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KMS Hairplay Molding Paste


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13 reviews for KMS Hairplay Molding Paste

3.2 out of 5
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  1. Chris

    Not great for the money, I find that it doesn’t hold that well and makes my hair look greasy even when applied to dry hair, will stick to Gents of London carbon clay which I have just purchased and looks 1000 times better for half the cost.

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  2. Leon

    I’ve tried over a dozen different hair gels, creams and pastes. They were all either too strong or too light. In addition, many of them had a powerful floral scent that I was allergic or sensitive to, making my eyes water.

    The KMS molding paste is precisely the right hold strength for my medium-length straight hair. If you want a stronger hold, apply it after your hair dries. For a softer hold, work in the paste while your hair is wet. You might say it’s just right.

    It also has a pleasant, non-floral, non-allergenic coconut-based scent, not too feminine or offensive. Been using it for years, never have a bad reaction (from myself or anyone else).

    It’s the only stuff I’ll put on my hair. Here’s hoping they stay in a business a long time.

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  3. Andrew Murray

    Pricey but I really like this product, you really need to work it with your hands before you apply it to your hair.

    I will buy this product again because it helps my hair retain it’s natural oils and sit properly after I wash it.

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  4. Papa S.

    The product itself is great, and worth five stars, but the reason I gave it one star was that their price went up considerably and worse yet the size of their product shrunk noticeably.

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  5. BSprad

    As a product this stuff is great, but this is more of a comment on the price. Less than a year ago I bought this here on Amazon, have been buying for years, for $12.50,now magically its $30.

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  6. Kim Morf

    I’ve used KMS molding paste for many years, and have never had a problem until now. While using this one, there are tons of hard white microbeads that show up when applying to my hair. I have dark hair so they really stand out. I can’t even use this bottle. I tried a few applications, but microbeads come out every time. Worse thing is, I can’t return or exchange it for a new one, amazon is not giving me that option.

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  7. Whitney Vaught

    I just cut 14 inches off my hair and didn’t know a thing about using product. I tried what the stylist gave me from Aveda and really didn’t like it. Funny enough, I found a small sample of this at a thrift store and was really happy with how it made my hair look. It’s got a strong hold but it’s not greasy or sticky. If I lose a little volume during the day all I have to do it scrunch a few times and it’s back to where it was in the morning. I definitely purchased a full bottle and I’m very happy with it.

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  8. sandygirl

    My hair is fine, and after several months of meds, my hair appeared to be thinning. I searched on line for thickening products and found KMS Hairplay Molding Paste. Great product. I use a very small amount, and my hair looks better than ever. However, I do not like the pump. I would much prefer a jar, and because of the packaging, I may look for another product. Considering the price of this product, I wonder if I am getting all the product with a pump. Price is a consideration, and I lowered my rating to a 4 because of the pump.

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  9. marie washington

    This is the 2nd one I ordered, was very disappointed , as the pump didnt work on it, could not send it back as I am extremely vulnerable not allowed out, will not be wasting £15 again on another one

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  10. Matthew Gaunt

    Whilst this is far from the cheapest hair product available. It does last me around 8 to 10 weeks. I have thick hair that is fairly uncontrollable, but this stuff is great. You only need an amount around the size of a pea. You can also restyle it later in the day and it never feels greasy. Also washes out with minimal fuss.
    Great product, highly recommend.

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  11. cybersec

    Have been using this paste for years. Great styling product and easy to wash out and lasts a long time as you only need a pea sized amount.

    Best thing is the smell – I’ve tried other slightly cheaper products but they all smell horrible compared to this.

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  12. Eric W

    This hair product is among the best on the market. It really works with my hair, and styling.
    The first time I ordered this it was great, no shipping issues at all. However, when I went to buy a replacement bottle, I received the bottle on the right. As you can see from the picture the bottle is completely destroyed and all crinkled. I then started the return process and chose for them to send me a replacement thinking this was a one-time fluke and that the replacement would be perfect. However I was disappointed when the package arrived and there was no lid for the second bottle. Not a big problem because I have a spare lid from my old bottle but the quality control on this has really gone downhill from when I purchased it first about four months ago. Something to keep an eye on in the future.

    I would highly recommend this hair product to anyone with thick hair but just be careful on the quality control, as you may have to do some returns.

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  13. Suzanne S. Kirby

    This product came in and I thought the container was defective. I ordered a replacement and it was doing the same thing! I kept pumping and pumping and nothing would come out! It took looking for questions on here to find an answer that I needed to push the bottom up to release the air and start the product coming out! So frustrating!! Why wouldn’t it come with instructions to tell you how to get the product out of the container?? Love the product now that I can get it out of the container! LOL!!

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