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TP-Link AC600 USB WiFi Adapter for PC (Archer T2U Plus)- Wireless Network Adapter for Desktop with 2.4GHz, 5GHz High Gain Dual Band 5dBi Antenna,…


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  • AC600 USB Wi-Fi Adapter – This compact USB Wi-Fi adapter provides long-range and lag-free connections wherever you are. Upgrade your PCs or laptops to 802.11ac standards which are three times faster than wireless N speeds.
  • Smooth Lag Free Connections – Get Wi-Fi speeds up to 200 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band and up to 433 Mbps on the 5 GHz band. With these upgraded speeds, web surfing, gaming, and streaming online is much more enjoyable without buffering or interruptions.
  • Dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Bands – Dual-bands provide flexible connectivity, giving your devices access to the latest routers for faster speeds and extended range.
  • 5dBi High Gain Antenna – The high gain antenna of the Archer T2U Plus greatly enhances the reception and transmission of WiFi signal strengths.
  • OS Compatibility – This USB Wi-Fi adapter supports Windows versions: 10/8.1/8/7/XP and Mac OS: X, 10.9-10.14. OS driver installation may be required. Please visit the TP-Link website for the latest drivers for your operating systems.

Specification: TP-Link AC600 USB WiFi Adapter for PC (Archer T2U Plus)- Wireless Network Adapter for Desktop with 2.4GHz, 5GHz High Gain Dual Band 5dBi Antenna,…

Wireless Type


Number of USB 2.0 Ports





‎Archer T2U Plus

Item model number

‎Archer T2U plus

Operating System

‎Mac OS 10.9-10.14, Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP

Item Weight

‎0.64 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎2.28 x 0.71 x 6.83 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎2.28 x 0.71 x 6.83 inches



Country of Origin


Date First Available

‎March 25, 2019

Photos: TP-Link AC600 USB WiFi Adapter for PC (Archer T2U Plus)- Wireless Network Adapter for Desktop with 2.4GHz, 5GHz High Gain Dual Band 5dBi Antenna,…

13 reviews for TP-Link AC600 USB WiFi Adapter for PC (Archer T2U Plus)- Wireless Network Adapter for Desktop with 2.4GHz, 5GHz High Gain Dual Band 5dBi Antenna,…

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  1. Omar

    Buen dia Gente de Amazon, La antena por si sola funciona, pero busquen e instalen los drivers para tener un mejor desempeño, sin los drivers, tenía una velocidad de 3Mbps y con los drivers ya pude aprovechar la velocidad máxima que tengo en casa, pude subir un video de 3.5Gb en 1:30hrs aproximadamente,

    Tiene muy buen rango, mi casa es de Material tipo block y no tengo problemas de conexión con el modem en la sala y yo a 10 mts de distancia en mi cuarto.

    Puedo jugar online sin interrupciones o Lag.

    Me gusta que la puedo apuntar a la direccion que necesito.

    Psd: solo llevo una semana usandola

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  2. Paco Hernandez

    My router is on the main level and my desktop is in the basement below. We have quite a few wireless devices in the house: 3 smartphones, a smart TV, 3 laptops, an AC controller, and 2 tablets.

    I was switching between two old adapters from time to time: an Asus USB-N13 and a D-Link DWA-160. I always had disconnection issues with those two adapters and was only getting speeds of between 15-30 Mbps even though my internet connection at the source clocks in at 100+ Mbps.

    I plugged in this TP-Link adapter straight out of the box. Didn’t bother installing the included software. Windows 10 recognized it immediately and I was able to connect to my Wifi signal. I ran a speed test and it got to a steady 111 Mbps download, 33 Mbps upload, with 15 ms latency. I ran a few downloads which also peaked at a steady 13.9 MB/s. So far so good. The signal is clearly stronger and the connection very stable.

    For $20 CAD, it’s a stellar value. I am extremely pleased and happy. Highly recommended.

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  3. Ratchaphon M.

    I live in a high-rise apartment building with metal stub walls. My desktop is in a different room from the router. I had a Linksys AC1200 WUSB6300 USB wifi adapter; it served my purpose for the last 2-3 years. Not until recently it had a tendency to disconnect on a regular basis, probably due to noise from my neighbourhood routers. So I needed a strong antenna USB adapter and I chose TP-Link Archer T2U Plus AC600 for it’s 5dbi high gain antenna & price. Installation was a breeze with Windows 10 as it automatically provided the driver. For the last two weeks, I have no disconnections and speeds are constant. I strongly recommended it.

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  4. ppak10

    Highly recommended product it was as easy as plugging into my desktop and playing. I usually stream on games on my desktop and this handles the load very well. In fact I thought this was preforming so well I started preforming speed tests on it. My desktop is in the other room from my router not very far but I got results as if I was wired into the router. Make sure you use the 5ghz band. The results were as fast as being wired into the router only the download/upload speeds were very constant and steady unlike being wired in some how is a bit less steady. I liked this product so much that I will be replacing my wire running through my house with this WiFi adapter.

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  5. ppak10

    A good fast solution for connecting to WiFi if your desktop doesn’t have WiFi support and there are no Ethernet cables around. This plug and play WiFi antenna works just like one that plugs into the pcie but the specs may vary. I haven’t had any issues with this and am pleased with this purchase

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  6. Amazon Customer

    I have a TP link access point and got these for the far bedrooms of my house. It did the trick 100%. I was getting about 3 mpbs from a no-name wireless mouse receiver sized adapter, and video would not stream at 1080, which is unacceptable. I wanted to add another WAP, but figured a unit with an antenna should be enough and it totally was. It now maxes out my connection on speedtest, which is 130 mbps, and over my own network its even faster. So really good value for the money and TP link in general is killing it in the consumer market in terms of bang for the buck. I also have their POE switch, works great.

    Oh – if you have Windows 10 there’s no drivers to install. Just plug it in and it will auto-install within seconds, at least it did on my machines with 1803/1809. Another bonus versus getting some totally unknown brand.

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  7. Emerald Bixby

    I recommend against buying TP-Link products. I’d had a couple other small TP-link devices in the past and they worked fine, so when buying a USB wifi adapter I chose a TP-link item for that reason. However, my wifi adapter stopped working after only a few weeks of use (definitely a hardware issue with the adapter itself) — and that would be fine, defects and errors occasionally happen, I totally don’t hold the occasional flawed product against a brand! — but then my attempt to pursue a replacement or refund through Amazon didn’t work and I was told to contact the brand directly for warranty replacement. I did so, and the process is LUDICROUSLY artificially complicated. First I had to talk to an agent about the specific issue, then register the product on their site, wait for them to validate that registration, then open a warranty request, and then (after over two hours of my time spent on these excessive and unnecessary processes) I learned that they wouldn’t just need me to send the original product back (I expected that part), but in fact that it would be at my own expense and they wouldn’t even provide a shipping label. That’s bonkers. I won’t buy TP-link products anymore and I recommend against buying from any company that doesn’t have the integrity and modernization to stand by their products and make replacements/refunds an easy process for customers. It’s not my fault the product was defective, and I shouldn’t have to jump through several hoops and pay extra money just to have the company correct *their* error. Their hardware may well generally be fine, and the customer service agents were perfectly kind and informative and professional … but the company’s return policies are stuck in the 1990s, and that’s just not good enough. There is no place for a company like that to compete for business in this day and age. Don’t buy TP-link products until/unless they modernize their service processes appropriately.

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  8. Don C.

    Windows 10 will only recognize this device as a 2.4ghz radio with the default driver. You have to install the driver from the TP Link site in order to connect to 5ghz networks. The driver on the supplied CD will probably work too, but I always check the manufacturer’s site for the latest driver rather than relying on what comes in the box. Other than that, the adapter works very well and is a good value.

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  9. Ethan Neff

    Excellent product. I recently purchased a Dell desktop computer but do not have internet at home. I bought this, installed the driver (included on the CD that came with it), plugged the hardware into the USB port, and switched on my phone’s WiFi. Just like that, I had a lightning-fast connection and can get more work done at home. Item arrived on time. Highly recommended.

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  10. Alex V

    Review mainly applies to Windows 10.

    + Very strong signal.
    + Decent transfer speed.
    + Has Mac support (Catalina too) but you need to use TP-Link’s control panel. That’s normal for USB dongles though.

    – Takes FOREVER to toggle on/off, and doing that would make Windows’ wireless UI glitch out.
    – Seemingly randomly (but when it does it, it does it for hours) transfer speed would very often drop down to zero, no packets would flow for ~5 secs. Terrible for gaming/streaming. I’ve done everything I could think of to troubleshoot it except contacting customer support. Changed USB ports, tested multiple APs, disabled power saving, changed antenna direction, fiddled with device properties. It’s definitely not the wifi because my phone doesn’t do that.
    – To compound the last point, it even makes browsing painful because the initial load/domain name resolving would take ages.

    Will probably go buy a different brand as it’s way past return date now.

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  11. Alex Nolan

    I could not get this properly installed properly although I consider myself reasonably savvy with pc’s — i could not get their driver to find the adapter and therefore never got the proper driver installed and never had the benefit of using the adapter’s 5ghz capability. I googled and used the TP-Link support recommendations and just wasted a lot of time. With so many good reviews, I don’t know what my problem was. I also tried it on a pc other than the laptop for which I bought it and had the same results. I would have called for help but I’ve had too much time wasted on those kinds of calls, they typically run me through doing all the things I’ve already done. Anyway, nothing against TP-Link, just installed a switch of theirs which works great and I’ve enjoyed products with their brand over years’ past. This unit just didn’t work for me.

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  12. William

    Compre esta antena para sustituir la tarjeta de wifi de mi laptop que estaba fallando y estoy muy contento con la compra, quizá la debí de haber realizado antes.

    Si bien la antena es más grande de lo que yo creía, el servicio que brinda es excelente tiene un alcance genial, anteriormente batallaba para poder conectarme en algunos lugares de la casa y ahora puedo conectarme desde el jardín sin problema alguno.

    Lo recomiendo ampliamente

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  13. Jack S

    This review is for the “Archer T2U Plus” model. I have Windows 10 Home and followed the instructions carefully.

    1) Place the USB Dongle into the port on you computer first. 2) Run the drivers from the CD included.

    NOTE: In my case I went directly to their website to download the drivers exe on a separate computer and put them on a USB flash drive to run on the target desktop. I only took this extra step because I’m particular about having the latest drivers.

    When you run the drivers with the dongle inserted it will detect it. Go through the prompts and they will auto-install the adapter perfectly.

    Have had zero problems with it. Great product at a great price.

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    TP-Link AC600 USB WiFi Adapter for PC (Archer T2U Plus)- Wireless Network Adapter for Desktop with 2.4GHz, 5GHz High Gain Dual Band 5dBi Antenna,…
    TP-Link AC600 USB WiFi Adapter for PC (Archer T2U Plus)- Wireless Network Adapter for Desktop with 2.4GHz, 5GHz High Gain Dual Band 5dBi Antenna,…

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