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Shark – Vertex™ DuoClean® PowerFins Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum – Blue


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Specification: Shark – Vertex™ DuoClean® PowerFins Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum – Blue



Cleaning Path Width

10.63 inches

Vacuum Type

Stick vacuums

Bin Capacity

0.34 gallons

Product Weight

9.04 pounds

Brush Roll Shut-Off




Compatible Floor Type

Carpet, Hardwoods


11.15 amperes




281 watts

Filter Type


Multi Surface


Washable Filter


Attachments Included

Crevice tool, Pet multi-tool, Anti-allergen brush

Product Name

Vertex™ DuoClean® PowerFins Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum



Additional Accessories Included

Crevice Tool, Pet Multi-tool, Anti-allergen Brush, and Wide Upholstery Tool

Model Number




Color Category


Product Height

46.46 inches

Product Length

10.24 inches

Product Width

9.65 inches




25.2 volts

Manufacturers Warranty - Parts


Manufacturers Warranty - Labor




Photos: Shark – Vertex™ DuoClean® PowerFins Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum – Blue

8 reviews for Shark – Vertex™ DuoClean® PowerFins Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum – Blue

4.8 out of 5
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  1. hitsuyoo

    I will explain in a sec. First I want to say that this Vacuum is really cool looking and has some neat features. Like how the Bristles are replaced by a brush and blades. This allows the vacuum to glide across the carpet, tile and hardwood floors to pick up dust, grime a hair( Pet, human or extensions.) alike. I has a removable battery that can be replaced, if the need ever arises. But you don’t need to detach it from the vacuum to charge it, as The port is always accessible.
    This vacuum does have two standard settings that are chosen from the top of the main unit( which actually looks like a Cosplayer’s dream gun, when not attached to any of the ..well.. attachments.
    There’s also a trigger on the main unit that allows you to add some extra power to your suction. But speaking of those attachments.
    It comes 5 attachments 1) Multi-flex under-appliance wand 1) Duo-Clean Power-fins Vacuum 1) Multi-angle Dusting brush 1)Standard Dusting brush w/ detachable scrub brush & 1) Crevice tool. Not to mention, the battery charging brick for that removable battery. So that makes 6 attachments, doesn’t it? Well, with that being said, here’s my big issue. Most vacuums I’ve ever used, have a slot or connector so you can store most if not all of your accessories, but not here. You’re going to need a special box, with the words Shark Vacuum Attachments written in big letters, so you can keep track of all of your parts. Seriously, there’s nowhere to put your tools on this would be, amazing piece of tech. That’s a huge flaw when your unit costs $350. USD. What where those guys thinking over at Shark? That’s just too much for lost potentially lost parts. Sorry. I can’t recommend this vacuum to you. Even though that Multi Flex wand sounds neat, it won’t be used enough to matter. And the “Mult” only really means one angle flex. It’s only really good for balancing the vac and easy transportability. Bottom line. I’m not impressed.

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  2. Allan

    The Shark Vertex cordless is a dream come true! That is, if you get excited about these kind of things.
    What I can say is I’ve never found the need to review any other vacuum. I’ve owned several brands and types over the years but never really found one that was a perfect fit for me. They’ve all been too big for some jobs, too small for some jobs or just underwhelming in general. This thing though, is amazingly perfect.
    It’s a new product so I can’t yet speak for longevity, but if it’s like my corded Shark Navigator it’ll be a super reliable appliance. The Navigator has been great but I like this better! The main reason being, I’m convinced it’s just as if not more powerful, takes up a much smaller footprint in my house, it’s super portable (i.e. finish up the floors and everything in between in the house, then head out and vacuum the car.), it’s quiet, and the battery lasts plenty long. Roughly 30-45 minutes of power so far depending on what I’m doing and what power setting I need.
    The battery charging can be done by either removing the battery from the vacuum or plugging it in while it’s still on the vacuum. It takes approximately 2-2.5 hours to charge after it’s been completely used up.
    I noticed that even though it is a top heavy machine, it feels nice in the hand and doesn’t wear out the arm during prolonged use.
    The wheels are rubber and feel super solid. They glide across both carpeted and hard floors with ease and they make zero noise!
    The attachments work great and I’m impressed that I have the ability to use them for almost any job.
    I’ve been critiquing everything about this thing, and honestly so far I have found zero cons. I’ll update though if anything comes up.
    Overall I’ve found myself completely satisfied with this thing, it looks, feels, sounds and works perfectly! I can’t compliment Shark enough for the thought they put into designing this. They really had the user in mind! I’ll recommend this vacuum to everyone I know that’s in the market.

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  3. TechBuyer

    I have a few of the major competitor cordless and corded vacuums from Dyson and I am extremely impressed by this Shark Vertex hand vac.
    Coolest new features:
    -Shark fins that prevent hair tangling on the roller heads.
    -Bending neck that allows for both compact storage but also bending under beds or furniture.
    -builtin LED lights.
    -Removable battery that can be charged by itself or while attached to the hand vac.
    -good performance even on shag carpeting
    Some of the shortfalls that I noticed immediately are as follows:
    1) there is no clever wall mount charging system like Dyson. This means it probably won’t replace my v6 in the kitchen. The biggest proponent of cleaning is ease of use and accessibility so if I have to pull it out of a closer and charge the battery separately means I won’t use it as much.
    2) there is no option to buy some kind of wall mount which also held the head attachments for Dyson.
    That’s really the only negatives I’ve found so far. The Shark vortex is not loud in my opinion and does just as good of a job or better than competitors in a household with pets, kids, and long hair. I just wish tHey had a wall mount charging system and I could give a fully positive review.

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  4. DoctorHoo

    The Shark Vertex DuoClean PowerFins Cordless Stick Vacuum came in an eco-friendly box (packed only with recyclable cardboard and paper — no styrofoam) with the following contents:
    1. Handheld Vacuum
    2. Motorized Floor Nozzle
    3. MultiFLEX Wand
    4. Pet Multi-Tool
    5. Crevice Tool
    6. Anti-Allergen Dusting Brush
    7. Li-ion Charger
    8. HEPA Post-Motor Filter (pre-installed)
    I was very happy to see that it came with a removable battery. My other cordless vacuum came with a non-replaceable battery which means that once the battery stops holding a charge, it will become useless even if the vacuum itself is working fine.
    With the Shark Vertex, I would just need to order another battery. It’s really great to see a company like Shark being so eco-friendly.
    Assembly was very easy. Just click the handheld vacuum to the wand and motorized floor nozzle to clean the floors in standard floor vacuum mode. Charging the battery seemed to take about 3 hours but I left it overnight before using it for the first time. You can charge the battery while it is attached to the vacuum or removed. That means it would be possible to order another battery as a backup for longer cleaning time.
    The vacuum seemed to glide effortlessly across my carpet. It almost felt like the wheels were motorized but they are not. I think it was the rotating rollers that helped glide the vacuum across the carpet.
    Suction power seemed very strong as it picked up a lot of dust from my carpet. The L.E.D lights help illuminate the cleaning area. In terms of noise, I did not think it was loud at all. In fact, it’s way more quiet than my regular corded vacuum cleaners.
    I was very impressed with the flexible wand. Along with the narrow floor nozzle, cleaning under furniture and chairs was very easy and it seemed able to reach difficult areas more easily than my other vacuum cleaners. It is easily the best vacuum I have for cleaning under beds and furniture.
    It also has a very clever compact storage mode if you are tight on space for storing tall items.
    The battery lasted about 30 minutes under full power. During that time, I was able to clean my living room, dining room, kitchen floor, stairs, and upstairs hallway before the battery went out.
    The Shark Vertex also seemed to do a much better job on hardwood floors compared to my other vacuums. I think the silicon PowerFins do work as advertised in helping reduce the amount of dust streaking on hardwood floors.
    To empty the dust tank, you hold the vacuum over the trash receptacle, slide a latch and the lid pops out and you can empty the contents. You don’t have to remove any filters to empty the contents. It was very easy to do.
    Removing the dust tank from the vacuum was a little more confusing. I had to read the instruction manual on how to do this. But after you figure it out, it’s pretty easy. You would only need to do this to check on and clean the filters.
    The portable handheld mode made cleaning stairs and sofas very easy. Switching operating modes (portable handheld mode, standard floor mode, and high reach mode) through attachments was quick and easy. One criticism is that Shark did not include any holder for the attachments.
    The Shark Vertex DuoClean PowerFins vacuum is a very versatile vacuum, does very well on hardwood floors, and has good cleaning power. The cordless nature makes it great for quick and frequent cleaning jobs. I highly recommend this cordless vacuum.

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  5. Naztynestor

    been spending time with this vacuum for a week now, it’s been over 20 years since i’ve ever tried a Shark Vacuum, last year got a Hoover vacuum that was great and after taking a break from that, and start noticing the difference with this vacuum I must say I love this Shark vacuum it works great!
    – great design choices this almost identical to my Hoover One Power Cordless both exact same color
    – once you set up the whole vacuum you’ll have about 4 extra attachments
    – took me about 3.5 hrs to get it fully charge, the vacuum have 3 indicator lights that should give you an idea of how close the vacuum from being done
    – only have 1200 sqft of house and the battery didn’t die on me compared to my hoover vacuum where batteries only last up to 15 min on turbo mode
    – this vacuum could last close to an hr during hand vacuum mode, bare floor about 34 min, you also have carpet mode that could last about 23 min. this vacuum also have a small trigger you can pull to go boost mode
    – I love the fact that this vacuum support multi flex, having the ability to fold is such a great idea and save you from having that awkward vacuum placement when storing.
    – since it can fold you can also use this feature when vacuuming under the couch. something my other Hoover vacuum can’t do
    – this vacuum can also be washed, cleaning up your dust cup and taking out the filter with ease, hate seeing dusty vacuum and having the ability to clean and was comes handy
    – the bottom of the roller can also be unscrewed to clean anything that picked up, one major thing I notice, this vacuum I feel like it deep cleans my carpet , these attached on bottom just works better, and for some reason less hair was getting stock, I was fully surprised! the brush rolls hasn’t given me any problem on stopping, it performs more than I expected.
    – nothing major problem with this vacuum, tried to think of something that this vacuum doesn’t do better than my other main vacuum, and I could really think of anything
    – I just wish this vacuum came with a bag to store the attachments that came with it
    satisfied user here, if you have a bigger house more than 1200 sqft maybe I would recommend getting extra battery for this, but I didn’t run to this issue since the life of the battery is more than enough for me. you have impressed me Shark keep it up! this one solid vacuum, I recommend this!

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  6. Quincy0980

    The Shark Power Fins Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum is a fairly light weight vacuum that has good power for a battery operated unit. Out of the box the vacuum comes partially charged. I let it charge over night and it was ready to go. Hardwood floors or rugs didn’t slow down the shark ability to clean. The vacuum comes with several attachments for getting in and around tight spaces. When using the vacuum the grip is solid and comfortable and not overly heavy or fatiguing. The battery life allowed me to vacuum my main floor rugs nearly 4 time without charging it.
    I was looking for a lightweight vacuum to use more often and for quick clean ups and the Shark fit the bill!

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  7. Fireplace

    Excellent vac especially with so much dust. Does wonders.I’m so glad I did the purchase.

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  8. Magaly

    Love this stand alone stick vacuum. Easy to use. Battery last more than the specified on Specs section. Light useful. You need to use your hand to remove hairs around the mini filter inside the canister.

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    Shark – Vertex™ DuoClean® PowerFins Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum – Blue
    Shark – Vertex™ DuoClean® PowerFins Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum – Blue
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