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Shark AV2501AE AI Robot Vacuum with XL HEPA Self-Empty Base, Bagless, 60-Day Capacity, LIDAR Navigation, Perfect for Pet Hair, Compatible with…

Shark AV2501AE AI Robot Vacuum with XL HEPA Self-Empty Base, Bagless, 60-Day Capacity, LIDAR Navigation, Perfect for Pet Hair, Compatible with…


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  • FORGET ABOUT VACUUMING: The bagless, self-emptying base holds up to 60 days of dirt and debris while it’s true HEPA filtration captures and traps 99.97% of dust and allergens (down to .3 microns)
  • POWERFUL CLEANING PERFORMANCE: Incredible suction picks up all kinds of dirt and debris and in UltraClean Mode, you get 30% better carpet cleaning (vs. normal cleaning mode, tested on sand and level loop).
  • ON-DEMAND DEEP CLEANING: Select UltraClean Mode in the SharkClean app to target specific rooms, high-traffic zones or spots for multi-directional deep cleaning coverage.
  • PERFECT FOR HOMES WITH PETS: The combination of powerful suction and Shark’s self-cleaning brushroll picks up 50% more pet hair with no hair wrap (in UltraClean Mode vs. RV1100AE)
  • PRECISION HOME MAPPING: LIDAR technology quickly and accurately maps your home so you can set cleaning areas and No-Go Zones in the SharkClean app.
  • DETECTS and AVOIDS OBJECTS: AI Laser Navigation ensures total home coverage with precise row-by-row cleaning all while detecting and avoiding objects in its path – day or night.
  • COMPLETE HANDS-FREE CONTROL: Set a cleaning schedule, initiate on-demand cleaning, or activate UltraClean Mode all with sound of your voice using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • EXTENDED RUNTIME: Up to 120 minutes of runtime for whole-home cleaning. And with Recharge and Resume, the robot will return to the dock, recharge, and can pick up where it left off.
  • BUILT, TESTED, AND PERFECTED: Shark puts their robots through rigorous testing to guarantee reliable, high-quality performance.
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: Shark AI Robot, XL HEPA Self-Empty Base, 1 Filter, 2 Side Brushes

Specification: Shark AV2501AE AI Robot Vacuum with XL HEPA Self-Empty Base, Bagless, 60-Day Capacity, LIDAR Navigation, Perfect for Pet Hair, Compatible with…

Product Dimensions

8.43 x 13.08 x 13.9 inches

Item Weight

15.25 pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number



1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

Form Factor


Finish Types


Assembly Required


Number of Pieces


Warranty Description

1 year limited warranty.

Batteries Required


Included Components

2 Side Brushes, XL HEPA Filter, 1 Filter, Shark AI Robot, Self-Empty Base

Photos: Shark AV2501AE AI Robot Vacuum with XL HEPA Self-Empty Base, Bagless, 60-Day Capacity, LIDAR Navigation, Perfect for Pet Hair, Compatible with…

10 reviews for Shark AV2501AE AI Robot Vacuum with XL HEPA Self-Empty Base, Bagless, 60-Day Capacity, LIDAR Navigation, Perfect for Pet Hair, Compatible with…

4.6 out of 5
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  1. Lisa

    Bought this shark robot to replace my 4 year old iRobot. After unpacking everything and downloading the app, I could not connect to my wifi. My wifi is too advanced. We have 5g and its not compatible. We have a mesh system which is a system that helps boost wifi through the house and it is not compatible with that. My old irobot had no issue connecting but had other issues. So very disappointed.

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  2. Viviane D

    It took a few tries to map correctly, but once it did, it hasn’t missed a spot. I have it scheduled to vacuum daily and it has been really nice to not have to pull out the regular vacuum as often (for hard to reach areas like under cabinets that are too low for the robo to fit under). I don’t have pets so I can’t attest to how well it picks up fur, but I do have a hairy husband and this picks up hair just great. It’s very satisfying to empty the canister just to see how much hair and dirt It’s picked up.

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  3. Paul S.

    Works great, much quieter than the roomba it replaced except for when it docks and sucks the dirt into the base (par for the course I guess).
    NB. If you run pi.hole or router/firewall ad blocking service the Ninja App will not connect to the robot! I had to add an exception to (IOT provider) to get the app working properly.

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  4. Christopher Irwin

    This is great for pet hair, although if you have multiple pets I expect the “60-day-capacity base” is more like a “7-day capacity base”. Still, it’s better than emptying the bin after every use, and the base doesn’t require bags. I’m amazed (and slightly disgusted) at how much pet hair it continually brings back.

    The rollers don’t seem to get fur tangled, which is great, but it doesn’t have good luck with twist ties or small bits of hay.

    Object avoidance is pretty decent — it doesn’t really crash into anything, and just lightly taps things. Hard enough to knock my cordless drill over, but not hard enough to push a mostly empty bottle across the floor.

    It mapped out my area on the first try, although dividing the area into rooms was difficult. I wish I could just draw a line where rooms separate, instead of having to draw boxes around the rooms and try to connect the box edges.

    I wish it had real-time location on the map like many of it’s competitors do.

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  5. Lindsay

    I’m writing this review as someone who has had many iRobot Roombas but just switched to Shark. I wanted the self-emptying base and I didn’t want to have to pay extra for the bags for the iRobot one.

    Before, I had the iRobot Roomba i7 (7150), which maps your home, can clean specific rooms, set no-go zones, etc, so I want to break down these features individually.

    MAPPING: I do have to say that the mapping on the iRobot was substantially better. Not only did the machine map my home better, but the app allowed me to customize rooms better. My house has some weirdly angled walls that the Shark app doesn’t really allow for so my rooms aren’t represented super accurately the way they were in the iRobot app. The Shark, however, was MUCH quicker. The Roomba had to do like 3 runs before it had mapped my home, while the Shark did a decent job after about 15 minutes.

    APP: While we are talking about the app, the iRobot app is laid out a lot better and a lot more user-friendly than the Shark app. iRobot gives you cleaning history, cleaning “favorites/shortcuts,” mapping, schedule, etc. all within the display for that particular vacuum, while the Shark makes you go to different menu options for all of those. Apps are upgradable, however, and I hope they will improve theirs.

    ZONES: Shark allows you to create “high traffic” zones that you can ask the machine to clean as a shortcut or do a deeper clean on. There’s nothing really comparable in the iRobot app other than creating cleaning shortcuts. The no-go zones are allowed to be smaller in the iRobot app, which is more useful since I use them to make the robot avoid pet food bowls (I don’t need a 3 foot radius for my cat’s food bowls). I haven’t had a problem with the no-go zones yet.

    CLEAN: This is the fun part. There are several different callouts I want to make here.
    1. The clean with the Shark is MUCH better than the clean on the Roomba. Even with the smart mapping, I felt like the Roomba was constantly missing spots but I don’t feel that way with the Shark. I feel like it picks up more.
    2. Shark has more options for cleaning. It gives you the option to have the robot return to the base every 30 minutes to empty (I can’t speak to if the Roomba does that because my Roomba did not have a self-emptying base, but I find it super useful because I have 5 cats and 2 dogs and 2 long-haired women in the house which translates to a lot of hair to pick up). It gives you the option to just keep cleaning until the battery dies for a deeper clean (I’m not aware of a comparable feature on the Roomba). If the battery dies before it finishes cleaning, it will also return to the base to charge before it comes back and finishes (I believe the Roomba does this too). It also gives you the option to select Eco, Regular, or Heavy each time you run the robot. Each level requires different amounts of power but equates also to the time to clean as well as the level of clean (Roomba has no comparable feature that I’m aware of).
    3. Shark has the option for spot cleaning, where you can pick a spot on your map and have the robot go “ultraclean,” which will have the robot clean in a crosshatch pattern. I love this feature because as previously mentioned, I have 5 cats which can translate to a lot of litter near the boxes. The ultraclean does a great job of picking up litter and minimizing the litter that gets tracked through the house in a way that the Roomba never did. You can also ultraclean specific rooms or high traffic zones.

    NOISE: I have read a few reviews saying the Shark is loud… it’s quieter than any of the 3 Roombas I’ve ever had have been. The suction into the base is much louder than the running volume, but only lasts for a few seconds.

    Overall, I like the Shark much better. The things it doesn’t do as well as the Roomba are far outweighed by the quality of clean at a MUCH BETTER price point!

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  6. Tom D

    So this is more of a rebuttal to those that said this is the “Poor man’s Roomba”. I can say that I have owned the Neato, IRobot, and now the Shark. Yes folks I have even owned several models of both to clean both upstairs and downstairs.
    So, sorry to go against what some have said but…
    1. It sounds like a helicopter, so much louder than the iRobot (FALSE), it’s actually much quieter.
    2. The dust bin is harder to empty (FALSE), It’s really easy to clean and has a washable filter, it also doesn’t use bags so no extra waste if your about protecting the environment, also saves some money on the wallet.
    3. “Second, the machine takes a long time to return to its dock – if it returns, that is. In all my times running it, it would make it back to dock about 50% of the time. The other times, I would have to go around hunting for it.” (So far, FALSE), Mine has returned 100% of the time. My iRobot on the other hand returned half the time.. the other half I would have to search for it.
    4. “it’s difficult and awkward to connect the power cord to the back of the machine” (Wha?!)… I feel like the person is just reaching at this point to hate the Shark for any reason they can find.
    5.”the robot bumps into furniture aggressively”, (FALSE) compared to the Neato and iRobot the Shark is way more gentle. Good God you should have seen my iRobot ram things. No wonder Sniffles 2000 died. Probably brain damage from ramming things full speed.

    Disclaimer, I don’t work for Shark, I am just irked by some of the reviews that seem to me like they are just bashing the product. Maybe the claims are legit, but I have not had those issues. And I have owned enough different models to be a snob about it. With that being said….

    Things I would improve section…
    1. Needs a better design for the base station mat. Granted iRobot needs work in this area as well.. but Shark needs to make it compatible with hardwood floors. I had to put it on a small mat as 75% of the floors I have are hard wood. So either some non-skid feet or even some removable double sided tape would be awesome. But overall better than the iRobot base.

    2. Small change to the software… if you put in the wrong password for the Wi-Fi when setting it up you have to close the software and go back to the beginning and start over… ehh!

    3. Ummm, that’s all I got. So far I am impressed.

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  7. David Yi

    Love my Shark Robot! This is my first robot in a few years and a huge upgrade. My husband is supposed to help vacuum around the house and he messaged me he was home cleaning but when I arrived, I found the Shark robot doing its thing and he was off somewhere else. Not having to worry about emptying the dustbin for 60 days is a game changer and the Ultra-clean mode is great for picking up daughter’s long hair off of the floor in her room in addition to all the crumbs that seem to litter the kitchen floor/table. The app is super easy to set up. I’m really happy with the Shark robot and would definitely recommend to others.

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  8. Baerbel Glasser

    We only got it for Christmas but I have 2 Dobermans and I had to vacuum every day. I have the Shark Robot working every day and the suction is great and the floors are clean and I noticed not so much dust on the furniture and dog hair under the bed. We have vinyl flooring and tiles throughout the house and only area rugs. Safes me a lot of time. Glad that I got out James (Shark Robot LOL)

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  9. Stephen

    I’ve owned the Shark AI robot vacuum for two months now and it is a HUGE upgrade to the previous Roomba I had, which didn’t have mapping.

    (+) Mapping works really well – took about an hour after charging to at least 50% to create an accurate map
    (+) Great suction power – I vacuum laminate flooring and polyester rugs only, and it does a good job.
    (+) Self-emptying base is really convenient – no issues with clogging and I have to empty the dustbin very infrequently.
    (+) Excellent navigation – LIDAR technology means that your robot will not really bump into things and vacuum spots multiple times while missing some spots (unlike vacuums without navigation). The vacuum has NEVER gotten stuck and was always able to return to the charging base after cleaning (very impressive!)

    I have the Android app and unfortunately, it is quite buggy and there is a lot of room for improvement. All the negative points relate to the app itself:
    (-) Frequently signs you out after you exit the app, so you have to log in again.
    (-) Map doesn’t show up sometimes which allows you to select specific rooms/zones to vacuum, so you have to reboot your phone.
    (-) Sometimes you have to re-open the app to access the “clean” button
    (-) You can’t see a map of the area cleaned if you’re starting the vacuum from Alexa or using the button on the device itself (?)
    (-) Once the robot starts cleaning selected rooms, you can’t change the areas while it’s cleaning (so if you want to add an extra room while it’s cleaning, you’d have to send it back to the base first)

    All in all, the device is great itself but the app is very buggy and somewhat disappointing and there is a lot of room for improvement on the software side.

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  10. Kori Lyn

    This lovely creation arrived today. So far I absolutely adore my shark and cant wait to have it fully incorporated into our daily lives! I did a ton of research for our first robo vac and shark is everything we could have hoped for!

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    Shark AV2501AE AI Robot Vacuum with XL HEPA Self-Empty Base, Bagless, 60-Day Capacity, LIDAR Navigation, Perfect for Pet Hair, Compatible with…
    Shark AV2501AE AI Robot Vacuum with XL HEPA Self-Empty Base, Bagless, 60-Day Capacity, LIDAR Navigation, Perfect for Pet Hair, Compatible with…
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