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MacBook Air 13.3″ Laptop – Apple M1 chip – 8GB Memory – 256GB SSD (Latest Model) – Silver


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Specification: MacBook Air 13.3″ Laptop – Apple M1 chip – 8GB Memory – 256GB SSD (Latest Model) – Silver

Screen Size

13.3 inches



Processor Model

Apple M1

Processor Model Number

Apple M1

Storage Type


Total Storage Capacity

256 gigabytes

Solid State Drive Capacity

256 gigabytes

System Memory RAM

8 gigabytes

Operating System

macOS Big Sur 11.0

Voice Assistant Built-in


Battery Type


Backlit Keyboard


Headphone Jack


Product Name

MacBook Air 13.3" Laptop – Apple M1 chip – 8GB Memory – 256GB SSD (Latest Model)

Casing Material


Model Number




Color Category


Screen Type


Processor Brand


Processor Cores


Type of Memory RAM


Video Memory Type


Internet Connectivity


Wireless Networking

Wireless-A, Wireless-AC, Wireless-AX, Wireless-B, Wireless-G, Wireless-N

Touch Screen


Screen Resolution

2560 x 1600 (Retina)

Security Features

Fingerprint reader

Number of Thunderbolt Ports Total


Power Supply Input

USB Type C

Power Supply Maximum Wattage

30 watts

Front-Facing Camera


Front Facing Camera Video Resolution


Built-In Microphone


Keyboard Touch Screen


Touchpad Type

Force Touch trackpad

Audio Technology

Wide stereo sound

Speaker Type

Stereo speakers

Mac Features

Force touch trackpad, Siri, Touch ID sensor, True Tone

Product Height

0.63 inches

Product Width

11.97 inches

Bluetooth Enabled


Product Depth

8.36 inches

Product Weight

2.8 pounds



EPEAT Qualified




Additional Accessories Included

30W USB-C power adapter, USB-C charge cable (2m)

Included Software

Photos, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Siri, Safari, Mail, FaceTime, Messages, Maps, News, Stocks, Home, Voice Memos, Notes, Calendar, Contacts, Reminders, Photo Booth, Preview, Books, App Store, Time Machine, TV, Music, Podcasts

Numeric Keypad


Manufacturers Warranty - Parts

1 year

Manufacturers Warranty - Labor

1 year

Number of Thunderbolt 3 Ports




Photos: MacBook Air 13.3″ Laptop – Apple M1 chip – 8GB Memory – 256GB SSD (Latest Model) – Silver

8 reviews for MacBook Air 13.3″ Laptop – Apple M1 chip – 8GB Memory – 256GB SSD (Latest Model) – Silver

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  1. AppleFan

    The new Apple M1 chip is AMAZING. This new MacBook Air is so powerful for the price and incredibly thin and light design. I just switched back over from Windows, and this new MacBook Air is miles faster and fluid. I can put the new Air under a heavy workload and it handles it just fine- even with no fan! Apple was able to make the thermal efficiency so good, that it’s able to handle hours of work without the fan. Great battery life, great screen, great processor, great design. Overall, I love the new MacBook Air!

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  2. Chisa

    I bought this laptop literally 8 months after I bought a HP Pavilion 360 that was so loud and just could NOT handle basic tasks without getting hot. I was so disappointed that I vowed to never use a PC again. That laptop costs way too much to not make it a year. I already have an iPad Air 4, Apple Watch, iPhone and Apple TV’s, I figured that this would probably be a nice new change of pace. As a person who has never used a Mac, I can honestly say that for me personally it does take a lot of getting used to, but its a nice new change. I love everything about this laptop. Even typing is a lot easier and much more smooth and I can not even imagine how I was doing it before. I was at home watching tv and doing some homework and I noticed that my keyboard was lit and I LOVE that as well, no more having the light on all night to finish an assignment. It’s much speedier than my PC which had about the same specs as far as memory and the difference is huge. This laptop for being the most basic model blows my old PC out of the water. Maybe it’s the M1 chip but I can zoom and do other assignments for class without a skipping a beat. I can’t believe that I am just now making the switch. I think the only thing that I don’t like is figuring out how to do the simplest tasks. I have to YouTube how to do everything, but again, that’s only because I’ve always been a Windows fan. This laptop is so light, I almost forget that its in my backpack and have to remember not to be so rough with my backpack. My PC took a beating but I didn’t care because they always managed to still work, even after stepping on them. I’m not so sure about this one and I don’t want to find out. It was pretty easy to set up considering I didn’t transfer anything from my PC. I wanted it to be like brand new and to only have what I need on here. the battery life lasts me until I get of of work and it still has about 36% left and that’s from using Zoom the entire time and having the lighting pretty dim. All I can say it, it lasts a lot longer than my HP which would last me about 3 hours with Zoom before I had to charge.
    Basically, this was one of the best decisions I could have made and I hope this laptop will last me for years to come. Thank you Apple for such amazing products.

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  3. Dnice

    I own two Mac Airs. One from 2014 and this one. I would like to compare the two because I feel there are some features on the older version that are more desirable.
    1. The Battery
    The new Mac battery lasts forever and charges quickly with a USB-C port. I favor the older magnetic charger but that’s a small thing.
    2. Display
    The new display is very clear however, the screen extends to the very edge of the device similar to the iPhone. So if you drop this device you’re screwed. I dropped my 2014 and it dented the edge of the screen but didn’t break the glass because of the extra aluminum edge. I don’t think the new Mac screen would survive this.
    3. The web cam
    The 2014 is very dark for some reason. The new Mac seems to have fixed this issue with a nice and clear video.
    4. USB ports
    The 2014 has 2 USB-A ports, a lighting connection port, phone jack and an SDXC card slot
    The new Mac only has two USB-C ports and a headphone jack! so you need a number of adapters to connect anything which is quite annoying especially since my wireless mouse uses an old USB-A. Apple only sells limited adapters so you need to buy PC adapters which I’m not crazy about. However I have a dual USB-A adapter from Dell that works great
    5. The Chip
    The M1 chip is lighting fast. Even though my 2014 has an 1.4 Ghz dual core I5, it doesn’t compare.
    6. The famous logo
    It’s another little thing but, I liked the illuminated apple logo on the back of the 2014. Maybe its no longer there to extend battery life? Idk but I thought it was a nice feature that separated apple from the rest.

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  4. Tori

    I bought this online in “Open box” condition meaning the display model. It was described as being on excellent condition and all in all I ended up paying around $970 for it after taxes and fees. When I first received the laptop I was immediately in awe of its beauty (I bought the rose gold version) However upon trying to set up the laptop and gain access into it I ran into a bunch of issues which required me to contact Apple support. Best Buy had not done a software reset on the laptop before shipping it to me which resulted in me not being able to log in or set up my password. It was only after 2 days of receiving it that Apple finally pin pointed the issue and was able to walk me through doing a complete reset thereby allowing me to finally gain access into my laptop! Ever since then I’ve been in love with it! My only small complaint would be that I have to buy an adapter now to be able to connect my phone to it, other than that this was a great buy!

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  5. JohnE

    I’ve always been an avid PC user. I went to college and was actually instructed/learned on Mac. I thought it felt clunky, but then again I also was pushing deep familiarity bias. Assumptions and habits made me just get used to Windows and lean towards rejection of other options. It also didn’t help that Apple’s price point was a bit insane in 2008.
    Fast forward to 2021, now a professional photographer who utilizes my laptop constantly.
    Quick Response: “I’ll never turn back”
    Does it do everything a Windows laptop can? Yes
    Does it have every single feature a Windows laptop has? No
    However, it’s the “feel” that completely sets Mac apart from PC/Windows. From the hardware, ease of use and general navigation you just truly see incredibly fast that Apple takes deep attention to every detail very seriously. My best comparison is assuming PC/Windows laptops are a car, having a LOT of power under the hood. However, it was assembled by some idiot, who also decided to cut corners on the paint job. Does what it needs to do, but it looks/feels kind of crappy and you run into a bunch of small, annoying little issues that tend to add up when you utilize it daily.
    Just a few of my own personal favorite aspects, not to stretch out a website review too far.
    1. Track Pad
    I have always used a mouse. Editing photos, it just increased my speed/accuracy to get through sets faster. Apple’s trackpad on the MacBook has legit made me unplug my house. It’s legitimately perfect, from functionality to feel of the haptic feedback I’ve never experienced anything like it. PC/Windows laptops have nothing that comes anywhere close to this.
    2. Keyboard
    Same situation as the mouse. I basically avoided laptop keyboards like the plague. I would plug in an external and lay it over etc. Never going to happen with Macbook’s keyboard on these laptops. Like the track pad it just feels/functions way better than anything I’ve ever used before.
    3. M1 Chip
    It’s fast. Like, really fast. I barely see anything hesitate like the chip is thinking, aside from a slight stutter when I open a larger app like Lightroom.
    To wrap this up, all I can say is at it’s price point vs the competition you would be insane to go with anything else. Is iOS a bit of a learning curve? Yes, but I will confidently say I figured it out in a few days and was cruising through my work like I had never left PC.
    Hope the review helped!

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  6. AquariusBeauty83

    I’ve purchased this model of the MacBook; the day after Christmas. When I bought it, I fell in love with it. I bought the Gold Color; which I thought was cute. Although the MacBook came with the 256GB which I thought was enough. I bought this MacBook for online school, it is so flawless. I love the quietness, no viruses and the compatibility. It is very fast. This is my first MacBook and I will keep it forever.

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  7. AwesomeSauce03

    I have always wanted a MacBook, ever since I was a little kid. But, there was always something that stopped me from getting one. They always mentioned that the Air wasn’t very good, from 2011 all the way up to 2019, reviews always mentioned the multiple flaws MacBook Air had; from the thermal throttling, to the super small SSD (128 at base price), over $1000, then the Butterfly Keyboard etc. The list went on and on, and I really thought that it wasn’t worth the money. Until, WWDC 2020, Apple announced they would start making their own chips straight from home, I was so excited for this new generation, it reminded me of the time when they went from PowerPC to Intel. The excitement was there, and I loved the new unibody that started in 2016, with the removal of unnecessary ports for the average Joe. Everything was the same, but the new M1 chip. That is when I realized that this M1 MacBook Air was the one for me. I didn’t hesitate and started saving until I had enough to buy it. And, I absolutely made the best decision in purchasing it. It is amazing, it’s super slim. portable, super fast processing speed and power. The screen is beautiful, the bezels are unnoticeable. The keyboard is outstanding, To be completely honest, this laptop makes you want to be more productive, just because of its speed and its ease of use. If you’re thinking about purchasing a Mac, this by far is one of the better choices (and the cheapest nonetheless) The charger is also outstanding! 30w is all you need for this little thing
    Recommendation: I would just like to say that you should consider upgrading the SSD size, at least to 512GB, 256GB is fine, but you won’t feel the need to download and have only the essentials, 512GB is such a sweet spot and won’t have to worry about deleting things in the future. RAM upgrade I wouldn’t recommend, unless you are a serious power hungry user.

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  8. Happy

    Replaced my 10-year-old MacBook Air & I am so happy. The new one has many improvements, for example in the grammar & spelling corrections. Speed is greatly improved. Unfortunately the USB port is different so I had to buy an adapter to look at any old flash drives. Not sure why they did that, but since it’s Apple, I’m sure there was a good reason.

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    MacBook Air 13.3″ Laptop – Apple M1 chip – 8GB Memory – 256GB SSD (Latest Model) – Silver
    MacBook Air 13.3″ Laptop – Apple M1 chip – 8GB Memory – 256GB SSD (Latest Model) – Silver

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