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Luna Controller with Phone Clip Bundle


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  • This bundle includes the Amazon Luna Controller and a phone clip made exclusively for the Luna Controller.
  • The Luna Controller is a high-performance controller designed for Amazon’s cloud gaming service.
  • Powered by Cloud Direct technology, the Luna Controller connects directly to Amazon’s custom game severs when playing on Luna.
  • With Cloud Direct technology, Luna Controller talks directly to the cloud. There is no need for device-specific setup, making it easy to transition your game from one screen to the next on compatible Windows PC, Mac, Fire TV, Fire Tablets, iPhone, iPad, Chromebook, and Android devices.
  • Built for gaming, the Luna controller has low-friction thumbsticks and a comfortable textured grip.
  • The Made For Amazon phone clip makes it convenient to connect your Luna Controller and your compatible smartphone.
  • With an adjustable size of 2.26 inches to 3.74 inches, the Made For Amazon phone clip fits iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and most smartphones.
  • Adjust the angles on your smartphone up to 360 degrees or adjust the controller angle up to 270 degree viewing using the clip.

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6 reviews for Luna Controller with Phone Clip Bundle

2.8 out of 5
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  1. Parks N’ Tech

    The cons matter the most to me when it scores this low so I’ll start there first.

    As per my headline, this comes with only 2 AA batteries, although I guess it could have been worse and not come with batteries. That’s a lot of money to put down for a standard item available in all other controllers these days not to mention ENVIRONMENTALLY DESTRUCTIVE. Worse is there’s no mention about whether the USB-C interface will allow charging assuming you buy a rechargeable power pack. For a device that is SO heavy, I can’t believe it isn’t rechargeable. Pairing to my phone/network went okay but I wouldn’t say effortless. My Fanatic Headset when plugged into the controller was barely audible therefore useless and I would expect that using this would only further make the battery waste issue worse.
    The Pro’s:
    It feels pretty well made and has a solid feeling in the hands, not flimsy in any way. I do agree with one reviewer that the seams feel a little sharp. The thumbsticks have a smooth motion. The DPAD isn’t especially mushy and neither are the side buttons, righthand buttons, and triggers. The thumbsticks are concave and have a little texture around the outside lips. While playing in Luna on the PC it was recognized immediately and gameplay was really pretty good with it. It does have a stereo headphone/Mic input which, with my Fanatic headset was way too low in volume to be useable but with my Corsair HS60 there was no problem with volume through my PC.
    If they add a rechargeable battery or at least support for same I would increase my rating at least an additional star which would put it within my own personal “sure, I guess I’d buy/recommend that.” Improving the headphone jack output would further increase its value for me. Also unknown is if I had an additional controller could two of us play cooperatively/competitively in the same household. I, fortunately, had a $20 off code for this making it a little more palatable for its lack of recharging but not enough for me to recommend this to anyone until they do include that support.

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  2. Victor

    Liked how well it did with Luna, super easy to use and fits well with the games available no drift or problems. After my trial however I was looking forward to using this same controller on my pc games on Steam…only thing is that it won’t map out the left and right trigger as if they don’t exist as shown in the picture of holding down the left trigger and nothing registers. Maybe they’ll have a fix for it later?? But as of now, I’m just out $50 for a controller that works only on the intended app.

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  3. Victor

    First I must say the controller feels good in the hand and seems to be of pretty good quality but that’s where the good ends. When gaming on the Luna service there is a very noticeable input lag that can make a game unplayable even with a very good internet connection. Also in regards to the Luna basic subscription, the quality is surprisingly good but the game selection is very limited and not very good. Back on the controller, I was hoping to use the controller as a gamepad for PC games but there is a massive deadzone on the analog sticks when wired or in Bluetooth mode. This dead zone does not appear to be present when gaming through the Luna service via WIFI. Overall I can not recommend the controller or the Luna service. 2 Stars only because the controller feels good in the hands otherwise it would be a 1 Star

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  4. Rick

    This controller is great! First off, it feels very nicely made and doesn’t feel cheap or plasticky. It has a very nice, soft, rubberized material on it which makes it very easy and comfortable to hold for an extended period of time. All of the buttons and triggers feel great and provide nice feedback so you know the button has been pressed. I really love the overall design of this one, too.

    I have been using this controller since November of 2020 and have had no issues to speak of. It was very easy to set up with the app and once it’s setup, you only have to worry about keeping batteries in it (2-AA batteries are included to get you started). The battery life is pretty good and I actually really like that the batteries are replaceable. I know some people might think of this as a downside, but I don’t. Batteries do go after a while, and having the ability to change them easily is a very nice feature. I don’t have the equipment to properly test the latency, but from normal use, it appears pretty spot on and have had no issues playing games on Luna.

    All in all, while this controller is not required to play games on Luna, it sure does make it a much better experience and one that I have really enjoyed.

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  5. John Mackerell

    Please note that running the Luna service can be done without these remotes on a PC. I experienced no lag issues.

    When I received my order for two of these, I tried them out plugged in on a game that is not on Luna. WOW! The best controllers I have ever owned! Better build quality than the original Xbox x controllers. They feel great in the hands and trying to perform precise sniper aiming is a joy as the thumbsticks offer the perfect balance of resistance and control. To setup luna controllers for the Luna service is really simple and took me <5mins. I did not notice any lag with these remotes running wireless (Wifi) at all! I have not tried these remotes out via Bluetooth yet, and will not, as that is not an option I want (wifi is so much better).

    AMAZON: Please offer this controller to the PC crowd without Luna service. The market is full of crap controllers and this is a hidden gem of controllers.

    NOTE: If this controller breaks after 1-2 months like all the crap controllers and Offical Microsoft Xbox controllers do, I’ll update this review.

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  6. Parks N’ Tech

    The setup process was odd, wanting to connect to an app on my phone. It also asn’t obvious how it works connect to a fireTV… Sent back and cancelled subscription.

    Also, I had to start my 7 day trial when I ordered the remote so I lost two days waiting for it to arrive

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    Luna Controller with Phone Clip Bundle
    Luna Controller with Phone Clip Bundle
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