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SCOSCHE MMSD-XCES0 MagicMount Select Magnetic Mini Vertical Phone, GPS Dash Mount for Car, Home or Office, Black


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  • VERSATILE: Safely and quickly secure a mobile device to a wide variety of car, home or office surfaces.
  • SECURE: Safely and quickly secure a cell phone or GPS device to almost any firm & flat surface in your car, home or office with a strong, automotive grade sticky pad.
  • STRONG MAGNETS: Extra powerful Rare-Earth neodymium magnets provide a secure grip to your devices and are 100% mobile device safe.
  • OPTIMAL VIEWING ANGLE: Rotate the 4-Axis, 360-Degree adjustable head to securely position for an optimal view from almost any angle.
  • COMPACT AND CONVENIENT: Open, cradle-free design permits safe, easy one-handed device use and access to all controls and ports. At only 1.5” wide x 1” tall, easily store it or take it with you.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH PopSockets Grip: Not only will this mount work with any Smartphone, the round MagicPlate is designed to fit inside a PopSockets grip cap to make the grip compatible with any MagicMount.
  • INCLUDED IN PACKAGE: (1) Mount, (2) Sticky Pads, (1) MagicPlate, (1) Protective Film, and (1) User Manual.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Backed by Scosche’s Lifetime Tech Support and 1 Year Warranty.

Specification: SCOSCHE MMSD-XCES0 MagicMount Select Magnetic Mini Vertical Phone, GPS Dash Mount for Car, Home or Office, Black

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3.61 x 2.79 x 2.08 inches

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2.4 ounces

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December 21, 2018

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13 reviews for SCOSCHE MMSD-XCES0 MagicMount Select Magnetic Mini Vertical Phone, GPS Dash Mount for Car, Home or Office, Black

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  1. Varun

    I bought this to replace my very trusty GPS mounting solution by proclip to replace the GPS with my phone. I followed the instructions on the manual supplied and saw a video also. I have installed it on the existing mount from pro clip. Left it for a day untouched so that the glue can cure.

    Next day, testing my spare Google pixel XL with the mount. I have a medium protection case on my pixel and the mount had no issues handling the weight and keeping it secured to the magnetic mount.

    I left my phone on the mount overnight to check how well the solution works. The mount came off when I checked it next day. This could be because the 3m adhesive tape is not good enough.

    Since, I installed it on top of my proclip mount, I had to reinstall and then zip tie the base to the proclip mount. So far it’s secure but looks ugly.

    Not sure if I will be returning it but only time will tell.

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    Excelente soporte para auto. Si tienes una superfecioe lisa y disponible sin problemas queda. Se ve muy discreto y con la placa del teléfono no se mueve.

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  3. Alexrami

    Es una base imamdatada que viene con dos placas de metal una pequeñita y una más grande, el pegamento incluido para fijar la base es muy débil y se cae con un celular grande, lo pegue con una cinta 3m para molduras y quedó bien, hay que cuidar la posición en la que se coloca el teléfono ya que la cabeza del soporte gira y cuando tu celular es muy pesado tiende a irse hasta abajo, tengo otro soporte más grande de la misma marca que si tiene una rosca para bloquear la posicion. Los problemas al parecer son por ser la versión pequeña. Si tienes dispositivo ligero y de tamaño pequeño no tendrás problema.

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  4. Sophia Foehr

    Absolutely awful product.
    I have a friend who has this and it’s magical. She has a huge iPhone, a super decently thick phone case and her phone sticks to her mount ALWAYS. Never slightly slips off the mount when driving, stopping or turning.
    Mine on the other hand…doesn’t stick to jack. I have ordered this product TWO times hoping there was just a fluke in my first one. NOPE!!
    Unless I have zero phone case on my phone or stick this to the outside of my case it won’t stay. It instantly slides right off or if it doesn’t slide, the smallest tap will make it fall right off.
    Who wants this on the back of their phone case? It’s not attractive by any means and the magnet can get damaged showing like this.

    So moral of the story, don’t buy this unless you don’t care about sticking it on the outside of your phone case. Doesn’t matter how thin your phone case is, it will not stick AT ALL. If the magnet has direct contact it’s amazing! But again, who wants this on the outside of their phone case?
    If I could give this 0 stars I would. A waste of my time and money.

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    Good product that for the most part does the job. When my phone is mounted on it sometimes it does slip from the vertical position to the horizontal position which can be a little annoying but that may be because of how I stuck the magnet on the phone. The magnetic strip could have been designed a little better in this aspect but otherwise I am super happy with the product.

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  6. tiloch12

    I had high hopes for these, but they keep falling off. It’s kind of dangerous when you’re driving and looking at navigation and then the phone falls off and your first instinct is to try to grab it so you can see where you’re going. When it does work, it’s a very nice thing to have, but this one just didn’t do the job well. I’ve tried everything to make it stick better, and it just doesn’t. Maybe if you had a completely flat, glass-smooth surface, it would stay, but even on my barely-textured, mostly-flat plastic dash, this falls off every once in a while. Mine also had some missing pieces but I bought it used, so I guess that’s what I get. I probably would not buy this again though, even new.

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  7. J. Hall

    It’s a good little magnetic mount for most phone use. I’m using mine as a base for an XM Onyx radio and it is probably just a hair too heavy for the pivot part of the base. On any abrupt highway bump the XM was tilting forward and down slightly, but I simply pulled it back up to hold it’s orientation again until the next hard bump. It holds fine to a flat surface on the dash with good suction, but even with the tacky surface of the suction cup it had trouble staying in place on the textured padded part of my dash. Your mileage may vary depending on the texture of your dash, but it should hold fine on a glass surface.

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  8. TG

    The magnets are really strong, so the phone doesn’t slide off the mount, but more importantly the mount prevents irritating vibration of the phone on rough road surfaces! I have one of these mounts in all of my cars now, great product!

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  9. N Harvey

    Having used large cradle type phone holders, I was very pleased with how little space this system takes up,

    After I downsized my vehicle, the existing cradle (iottie) had nowhere to stick on my dash. This only takes up 1″ diameter of dash space so it’s easy to place. The magnet is attached to my phone case (Galaxy Note 10+). Despite the heft of the phone, I’ve never had the phone come off by itself.

    Of course, there’s no wireless charging, but Apple Carplay and Android Auto require a cable connection anyway. So I’m pleased all around.

    The mount is a 3m 1″ adhesive disc. It’s very strong and after a 2 mos, there are no signs of loosening.

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  10. Wendy L.

    I tested this suction mount on the windshield of two of my vehicles. Removing the suction mount from the windshield takes a decent amount of effort. Just shows how well this thing sticks. I haven’t tested it on other surfaces as the windshield is the idea mounting place for me.

    My iPhone 12 Pro has the magnet under the case and even like this my phone stays put. Some of the roads i drive on are currently riddled with holes from road construction and the phone still didn’t move.

    Overall very impressed and happy with this so far. Also using it is super simple and you don’t have to worry about covering your vents

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  11. DC

    He sido usuario de estos soportes magnéticos por mucho tiempo y ahora con un auto nuevo, tuve que comprar nuevos soportes, estos en particular se pueden instalar sobre el tablero y pueden tener diferentes posiciones, bastante buenos para sostener los teléfonos celulares, tienen 4 imanes que los sostienen así es que no hay riesgo que caigan a menos que se golpeen directamente con algo o alguien, súper recomendables.

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  12. Varun

    I tried the Scosche suction cup model first. It did not stick on my pebbly dash. I then tried the vent mount.

    The vent mount came in a two-pack. The mount itself is quite small. It should work with the fins most any auto vent, either horizontal or vertical air “fins”. The magnets in the mount are strong and securely hold my heavy cell phone with an outer case, even on bumpy roads.

    As time goes by I will see if the mount itself stays secure in my vent…if the fingers of the mount stay tight against the fins and don;t work loose.

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  13. Amazon Customer

    I just ruined my phone using this. How? Simple…the metal plate you attach to the phone will get EXTREMELY hot during wireless charging…this heat destroyed my phone’s battery and now the phone will last about 30 minutes before the battery is dead. I first had the metal plate on the phone and a case over it, which seemed to work fine. But I then moved the plate to the outside of the case to get a better hold on the magnet and that’s when my phone was ruined. The heat build up between the wireless charger and the metal plate was literally too hot to touch!

    Now the phone shuts off and reboots at random. I did the home/vol up/power button reboot to the Android OS and deleted the cache partition…did not fix it. Repeated the steps and did a factory restore…still reboots at random. The heat destroyed my phone and now I have to buy a new phone.

    As for the phone holder, I love it…works great. But, like I said, if you use a wireless charger be warned…let my failure be a lesson.

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    SCOSCHE MMSD-XCES0 MagicMount Select Magnetic Mini Vertical Phone, GPS Dash Mount for Car, Home or Office, Black
    SCOSCHE MMSD-XCES0 MagicMount Select Magnetic Mini Vertical Phone, GPS Dash Mount for Car, Home or Office, Black
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