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Prismacolor Class Pack Wood Colored Pencil (1774263)


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Last updated on November 24, 2023 12:21 am Details
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  • High quality art pencils designed for beginning artists and crafters
  • Soft, smooth leads for superior blending and shading
  • Hardened cores resist breakage
  • Rich, vibrantly pigmented colors
  • Includes 48 Prismacolor Scholar pencils

Specification: Prismacolor Class Pack Wood Colored Pencil (1774263)


‎Newell Brands Inc



Item Weight

‎11.4 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎8.25 x 4.75 x 0.75 inches

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer






Number of Items



‎48 Count (Pack of 1)

Ink Color


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12 reviews for Prismacolor Class Pack Wood Colored Pencil (1774263)

4.6 out of 5
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  1. Angela

    I liked the creamy softness of the pencils & the nice deep pigmentation, ease of use & blending
    Prismacolor do need to address the issues when sharpening these pencils as the leads break & the shafts splinter. I tried to contact Prismacolor via their website but couldn’t as it needs a USA state & zip code & there’s no email to use.
    They need to address the above issues as it’s unfair when the seller gets poorer reviews than they deserve.
    The seller is 100% great, fantastic price, ease of purchase & prompt delivery

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  2. HeHatesTheseCans

    These are fantastic. I’m not familiar with high end brands so I can’t provide more than my experience with store brands and crayola but these certainly blow all those out the water. The cover smoothly and more completely than anything I’ve ever used. The colors are rich and vibrant. It would be nice to get a nicer case but for 30 dollars on amazon, this is a steal.

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  3. HeHatesTheseCans

    I am a Prismacolor Premiers and Faber Castell Polychromos fan, but I thought that for the price, I would try a set of these just to see what they were like. I was impressed with the quality of these pencils. They are not as smooth or as densely pigmented as artist quality pencils, but they are several GIANT steps up from “bargain” priced pencils. They go down fairly smoothly, have decent color density, layer and blend without too much effort, and best of all..they have a very similar color range as the premiers. The quality of the wood casings was good. There were only a few pencils with slightly off center leads so they were easy to sharpen, and they don’t break easily under pressure. I wouldn’t rely too heavily on the lightfastness of these pencils for artwork, but for coloring book or student work, these would be an excellent choice.

    So, bottom line, if you can’t quite afford those artist’s quality pencils you’ve been looking at, I think these would be a very good alternative. Best of all, you could gradually switch over to the premiers as you wear down these pencils. The colors are very similar, some even have the same names. So as you wear these down, you could replace them with single pencil purchases of open stock Prismacolor Premier pencils in similar colors from a discount art supplier and eventually you would end up with a very nice set of artist quality pencils.

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  4. Lana-Lana

    Great set of colors. Arrived intact. Zero complaints. Just did this with them

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  5. elfriniel

    It was a choice between these or the premium range, and I honestly won’t bother with the premium range again. The quality is excellent, these pencils blends beautifully, the colours are strong and clear, and they’re lovely to use. Great value for money.

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  6. Lostfalls

    After hearing all the amazing reviews about Prismacolor, I bought some of the Premiers. I was so impressed I was all set to pay £80 for the 132 pack, but then I spotted these Scholars. I researched and many people said they couldn’t tell the difference, so I thought for £30 instead of £80, worth a try. These are slightly less quality than the Premier in coverage, but it is not overly noticeable. If you want the best pencils in the world, buy the Premier, but if you want a very very good pencil for a lot less money, these are the pencil for you.

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  7. Lucifer

    These sport nearly the same PRISMA soft color as their pencils only maybe a slight barely detectable difference in hardness that makes them a teeny bit more durable to accidental drops. BUT they still color sooooo nicely and offer (at least at the time of my purchase) a nice price savings. These are the way to go for budding young artists ready for a nicer pencil but who still may drop them or who will be carrying them around a lot. My daughter loves these and I’ve tried them too for comparison to my traditional PRISMA set. I will buy a set for each of my kids as they old enough without a doubt.

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  8. Lana-Lana

    I have bough these pencils for using in adult colouring books.
    They have several drawbacks, but in spite of that I think they are great pencils!
    First about the cons:
    – They are not 60 colours as advertised! There are 2 black and 2 white pencils, making 58 colours in total.
    – The case is not so good. While it do stores pencils safely when closed, it is difficult to make it stand upright on the desk and it easily toppels (however, this may be just only my item’s fault). Also when some pencils get shorter with use, it becomes difficult to get them out of the case.
    – Colour selection lacks really dark green and really dark brown.

    – Blending! These pencils blend like a dream! I am still learning how to blend and layer, but even with my lower-than-average skills I can get some good results. I feel like the pencils are doing half of my job for me! They are good with blender, of course, but in most cases I even don’t have to use blender.
    – They share the colour name with Prismacolor Premier pencils, so when I use up one colour of Scholar, I can replace it with individually bought Premier. Thus in a couple of years I hope to have a set of Prisma Premier without any major investment.
    – Nice overall quality, soft core, creamy laydown, vibrant colours.
    Would definitely recommend these pencils for adult coloring!

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  9. Kindle Customer

    I have been a NYC high school art teacher for 22 years. Art is the last thing funded and so I’ve always been stuck with Crayola or even cheaper pencils. This year I got a bump in my budget and I ordered these for my classes. In order to familiarize myself with the product I ordered a couple of sets.
    I have been using Prismacolor Premier pencils for years. I like the scholar pencils better. They have all the good qualities of the the Premier pencils and none of deficits. The colors are rich and blend easily, but are not as prone braking when pressure is applied. Because the pigment is not as brittle the pencils last way longer. I never bother with reviews, not even negative ones when I’m pissed off. But I love these and ordered the 60 pencil set for my personal use.

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  10. Lucifer

    Let’s go ahead and get the question I’m sure you’re asking yourself out of the way. Are these really worth the extra cost?

    I would say, yes…ABSOLUTELY. Especially if you’re taking an art class.

    I know it’s tempting to skimp out of you’re just taking an art elective for the credits, but do NOT do it. My professor specifically forbade us from using Crayola or any other cheap pencils. He said to get Prismacolor or Faber Castell and at first I had no idea why. I just sucked it up, used a 50% off coupon at Michael’s and got a small tin of pencils.

    Fast forward a few years and I finally use up the last of my pencils and try to save some money with super cheap pencils from the dollar store. It only took one attempt at coloring to see the light (and it was just that…an attempt because the color payoff was atrocious no matter how hard I pressed). I got some Crayolas the next time there was a sale and they were decidedly better, but still not nearly as good as Prismacolor since they are so much harder.

    So yes, these are pricey but the color payoff is amazing and the leads are so soft and smooth they actually save you effort. These are an EXCELLENT choice if you’re just getting into colored pencils and want to know if it’s really worth it to you to go for professional materials.

    Oh, and hear you should avoid the version that has a toucan on the front. Everyone I know says that they are NOT as good as these.

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  11. CasualOtaku

    Les petits frères des Prismacolor Premier qui n’ont absolument rien à leur envier.
    Le choix des couleurs est certes plus limité mais il est suffisamment important pour permettre la réalisation de magnifiques dégradés de couleur.
    Les mines sont extra crémeuses et le rendu sur le papier est très brillant . La sensation de glisse est plus qu’agreable , les couleurs sont riches et pigmentées.

    Le coffret en plastique est pratique pour là rangement mais pas forcément adapté pour un usage intensif de des crayons. La rangée inférieure est difficile d’acces et les crayons une fois taillés ne seront plus accessibles. Je recommande vivement d’investir dans une trousse de rangement à élastique.

    Pour ceux qui n’ont pas les moyens d’investir dans le coffret des 150 Prismacolor et qui souhaite posséder ces petites merveillles de crayons.
    Pour ceux qui souhaitent utiliser d’excellent crayons et qui veulent un rendu exceptionnel à leurs mise en couleur. Pour ceux qui souhaitent s’essayer aux crayons de couleur gras à base de cire sans regretter leur investissement.

    Je recommande vivement ce produit.

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  12. Bob

    I bought these pencils as I wanted to compare them to prismacolor premier pencils, which I had around 60 of.
    I was really pleased when they arrived as they have a similar pleasing look as the premiers and the colour names were written on the pencil – always helpful.
    I liked how they felt in use too; soft and creamy to lay down the colour; good for detail or larger areas; fairly easy to blend.
    They don’t have as strong a pigment concentration as the premiers which is to be expected, so the colours aren’t quite as vivid but overall they are a decent pencil set.
    The reason for the 3 star rating is that mine were not in perfect condition. Three of the pencils were split lengthways along the barrel. I returned them for a refund which amazon dealt with swiftly.

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    Prismacolor Class Pack Wood Colored Pencil (1774263)
    Prismacolor Class Pack Wood Colored Pencil (1774263)
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