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LASHVIEW Lash Lift Kit,Professional Eyelash Perm Kit,Liquid Set,Semi-Permanent,Curling Perming,Wave Lift Extension Perm Set


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  • ❀ Great for party and wedding – lash lift can make your eyes look bigger and spiritual,great alternative to eyelash extension!
  • ❀ Low Maintenance & Easy – It is relatively easy to use, and with minimal effort, you can create elegant and flawless curls. A set can be used 10 times! say goodbey to lash curlers!
  • ❀Great performance- eyelash perm kit is made with premium quality ingredients, your lashes will remain curled for 1 month, you will obtain long-lasting eyelash.
  • ❀Suitable for technicians and individuals – Suitable for professional salon and home use with this perm kit.
  • ❀The most fashionable packaging – bringing you and your customers a quality experience!Enhance your natural lashes with a thicker and fuller look!

Photos: LASHVIEW Lash Lift Kit,Professional Eyelash Perm Kit,Liquid Set,Semi-Permanent,Curling Perming,Wave Lift Extension Perm Set

8 reviews for LASHVIEW Lash Lift Kit,Professional Eyelash Perm Kit,Liquid Set,Semi-Permanent,Curling Perming,Wave Lift Extension Perm Set

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  1. Ana

    It really works! The only bad thing is that the pads won’t stay on my eyelids no matter what, it makes it super difficult to work on the lashes. For the eyebrows it’s super easy, I just noticed a couple of weeks after doing the lamination my eyebrows got super dry.

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  2. Charlotte

    I’ve lovedddd this lash lift kit! I’ve used a few different ones in the past, but this has definitely been my favourite!
    The packaging is beautiful, and I found the individual sachets to be really convenient,
    instead of putting the product in bottles like other lash lift kits do, as this means I’m guaranteed to get ten uses out the kit and there is no risk of the bottles leaking which has happened to me in the past.
    Plus its an amazing price for the amount of items you get in the kit! Will definitely be repurchasing in the future!

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  3. Lisa

    I’ve always wanted to try a lash lift because my eyelashes are stick straight & have *never* held a curl even with an eyelash curler, but I don’t really have the time or money for a salon. I was really skeptical of these at home lash lift kits based on some of the reviews I read for other brands, until I stumbled upon Lashview’s kit. I chose Lashview for a few different reasons:

    – They had significantly less reviews than the other brands on Amazon, but all of them were rave reviews & zero statements from customers about being bribed to remove their negative feedback.
    – Included all the necessary tools and applicators vs the other brands that only include the solutions + silicone eye pads + lash tool
    – Professional packaging and materials. You’d see any & all of the contents in any esthetician’s studio.
    – Individually packaged solutions(10 of each!) I read online many experienced a lack of strength in the solution the second time using it with other brands/found it stopped working, which I imagined was due to the product losing its integrity once exposed to air. The individual packets eliminate this issue.
    – Well known UK brand that makes professional products vs all the other dubious (and clearly Chinese manufactured) brands available on Amazon.

    Thoughts upon opening & using the product:
    – Very clear & detailed instructions compared to other brands (saw so many complaints about the lack of detail & how they were clearly translated into English/illegible)
    – Every item in the box was manufactured in the UK & USA (really not trying to lose an eye, sorry) – even the little plastic applicators!
    – Includes these cute & convenient little rings to hold the product while you’re applying it that I did not expect. Makes you feel like a pro!
    – After reading so many reviews on various brands of lash kits, all mentioned the glue included in these kits sucked and to use regular falsie glue. I spent a literal 3 HOURS attempting to glue down the silicone eye pads with Ardell lash glue without any success! I finally broke down out of frustration and used the included glue and it’s AWESOME. I was able to finish both eyes in less than an hour after that including processing time. I wish I had trusted Lashview’s glue to begin with as I have many regrets after the repeated rubbing/glue removal every time the pads fell off. My eyelids are sore, raw, and angry and I almost gave up until I tried the Lashview glue. Make sure you use only the items this kit contains!
    – Once you figure out exactly what to do, the whole thing goes very smoothly but there’s definitely a learning curve if you’re new to stuff like this. You should be up and running *way* faster than I was if you use the included glue (and be sure to watch Lashview’s online tutorial video via Youtube before you begin!) My second time using this kit will probably go super quickly.

    My results? I LOVE THEM!!!! You can finally tell I have eyelashes! I did my second eye much better as I had the hang of it by then. I’m considering going back in and re-curling the first eye I completed, but I probably won’t bother as you can barely notice the difference. I seriously cannot believe such an amazing product is this affordable. I will buy it over and over again!

    Now for the downsides:
    – It’s pretty messy, so make sure to protect your work area – but honestly, most of the mess was due to my failed attempts at using falsie glue, lol. The glue it comes with isn’t messy or gummy at all – it’s clear & way thinner and sort of flakes/peels off instead. I’ve heard the perming solution can bleach, so try not to wear any black when you’re doing this just in case!
    – Lots of typos/spelling mistakes/grammatical errors in the instructions that took away from the otherwise professional look & feel of the product. Normally that’s something that would put me off and assume a Chinese manufacture, but the instructions were so clear & detailed in addition to the overall appearance, contents, and the results being so amazing that it wasn’t that big of a deal to me. **Please edit ya’ll, it will seriously add to the amazingness of this product!**
    – I kinda wish this kit came with the legit silicone rods the pros use instead of the silicone eye pads and even considered ordering them separately. The pads cover a much larger area, therefore way more glue to pick off your eyelids. The pads seem to work fine & I’ll probably stick with them, but you may have an easier time with the rods.

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  4. Charlotte P

    I have tried many lash perming kits and this one is by far the best! Individual sachets of perming and neutralising solution mean that there is no potential mixing of the little pots as in other kits.
    The perming solution is strong. There are lots of perming rods and other little tools. This is a very professional set and could be used for a small business.
    Absolutely love this.
    Lashes last about 8 weeks for me and have had lots of comments. Buy it and you won’t regret it!

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  5. Emilyxz

    I have tried a few of these kits and always had great results on the first application, however, with previous kits, they have not worked again after that. This is because usually the solutions are sent in bottles and the products degrade after opening; this kit comes with single use sachets so the results stay consistent! I love the kit, it is a bit fiddly but gets easier with practise and the results are really good. I use mine every month and my lashes stay perfect 👌. Super happy with it!

    Also, just a quick tip if you use this kit – really take the time to make sure every lash is stuck to the patches, separated and fanned out. It’s worth the effort because you will get a really professional finish. If you struggle with lashes coming away from the patches, place a piece of cling film over them whilst the lifting cream and neutralising lotion are on, it will help keep them in place

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  6. Rayna

    Oh no! Why is this unavailable now?

    This product is amazing. I have extremely sensitive eyes, and this did not irritate my eyes at all. I have short, sparse asian lashes; this did wonders. (24yrs old) I recently went through a series of events where I found out I am allergic to waterproof mascaras ( fun). And asian lashes do NOT stay curled with a curler and regular water-soluble mascara.

    I bought this kit, and it was amazing quality! It has everything you need and more for multiple applications. The little individual packets of each product keeps everything from getting contaminated. And if you’re wondering about the glue being good? DONT. This glue is great, and dries fast so eyelash application to the pads is a dream. My first time doing this, I couldn’t stop staring at my eyes.

    Also, they really should list the ingredients because they’re fantastic. No dyes; parabens; or weird fragrances. Theyre listed on the packaging of each little box. The perm solution actually smelled pretty nice despite no added fragrance.

    If you’re on the fence, and it’s in stock? Buy this one. Forget the others. I did the research too, and this one is the best available.

    My one tip would be to get both eyes glued and set then apply each step simultaneously and set the timer. This way you can save an extra packet for later. I found doing one eye at a time, with one packet of each, left one eye slightly less curled (I would imagine due to the perm solution losing strength when exposed to air in the packet). If you don’t mind using one packet for each eye then that’s fine, too. But I want the most bang for my buck !

    There’s a lot more good things to say about this product, but I’ll stop here. Buy it and see firsthand how awesome this is. I won’t go back or miss eyelash curlers/waterproof mascara.

    (Bought by me with my own money. I was not endorsed or sponsored for this product.)

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  7. olivia

    Great product. Very handy, this is the best kit I’ve found! The glue is really great and the lash tool is fantastic, larger than most kits so very easy to use! I’m really happy with this product.

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  8. Mimi B

    I was a bit skeptical about lash lifts in general — how big of a difference can they really make if they aren’t actually elongating my sad little lashes? I bought this on a whim (this quarantine is making me a dangerously impulsive buyer) and HOLY COW where has this been all my life?!

    The difference is night and day. Wearing mascara is almost impossible without them looking cartoonish. The few people I encounter on the street look at me in awe. I can sense their mouths dropping behind their masks. I’ve gone from an LA 6 to a solid 7.5 — overnight. I feel an increasing pressure to quit my job and become an Instagram influencer and travel the world. My male roommate has started washing the dishes and offering to take out the trash. I look at myself in the mirror and hear my new lashes whispering “with great power comes great responsibility.”

    The treatment comes packaged beautifully, is easy to follow, and has 10 applications, which is great because I will need to keep up this facade so my self-esteem doesn’t plummet. 10/10 recommend.

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    LASHVIEW Lash Lift Kit,Professional Eyelash Perm Kit,Liquid Set,Semi-Permanent,Curling Perming,Wave Lift Extension Perm Set
    LASHVIEW Lash Lift Kit,Professional Eyelash Perm Kit,Liquid Set,Semi-Permanent,Curling Perming,Wave Lift Extension Perm Set
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