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Epson – Home Cinema 2250 1080p 3LCD Projector with Android TV – White


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Specification: Epson – Home Cinema 2250 1080p 3LCD Projector with Android TV – White

Display Type


Product Height

3 inches

White Brightness

2700 lumens

Contrast Ratio


Projector Use

Home Theater

Product Name

Home Cinema 2250 1080p 3LCD Projector with Android TV



Noise Level

37 decibels

Model Number




Minimum Projector Distance

3 feet

Color Category


Product Width

11.9 inches

Product Depth

9.2 inches

Product Weight

5.95 pounds

Vertical Resolution


3-Chip Technology


Aspect Ratio


3D Technology


Digital Keystone Correction


Throw Ratio Range

1.3 – 1.56:1

Color Brightness

2700 lumens

Resolution (Native)


Minimum Aperture

1.49 f/

Minimum Viewable Screen Size

33.1 inches



Remote Control Included


Computer Compatibility

Mac, Windows

Lamp Included


Lamp Life

6000 hours

Lamp Life (Economy Mode)

12000 hours

Lamp Type

200W UHE

Focus Adjustment


Maximum Aperture

1.72 f/

Digital Zoom Capability


Maximum Projector Distance

26.6 feet

Number of HDMI Inputs



Composite video, HDMI, RCA, USB Type A, USB Type B, VGA

Video Input(s)

Composite video, HDMI, VGA

Sound Mode


Integrated Speaker(s)


Speaker(s) Included


Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts

2 years

Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor

2 years

Maximum Viewable Screen Size

320 inches



Photos: Epson – Home Cinema 2250 1080p 3LCD Projector with Android TV – White

8 reviews for Epson – Home Cinema 2250 1080p 3LCD Projector with Android TV – White

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  1. SnowNinja

    The Epson – Home Cinema 2250 1080p 3LCD Projector with Android TV is a great projector for your home cinema. It has a great image and works well in ambient lit or light restricted viewing areas.
    Out of the box, set up is easy. The box includes the projector, power cord, 2 remotes, and setup guides. You will need an HDMI cable if you plan to use the projector with a cable box, gaming console, or other device. The cable is not needed if you just want to use the built-in features such as AndroidTV, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, or other built in apps. Be aware though that the projector only has 1 HDMI input, so if you have multiple devices to connect you will need an HDMI switch as well.
    To set the projector up, it can be placed on a shelf or ceiling mounted and can be front or rear projected. While the projector does not have a lens shift capability, it does feature both horizontal and vertical keystone correction making placement of the projector extremely flexible. You should have no issues finding a place to place it. Also, the 2700 lumens brightness rating does not seem to do it justice. This projector is plenty bright to work in both ambient lit rooms as well as light restricted areas.
    The projector will need to be placed a bit away from your viewing area. For a 100-inch image, the projector will need to be 10 feet from the screen. If you want a 120-inch image, you will need the projector to be 12 feet from the screen. In any case, it still should work great in most settings.
    Now that placement is out of the way, I will talk performance. The Epson 2250 does not hold back in this area. The picture quality is amazing for a 1080p projector. The reds, blues, greens, and yellows all pop and are distinct. The picture is crisp and amazing. Since this is a 3LCD projector, there is no rainbow effect that some get from projectors. The black levels are not bad, but I would say are average for a projector. That is understandable though given the brightness this projector offers.
    Now some notes on gaming. The projector works well with devices such as a PS4 or even the new PS5. However, the biggest thing to gamers are color brightness and input lag. This projector has no issues with color brightness. It is amazing. As such, this projector works great as a home cinema. If you are watching sports or movies, you won’t be disappointed. Images are smooth and not jittery. If there is a problem though, it is with input lag. While you can certainly play games on this projector and it will look amazing, hardcore gamers may complain about input lag. I haven’t seen any specifics on measured lag, but I would not be surprised to hear it is north of 35 milliseconds. In a rough experiment, I could move the sticks of the controller and watched the motion on the screen. On quick motions left to right, I could hear the stick click before seeing the movement on the screen. While it isn’t much, in high twitch gaming such as Call of Duty or others, milliseconds count. Casual gamers who want to game on a big screen probably won’t notice, but hardcore gamers will.
    The projector does have a built-in speaker which works well for viewing. The projector also is quiet. I was expecting more noise, but it isn’t that bad at all. The lamp life is also really good for a projector, especially one that is this bright. Depending on the mode you use it in, you can get up to 10,000 hours of bulb life from it. You should be able to go a few years without replacing it.
    Quickly, I have highlighted the pros and cons below.
    Pros: Quiet; good lamp life (up to 10,000 hours depending on running mode); built-in Android TV with Netflix, Hulu, YouTube; smooth image; amazing colors,
    Cons: Hardcore gamers will see lag, black levels just average, only one HDMI port
    I really enjoy the Epson 2250 projector. It is a great projector for a home cinema. I would recommend this projector for anyone wanting a great home cinema projector.

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  2. V4Wib

    I have been using this EPSON home cinema 2250 for more than a week now. I really liked it. I am very good at judging projectors, I used many projectors, few years back after comparing number of projectors i bought top model in View Sonic that time also i bought epson from bestbuy and returned it because nothing beating view sonic those times, and recently my view sonic got broken, now this is my favorite, this project has beaten my old one in a big way.
    Highlights of this projector which I liked most:
    1) Android TV – Thanks for Epson for including it in the projector this literally cuts all the external devices and connectivity issues. Works perfect!
    2) Wifi – Nice Wifi connections no drops. I really liked it.
    3) Picture clarity – Very good. I usually like DLP projector colors, I know 3LCD is advanced, but if you see pictures of the theater kind of screen it makes little difference. You see pictures of the theater kind of screen, it makes little difference. You will see more white in 3LCD, but you see colors in DLP. This projector matching with high end DLP picture quality which is very good.
    4) Remote Control
    Another nice cool features:
    1) Bluetooth connectivity – I see in some review, someone complained about Bluetooth connectivity it must be individual projector unit specific. First time, When I am trying to connect to my BOSS sound bar, on the projector it did not show my boss to pair, but the second time I turned off my boss and did a scan on the projector it worked. I feel this kind of minor first time Bluetooth connectivity issue are quite common, hence I do not want to call this an issue. For me it is working seamlessly without any issue.
    2) Projector Audio works fine and in a small room if you want watch something you do not need any external audio systems, but all projector companies must know one thing, Audio is the more important thing in the projector do not try hard to give best sound from the projector, just good decent sound is enough, instead they should concentrate more on how many ways it can help connect other external sound systems seamlessly, if external audio connectivity fails the whole unit get quality issue.
    3) Different picture modes – cinema, bright cinema etc. Unit by default comes with all good nice settings. Some pictures are good in bright cinema and some good are in cinema mode.
    4) Shutter door to close the lens.
    The pack comes with all required things with it. Very good manual. Very easy to setup.
    I did one mistake while doing the setup, just want to share here so that it may help someone, When i was trying to raise the projector by mistake i broke the front bottom knob, i never used epson before, if you want to raise the projector up you suppose to pull the black thing down but somehow ( do not know what i was thinking that time 🙁 ), i pulled gray color knob towards me and it broke. I know nobody makes this mistake, I had been just foolish and I was thinking something that time and no light in the room. Just want to share so that it may help someone.
    I checked light cost to replace in the future and you do not believe it is around $60 and surely you will get it under $100 which is very good and this is important for me since I use projector a lot.
    The things I do not like:
    From the same spot where I used to place my old projector, this projector throws the smaller image / picture. I need to move little bit back to match with my old projector. The thing is not a big thing just want to mention it here, with small changes you can correct it.
    Finally – I am really very impressed with the projector. I am so confident that you will love it.

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  3. TechGuru

    Epson Home Cinema 2250 is a full HD 1080p android TV home theater projector that delivers stunning picture quality. Contrast ratio on this projector is 70,000:1 with image enhancement and frame interpolation that makes the images very smooth and makes this projector bright enough for any room with ideal lighting conditions. Its very portable and light weight.
    What’s in the box: Epson Home Cinema 2250, 2 remotes, 4 AAA batteries, power cord, Quick Setup guide.
    Setup: Setup is very easy. Just removed all the plastics, connected the power cord to turn it on. Remote control is Bluetooth and has to be paired for the first time by holding the home and enter button for 5 seconds. Once remote is paired, you would need to enter your WIFI details to get connected and once done setup of android begins. If you have an android phone then you can finish the setup easily but for iPhone users all you need to do is go to google home app and discover the devices or with the browser by entering the code for quick setup. Once setup is done quickly update the latest software and it takes less than 5 minutes for update and reboot.
    Projector has a built in 10-watt speaker that is good for smaller rooms but would suggest to connect to home theater speakers or Bluetooth sound bar with surround sound subwoofer for immersive theater experience on big screen. I was able to quickly connect the sound bar by entering into settings mode and pairing it. Make sure you set the device in pairing mode for the projector to connect.
    This model comes with 2 simple to use remote (Bluetooth enabled and IR simple remote) that is the size of amazon fire tv remote and has dedicated buttons for YouTube and apps. Just with one click you can enter to YouTube and other apps which is a great feature. Since it supports android TV, it does have a dedicated button for google assistant. Remote is very easy to use and the interface is so smooth. Remote with fewer buttons is exclusively for the inbuilt android stick and wont work with this projector. If you need to remove the android stick and attach to other device then the simple remote comes in handy to control the stick. We do have Epson 5040UB home cinema projector for our media room and the remote is too complex and has too many buttons whereas this one is so compact and easy to use. This projector is one of the user-friendly models that offer lot of options for adjusting both vertical and horizontal keystone correction and vertical lens shift both at remote and at the unit. It does have leg adjustment in the front and back for easy adjustment. Front leg adjustment has a button to press and release for the height adjustment and the back one has a knob to rotate for rear height adjustment. We installed 144-inch outdoor screen and the adjustment for keystone took around 4-5 minutes and was accurate.
    Since this projector has android inbuilt you don’t need any extra device like apple TV or Fire TV or Roku for streaming Netflix or prime video. This one has everything and allows you to sideload any apps that you need easily. We got this projector for outdoor movie nights with kids in the backyard and this works great with less wires. It has a grey magnetic flap on the back to cover the android stick that is connected to HDMI and can be removed to access with other devices.
    Image quality is very good and produces a crystal-clear picture with good color composition. We don’t see any difference in image quality compared to our 5040UB which was a flagship model when purchased. Skin tones are accurate and the text are crisp for 1080p resolution. Brightness is really good with 2700 lumens of color and white that can be easily adjusted.
    It does have 4 color mode to choose from for your viewing experience. Dynamic, Bright Cinema, Natural and cinema. It does support 3D setup option to watch 3D movies and can display both Front, Front/Ceiling, Rear, Rear/Ceiling projection options and can be easily adjusted in settings menu.
    Fan gets little loud when set to dynamic mode compared to cinema mode, but its not to an extent to ruin movie watching experience and is acceptable.
    Overall, Epson home cinema 2250 is an excellent 1080p projector with Android TV streaming device that is compact and portable with image enhancement, Frame Interpolation, 3LCD technology that will be a great affordable(at less than 1k) projector for outdoor and indoor with ideal lighting conditions and a good reason to purchase for anyone looking for bigger screen experience.

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  4. TheOffice1234

    Best Buy Tech Insider Network
    At first, I had my doubts about where the Epson Home Cinema 2250 would fit into my life. I have several old projectors of 800×600 / 1024×768 resolution that I drag out, once in a while, for a movie marathon at home. Especially when the kids were younger, these older projectors were fine. My best performing projector from the past was another EPSON (PowerLite S9 – 2500 lumens). I also have a small “pocket” 1080p projector but at only 400 lumens I have a hard time making a room dark enough to produce a nice picture. I’m too cheap to go full on 4K Laser projector, especially since I don’t have a lot of dedicated, uncluttered wall space to project something for daily use.
    For me, the Epson Home Cinema was a good upgrade, with enough brightness for indoor daytime use (see pics), and it comes with modern streaming features via Google TV.
    On a whim, I dug my old 3D BluRay player out of retirement. What I was not expecting was how much I would love the 3D experience on the Epson 2250. I have two older 3D capable TV’s one 47 inch uses passive 3D glasses (like at the movie theater) and the other 55 inch uses active (powered) version of 3D glasses. I never found the 3D that engaging on these smallish (by today’s standards) screens. But, now that I can project a 10 foot image with active 3D glasses, I can only say “WOW” better than the movie theater. I was pleasantly surprised that the Epson 2250 also worked fine with my Sony TV Active 3D glasses. This compelled me to dig through my attic for all of my “old” 3D movies and to order a bunch more used 3D movies. Finally, I ordered a budget 100 inch screen, and now family movie night has a new twist.
    The built in speaker is good. However, if you want to really enjoy a movie, you are going to want to hook up an external speaker system. Fortunately, this is easily accomplished via Bluetooth or optional audio out. I had no problem pairing the projector with my trusty old BOSE Soundlink Mini for room filling sound. Unfortunately, it won’t pair with any modern gaming headphones that I tried. I also observed that while watching some content (example Blu-Ray 3D), the Bluetooth Audio had a very noticeable lag. I ended up physically wiring speakers to it, instead of Bluetooth. I know there is a feature in one of the menus to adjust lag, but with my family in the middle of a movie it was easier just to grab a cable for the speaker.
    – 3D Capable
    – Good Brightness 2700 Lumens
    – Optical Zoom and Focus
    – 2 Sets of Remote Controls
    – Manual buttons on the device, for when you lose the remotes.
    The EPSON 2250 is larger than my older Epson S9 (about double the size see pics), and like most projectors the fan is a little loud in an otherwise quiet room (about 50 db). This is not horrible, but it is noticeable (like a PC Fan on high). It also runs hot, as you might imagine for a bulb based projector. If you are in a small 10×10 room, you will feel the heat. Again, these things (heat and noise) are normal for all projectors. If anything, the Epson is a little quieter than others I’ve used.
    The colors were sharp and bright (see pics) even in the daytime with some light leaking into the room. Total darkness is best, of course. I did find the manual focus a little hard to fine tune perfectly, but it was OK. Do yourself a favor and for less than $100 you can get a decent 100 inch or even 120 inch screen without breaking the bank. It is better than a painted wall and better than hanging a wrinkled sheet on the wall.
    Embarrassingly enough, the hardest part about the setup was trying to figure out where they hid the HDMI port. The quick start guide shows the ports in a generic way, but not where they are actually located on the 2250. I was about to pull out a screwdriver figuring they were “locked” behind a panel. Then an idea struck me to “pull” out the fabric grill in the back of the unit. The grill is held on by strong magnets and I did not realize that it could be removed. I just needed to use a little more force. I thought it was just a speaker grill or something decorative. It would have been nice if it were indicated ANYWHERE in the docs, or online, or the unit itself that this is where the HDMI port is located. I’m all for minimal documentation, but really this took me 30 minutes to figure out on my own (maybe I’m slow in this regard).
    Otherwise, plug it in, and follow the prompts to connect it to your google account and start streaming. It could not be easier. About 15 minutes into my first movie it abruptly, and without warning, rebooted to reload the latest version of Google TV on the unit.
    There are also advanced settings to let you control image enhancements, in case, for example you prefer the soap opera effect for your images.
    The throw is average, and on par with most projectors. This is not a Short Throw Projector. In a 10×10 room (where I tested), going from one wall to the next (about 9 feet), my picture was about 7 feet x 4 feet (give or take based on content, letter boxing and so on)
    I noticed when streaming from Google Play Movies, a little bit of shudder / pixilation in the movie. I did not notice this at all from the BluRay (Best PQ), Amazon (Very Good PQ). The more I used Google TV the more I’m convinced the embedded streaming stick it is just not powerful enough to perform well. It is slow to respond to the remote, it really struggles to play back full HD (1080p) movies from a network device or streaming. I had much better response plugging in an older ROKU stick into the HDMI port. You can also easily replace the Google Stick with your ROKU stick or maybe another streaming stick by opening the compartment below the HDMI port. It just means you have 2 remotes instead of one, but I’m much happier with the overall experience. Streaming sports and movies via the Roku worked well.
    The EPSON – HOME CINEMA 2250, successfully threads the needle and finds a nice niche between underpowered portable projectors and high-end laser projectors. To help make it more attractive they have thrown in every feature you can imagine from Google TV to 3D. If you don’t need these bells and whistles, you might consider another EPSON such as the Home Cinema 880, which is still 1080p and even a little brighter (3300 lumens vs 2700), but without optical zoom, streaming, or 3D.
    For me, the 3D is what really puts the 2250 over the top. I envision lots of family movie marathons this winter.
    Between work and home, I have 5 Epson projectors (going back 10-15 years), and they are all still working, most have their original bulbs.
    In short, if you are in the market for a quality home theater projector, the EPSON – HOME CINEMA 2250 is worth a close look. Especially is you are not quite ready to take the leap to Laser Projectors.

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  5. JayG

    First, I was amazed how easy the set up was. The only issue that was challenging was finding the HDMI input which was hidden behind a magnetized panel on the rear. The built in google OS was easy to log into after I got the wifi working. I was able to download YouTube TV and Prime Video which are my two main services so was all happy there. I had a roku hdmi insert ready but there was simply no need.
    I have been extremely pleased with my decision to buy this. Not a full five stars because nothing is perfect in life.

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  6. MoGJ

    Pros: -Android TV included
    -Bright, 2700 Lumens
    -Beautiful vivid colors, true 1080p HD picture
    -Vertical & Horizontal lens shifting
    Cons: -Separated HDMI and Home inputs do not allow for an external speaker system to control audio for Android TV streaming platforms (see more information below). Need to use the additional audio port to completely transfer all audio to external speakers.
    -Only one HDMI input
    Epson has been a leading provider of great projectors for years. With that being said, this projector is no different. Rated at 2700 lumens, it is very bright and you can watch all of your favorite streaming services via the included Android TV platform. Although this is not a 4k projector, I still found the image produced to be phenomenal.
    Along with the projector, 2 remotes, and a power cord were included in the box. Setup was very easy, I turned it on, adjusted the zoom and focus sliders located at the top of the projector, and followed the welcome prompts on the projector. It took only a few minutes and I immediately saw the wow factor of the projector. With the 3LCD, 70,000:1 contrast ratio and capability to play 4k content, I not only loved the picture but guests I had over also gave compliments. Colors were vibrant and blacks stood out with shadow details being noticeable. Epson states that 4k content can be accepted by the projector (although this isn’t a 4k projector), but I did not see a noticeable difference when playing 4k rated video since this projector cannot output 4k content. In addition to the great picture, a 10W speaker is installed in the projector. While it isn’t a complete replacement for a sound bar or audio system, sound is clear and can fill a small room at the highest volume.
    On the back of the projector, there is only one HDMI (HDMI 2.0) input, one audio output (3.5mm audio jack), and a micro USB B input for service. To connect multiple HDMI devices, I would recommend using an audio video receiver to manage the HDMI device connections one might use. The projector also has the capability to connect bluetooth audio to it for playback. Someone previously mentioned having issues connecting their bluetooth speakers to the projector although I had no such issues. Going into the bluetooth settings, pairing the bluetooth speakers, and selecting to turn on bluetooth audio, enabled me to use bluetooth speakers for audio.
    Now for some more technical specs. The included 200W UHE lamp lasts for about 4500 hours give or take on the normal setting or 7500 on the ECO setting. While in normal brightness mode, the fan noise (Epson rates at 36db) was not too audible to me while playing video games and watching movies. In Quiet mode it was less audible (Epson rated at 28db). The amount of zoom on the projector allowed goes from the standard 1.0 picture up to 1.6. I was able to see a great difference in how large the picture frame became at shorter distances because of the zoom. From tests I conducted, from about 11 feet and 11 inches from the wall to the front of the projector, an image greater than 100 inches (about 104-105 inches) was displayed while having the zoom slider at half. At full zoom, an image of 100 inches was produced from about 9ft and 9 inches.
    One thing that I loved in particular about the projector was the inclusion of Android TV. I am familiar with it since I have a TV (Sony 900E) with it included although on my TV it can be laggy at times. This was not the case with the projector. I was able to move through all of the menus and app tiles quickly and smoothly. Because of the inclusion of Android TV, there isn’t a need for an HDMI streaming service box or dongle, Android TV has a wide offering of apps from Google that people can choose from. With Android TV, there was also the ability for me to cast what I was watching from my phone over to the projector as well. Finishing the added features section of the review, the projector also has horizontal and vertical lens shift capabilities. (Horizontal and vertical keystone correction can be made up to plus or minus 30 degrees). These definitely helped me when positioning the projector and is a nice added bonus!
    Because of the mishap of not being able to relay the audio from the internal Android TV streaming services, I had to dock a star. Otherwise, this projector is amazing and cannot imagine anyone would not fall in love with this projector. The greatest features being Android TV and a beautiful bright picture means you could definitely replace your home TV with this. It will definitely make a very nice upgrade!

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  7. jsisko76

    This is the second Epson projector I have used in the past several years. I was looking forwarded to testing out the new features that this model has including built in bluetooth and Android TV.
    – Set-up for Android TV was very easy. I was able to connect through my google/gmail account without any difficulty. The process is streamlined.
    – Many of the most useful apps you would like to use come pre-installed and it is easy to install more. The set-up process allows you to choose which additional apps you would like to add but you can always add more later. Not having to connect a blue-ray player or streaming media player to this unit is a nice plus.
    – Picture quality was great. Even though it is not too close to Xmas I watched “Elf” with with family. The projected image is very bright and doesn’t require a completely dark room to get a watchable image.
    – Having an onboard speaker is nice so you can take this on the go and have a display with audio at the ready.
    – I was looking forward to having a projector with bluetooth that I can use on my back patio with an outdoor movie screen. Connecting a wireless speaker was going to be a terrific solution. But when I tried this there was lag between the audio and what was taking place on the screen which made the movie unwatchable. For indoor watching I’ll need to run HDMI from my source through my AV system to get better audio, but will look for other options for outdoor viewing.
    – For an expensive projector like this it would be nice to have a storage/carrying case come with it. There is no need for a case for folks that mount it of course, but for my use I will use it both indoors and outdoors and don’t want a permanent mount. Fro now I’ll just keep it in the box it arrived in.
    Overall, this Epson model is worth a look. One of the best selling points is the Android TV integration. Just be prepared to find a good audio solution because if you have a great quality picture, you are going to want great audio to go along with it.

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  8. SteveC

    Been wanting to set up a projector for our living room since we moved and found Epson released a updated model to the 2k line and has Android TV built in so I grabbed it figuring it would be a perfect setup, “and it is”.
    The projector arrived in a heavy cardboard box and was encased in a Styrofoam shell keeping it perfectly protected. It also included two remotes, power cord, and a manual, “batteries for the remotes were not included but we have plenty”.
    Setting up:
    I initially set the unit up on a small portable table to make sure it worked and could get it mostly set up before mounting. After powering it up it went through a setup for Android TV “which is really simple” and reminded me of setting up a NVIDIA Shield. After doing all of that it let me know that it needed an OS update so I let it finish that process before proceeding further.
    I had an electrician come in and put an electrical outlet close to where I wanted to mount the projector and found a universal mount that would work with this projector. Our living room has a perfect layout for mounting both the projector and screen on the opposite wall. After the electrician did his thing I got to work setting up the mount and getting it placed on the wall. A lot of work but it was well worth it, and mounting the screen was much harder than getting this mounted to the wall.
    Once the unit was installed and the image inverted “done in the menu” I aligned everything with our newly mounted screen. The controls for focus, size and keystone adjustment are easy to set since the projector is mounted upside down and just within arm’s reach where it’s mounted.
    At first I was puzzled why there were two remotes and I found out that the second one is only used if you remove the Android TV device from the unit and use it separately from the projector. The Android TV device is actually installed behind a removable cover at the back of the unit which I thought was an excellent idea, so if it ever breaks it can be replaced without having to send in the whole unit and vice versa. Also on the back of the unit there is a HDMI input, an Audio Out port so you can hook up other external devices if you want, “in our setting we would only be using the built in Android TV”
    I really didn’t have to tweak image settings much but followed the directions in the manual for getting the best contrast ratios and those worked out really well. I only had to do some minor adjusting to the brightness and contrast as the image was too bright for us and had to be brought down to a more comfortable level
    Android TV works great with this and having it built in is a huge plus. If you are familiar with using a NVIDIA Shield TV then you won’t have any problems setting this up. The layout is really nice but it is different from a Roku so if you are used to using that it will be a little confusing at first but overall it’s very simple. The remote also has a microphone so you can use the voice search function and we have no issues with this and it works very well. All of our familiar apps were there “No ROKU TV though” and this seems to run a bit quicker than our ROKU TV, but not much of a difference.
    We have a 4k 65” TV already but with the 100” screen I installed it’s just way bigger when you see it in person, it’s just live having your own theater in your house if you go with that sized of a screen or bigger, “the 2250 supports up to 350” which is simply amazing. This unit also has Bluetooth built in and I’ve pared it with our Sony sound bar, a Sony Bluetooth speaker, a LG Bluetooth portable speaker, and a pair of AudioTechnica Bluetooth headphones without a problem. With all the different audio devices I tried audio is clear and had no delay issues at all.
    There is a cooling fan that runs while the projector is on, you can hear it if you are close but it’s not bad at all and we never noticed it while watching a movie. It also puts out a good bit of heat, it’s not horrible but it does blow a good bit of warm air into the room, but we really saw no concern with that.
    If you are wanting to build up a home theater I would highly recommend this new Epson 2250 projector, the addition of built in Android TV makes it an all in one solution I’m sure you will be happy with. The image quality is absolutely outstanding, “I even cheeped out on the screen and bought about the most inexpensive one I could find”, and I’m sure image quality may even improve by investing in a higher quality screen, “but we sure didn’t need it in this case.
    We had absolutely no issues with setting up various Bluetooth audio devices, and the sound quality was on par with our regular TV. The Sony soundbar we are using with this is also used with our TV, it’s just tied directly to the TV and not using Bluetooth.

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    Epson – Home Cinema 2250 1080p 3LCD Projector with Android TV – White
    Epson – Home Cinema 2250 1080p 3LCD Projector with Android TV – White
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