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Turtle Beach – Stealth 600 Gen 2 Wireless Gaming Headset for PlayStation 5 PS5 PlayStation 4 PS4 & Nintendo Switch – Black/Blue


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Photos: Turtle Beach – Stealth 600 Gen 2 Wireless Gaming Headset for PlayStation 5 PS5 PlayStation 4 PS4 & Nintendo Switch – Black/Blue

8 reviews for Turtle Beach – Stealth 600 Gen 2 Wireless Gaming Headset for PlayStation 5 PS5 PlayStation 4 PS4 & Nintendo Switch – Black/Blue

4.3 out of 5
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  1. Amazing

    So far so great. Very good headset for the switch. Haven’t had and disconnect or crackling or anything like that. The sound is amazing. I’d definitely recommend these especially for the price!

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  2. Shawnie

    My son was dying to have these wireless headphones, he loves them good quality, great sound.

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  3. Samrio

    Turtle Beach is beginning to deliver a wave of headsets that are geared for the upcoming release of next-gen consoles, while maintaining backwards compatibility with current generations. This is the case with the PS4 version of the Stealth headset; which is not only compatible with Mac/PC, the Nintendo’s Switch console (more on that in a minute), but is also compatible with the upcoming Playstation 5.
    In the box you’ll find a white headset in a plastic bag (thank you for not covering this in peel layers), a short USB C charging cable, the dongle, and a small folder with the manuals & warranty cards. The box even has a piece of fabric attached on the top, making opening of the box really easy. The quick start guide included in the documents folder make understanding the features easy! You’ll also see something about “Superhuman hearing” mentioned on the marketing materials, and a long charge claim of 15 hours.
    Plugging this into the Playstation 4, the dongle was immediately recognized, and with the headset powered on, took only seconds to pair. The only annoying part of the dongle, is the small LED status light; which has a soft blink that can be a bit distracting in a dark room play scenario. Thankfully, I was able to move it to the back USB port, to avoid the distraction during longer gaming sessions without any loss in function or connectivity.
    The headset if fairly lightweight, making this easy to wear during prolonged gaming use, and the battery, in fact, did last about 14 hours before I needed to charge it again. The foam used on the headset is really soft, the ear phones on each side are easily tilted to provide better comfort & fit. They also do give way easily to glasses, as I wear blue blocking glasses to prevent eye strain, and never once felt like they were being pressed against my head. While these aren’t noise cancelling, you’ll get a bit of a passive effect here, as you put them on. There is just enough external noise for you to hear someone calling to you, or speaking in your general area.
    The included microphone quickly snaps back out of the way, and mutes the mic, or with mic monitoring turned up, allows you to monitor your voice during chat. It also makes for easy listening of the environment around your home or play area. This is honestly an unadvertised benefit of the mic monitoring feature; especially if you have kids and want to hear them call you across the house. I should point out that the mic monitoring volume doesn’t adjust the console’s chat volume, only your ability to hear yourself speak. The volume rocker, on the other hand, will adjust volume locally on your headset. Keep this in mind if you think it’s too low when turned all the way up. You can adjust the actual game audio within the volume settings on the console. I turned mine all the way up, and just used the volume on the headset with no noticeable loss in audio quality. You’ll also want to consider if you want audio output to a speaker system while playing, as the headphones will muffle out lower volumes. This is either a “Chat Only” or “All Game Audio” kind of headset, as this one lacks a TOSLINK/Optical connection to maintain separation of audio. If you set to “Chat only” that’s all the headset will provide, with game audio continuing on your external speakers. If set to all game audio, it will cut off any external audio over HDMI. I should note, the audio can be adjusted either in the game, or with the console settings if one is too loud for you.
    Game chat was very effective during a round of Rainbow Six. My fellow gamers were able to hear me clearly, and the mic monitoring ensured that I was speaking clearly. However, the headset isn’t adjustable like others, it sits stationary when pulled down. This isn’t a con at all, as the microphone does a really great job picking up audio. Players might even hear some background noise in your house, so the adjustable (flexible) microphone won’t be needed. You’ll hear an audible clicking noise when the microphone is pulled down, or pushed up when muted. So you won’t need to guess if people can hear you.
    The included USB C cable makes plugging in for charging with the console or an adapter easy, without a bunch of cable needing to be wound up after gaming. Nintendo Switch compatibility requires the dock with an available USB port for the dongle, and the switch in “dock mode”. It will work wirelessly, but will not work with Switch “Lite” models, since they lack the ability to dock or have any external USB devices connected. In my testing with an original Nintendo Switch, it didn’t require any additional setup, and was just plug and play.
    I do want to call out the “Superhuman Hearing” feature included with the headset. It’s easy to toggle (simply tap once on the power button), and when enabled does a great job of amplifying the sounds in the game. While playing “Last of Us 2” this was extremely helpful in-game while sneaking around infected, and listening for movement. I also have a bit of hearing loss in one ear due to a military injury, so I usually have to turn volume all the way up to hear 360 sound. This eliminated that need for me, and the directional audio was excellent during gaming; allowing me to pinpoint movement in specific directions. Anytime I needed it, it was just a tap away and you’ll notice the sound amplification almost immediately! This is probably my favorite feature on the headset! It’s also not so overpowering that you’ll feel the need to turn it off, or change the volume.
    The included EQ settings can be toggled using the “Mode” button on the headset. It provides a “signature” EQ setting, followed by Bass and Treble boosts, along with a “vocal” eq which works great for cinematic with a lot of ambient background noise. The bass boost is what I used frequently, and was pleasantly surprised with how great it sounded. It easily matched the audio of another much higher priced premium pair that includes a mixer. As with other features on the headset, you’ll hear a light tone for each setting you turn on. The EQ just adds extra tones for each EQ, until you go back to default; all of which work great!
    Overall, Turtle Beach really delivered on the Stealth headset! The price point is lower than other premium sets, and the features made gaming much more engaging (superhuman hearing is excellent). I can’t recommend this enough for PS4 and future PS5 owners!

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  4. LouRevue

    Overall this headset is pretty good however the chat sound could be better
    I previously used the Sony Gold headset since it was a wireless headset. It had good sound and chat quality was pretty good. I recently upgraded to the Astro A40’s which are wired but a vastly superior headset. These Turtlebeach’s are on the lower end of headsets I’ve used.
    The headset is really lightweight which is nice. It’s probably the lightest ones I’ve used and even after a 5 hour Destiny 2 grind, they felt really comfortable. For those with big heads like me, this headset felt a bit tight at the top. I wear a 7 3/8 fitted hat so anyone with a big head, this is something you’ll need to be aware of. While labeled a PS4 headset, these are plug-and-play on PC as well. Setup was super quick on PC so there is that. This headset charges via USB-C so they’re quick to charge and could be wired to your PS4/PC if you wanted to. All the controls are on the left side of the headset along with the boom mic. Pretty easy to get used to them as there is only a sound volume, chat volume dials, Mode/Preset selector and power button.
    The sound quality was pretty nice and robust. Crank up the volume and explosions and gun fire sound pretty beefy and has just enough bass in them. On full blast, the sound isn’t too loud however it provides just enough immersion in the game for a good experience. The chat quality was very good. Chatting with my teammates, they stated my voice came through loud and clear which was great. The main issue I had with the chat is the feedback you hear through your headset. There was a bit of hissing coming through the headset. The louder you raise the chat volume, the more hissing you get. With other headsets, you can hear your own voice crystal clear without any lag or anything. With this headset, your voice sounds like it’s coming from a tin can. It’s somewhat distracting since all the other sounds come through clear. Your own voice sounds like the mic is on the other side of the room. It’s sounds very distant and faint but still kind of distracting. Aside from this, the headset is really nice. Sound is pretty clear and the fit is mostly good for this headset.
    Battery wise, this headset has a pretty good charge time. I played 4-5 hours for 4 days and didn’t need to recharge. Having a USB-C connection, this charges up pretty quickly as well.
    Overall, this is a pretty good headset. The chat feedback/hissing is an issue for me. Had this not been an issue, this would be a really great headset for the price. The lightweight headset and easy connection make it a really nice travel or backup headset. If you’re a casual player, this should be a nice headset for you. For serious gamers, I think you’d prefer one of the higher end headsets over this one. This would be a great pickup if you can get it on sale or on Black Friday or something.

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  5. Aspears1

    Love this headset. Easy to operate and very comfortable for long periods of wear time. The sound is excellent and you don’t hear anything once you have them on. Which can be good or bad

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  6. Simo

    Nice, comfy worth the money, i would recommend this product to any one.

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  7. Used

    When my son opened the box, the headset inside was used and dirty. I was disappointed and frustrated that my 10 yr old had to open this on Christmas morning. How do you explain a used item from Santa. I’m so upset. This was bad customer service from either Best Buy or Turtle for not checking their stocked items to make sure the items are new and not tampered with.
    I will be returning to store.

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  8. KMed

    I own a lot of headsets for every console and PC. I own so many that it’s become a point of contention with my wife, so when I give this Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 for PS4/PS5/Switch/PC five stars I truly believe it deserves it. I also happen to own a first generation Stealth 600 and Turtle Beach has outdone themselves with this redesign. Let’s get to it.
    I’ll be reviewing the headset as used on a PS4 Pro, so first thing’s first, the USB dongle is tiny! This is much improved over other headsets on the market and the only drawback is that it might be easily lost. Once you plug in the dongle the headset will automatically pair up and you’re good to go. There isn’t any set up involved with this headset, unless you include connecting to it to a PC and checking for updates with the Turtle Beach app. As of this review there were no new firmware versions for this Gen 2 headset, but I find it pretty inconvenient to have to plug in a console headset to a PC in order to get a firmware update.
    The Stealth 600 is super comfortable and is way more comfortable than the previous iteration of this headset. The ear pads have been redesigned to fit better over your ears, the headset is super light and it just feels much better built than the original Stealth 600’s that I own. Ear pads are foam covered in a soft fabric that didn’t get sweaty even after hours of use. Battery life for this headset is rated at about 20 hours and I played for about 22 before my first charge, so I think that is pretty accurate.
    The sound is pretty great for a headset in this price range. Vocals come in clearly, mid and lows are nice and highs are fine until you turn it up too loud or turn on TB’s “Super Human Hearing” which is used to amplify all sounds for competitive gaming or to induce headaches. My only complaint would be that other headphones do tend to sound a little richer, but they are also price well above this price.
    The microphone is superb on these. I’ve had no issues yelling at my friends to get out of the way while playing Fall Guys. They hear me just fine and I hear their cursing coming in clear as day. I have no issues with the microphone and enjoy that it folds into the unit unlike the generation 1 microphone boom that just kinda stuck out there awkwardly. Flip up to mute is a fantastic and natural option, all headsets should have this feature.
    Build quality and construction has been upgraded since the original version. The headband feels sturdier, the connection points more robust and the plastic casing doesn’t creak like in my gen 1 headset. Overall I’d say that this headset is one of the better built one’s I’ve used, even with the exception of a metal headband (you’ll have to upgrade to the Stealth 700 for that). I see these lasting a good long while if you take care of them like the responsible person I know you are.
    So here’s my quick pros and cons list for those that don’t like to read.
    Clear mic
    Small dongle
    Good build quality
    20 hour battery life
    Good sound quality
    Audio quality could be richer
    No metal reinforced headband
    All things considering, even with the cons listed below, considering the price point of the Stealth 600 Gen 2, I have to give this headset 5 stars. It’s a fantastic value for a true wireless headset with multiple system compatibility, good sound and a comfortable fit (even for big headed people like myself). If this unit were $50 more then it would fall in line with some stiff competition and my rating might change, but as of now this headset is my mid-range wireless pick for console and PC gamers alike

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    Turtle Beach – Stealth 600 Gen 2 Wireless Gaming Headset for PlayStation 5 PS5 PlayStation 4 PS4 & Nintendo Switch – Black/Blue
    Turtle Beach – Stealth 600 Gen 2 Wireless Gaming Headset for PlayStation 5 PS5 PlayStation 4 PS4 & Nintendo Switch – Black/Blue
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