edition Wireless Compact Mouse with Colorful Designs – Blue Aurora

8 reviews for Logitech – Design Collection Limited Edition Wireless Compact Mouse with Colorful Designs – Blue Aurora

4.9 out of 5
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  1. Sophia

    Bought this on a whim, super affordable and works great so far!

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  2. KKCNIck

    This is a great compact wireless mouse that has a great design. The girls in my house thought it was very cute but not over the top. The design is very well implemented and seems like it will last awhile. The mouse worked very well and is good for smaller hands and portability where style is important.

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  3. bkelly217

    I work from home and typically use my laptop and an external monitor for more screen space. When I’m using two monitors, it’s much easier to use a separate mouse than the track pad on my laptop.
    This mouse is a wireless mouse that comes with a USB connector and included battery. One cool feature about this mouse that stands out from others is that there is storage for the USB near the battery area on the back. This makes for easy travel without losing your connector. There’s an on/off switch so you can conserve your battery while you’re not using it.
    This mouse is extremely lightweight as well. I’ve found it works well on my coffee table without the need for a mousepad as well. I have another wireless mouse from a different brand that is often very jumpy, so this one has been a lifesaver. The shape of the mouse is very comfortable and will work well even with bigger hands. It also comes with a nice design to add some pizazz compared to other products out there.
    Overall, this mouse has good capabilities, great features, and works effectively for my needs. It’s a great design and comes from the Logitech brand that is always reliable.

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  4. WyldeBlue

    We’re longtime fans of all sorts of Logitech accessories–mice, trackballs, webcams, keyboards…we’ve run the gamut across many of Logitech’s product lines and always come away happy and impressed. Thankfully, the same can be said here–this latest entry into the wireless compact mouse Design Collection (our second actually–that’s the “Cosmic Play” pictured below next to the new “Chirpy Bird”) is another winner!
    I typically wear an XL in men’s gloves so the mouse feels pretty darned small (though still immanently usable) under my fingers. But for travel, it’s positively perfect! The mouse stows neatly in a small laptop pouch or backpack pocket without taking up too much room, and yet it comes with everything you need onboard to get mousing no matter where you might be–the USB nano-receiver stores neatly under the battery cover when the mouse is not in use, and the battery itself will very likely last close to/more than the promised 12-month charge cycle as the batteries in all our other Logitech compact mice have EASILY gone several months or more without needing a change.
    Tracking performance is excellent and has proven ideal for mousing on the go–I have yet to run across a working surface that the mouse hasn’t tracked well…I even used it directly on top of my covers and blankets when I had my laptop unfolded in bed for some home-office work or a bit of Netflix chilling while I was sick. Thankfully, the mouse easily and effortlessly serves double duty for both the Windows and Chrome operating systems. Installation was plug-and-play without any manual intervention (at all!) on both our Dell Windows 10 laptop and our Samsung Galaxy Chromebook–I just plugged in a low profile USB-C to USB-A dongle, plugged in the even lower-profile nano-receiver included with the mouse, and within seconds I was mousing without wires on either device. Even better, you don’t need to install a huge, resource-hogging software client (or log into another app or program with an account of some kind) to get things working–nice!
    Mousing action is reassuringly solid–left and right clicks aren’t hard or stiff, but they do register with a satisfying tactile ‘click’ rather than just a mushy and indistinct depression of the mouse button. Scrolling is also very easy with detents in the wheel mechanism offering enough haptic feedback and light resistance to aid in precision scrolling–you definitely won’t feel like you’re just free-spinning the mouse wheel without any fine control over the results on the screen. Overall, this mouse has delivered on everything promised and everything we expected–definitely recommended if the size (and graphic design) suits your needs!

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  5. Alee

    Very compact mouse that is easy to take with you anywhere. The nano receiver is super small and is capable of being left in you laptop. Fits very comfortably in your hand and runs smooth over almost any surface

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  6. VolsFan14222

    Love these mice. I have used one of these, in a different design, for many years. I actually have 3 of them. I also sent one to a person that had sent me their laptop to upgrade. Anyway, it’s super ergonomic and feels good in my hand. The battery last a pretty good time and I always forget to turn it off. There is a button on the bottom to switch it off when not in use. It takes AA battery and you can store the little USB thingie in it. I’d buy it again and again. This design is so pretty!!!

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  7. Posted1

    Full disclosure, I am a long-time fan of Logi (formerly Logitech) given their quality, price, ingenuity and function. This mouse does not disappoint.
    I’m a dude with relatively large hands and while this mouse is small, it certainly is more than functional. Yeah, I know, a guy with a flowery pink mouse, but I’m 100% ok with that. I offered it to my wife and daughter but they both already had way more “lady-like” mouses so I plopped this one in my home office so I wouldn’t need to continually move my other mouse to and fro.
    This pretty lady offers precision control, quick response time and comfort to the hand. I definitely appreciate the wheel since I use that all the time. It has great tactile feedback.
    Please note, this is the type of mouse that has the USB attachment that needs to be plugged in and is NOT a peripheral BT mouse that you can program as a client to your PC’s built in BT. IS that a deal breaker? Well, no, but it would be nice if it was a true BT mouse, but that’s easy to get over.
    It comes with one AA battery that Logi claims will last 12 months. Obviously there is no way to test that in a short time but given previous experience wit the brand, I have no doubt that claim is accurate. It is also made with recycled plastic so if that’s important to you, this mouse is your date to the dance.
    The one oddity that I will note (and I’m not sure if this is specific to my unit or broader to all) but the compartment to remove the USB dongle and battery is tight. Like REALLY tight. Tight to the point that I need a knife to remove it. No biggie, I always have a knife on and/or near me, so no biggie but just a point to ponder.
    End of the day, this is a great choice if you are in the market and I would recommend to a friend (with the caveats mentioned).
    **PLEASE NOTE** This was provided to me at reduced or no cost in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. This review is exactly that, honest and unbiased.

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  8. Maclemoor

    If you’re looking for a simple small travel mouse this is a good idea. The color is pretty and tropical. Literally a plug and play with almost any system. The size is really small so if you have large hands this mouse might make you frustrated. Overall it’s a really nice mouse and perfect for travel or a small desk.

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    Logitech – Design Collection Limited Edition Wireless Compact Mouse with Colorful Designs – Blue Aurora
    Logitech – Design Collection Limited Edition Wireless Compact Mouse with Colorful Designs – Blue Aurora
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