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ASUS – Vivobook 15.6″ Laptop – Intel 10th Gen i7 – 8GB Memory – 1TB+256GB PCIE SSD – Slate Grey – Slate Grey


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ASUS Vivobook Laptop. Enjoy everyday activities with this ASUS notebook PC. The Intel Core i7 processor and 8GB of RAM let you run programs smoothly, on the 15.6-inch FHD display. This ASUS notebook PC has 1TB + 256GB SSDthat shortens load times and offers ample storage.

Photos: ASUS – Vivobook 15.6″ Laptop – Intel 10th Gen i7 – 8GB Memory – 1TB+256GB PCIE SSD – Slate Grey – Slate Grey

8 reviews for ASUS – Vivobook 15.6″ Laptop – Intel 10th Gen i7 – 8GB Memory – 1TB+256GB PCIE SSD – Slate Grey – Slate Grey

4.3 out of 5
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  1. LeeE

    I’ve waited a few months to review this and I’m still very happy with it. For the price it’s a excellent laptop. It’s fast light and about a small as a 15.6′ laptop could be. Storage is great 256GB of fast SSD so it loads and runs program very fast and a 1TB hard disk. Based on the specs on the Best Buy site I didn’t expect a touch screen or a backlit keyboard, it has both (and the “ErgoLift” hinge make the keyboard more comfortable. Battery life is fine for my use. If you wanted to run power intensive programs for a long time on battery this may not be the laptop for you (but at this size and price point it what I would expect). Sound is ok, quality is fine (unless you’re blocking the down pointing speaker), volume and be low for some sources, but big speakers, more powerful amp would mean a larger size and or higher price.

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  2. Duped007

    Performance – 5 stars; All the rest – 3 stars: Read on for more…
    Lets start with the basics – Performance is 5 stars. Its a speedy great performing laptop. Screen is excellent, bright, crisp and clear. Hard Drive size is great (ymmv). Fast surfing, plays 1080p video no problems. Plays 4k videos no problem. Games are good, but i don’t use it as a gaming laptop so look elsewhere for reviews that mention 3d gaming.
    Now the 3 star parts… There is no USER SWAPPABLE battery. If your battery starts dropping in use time, or you want to swap out the old battery and put in a new one to continue a marathon session of use without access to a main plug power, stay away from this laptop. Sure its easy to swap out a battery once the old one starts to die, but if you need to swap out just for long term usage, unless you plan to pack a few mini screwdrivers, you’ll need to unscrew the case, unplug the connector and clip, remove the old battery, put in the new one, connect it and screw it back in, then close the case. Based on my use of this laptop for 3 weeks now, i get about 3 hours of life. im already predicting im going to have problem. 2 stars for this.
    The speakers are bad. They are down facing speakers, so if you use your laptop on your lap, or your bed, or any other cloth, the sounds will be VERY muffled. Unless you are using the laptop on a table or a hard surface, you will not enjoy the sound. Best way around this, use a headset or earbuds. 3 stars for this.
    wifi is good. 4 stars.
    The placement of the “end” “delete” keys are far apart with the end key practically in the top middle row of the keyboard and the delete key on the far top right (they are spread apart and i dont know why). 3 stars for this.

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  3. Enjoyintechnology

    needing a new laptop I asked Jordon from the Geek Squad for recommendations. he recommended qualities rather than a brand and said these usually are in the 600.00 + range but sales were coming up soon. He was right. I got this a couple of weeks later at well under that amount and Jordon transferred all of my data for my old laptop and this ASUS is really fast.

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  4. JSAKL

    This is the second ASUS computer that I’ve owned and I really think that they make a great product. Then couple that with how Best Buy stands behind what they sell and you really can’t go wrong. If your looking for a great computer that won’t break the bank, then give this one a try; you will not be disappointed.

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  5. Julian

    No good battery life
    Software errors at first updates
    I want to returned but I let it pass the deadline
    Good storage memory

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  6. Satisfied

    I received mine yesterday and It IS TOUCHSCREEN and has BACKLIT keypad. Not sure why description says it doesn’t. Very nice surprise.

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  7. PeekyBeach

    I love the feel and light weight of this SSD laptop. The keyboard is comfortable, I like having the 10 key, although it took a min ute to get used to the zero being off center.
    My great concern is that the adapter/charger cord is already coming undone to where bare wires are exposed right at the junction of the plug/cord and for that, it loses a star. I’ve only used it for less than a month, even though I purchased it earlier (I had surgery and was just using my old one). I am very careful with my cords from having had so many poor quality ones break at the connection into the laptop, and I’m very disappointed that this one has such a thin insulation covering.

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  8. TechReviewer

    Overall performance of the laptop is good, very sleek and light weighted, although I wish this laptop came with at least 12 or 16 gb RAM / Memory, then it would really scale and match the i7 comuting power to the full spectrum.
    1TB/ 256GB SSD is great, however 512 GB is becoming the new min SSD standard. This comes with the windows 10 safe version and needs to be tweaked, to be changed to Windows home, which allows you to be able to install additional
    software like Norton or McAfee antivirus or other windows apps – Why create the hassle for customers and preconfigure it already(question for Asus team)?
    This laptop wasnt supposed to be touch screen or backlit enabled, at least best busy advertises as a non-touch screen, non-backlit laptop, so was surprised to see the laptop has both features.
    Read some of the other reviews as well, where the customers were just as pleasently surprised.
    The real cons on the laptop: (1) No removable battery, (2) no CD changer/writer, (3)The USB-C doesnt not support video, meaning –> if you would like to use a hub to connect to 2 different monitors it wont work via the
    USB C port)- (4) Has only one small external memory card slot, unlike the standard larger ones where an adpter can be used for all sizes of memory cards (5) Sounds is a bit low compared my HP laptops, should be scaled up for better user experience (6)- The camera is probably the worst, almost useless camera, since it is
    very pixelated and the image is very grainy even from 1 feet distance the best lighting BIG CON for all folks who use Zoom for day to day work. Con#3 and #6 from above are worst and can impact the quality of the work on daily basis.
    “If the product rating were to be given purely on USB-C port and the camera- then I would rate it it only 1 star”
    Asus team – Fix the poor camera to a higher resolution camera, with a external privacy shutter and USB C port to support data and Video, increase the default RAM to 12 or 16 gb, especially
    these are so darn cheap, so why skimp on it?

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    ASUS – Vivobook 15.6″ Laptop – Intel 10th Gen i7 – 8GB Memory – 1TB+256GB PCIE SSD – Slate Grey – Slate Grey
    ASUS – Vivobook 15.6″ Laptop – Intel 10th Gen i7 – 8GB Memory – 1TB+256GB PCIE SSD – Slate Grey – Slate Grey

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