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KAMRUI Mini PC, 8GB DDR4 256GB SSD Intel Celeron J4125 Desktop Computer Windows 10 Pro/Burst Frequency 2.7 Micro PC with Dual LAN/ 2.4G+5G Dual…


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  • ✔【Faster Running Speed】KAMRUI mini pc windows 10 pro equipped with Intel Celeron J4125 256GB, which improves 28% transmission frequency, This pc desktop enables a smooth experience between different tasks for your home entertainment, office,education and streaming etc.
  • ✔【Large Capacity Expandable 8GB RAM/256GB SSD】: KAMRUI mini desktop computer with high-speed 8GB DDR4 RAM, you can expand up to 2T via 2.5-inch SATA HDD (not included). Tip: The built-in FPC cable can expand the hard disk memory.
  • ✔【Support 4K Three Screen UHD Display】: KAMRUI Small computer PC comes with Intel UHD Graphics 600,which can improve your video pictures to be more vivid.By speed shift technology making the processor to run more quickly so as to improve gaming experience.Hdmi computer also support 4K three display via connect 2*HDMI and 1 * VGA ports improve work efficiency
  • ✔【2.4G+5.0G Dual Bands WiFi】:KAMRUI mini desktop computer supports 2.4G+5.0G dual band WiFi, which has a stronger and more stable WiFi wireless signal to meet the needs of high-definition and big data wireless transmission. It also means that you could transfer or download data at a reliable high speed. Also, this computer cpu supports Bluetooth 4.2 that it could be easily connected with your multimedia devices, mouse, acoustics or headset
  • ✔【Effective Heat Dissipation+Support Multiple Connections】:KAMRUI Mini PC Windows 10 Pro uses built-in fan for cooling, enables your mini pc to have a better heat dissipation and quiet performance. With 2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, 1x Gigabit Ethernet port, 2x HDMI ports, Bluetooth 4.2, easily connect the device you need

Specification: KAMRUI Mini PC, 8GB DDR4 256GB SSD Intel Celeron J4125 Desktop Computer Windows 10 Pro/Burst Frequency 2.7 Micro PC with Dual LAN/ 2.4G+5G Dual…

Standing screen display size

‎1 Inches


‎8GB+256GB/Intel Celeron J4125


‎8 GB DDR4

Memory Speed

‎2.7 GHz

Hard Drive

‎256 GB 256 GB mSATA SSD, 2.5-inch SSD(not included)

Graphics Coprocessor

‎Intel® UHD Graphics 600

Chipset Brand

‎Intel® UHD Graphics 600

Card Description


Wireless Type

‎2.4 GHz Radio Frequency

Number of USB 2.0 Ports


Number of USB 3.0 Ports





‎2.7 GHz celeron

Hardware Platform


Item model number

‎MINI PC J4125

Operating System

‎Windows 10 Pro

Item Weight

‎1.87 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎5.1 x 5.1 x 1.96 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎5.1 x 5.1 x 1.96 inches



Processor Brand


Processor Count


Computer Memory Type


Flash Memory Size

‎256 GB

Hard Drive Interface

‎USB 3.0

Power Source


Photos: KAMRUI Mini PC, 8GB DDR4 256GB SSD Intel Celeron J4125 Desktop Computer Windows 10 Pro/Burst Frequency 2.7 Micro PC with Dual LAN/ 2.4G+5G Dual…

11 reviews for KAMRUI Mini PC, 8GB DDR4 256GB SSD Intel Celeron J4125 Desktop Computer Windows 10 Pro/Burst Frequency 2.7 Micro PC with Dual LAN/ 2.4G+5G Dual…

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  1. Obiwopkenobi62

    For this price you definitely can’t go wrong. I am not a computer person but I do a lot of customs work and 3D printing. My buddy helped me in hooking this up. Plenty of inputs and outputs.
    It is super small, super quiet and pretty damn fast. I have it hooked up to duel monitors/Tv’s(upper & lower). Doing my 3d stuff on bottom monitor, and I can put a movie on the upper monitor.
    I also have my external hard dive connected to it. This mini pc also came with a wall mount bracket but for now I don’t need it.
    So if you want a computer that doesn’t take up a lot of space and has everything one would need, this is definitely the one. Very happy. Also went ahead and bought the extended warranty(3years) to go with it. 🙂

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  2. Charles Calhoun

    Got it mainly for my wife who is disabled to use with the TV and wireless keyboard and it does very well for that. Added Skype Cam and also is easy to check on outside security cams from her chair. Its size makes it very convenient to use anywhere. Everything works just as it should except the Secure Boot just will not activate or show activated to upgrade to Windows 11. Teck help could not solve the problem so if someone has found a way to actually activate Secure Boot, please let it be known. I would rather upgrade to Win 11 with Secure Boot enabled for better safety if i can. Yea i force install win 11but will wait for the final edition anyway. Otherwise, it is excellent for our purpose here whether it upgrades or not and well worth the money.

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  3. Minh

    Replaced a fried PC after the storm but it works well for doing basic things!

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  4. Allen

    I say this is really great choice if you’re looking for a Computer under budget. Despite being small it does have some horse power but I will advise it’s not really a best choice as Gaming PC as it might play games like from steam but it has to be light games though it gave it shot with Hollow Knight and Gunfire and they run pretty well.

    But overall I do highly recommend this.

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  5. R. Hawk

    I have had this about a week and have had no significant issues that would merit its return. Its a good buy for the money.

    There are two things I would caution potential buyers about that may come up:

    First, with Windows 10 as the default operating system, once its up and running you are going to be forced to login every time you turn the unit on by either a password or a pin number. There are several places in Windows where you are supposed to be able to disable this, but they don’t work. You can read several variations on the instructions online about how to do it, so you don’t have to enter this BS every time you turn the unit on, but you are going to be frustrated. Even if you create a separate, new user to bypass this, it won’t work, and then you will lose administrator privileges to Windows in the process.

    I made the mistake of trying to shut off the Pin/Password requirement entirely and its essentially impossible, no matter what anyone tells you and no matter what you read in “Settings” about it being turned off. (You can eliminate one or the other, but not both. You can eliminate them for a particular user, but then Windows will give you an error on login and you will have to login under another user, without admin rights).

    The only solution if you get trapped in this cycle of nonsense with Windows is to reset the Kamrui unit to default (by holding down the shift key and hitting restart). – Otherwise you can’t even reset to the default the unit came with, because you will no longer have admin rights to do that.

    You don’t want to lose admin rights on this unit because then any software that alters the system will have to ask for admin rights to do so, which you no longer have… So my advice is just to live with the annoying task of having to enter a pin every time you turn the unit on.

    This is all a problem with Windows 10, not the Kamrui unit itself. Microsoft products continue to persist as mediocre crap no matter how many operating systems they release, always having annoying bugs they never seem able to fix entirely.

    A secondary issue I found is the following (and I believe this is also a persistent issue with Windows that goes all the way back to Windows 95 and they have never completely fixed):

    When you start loading files onto the Kamrui hard drive/solid state storage, it will not be able to accept various files with long file names (which is the case for instance with many website design files – if you have entire websites saved locally, as I do).

    Large numbers of files that I have had no problem transferring around on a Vista system just can’t be loaded on this drive because Windows can’t deal with the long file names, ONCE AGAIN, after supposedly they fixed this BASIC problem over twenty years ago…

    So in the process of moving some of your files to this unit from another PC you may find that large numbers of them simply won’t transfer over.

    The drive seems to stall on particularly large folders of files and the transfer process just shuts down.
    (This is anywhere over about 5,000 files in a single folder tree). Sometimes the only way around this is to transfer individual folders one at a time, which is tedious.

    I have never had any issues on Vista transferring multiple gigabytes of files with up to 25,000 plus files in a folder/sub folder section. Doing it on this Kamrui is problematic. It will make you want to scream.

    Again, I think that is a Windows 10 problem, not a hardware issue.

    You have to ask yourself how Microsoft continues to release products like this with ongoing issues like this. Every time they come out with a new OS, you hope it actually works without major hiccups…and then…

    So even if you bought this with Windows 11 installed or went to the trouble of booting into BIOS to upgrade to 11 from a USB port, I wouldn’t hope for it to be free of any major bugs. You may end up losing admin rights along the way. Then you are stuck resetting to default.

    My advice would be to try all these things out as soon as you get the unit, so if you have to reset to default, you haven’t lost much work in the process (with any added software erased that you will have to reinstall or any added personal files you will have to reinstall again also).

    I was going to get rid of a 13 year old Vista laptop after buying this unit. Now I intend to keep it around.

    Microsoft never ceases to amaze me. How do they stay in business?

    In terms of gaming, to give you an idea, I loaded Steam on this unit and tried playing Left For Dead 2. It actually played fairly well to my surprise, with some lag once in awhile on swinging melee weapons… So where you might not expect this unit to be able to handle graphic intensive games, its more capable than you might think it would be.

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  6. Cliente de Amazon

    De ninguna manera pude hacer que se activara después de estar en reposo, aun cuando en la BIOS lo puse en modo automático.

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  7. samuel arteaga

    Estoy muy contento con la compra. Es muy funcional para trabajo de oficina con aplicaciones como Power Point y Word. Yo guardo todo en una nube, por lo que no uso tanto la memoria del disco.

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  8. David N.

    Received my unit last week So far no problems . Says it can run Windows 11 the PC health check.
    updated no problems- Set it without Turing on Wifi or internet at first . Updates only took 30 or so mins.

    Emailed with Kin a few times about getting windows 11 file. still working on it I am so far Happy with all the help I got about this.
    Really wished it had a usb C type port . It has a blue light on front. Runs 4k 27″monitor at 60mhz. Use it more for media with Kodi tv . then my main computer

    I had the AK1 I got several years back like in 2017 it still works just have problems at times getting that unit on Really hope this one last that long.

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  9. Aurelio Vazquez

    Lo mas atractivo es el precio. Funciona bien una vez que haces cambios a la configuración del BIOS, así que requieres conocimiento técnico o asesoría para dejarla a punto. Viene con Windows instalado, pero no traé adherido el certificado, así que asumo que no es una copia legal.

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  10. furnace915

    Really pleased with this machine so far. Although it is a bit loud, and needs more USB 3.0’s, it was easy to set up and seems to run most applications without issue. Roblox works well for my kids which was the main intent of the purchase. No serious complaints whatsoever.

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  11. GM

    I bought this twice and still had to send back. After numerous calls to amazon tech and then they sent me to company to see if issue could be resolved. The sound never worked. Additionally, I received an email from the company- I believe was in Japanese or Chinese-but since I do not speak either I am unsure. No assistance or support. Would not recommend if you want any sound. However, the size was good and it did work well for just internet access.

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    KAMRUI Mini PC, 8GB DDR4 256GB SSD Intel Celeron J4125 Desktop Computer Windows 10 Pro/Burst Frequency 2.7 Micro PC with Dual LAN/ 2.4G+5G Dual…
    KAMRUI Mini PC, 8GB DDR4 256GB SSD Intel Celeron J4125 Desktop Computer Windows 10 Pro/Burst Frequency 2.7 Micro PC with Dual LAN/ 2.4G+5G Dual…
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