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SAMSUNG 32” M7 Smart Monitor & Streaming TV, 4K UHD, Adaptive Picture, Ultrawide Gaming View, Watch Netflix, HBO, Prime Video, Apple Airplay,…


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  • Mobile Connectivity: Wireless DeX unlocks a full PC experience, without a computer; Use mobile productivity apps, such as video conferencing, documents and browsers, through just your smart monitor and phone
  • Smart Hub: Binge watch with access to a bunch of entertainment apps, such as Netflix, YouTube, and HBO, without switching on your PC or laptop; The remote control and built in speakers simplify chill time
  • PC on Screen: Get work done without a PC with the installed Microsoft Office 365, or by remote access to your office computer
  • Adaptive Picture: Sensational picture, day or night; Surrounding light is detected by a sensor to adjust brightness automatically with Adaptive Picture
  • Ultrawide Game View: Keep your eye on the win; Gamers can adjust the screen to 21:9 and discover hidden areas in gaming scenes with Ultrawide Game View
  • Connect with AirPlay 2: With AirPlay 2 integration, use Apple devices to work and play on the big screen; Create a wireless dual monitor setup with your MacBook and Smart Monitor, and enjoy videos, music, photos, and more from your iPhone or iPad
  • More Pixels Show You More: With 4x the pixels of Full HD, the Smart Monitor delivers more screen space and amazingly life-like UHD images; By day, see more documents at once, and in the evening, watch movies in cinematic 4K quality

Specification: SAMSUNG 32” M7 Smart Monitor & Streaming TV, 4K UHD, Adaptive Picture, Ultrawide Gaming View, Watch Netflix, HBO, Prime Video, Apple Airplay,…

Standing screen display size

‎32 Inches

Screen Resolution

‎3840 x 2160 pixels

Max Screen Resolution

‎3840 x 2160 Pixels

Number of USB 2.0 Ports






Item model number


Item Weight

‎1 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎28.19 x 20.35 x 7.62 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎28.19 x 20.35 x 7.62 inches





Country of Origin


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

‎November 16, 2020

Photos: SAMSUNG 32” M7 Smart Monitor & Streaming TV, 4K UHD, Adaptive Picture, Ultrawide Gaming View, Watch Netflix, HBO, Prime Video, Apple Airplay,…

9 reviews for SAMSUNG 32” M7 Smart Monitor & Streaming TV, 4K UHD, Adaptive Picture, Ultrawide Gaming View, Watch Netflix, HBO, Prime Video, Apple Airplay,…

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  1. Sarah Tan

    Do not purchase this monitor.

    It looks great on paper and the picture would great if I could see it. I had to rate it 1 star because it’s so dim. It promises 250 nits but the brightness is like it’s set permanently at 50%. I set this up at night with regular led lighting. It was dim at night; that’s saying something. I have another Samsung space monitor 4K 32” VA 250 nits just like this but it’s night and day, almost literally.

    I didn’t notice the brightness is a common problem mentioned by other users, but when I looked for it, quite a few people did say the same thing.

    I looked up optimal display settings and tried to make it but a lot of settings are greyed out. The brightness is maxed out and no amount of changing settings can fix it. I tried it all. Yes changing from standard to dynamic will help, so will colour standard to cool but then everything is blue and poppy like in the 2000s. I’m in digital design, this doesn’t fly.

    Other negatives: There is no display port. No headphone jack. The stand is also terrible. It teeters on 1 screw. Those reviews that say their monitor is swaying back and forth. It’s kind of an exaggeration but also, if your desk wobbles or you bump it, your monitor will wobble more. I didn’t have a huge issue, but the stand is terrible.

    It’s cool for the TV capabilities and airplay which I wanted. 1x USB c port. Decent speakers. The remote feels good in hand and I like the shortcut buttons to Netflix and prime. Nice thin metal bezel and overall slim profile.

    But no amount of functionality can make up for a dim screen. If I can’t see it then I can’t enjoy it.

    Con, max brightness is so dim it’s hard to see anything. Lots of other cons. Pro, it’s an aesthetic paperweight.

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  2. Dominic

    Acheté en vente à 299$. Je l’utilise pour deux choses: 1) Le travail. Comme tous, je travaille a la maison 40-50 heures par semaine devant l’ordinateur. Il remplace deux moniteurs désuets. l’écran en soit est très bien , la résolution, la qualité des noirs et la qualité de l’image sont très correctes. 2) streaming vidéo type Netflix et autre. Je suis aussi bien satisfait de la qualité. la résolution fait une différence pour la clareté. Je ne peux commenter pour les jeux videos mais mon fils est heureux de jouer à Fortnite quand je lui laisse et dit que l’image est “vraiment cool et belle”.
    Un bonus sérieux pour ceux qui ont un laptop qui se charge via usb c: Vous pouvez charger votre ordi avec un fil usb c directement via l’écran. En plus cet écran sert de hub USBA(3 USB A). Donc mes speakers, mon clavier/souris sans fil et mon casque d’écoute sans fil bluetooth sont tous branchés directement sur la télévision. J’ai donc maintenant 1 seul câble connecté a mon ordinateur, le câble USB C qui est fourni avec l’écran. La boite contient aussi un câble HDMI mais je n’en ai même pas besoin parce que le USB C transmet aussi l’image. En gros très belle qualité d’image, hub USB qui remplace un hub 30-40 dollars et charge de l’ordi directement de l’écran. Je suis vraiment satisfait pour le prix. Et même a plein prix ça vaudrait bien l’investissement je crois….et j’oubliais, le moniteur se connecte au réseau wifi de la maison comme une télé intelligente… tel que Netflix, Disney Plus, Paramount Plus, Amazon vidéo toutes disponible via wifi et obtenu en moins d’une minute. Vraiment facile a configurer. Je ne comprends pas les problèmes de connexion évoqués par d’autres.

    Ajout après quelques semaine d’utilisation supplémentaires. Tout va bien mais le hub peut causer des délais d’utilisation (lag). J’ai débranché le usb pour souris/clavier pour le rebrancher ailleurs. Le hub marche donc mais ne remplace pas un hub rapide usb 3.0. Du moins pas quand le cable usbc est utilisé pour charge et image…

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  3. EdCaffreyMS

    Samsung usually does pretty good with computer monitors, and with TVs…. But they really dropped a rotten egg with this thing!
    It arrived today, I got it unpacked, and installed. (I’d already read the manual online while waiting for it to arrive). After taking FOREVER to establish a Samsung account (you can’t use the voice feature/remote without a Samsung account) the first thing I noticed is the picture/images on this monitor are VERY DARK. I thought no biggie, I’ll adjust in the settings….NOT! As it came, the brightness and contrast were maxed out….with nowhere else to go.

    So, I started going through the seemingly endless menu items… and most were “unavailable”. I tried switching to “Dynamic” picture mode, and that only slightly brightened things. I didn’t need to go any further. MAYBE, if the ONLY thing you do with this monitor is watch movies, in a VERY dark room…. it MIGHT be OK for you, but for anyone who EVER does anything else like……visit website….. or heaven forbid… you want to edit a picture or video footage….. IMPOSSIBLE with this monitor.

    As I write this review, it is already back in the box, waiting to be picked up/returned. Even in this price range, this monitor is totally unacceptable. Possibly, if Samsung were to redesign it with a much higher brightness and contrast, it COULD be a usable monitor….but as it is, I can’t image anyone who has ever seen a computer monitor before, could call it “usable”.

    Do yourself a favor…. if you want a computer monitor, buy a computer monitor. If you want a TV, buy a TV. Just steer clear of this lemon of a goose egg that Samsung has laid, it’s not fit for use as either one.

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  4. Mr A.

    First impressions review — I only had this monitor for 24hrs. For the record, I paid $320 for it — I see that the current price is $399. Bear in mind that the following takes the $320 price into account:

    **The M7 is big**
    I come from Apple monitors and products. Compared to the 5K display of the iMac, which is 27″, this 32″ 4K feels large and far, far less pixel-dense. There are detailed debates on pixel density and MacOS online and I won’t re-do one here, but suffice to say that if you are used to Apple screens post-2012, this size/resolution combo will feel lousy. You’re better off going for a 27″ 4K display, of which there are many, or better still a 24″ 4K, which LG makes.
    This means that the resolution of the M7 is a little on the low side for computer use, but as a TV (this monitor essentially converts to a TV), 32″ 4K ends up being rather good. My first impression is that the M7 is best thought of as a small TV.

    **The M7 feels Cheap**
    The stand is not adjustable. Everything everywhere (except for the stand’s base) is plastic. No aluminum, no glass, nothing but cheap, flexy plastic. The monitor wobbles left and right as I type this review like a flag at the beach. The panel’s brightness is minimal, off-axis viewing is mediocre compared to IPS panels (that’s right, this is not IPS!), so if you’re looking at the center of the screen, the edges are blurry (again, this is why it will be better as a TV, when you sit further out). Color reproduction is mostly good.

    **The M7 is Smart!**
    The M7 is very smart, and that’s really the point of it. It has a nice enough operating system that allows you to use it as a TV and use the major apps (Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Apple TV+, etc). However, it is annoying that in order to download more apps you need to create a “Samsung account”, whatever that is (do washing machines need your email these days?). It has an internet browser, which looks a bit goofy and I haven’t tried it. It has a remote, which is actually one of the better remotes I have used in recent days.
    I had a chance to try Android TV recently and my goodness what a disaster that platform is. A spam-filled Wild West of foreign apps running on cheapo hardware. This (Tizan?) seems quite a bit better. If you just want to kick back and watch Netflix and you don’t want to have a TV in addition to a monitor, this will do. And it’s really the main reason for getting this monitor.

    **The M7 is a USB-C Monitor**
    I find it hard to believe that it’s almost 2021 and they still make non USB-C monitors. Well, this one has USB-C. Which means you can connect and charge your laptop or tablet with one cable. Hallelujah! I suppose this fact alone would make this monitor worth the price, given how poorly the competition is adopting the standard.


    — the smarts, the decent operating system, the large TV-viewing area, ok colors

    THE BAD:

    — ultra cheap build quality, low resolution for the panel size, poor off-axis sharpness

    GET IT IF:

    as a computer user you need screen real estate more than you need quality, and you want your monitor to double as a TV at night.
    This is not going to be anyone’s product of the year, but it has a niche and it will be great for those looking for its specific qualities.

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  5. c0wg0esm00

    I figured that USB-C and HDMI would allow this to work like a monitor with some extra features if needed. I spent an hour trying to get the HDMI display up and about 10 minutes via USB-C. No luck. The Mac behaved like there was an external display but I kept getting “No Signal”. HDMI diagnostics worked, and I used their included cable. Air Play works fine on it and it can be used as an Internet TV with the apps, but overall I’m disappointed. Also, you will take forever to set this thing up with all of the questions that it asks. I expected much more from Samsung.

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  6. Shawn

    Edit: After two days of use, and though my review was glowing, the monitor is going back. It’s just not bright enough and was causing eye strain, even with scaling (I am in a nicely lit room, not too bright, not too dim). I wanted to like it, I really really did. Loved the connectivity and options. It’s just too big to be a dim monitor. I had to strain too much. This will make an excellent 4K television. Review changed from 5 star to 3 star.

    I have to say, just received this monitor and it is awesome. I connected it to the computer via USB-C and was initially disappointed because it only came up at 30Hz at 4K, but did a firmware update and got the 60Hz at full 4K!! Image quality is amazing. There is no noticeable lag when using USB-C, but when connecting wirelessly (which works from a Windows machine in 4K, there is a slight lag on action (The display presents it’s own mouse pointer on wireless which moves immediately, so there is only a lag on wireless when typing, dragging, scrolling, etc). Surprisingly, there is no delay when watching movies, even wirelessly over 4K! Overall, beautiful color reproduction, full wide viewing angle and it is certainly bright enough for my use (WFH in front of a window). Have not explored the Smart TV functionality, but it appears to have Prime TV, Netflix and Apple TV+. Overall very impressed. Finally, top and side bezels are quite thin, the rear profile (depth) is also very thin, and the speakers are quite good and punchy. I’m glad that it is lightweight enough to not weigh down the cheap arm I purchased a few weeks back.

    Edit: Includes a 3ft USB-C cable (A longer, Apple one I tried powered my laptop but did not drive the display), an HDMI cable (didn’t use as the USB-C drives the monitor, or use the wireless function if the slight lag does not bother you. Also, supports AirPlay (pretty cool)!

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  7. Amit&Nehal

    Brightness is deal breaker … my specter 32 inch QHD at 50% bright ness is brighter than this one at 100% .. also no display port

    everything else is pretty good

    It has smart hub and even prime and Netflix shortcuts on remote

    Apple airplay compatible

    And 3 USB port , 2 hdmi , 1 usbc /65 watt which can be used for both power and display with one cable

    Remote and smart hub interface is good

    If you are not gamer and not professional then this might work for you.

    I wish they come up with new version with brighter display p

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  8. Pikachu’s Right Ear

    -27″ 1080P Samsung Smart Monitor-

    It’s nice to see Samsung release a TV/Monitor combo again. I own an older version that was marketed as an “HDTV Monitor” & was hoping to retire it for the new version. While they’re neat, and very universal, they have some drawbacks.

    My first impressions were, having most of the functions from the Samsung Smart TV lineup is a great idea. Having a Bluetooth TV remote for a monitor is something I’ve wanted for a long time. Messing with clunky buttons on a monitor to adjust settings is tedious in comparison. Inevitably, TVs would cross with monitors again at some point & vice versa. Connecting via WiFi was a breeze. The apps work well, YouTube showed no signs of lagg. Netflix was also fantastic. Bluetooth remote was responsive & monitor supports older IR Samsung remotes. Additionally, I plugged a USB stick to test video playback. Having numerous files in a folder, it took awhile to load them all. However playing the files worked well.

    There are several other neat functions as well. HDMI ARC, Bluetooth support for speakers, several phone to monitor functions, two USB ports in the back, built in speakers that sound rather good for a monitor, etc. If you own a Samsung Smart TV before, you’ll know what to expect here

    Unfortunately, this is where the review sours. The picture quality for this monitor is pretty bad for PC use. Text appears grainy, & blurry. Being a 1080p 27″ display, I expect some minor pixelation & less crispness. Although it’s worse than it should be. You must edit the HDMI input & change it to PC for the best results. This was the case on my previous Samsung HDTV Monitor from 2012. However, this tells me that this is a TV first & a monitor second. I was hoping it would be the other way around this time. Ghosting & Motion blur is also very bad on this monitor. I noticed it immediately. Scrolling up and down on a wall of text showed severe smearing. No issues with brightness, it gets very bright. Colour is decent. Contrast is good, thanks to being a VA panel. Viewing angles are also great.

    Additionally, I plugged my PS4 into the monitor to test as well. Results there were also mediocre. The image appears “blurry”, and unrefined. Motion blur was also very noticeable there as well. Far worse than my other displays, which aren’t dedicated gaming displays either. It’s a shame, because the older Samsung hybrid monitor had a similar problem. Grainy blurry image, albeit motion was handled better. Game mode must be enabled to have low input lagg.

    Ultimately, I’m glad to see a return of the TV/Monitor hybrid by Samsung. Especially in the 27″ size range. This specific monitor would suit a casual user looking for an all in one unit for their desk. Heck, it would make for a good bedroom TV too. What I would like to see from Samsung in the future is a focus on Monitor first & TV second. Higher refresh rate, response time, lower input lag, crisp image, FreeSync support etc. Basically what’s in their other monitors already, but with the bells & whistles of a smart TV. I did return the monitor, and hope to see a more refined version in possible future releases.

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  9. Ragdiel

    Excellent to do my work. It is everything I wanted. I love the fact that is also a tv. It came in time and in good conditions. it also brougth the batteries for the tv remote and an hdmi cable.

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    SAMSUNG 32” M7 Smart Monitor & Streaming TV, 4K UHD, Adaptive Picture, Ultrawide Gaming View, Watch Netflix, HBO, Prime Video, Apple Airplay,…
    SAMSUNG 32” M7 Smart Monitor & Streaming TV, 4K UHD, Adaptive Picture, Ultrawide Gaming View, Watch Netflix, HBO, Prime Video, Apple Airplay,…
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