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T3 Micro T3 Fit Ionic Compact Hair Dryer with IonAir Technology – Includes Ion Generator, Multiple Speed and Heat Settings, Cool Shot, 1 ct.


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Photos: T3 Micro T3 Fit Ionic Compact Hair Dryer with IonAir Technology – Includes Ion Generator, Multiple Speed and Heat Settings, Cool Shot, 1 ct.

13 reviews for T3 Micro T3 Fit Ionic Compact Hair Dryer with IonAir Technology – Includes Ion Generator, Multiple Speed and Heat Settings, Cool Shot, 1 ct.

4.9 out of 5
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  1. Jklb

    I have fragile hair. Love the medium heat for drying my hair and the cool finish.

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  2. Caeli Allard

    My hair dried quickly and has a shiny silky texture. The push button releases and you still get that cool blast to set the the just dried hair on the round brush. No holding the button. It’s small and light weight for even the most complex drying. I love this blow dryer. It packs easily and doesn’t tak up bulk in my bag.

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  3. debi

    This is replacing a sedu revolution lite that I had for over 10 years. I wanted something about the same size and weight and this was perfect. I hate holding a heavy dryer (or heavy anything) up to my head. It’s awful when drying your hair leaves you hot and tired. It has the same power as the sedu (1400 watts, so not the highest) but it still dries my hair in 5 minutes. The air flow in high feels soft and controlled, not wildly blowing my hair all over. It feels wonderful in my hand – light, well made, and sturdy. And it’s so pretty. This is my main daily use hair dryer. If you want it for travel, The handle doesn’t fold, but I’ve also found that folding handles feel less sturdy and are more prone to breakage.

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  4. Joan Latham

    Full power in half the size and weight!

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  5. Mindi Brown

    Love this dryer .. it’s compact with a lot of power. It’s light weight so easy to hold and dry hair. It dries my hair in minutes with no frizz .. would be great as a travel dryer as well just no folding handle like this brands travel design. It was exactly what I wanted very pleased 😀

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  6. Debbie

    Don’t care for the cord…..heavy duty…..great if I owned a hair salon….would like to see a swivel cord.

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  7. Luke

    The T3 Micro-Fit Ionic Compact Hair Dryer is a good choice for combatting breakage, dryness and fizz. It’s a very compact, but also pretty hefty blow dryer. The controls are pretty straightforward and nicely laid out to prevent buttons from being pushed by accident. It has three heat settings, two-speed settings, as well as a hot and cold button. The cord is thick so it doesn’t get tangled. It also has plenty of length to it, so I can work the dryer comfortably around my entire head without shifting my body position.

    It drys my hair a bit faster than my previous dryer. But most importantly, with the ionic technology, my hair is left smoother and retains more moisture. I’m seeing less frizz and fewer split ends. My hair is noticeably smoother than with regular dryers. Basically, there are more good hair days. This dryer will be especially beneficial for folks with long hair lengths. On the downside, the price is a bit steep, but I think the results compared to regular hairdryers are worth the premium. Hopefully, it lasts for a long time so I can benefit from more good hair days. Full marks from me!

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  8. Lisa

    I love this dryer because it’s so easy to hold because of the size. I have fine hair and it dries my hair fast. I have the original featherweight t3 for 10 years now and it doesn’t have heat settings and I really wanted one with heat settings since my hair is so fine and to prevent any breakage. This dryer is amazing. I don’t know how this would work for very thick hair. It dries my hair fast and it leaves it shiny and it doesn’t dry my hair out since I can adjust the heat. I’m going to try it with the diffuser since I have wavy/curly hair that I almost always blow dry straight. I had to order the diffuser separate.

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  9. The Tech Guy

    First off the build quality of this hair dryer is excellent. It’s well made and looks very elegant with the gloss white and gold accents.

    There is some weight to this hair dryer when you compare it to similar cheaper compact hair blowers … you can tell that the motor and electronics inside is heavier than the lightweight lower cost dryers.

    The cord on this T3 Fit is also heavier and longer than similar compact blowers.

    As far as performance goes it’s a bit of a mixed bag and will depend on the length of your hair.

    ••• Velocity •••
    There are 2 speeds on this hair blower however I was expecting much more velocity at the high speed from this $200 hair blower than my $60 conair dryer. Sadly as far as output goes the T3 is only slightly higher velocity than my lower priced compact conair.

    ••• Controls •••
    I like the control buttons on this hair dryer. There are three heat settings, two speed settings and a hot/cold toggle button. The cool air button on the front is confusing at first. With most hair dryers this is a momentary button that blows cold air when pressed and then resumes hot air when let go. This is not the case on the T3 Fit. The hot/cold button on the T3 is a toggle switch. This means you press and release it fully to switch or toggle between hot or cold air.

    ••• Ion Air Technology ? •••
    If you have short hair like me you probably won’t notice any difference between a regular hair blower than this T3 Fit. If you have long hair like my with you WILL Notice and Appreciate the IonAir Technology in this hair dryer. It does work and makes long hair smoother with less static than a traditional standard hair dryer.

    ••• Noise •••
    The pitch of the T3 motor is lower than my other hair dryers so it’s less annoying but nevertheless it’s still noisy and about the same noise level as my other hair blowers … just lower pitch.

    ••• Accessories •••
    The only accessory included with this blower is the concentrator nozzle. If you want a diffuser you will have to purchase it separately another $35 dollars.

    ••• Recommendation •••
    This is an elegant looking, well made compact hair blower but suited for the bathroom at home but compact enough that you could travel with it if you wanted to however it is larger than many compact hair blowers.

    For $200 dollars I have to say I was expecting more … namely higher wind velocity which this T3 blower does not have. As far as air output this T3 is about the same as my $60 Conair. ON the flip side … My wife says the IonAir Technology does help reduce static and make her long hair smooth and shiny so if you have long hair this is a benefit.

    If you have long hair and area looking for a compact, well made, stylish looking hair blower than this T3 Fit is certainly worth consideration.

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  10. bettinasara

    You get what you pay for. I’ve tried the cheaper travel models from other companies. THIS ONE was perfect for me. Light weight, very long cord, powerful, with settings for heat and for air flow. I love this little baby and it’s going EVERYWHERE with me. Don’t waste your money on cheap, you’ll end up buying the right thing anyway. I’d give 1o stars if I could.

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  11. Elle

    I don’t use a hair dryer to dry my hair all the time, I usually try to let my hair air dry as much as possible and then blow dry a bit and then I’ll use my hot air brush to give my hair some volume at the roots and curls at the ends. This T3 micro hair dryer is so compact and lightweight in comparison to all my other hair dryers! I really love it just for the ease of handling alone!

    It has all the main features I want, too! A lockable cool shot button, 3 heat settings to choose from, and 2 speeds with one concentrator nozzle attachment (unfortunately the diffuser for curly/wavy hair is sold separately). It is quiet but powerful. If you find it difficult to maneuver a blow dryer and round brush to blow out your hair, this mini dryer may be the solution! The price tag is rather high but the performance, ease of use and quality of construction and design certainly all makes it worth the higher cost to my mind.

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  12. Jason R.

    This hair dryer is definitely much smaller than our other hair dryers, it’s the size of those cheap bargain hair dryers but it performs just as well or better than full size half decent ones. Noise wise, we find that on both of the fan levels it is quieter or at least has a quality to the sound that seems easier to listen to than our other dryers – it’s still not quiet by any means, it’s still a hair dryer, but it’s a bit better in a relative sense. Despite being small, it blows a pretty respectable amount of air and can get just as hot as our big ones. Build quality is excellent. Even though it’s small, it looks and feels like a quality piece of equipment – doesn’t feel cheap at all. I like that the two switches for heat and air speed are rocker switches rather than the typical sliders or multiple buttons. They’re really easy to reach and use one handed by feel only.

    If you get this, you might be confused about the cold shot button on this like I was at first. You might try holding it down like you might on other dryers and find that it keeps pumping heat out. Thing is on this one the button is a toggle switch, you have to press it completely and then let go to change “modes”, you don’t hold it down.

    Downsides here are mainly related to the cost and the fact it comes with less accessories than other full size hair dryers that cost less. Only one attachment is included, for me it’s fine, it’s the only kind of attachment I ever use but for others you might want to pay attention to what it comes with. Price wise it seems a bit much for what you’re getting, yes it’s made well and works well but unless being compact is pretty high on your priority list it is a big ask. I didn’t really notice any difference in the final results using this compared to a less expensive (but full sized) hair dryer. To be fair, someone with hair down to their back might have a totally different experience with a dryer than someone with shorter hair like me.

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  13. T. Brown

    This is a brand new release by T3. It’s designed to be more compact at 30% smaller than the T3 Cura Luxe hair drier. It’s also light weight, ergonomically shaped and easy to hold and use.

    The cord is long and has a included Velcro strap or packing up and keeping things organized. It’s size and weight actually make it ideal for travelling with. I used to be a flight attendant so I’m used to always being on the go and a hair drier like this would fit perfectly in a to-go bag.

    It has two speeds and three heat settings and a locking cool setting so that you don’t have to keep your finger on the cool button the entire time. It’s actually quite powerful and effective and drying my hair. It takes me about 5-10 minutes to dry out my medium length hair depending on how much of a blowout look I’m going for.

    It does come with one focusing attachment that helps out for sectioning hair out for blowouts. There is a separately sold fit diffuser that’s available and compatible with this dryer as well.

    The negative ion technology helps reduce the effects of frizz and that translates to not having to use as much product on your hair to control the frizz. This seems to either work or not work on a person by person basis. I did notice an improvement in my hair but I know some people don’t see an improvement. Since human hair has so much variety, it probably effects various hair types differently.

    The body feel solid and the rose gold accents on the white body look great. Overall, I would recommend this dryer if you’re looking for a compact dependable hair dryer with negative ion technology to reduce frizz and dry faster.

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    T3 Micro T3 Fit Ionic Compact Hair Dryer with IonAir Technology – Includes Ion Generator, Multiple Speed and Heat Settings, Cool Shot, 1 ct.
    T3 Micro T3 Fit Ionic Compact Hair Dryer with IonAir Technology – Includes Ion Generator, Multiple Speed and Heat Settings, Cool Shot, 1 ct.
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