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Modway EEI-757-BLK Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair in Black


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  • ERGONOMIC OFFICE CHAIR – Featuring reliable ergonomic support, Articulate comes with a breathable mesh back, passive lumbar support, and generously padded and contoured 6” thick mesh seat cushion
  • RELIABLE COMFORT – Designed with productivity in mind, Articulate is perfect for everyday use. Sturdy and supportive, this executive office chair holds up to 331 lbs and comes in a variety of colors
  • ADJUSTABLE SEATING – Articulate is a computer chair that easily adjusts to your needs with height adjustable armrests, one-touch chair height adjustment, 360 degree swivel, and a tilt and lock system. Seat : 18 – 22″H
  • OFFICE UPDATE – Refresh your office space with this versatile choice for computer desks and workstations. Enjoy mobility over carpeted or hardwood floors with five dual-wheel casters
  • OFFICE CHAIR MEASUREMENTS – Product Dimensions: 26.5″L x 26″W x 34 – 39″H; Armrest Height: 27.5”H – 32″H. Backrest Height- 22 H inch. Cushion Thickness-6 inch. Floor to top of Bacrest- 37 – 41.5 H inches, Seat To Top of Backrest- 22 inch

Specification: Modway EEI-757-BLK Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair in Black

Product Dimensions

26 x 26.5 x 39 inches

Furniture base movement


Room Type



In Black

Form Factor



Engineered Wood, Nylon, Polypropylene, Iron

Age Range Description


Back Style

Solid Back

Maximum Weight Recommendation

331 Pounds

Item Weight

36 pounds





Frame Material


Seat Material Type


Arm Style


Finish Type


Model Name



Modern Executive Office Chairs


Modway Inc.

Country of Origin


Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Finish Types


Assembly Required


Number of Pieces


Warranty Description

One year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Batteries Required


Included Components


Photos: Modway EEI-757-BLK Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair in Black

10 reviews for Modway EEI-757-BLK Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair in Black

2.8 out of 5
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  1. Angela

    The chair seems sturdy. I ordered this “big and tall” chair, because I am tall, and most of my height is because I have long legs. The depth of the seat is WAY to shallow for me. It is only 17″ deep. My husband’s “normal” chair has a seat depth of 19″. I have no idea where the “product dimensions” on the page were measured, but clearly not on this chair. Also, so the “generously padded and contoured 6” thick mesh seat cushion” is barely 3″ thick. Again, I’m not sure where they are taking that measurement. Clearly not on the chair I received. If you are not tall, the chair will probably work for you. If you find a coach airline seat “comfortable”, this is a good chair for you.

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  2. Virtual Pilot A.D

    I had been doing a lot of research through the internet, before finally choosing this very well designed, and functional chair.
    Of course all this browsing was not actually sitting and testing it, with my official “anatomy” on it.
    Right from the start, the packaging from LexMod was very secure, and quite sturdy.
    The step by step instructions were intuitive, and a little tool was provided for assembly.
    I already owned a more fancy tool, the type with a “ratchet action”.
    The multitude of adjustments are almost comparable (no lumbar settings though), to a Recaro luxury/race car seat.
    Talking about cars, an aromatic “new car” smell lasts (only…) about 5 days after the initial “unveiling”.
    Of course everybody has is own preferences and body, so on my own personal experience, I hit the “bulls eye” right on the target, with this office, gaming, or in my case, flight simulator chair (Captain seat).
    The materials, adjustment levers, pneumatic telescopic activation, fit and finish, are all there to enjoy.
    On a last note, LexMod factory is in the USA, an economic positive for North America, even though it’s not in my home country of Canada.

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  3. J. Knittel

    Update on 9/04/2018
    It’s been about 14 months now and it’s still as great as day 1. No problems.

    So far (it’s been 3 days since assembling and using) I am very pleased with the chair. At first I thought I got a box that had already been opened because the parts were not packed very snugly and I couldn’t find the directions to begin with to check that I had all the contents. Checked the hardware box, then finally found the directions underneath the seat cushion. Turns out everything was there and no parts appeared to be damaged. The directions leave a little to be desired – for instance the orientation of the arm rests, which are slightly different in front and back, were not identified in the instructions at all – so I just picked what I thought would work best. Other than that, it was very simple assembly. The biggest question was how much to torque the screws in that hold the arm rests. You can’t rock back and forth in this chair, but that’s not what I want when sitting at a desk working on the computer. Finally I have some lumbar and back support unlike other cheap chairs that have the back at a permanent lean backwards.

    This is not a $1,000 ergonomic, fully adjustable chair, but it does get much of the way there. The rollers are very smooth, even on carpet (low pile). Some people complained about the arm rests being flimsy and getting loose or breaking off. Yeah, well if you use them to do pushups on and put all your 300 lbs on them when getting up, well, yeah, they might just snap off – so don’t do that. I use the arm rests to rest my arms. All in all I am very pleased with the purchase, but it is early yet. Hopefully I’ll remember to come back and adjust this review if there are any major issues. The seat cushion is very comfortable and the mesh is very nice for breathability. The adjustments seem to work very well and seem quite sturdy.

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  4. Bee Bee

    First off, it wasn’t necessarily the chair itself that was the issue – other than missing a couple of necessary parts to assemble the chair, like part of the lift shock assembly, and a couple of small hardware items. It was well packaged and it looked to be exactly what I wanted and needed in a work chair. However…

    What really annoyed me was the complete lack of courtesy and the horrendous process to receive these replacement parts that was completely and ineptly communicated by the company and it’s employees. Rule number one – the customer keeps you in business. Do what you can to keep them happy and they will write wonderful reviews if your product and purchase from you again. Uh…nope.

    Their telephone customer service rep made it appear that they were actually taking my information down, only to tell me after spelling the entire story out that I had to go to their website and file a claim. Red flag. You have so many calls you have to have a link for claims on your website??

    Ok…so…Following her minimal instructions, I started filling out their claim, only to find out they wanted a *full* copy of the receipt (what’s a full copy? How do I find it? What type and size of file is acceptable?). Now, had I been given clear instructions by their CSR it would have totally eliminated my ire, the return of the chair and this review.

    Now…on to the instructions on their website: There is no accepted file type, size limitation, nor instructions as to where one can locate this full receipt ANYWHERE on their claim page – no place to click for specifications, nothing. I had to resize my screenshot jpeg 4 times before their site would take the image. And by resize, I mean that I had to take a screenshot of what I thought was my receipt, email it to myself and resize it on another computer and email it back to myself so I could download it on my phone to load on their site. By that time the image was so small and pixelated I could barely read it. Success, it went through. (haha)

    I then waited almost 3 days to receive a response that was anything but helpful. There was no claim number to reference, no way to send the required receipt to attach it to the claim I had filed – nothing. Just go here, click this, print the receipt. Since the receipt is a document, *not* an image, I went back to the site and had to refill out the required information and load the document. A PDF- which is pretty much accepted everywhere…small file size, universal document – every site but this one. The average consumer isn’t going to have the knowledge base or expensive programs to turn a PDF into an image and then resize it to be accepted by their site. Not only that – EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.their site rejected an upload I had to re-enter the claim info – all of it.

    By this time, my normally placid patient temperament was hanging by a bloody, tattered thread and I was totally and completely done. Because of poor customer service, the chair went back in the box.

    Amazon was WONDERFUL in assisting me with the return of the chair, providing a UPS call tag, and super prompt in their refund. Modway could learn a few things from them!

    Additionally – Modway has 2 locations with different phone numbers (east and west coasts). It doesn’t matter which one you call because they are both on eastern time. Another “great” way to do business.

    Needless to say, no matter how good the deal, or how good the price – I will never ever order anything from Modway again. Ever. Nor will I recommend them to anyone.

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  5. Paul and Lee

    I am extremely unhappy with this chair. First, the lift doesn’t work anymore. I bring the chair to the highest height, and most of the time it will drop to the floor. Sometimes it’s slow over the course of an hour, but it’s increasingly happening faster and faster. Also, the back of the chair is adjustable, but it constantly drops to the lowest point, no matter how I tighten it in.

    I am so disappointed, and wish I’d gone with a completely different chair.

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  6. I. Printz

    I was so excited to get this chair and had such high expectations. It was mostly good:
    1. it is really sturdy, even for my tall/large frame
    2. the seat is very comfortable – I sit at my desk 6-9 hours per day
    3. I hate armrests on my chairs and the chair was easy enough to put together and use without them
    4. it has a passable lumbar support (my chair had a defect with raising / lowering the back of the chair, so maybe the lumbar support is better in other chairs)

    The bad and the reason I returned it:
    The back of an ergonomic chair is supposed to conform to your back, so it supports you in an upright sitting position (90 degrees between back and thighs, 90 degrees between thighs and shins). This chair has the upper back tilted way back at around 120 degrees (see photo). It only supports the lumbar, not the entire back (blue lines on the photo). If I want my back supported by the chair I have to lean back to the point that I can’t really type unless the keyboard is in my lap. It is useless as an ergonomic office chair because of that. There is no way to adjust the back to be more upright. The lever that changes the chair tilt only allows the back to tilt even further away but doesn’t offer an upright option. This is a design flaw.

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  7. Hossein Motamed

    I waited 2 weeks for this chair. As I was installing it, I came across a cancer warning at the bottom of the chair. It was a P65 warning issued by California’s health regulations. This is so as the chair’s foam is made of Polyurethane which is a toxin and emits gas particles which could lead to multiple health problems. I am refunding this ASAP.

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  8. Dante

    My back pain got better within 10 minutes of sitting on this chair. I’ve been using a really crappy, ancient office chair for two years now and it’s done a number on my back; I’ve had this chair three days now and my back feels better not just sitting in this chair, but in general. The lumbar support is awesome.

    The ergonomics on this chair, aside from the armrests being a little awkward if you like to lean back a bit when you type, are great. Having the back AND seat tilt be separate and lock/unlockable is so, so nice. The colour is a lot more yellow than the stock pictures show. It’s more highlighter yellow than it is green. I love it but would’ve preferred a more accurate representation on the site. The assembly is simple and straightforward. The seat is just amazing. The waterfall seat with the divots for your legs instead of just being a flat “board” I guess is like sitting on a cloud.

    However, the mesh on the seat has very deep holes and it’s impossible to get little specks of fluff out without vacuuming it. I also wish it could tilt back just a *little* farther, about 5-10° would be great.

    Those two minor points aside, I’m so happy with this chair I could scream. The ergonomics are on point for the price and, again, my back feels *so* much better. Do yourself a favour and get one if you’re in the market. This thing rocks. I’ll be posting continuous updates for the next good while cos I don’t think 3 days of ownership is enough for a solid review.

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  9. Fergus

    Cons: The adjustable arm locking mechanism on one arm was weak. If I put a little pressure on the arm, it would push all the way down. I noticed this shortly after the 30 day mark so I opened a ticket with LexMod and got this in response:

    “Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, we do not sell parts.”

    So now I have a near-new chair with a bum arm that I can’t replace. Buy at your own risk as returning such a large item is a pain in the arse and their post-sales support is clearly limited.

    Pros: Apart from that, the chair is really comfortable and easy to assemble.

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  10. Mountain Charlie

    I love my chair! All the adjustments you can make allow me to be quite comfortable for hours. I had back problems with my dining room chair with a cushion, so this really helps. Also, I had planned to buy a floor protector for my hardwood floors, but the rollers on this chair don’t seem to hurt the floor at all. Also, the price for this chair, shipped to Hawaii is amazing. Amazing Amazon!

    Postscript: After using this chair for several months, I still love it, and my back (I have had lower back problems for years) hasn’t bothered me since. Maybe my best Amazon purchase!

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    Modway EEI-757-BLK Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair in Black
    Modway EEI-757-BLK Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair in Black
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