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Retevis RT22 Walkie Talkies Rechargeable,Long Range Two Way Radio,2 Way Radio for Adults, Handsfree VOX Mini, for Business Office School Church…


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  • Pocket size and slim look is perfect use in commercial;compact and light weight allow easy to carry all day
  • The two way radio is featured with rich features like VOX hands free; emergency alarm; up down channels changes button; scan; squelch and more
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery can last 12 to 24 hours; USB charging design allows you charge the radio in car; power bank and etc
  • Reliable and durable belt clips ensure install and remove quickly; need not any tiny screws to fit them
  • Working straight out of the box with each other;the channels are very clear and the radio is very easy to use

Specification: Retevis RT22 Walkie Talkies Rechargeable,Long Range Two Way Radio,2 Way Radio for Adults, Handsfree VOX Mini, for Business Office School Church…

Item Weight

‎4 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎9.36 x 7.02 x 2.34 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number



‎10 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Photos: Retevis RT22 Walkie Talkies Rechargeable,Long Range Two Way Radio,2 Way Radio for Adults, Handsfree VOX Mini, for Business Office School Church…

4 reviews for Retevis RT22 Walkie Talkies Rechargeable,Long Range Two Way Radio,2 Way Radio for Adults, Handsfree VOX Mini, for Business Office School Church…

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  1. Raissa

    Only got them today but first impressions and range test compare well against much more expensive units although probably not so resistant to damage or water… but at 1/10th the price you can’t really count that as a serious issue.

    Mine came packed in pairs with 2 USB charger cables but only one charger per pair so this might be a consideration if you want to charge them all at different locations… of course if there is another USB source nearby that doesn’t matter. I also got a programming cable but the mini CD only has Windows and MAC drivers and I use Linux. This is not a problem because there is a utility called CHIRP which is open source and free that can do many similar radios, all that is needed is to make sure the Linux “User” has permission to use the serial and USB ports.

    I have them talking to Cobra MicroTalk radios but needed to reprogram them to use no privacy codes as I didn’t have time to mess around with the Cobras and this took care of the first 5 channels which must be the same frequencies. I’m sure they can be set up with many more radios if you have the appropriate cables.


    Using “Chirp” I made a few changes and these radios can be made to work with Kenwood Protalk, Motorola CLS1110 and CLS1410 and also Vertex Standard VX-261. I did not have to change settings on the other radios to get at least some channels working. Of course not everything can be made to work with everything else but I am able to use these with much more expensive radios we already had and also with other cheaper UHF walkie talkies. I needed to use Chirp to change a couple of frequencies and privacy codes (67 seems common).

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  2. Dan

    I LOVE these walkies. They are small, easy to use and LOUD — all for a great price. I work in childcare and over the summer, we were doing at least 2 field trips per week to places like museums, theme parks, splash pads etc. These helped the staff communicate easily. We were originally just going to create text groups until we realized it was not always reliable when we found ourselves in a museum with barely any cell signal, no free wi-fi and a child unaccounted for (he was ok!). Purchased these right away based on price and size and I’m so glad I did. Our staff did not mind wearing these as they are pretty small and light, and the volume is great so we could still hear each other even in super loud places like arcades. Range was pretty good, we were able to use it at Knott’s Berry Farm with no problems. Battery life was great. Not waterproof but some did get splashed at the park; they didn’t break, the audio was muffled for a while but was back to normal when it dried up. And also, no interference!! All our other walkies would always pick up random conversations on all the channels we’ve ever tried. These were so great that my colleagues from other child care sites ended up ordering their own sets.

    My brother borrowed them to go mountain biking/hiking and said they worked great. The size worked well too since they had them hanging from lanyards around their necks then clipped to the front straps of their backpacks.

    Had a couple batteries almost-die on me (radio said to replace batt… it was still functional for the most part but the warning would come every few mins), and I reached out to the seller and they replaced it for me really quickly. Super appreciated when a seller stands by their product like that.

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  3. Charles R Tame

    I purchased the 10-pack RT22 radios for use at a Gala that was being held in a very large museum. I love how small these radios are, and how easy they are for anyone to use. I’ve used several types of radios over the years, and these are by-far my preferred ones, strictly because of their size and low-weight. As far as their range of communication, they held up really well compared to the previous, more expensive, brands that I have used too. However, my use would probably be considered short-distance. Definitely under 1 mile at all times. Prior to the evening of the Gala, I tested the range of each radio in my neighborhood, in a 7-story building, and at the museum. Here are the results from each (fyi: all of these tests were using headsets connected to the radios):

    Neighborhood test – I had my wife stay in the house and I walked several blocks away. I could hear her very clear, even when turning corners, putting multiple houses in-between us. I would say I walked about a quarter to half a mile away. The only time the signal broke up was when I walked down a hill, and the ground obstructed what would be considered a direct line-of-sight to the house, which also included multiple houses in-between. The signal got very fuzzy, and then cut out altogether for about 500 ft until I reached the incline back up the hill.

    7-story Building test: I had coworkers with radios on every floor of our 7-floor concrete building. I then went outside the building and stood behind the concrete parking garage that is adjacent to the building, obscuring me from it. Everyone was able to hear each other perfectly. Even the person on the top floor was able to hear the person on the 1st floor, through the 6 floors of concrete. The only time I had issues with signal breakup was when I was enclosed in the elevator going up/down the floors. The signal was quite bad in there, but I could still hear jumbled voices talking. It wasn’t a total signal loss, but they are not usable if in a totally-enclosed concrete shaft/small room it seems.

    Museum/Gala night use: I had a team of 10 people positioned at various locations through a very large, one story museum. The distance between some people was as far, if not a bit further, than my neighborhood test. I’m happy to say that there was only one instance of signal breakup the entire night, and it was restricted to one person’s radio. I’m not sure where that person was, but I am thinking they may have been around the loading dock area, which would make sense with it being a concrete box far away from the rest of us. That was only once during a 6-hour period, so in my opinion, the radios worked perfectly! The only issues I would say we had, came from the headsets we purchased, with some people’s microphones and headphones not being clear at times. But, that is a different product review!

    I did take one star off of the “durability” rating, simply for the belt holster that you put the radio into. I can see them not lasting through someone who might be a bit rough on them. They worked great for us, but I think the plastic clip that connects to the belt could definitely be broken off without too much effort. That didn’t happen to any of us, though. It is just an observation! I’m sure they are very cheap to replace. As for the durability of the radios themselves, I am very happy with the overall construction of them. They are lightweight plastic, but ultimately feel like a sturdy product to me.

    As far as the sound from the radio speaker itself, when not using a headset. I did test it, and it works good. I didn’t care for the sound of it that much though, because it definitely has a kind of ‘radio screech’ sound when someone is talking. On the very high-end of the audio spectrum, as opposed to the mid or low end. So pretty ‘tinny’ sounding, and if you have someone with a high-pitched voice, it isn’t pleasant if the volume is turned up too high. I definitely suggest using a headset. However, it is completely usable without one, and you can understand the person clearly.

    Overall, I am very happy with this purchase. I will get to use them again during an upcoming marathon that historically ends up being a very very cold day. I will see how long the batteries last in those conditions. I had no problems with any of the radios dieing in a 6-hour timeframe during the gala, though. I love the light-weight and compact design of these radios. They are no longer than a current smartphone, and just a little bit wider than one, so they can fit comfortably in a pocket if you don’t want to use a belt clip. I am so happy I purchased these over the larger, bulkier designs, and everyone on my team agreed!

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  4. Dan

    These were great radios for what I needed them for, and they worked just fine for the single day of use I managed to get out of them. However, one of the batteries exploded while the radio was on the six way charger. It actually caused a small fire which ruined my carpet.

    Had I not been sitting 3 feet away at the time it happens, I’d be homeless right now.

    Do yourself a favor and spend more on something else.

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    Retevis RT22 Walkie Talkies Rechargeable,Long Range Two Way Radio,2 Way Radio for Adults, Handsfree VOX Mini, for Business Office School Church…
    Retevis RT22 Walkie Talkies Rechargeable,Long Range Two Way Radio,2 Way Radio for Adults, Handsfree VOX Mini, for Business Office School Church…
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