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Levi’s Men’s 541 Athletic Fit Jean


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Specification: Levi’s Men’s 541 Athletic Fit Jean

Product Dimensions

15.3 x 12.8 x 1.8 inches, 1 Pounds

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Date First Available

March 14, 2015



Photos: Levi’s Men’s 541 Athletic Fit Jean

10 reviews for Levi’s Men’s 541 Athletic Fit Jean

2.8 out of 5
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  1. Jason Keith

    Most Levi’s now come in both stretch and non-stretch variants. As you can see from the photo that is also true for the 541’s. The stretch versions are clearly labeled with the word “STRETCH” in red print on the tag.

    Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t see to appreciate this for every item. While some are marked stretch in the item description, others are not but should be.

    The Caraway Twill and Lake Merrit variants that I just purchased, are stretch, even though they are not labeled that way by Amazon.

    The Timberwolf/Cruz Twill are not stretch. I also purchased a pair of camouflage 541s from a different listing that were also not stretch.

    This might not be true for every person who buys these colors. It is the case that some colors and sizes come in both stretch and non-stretch. Good luck trying to get what you want from Amazon.

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    I had been searching for a while for Levi 541s as they give me a good fit.
    However, it was completely unclear at the point of purchase that there would be additional customs duty payable when they were delivered to UK. The words even said “This is the total price including all VAT”.
    I know customs duty is a separate tax but it should be made clearer at the checkout basket that additional duty is payable – in this case +22% on top of the purchase price ! 🙁

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  3. GeorgeB

    I have been buying 541 for a couple of years now and like the roomier legs for sprint cyclist thighs. These pair fit me extremely well.
    I am getting worried that Levi’s are no longer making 541 as stocks seems to be reducing everywhere and not being replaced.

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  4. ALW

    Out of the box I thought these had been previously worn. I compared my Levi’s that I bought at JC Penny’s to these that I bought off Amazon and the difference is clear.

    The patch on the back is clearly old and shows wear. In comparison, the patch on my “old” Levi’s that I’ve worn for a year looks newer.

    The sewing at the zipper is poor and has a lot of ends showing.

    The pockets are made from a different type of fabric then authentic Levi’s and the stitching is wrong.

    All the tags are correct, but it’s definitely not the quality of an authentic pair of Levi jeans.

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    I ordered these 541s because, in the US, they are made of a stretchy type of denim with a bit of “give”. These 541s seem to be made of the standard non-stretch denim used for 501s. Consequently the size I ordered are a bit too tight for me. Some explanation on the product details might have helped me make a more informed choice.

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  6. kibuc

    The product didn’t fit like any other “athletic” cut jeans in that size, including my (perfectly fitted) pair of Levi’s 541 Athletic Commuter edition. Couldn’t get this one past my calves.

    After requesting a return through Amazon, I was told that the retailer would be notified and would respond shortly – which never happened. No response in over 3 weeks. Frankly, at this point I don’t even care about it anymore, but any potential buyers – beware!

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  7. BigAdge

    This review is for 3 different colors of the Levi’s 541 Jeans.

    I was very excited to find the 541 fit, I had never tried them on before, and generally have a hard time finding jeans that are comfortable and look fashionable (enough). These are not skinny jeans or slim fit jeans by any means, and for people looking at 541s that is probably not a reality anyway. I am 6’5 and have larger thighs and butt due to athletics and working out my entire life. I can squeeze 511s on in a 36×36, but am left with a baggy waist and thighs that are busting through the seems.

    For years I wore 505s, I still like them, they are comfortable and not too baggy. But, I wanted to find a pair of jeans that was a little more tapered and fashionable to be worn with a nice shirt or sport coat if need be. I tired some higher priced brands, but its hard to find a 36 inch inseam that you aren’t paying over $150 for. Then I found the 541. These jeans are great, more tapered than the 505s but enough room in the seat and thigh to be comfortable. The only downside to these and the reason for 4 stars is the lack of consistency in sizing. In 505s I wear a 34×36, and I read a few reviews that said to go a size up, so my natural thought was try 36×36. I ordered 3 colors, Lake Merrit, Midnight and Rigid Dragon. I will list the sizes and thought below, because I ended up ordering 10 pairs of jeans and returning 7.

    Lake Merrit – more stretch and give in the waist and thigh. True to size in 505s. 36×36 WAY big, 35×36 a little roomy, 34×36 just right.

    Midnight – 36×36 too big, 34×36 – very tight in the thighs, 35×36 a little roomy on the waist, but way more comfortable in the thigh.

    Rigid Dragon – 36×36 initially felt ok- stretched alot too big, 35×36 – ordered a few of this size because one felt tiny and short, and the other ended up being just about right. went with one of the 35x36s.

    Overall a great product if you have an athletic build and want a more tapered fit.

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  8. Jeremy

    I bought these pants in “The Rich – Stretch” and “Rigid Dragon – Stretch” colors, same size. I chose these two colors in part because they are listed as having the same blend of materials, which is confirmed by the tags on the pants as 99% cotton, 1% spandex (you’ll notice looking through the descriptions that some of the “colors” of 541 on here have very different blends). So here I’m getting two “colors” of what should otherwise be the same pants – same 541 cut, same 31×30 size, same blend of materials. That is not what I got.

    “The Rich – Stretch” fit exactly as I was expecting – a comfortable amount of room in the seat and thigh but not loose fitting, tapered at the bottom of the leg so it sits well on running shoes (the reason I chose the 541 cut over others). “Rigid Dragon – Stretch” fits very differently. The waist and seat are so tight I can barely put the pants on, and the thigh is uncomfortably tight as well. The calf/ankle is also clearly tighter. Overall the Rigid Dragon fits more like a 511 than a 541 (I tried on various styles of Levi’s jeans in a store, only didn’t buy in store because they didn’t have the 541 in my size in stock). I can squeeze into the Rigid Dragon 541s but I wouldn’t choose to wear them.

    Very disappointing to see such a stark difference between two different “colors” of what should be the same pants. Levi’s shouldn’t be labeling both of them as 541 with such a significant difference in fit. I got two pairs of each and the sizing was consistent between each pair of the same color so I don’t think it’s just a defective pair. If I were comparing two 541s of different material blends I might expect different amounts of shrinkage from washing/drying, but considering that these two I chose were the same blend that shouldn’t come into play. Overall I’m happy with The Rich but disappointed that the vastly different fit of Rigid Dragon means I won’t be trying other “colors” of 541.

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  9. Brandon H.

    I normally wait quite a bit to leave reviews on products but these jeans are just way too perfect to not spread the word. I train a lot and have so for the past 14 years. finding jeans that fit well and look nice has been the biggest hurdle ever. These 541 stretch jeans are the best I have ever had. After trying them on I purchased two more pairs. For reference, I am 6’3″ 285 lbs. The 34 inseam in absolutely on point. If you’re on the fence about these, buy them. For the price, you can not go wrong.

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  10. Mike Oxlong

    Stupidly I took the info off of my favourite Levi’s and ordered another pair – the new ones came exactly as ordered – but way too small for me….?? Not sure what I’ve done wrong??
    Apart from that – they are Levi’s – you cant fault them (or the seller!!) I just did something wrong…..we live and learn!😂😂

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    Levi’s Men’s 541 Athletic Fit Jean
    Levi’s Men’s 541 Athletic Fit Jean
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