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Sony WI-XB400 Wireless in-Ear Extra Bass Headset/Headphones with mic for Phone Call, Blue (WIXB400/L)


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  • Feel the power of extra bass
  • Wireless Audio with Bluetooth technology
  • Up to 15 hours of battery life with Quick charging (10min charge 60min of playback)
  • 12mm driver units for crisp, clear sound
  • Flexible and lightweight cables.Hands-free calling and voice assistant compatible.Magnetic buds for easy carrying.In the box: USB Type-C.Power Source Type: Ac & Battery

Specification: Sony WI-XB400 Wireless in-Ear Extra Bass Headset/Headphones with mic for Phone Call, Blue (WIXB400/L)

Product Dimensions

3.6 x 1.6 x 7.1 inches

Item Weight

1.09 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

August 30, 2019



Country of Origin


Photos: Sony WI-XB400 Wireless in-Ear Extra Bass Headset/Headphones with mic for Phone Call, Blue (WIXB400/L)

11 reviews for Sony WI-XB400 Wireless in-Ear Extra Bass Headset/Headphones with mic for Phone Call, Blue (WIXB400/L)

3.7 out of 5
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  1. This is Not Dan

    Reference the attached picture to see how they’re supposed to be worn. They will probably not fall out of your ears if you wear them like this. Great headphones. I bought two pairs of JBLs, both were trash

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  2. Bobbi T

    Update: October 2021: Not at all good to buy in 2021! Also, the buds have poor build quality!!

    Original Review: Sound quality is gooooood!

    1. Clear crisp sound
    2. Sweeet sweet bass
    3. Lightweight and comfortable
    4. Great Battery Life. Even the higher end earbuds don’t offer such incredible battery life.
    5. USB-C !! Yes, finally! I can charge my earphones quickly for 10 mins using my phone charging cable and get playback time of more than 60 minutes! Great!
    6. Build quality is good!
    7. Buttons are good. You can control the volume and play/pause functionality without needing to look what button is for what. You can feel the texture very clearly.
    8. Magnetic buds. They won’t fall off when you’re not using them.
    9 Pairing is easy.
    10. Works with Google Assistant.

    Better than oneplus bullets wireless 2? In sound quality, build quality, BASS, and battery life. Biggest thing is that these buds are available for half the price of oneplus wireless bullets earphones.

    A great product from sony!


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  3. Noah Horan

    Amazon was having a deal on these earphones a little while ago so I decided to take the plunge and grab them. I am genuinely impressed, I’ve gone through so many headphones in the past few months and these blew me away! I work in the city and I walk around a lot and these are perfect. The sound is amazing, and you can definitely hear that extra bass. It has an incredibly clear sound and while there isn’t active noise cancelling, you can definitely wear these and it completely tunes the city out. I would be pretty happy to wear these on a plane, I think they would do really well!

    They wrap around your neck and I love that they’re magnetic and you basically wear them like a necklace. I thought that they would have some issues staying put since the magnets don’t seem particularly strong, but I haven’t had any issues, even when I’m running around and working. They even stay put pretty well when you only have on earbud in.

    The best part is the battery life, hands down! When I got them they were pretty much full charged and it took a week (i repeat, A WEEK!) before I had to recharge them. I don’t use them all day, but I definitely use them for a few hours, and they definitely hold up!

    I got these on a bargain, but I definitely think that they are worth the initial price. Also, bonus points for having the most chill computer voice on a bluetooth headphones I’ve ever heard. It pairs so quickly too, I highly recommend them!

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  4. Tony Mathew Abraham

    Having tried C400 and C300 at a Sony store, I was quite disappointed with the sound quality for the price.

    Then with a new phone that doesn’t have a jack, ordered these xb400s, because of the XB moniker, after having used XB75, 55 and headphones from XB series.

    Had high expectations, even though the price was only 3499..

    So initially it sounded a bit shrill, but a few hours of burn in, the bass is perfect, perfect enough that I don’t have to mess with the equalizer..

    Battery seems excellent so far, haven’t plugged in yet, even after the burn in (came with 70% charge out of the box)

    Didn’t expect the call quality to be good from cheap wireless buds, but it seems to be excellent. People could always hear me crystal clear on the other end.

    Already bought another one for my sis, would recommend 10/10.

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  5. Ankit

    I have used AKG , XB55AP . I have heard wireless headphones are not good and was skeptical in buying one one of those wireless. But the 12 mm neodymium drivers gave me hope . And I didn’t make mistake . If you are using or have used the famous XB55AP or its higher model . This is there sibling without wire and sound quality same . Yup there are cons , when left and right headphones are joined by magnet while hanging songs don’t pause , It has no IP rating so no water proofing .

    Update : Wish could have a negative button. Substandard quality by sony . Please dont buy this . Attached images .

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  6. This is Not Dan

    These are solid for the price, just don’t expect miracles.

    Sound: Decent. Very bassy, decent mids, treble is kinda tinny and thin. These won’t blow you away. For the money, not bad.

    I saw one other reviewer give these one star because the call quality was poor. Uh, you seriously bought $60 earbuds and expected the calling experience to be good? Why are you making calls on cheap Bluetooth earbuds anyway? That’s a feature I will literally never use so who cares?

    Build Quality: Fine. I saw another reviewer complain that these felt cheap and looked ugly. Well, news flash, they are cheap. They don’t feel SO cheap that I expect them to fall apart or anything. As for the aesthetics, they’re fine. They’re not stylish or anything, but they are definitely not ugly. They feel pretty good in the ear and they include a number of different bud sizes.

    Battery: it’ll get you through the day. Good enough. No complaints there.

    Bottom line, if you want a DECENT pair of Bluetooth earbuds for a decent price, these are a good buy. Don’t expect them to sound great. Don’t expect them to feel premium. DON’T make calls on Bluetooth earbuds, what are you, crazy?!

    Update 3/8/21: I see these are now $30. For that price, these are downright great. I still use these pretty much every day at work and they’re still going strong a year and a half later. Still a strong recommend.

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  7. J. Richardson

    These are horrible product!! Very disappointed with Sony! The music sounds good but sound quality for talking is awful! Voice is so distorted and unclear!!!!

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  8. Deepankar

    You can never go wrong with Sony. Period.
    If you’re looking for the extra-bass experience without killing the vocals, and for something lightweight and portable with a great battery life, then look no further.

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  9. Deepankar

    Way Better than Oneplus wireless 2….
    Awsone sound quality…. sexy Bass…😊

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  10. Christopher Duniphin

    -Very easy to set up
    -Very good sound quality
    -Doesn’t look pretentious when in use

    -The two nodules on the cord contain the controls (left side) and the battery (right side). The battery side is ever so slightly heavier, so the cord tends to slide to the right over time which is a little annoying. Sony should have added about a gram of weight to the control side to balance this out.

    -The way this sits around your neck, the controls hang upside down with the +volume button being at the bottom. IMO this is another design flaw, but one you can get used to quickly enough. It’s just sloppy. Of course, if you have a really really long neck it would be hanging the correct way. Maybe the product testers all had really really long necks.

    -The battery in mine apparently taps into the endless energy of the universe, as I have used it now for a total of about 20 hours without recharging it, yet it still reports the charge at 100%. Or, in a more realistic timeline, I am on the verge of needing to charge it and it just isn’t reporting the charge correctly. I don’t know if this will ever start working properly, but I suspect not, which is a bit of a bummer. (it reports 100% charge both on the phone display and in the audio cue when you turn them on)

    -If you go out of Bluetooth range and the set loses connection, it will not automatically reconnect when you are back in range. You have to turn the set off and back on to re-establish the connection. Not sure if this is really an issue or not, there may be reasons that I don’t understand for this. Would be nice if it was automatic, though. Even after reestablishing the connection I have to manually restart any streaming media I was previously listening to on my phone anyway.

    Overall, for the price, I’m happy with this purchase

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  11. blue_guitar

    I have had many brands of headphones over 50 years . These are one of the best . Great bass , comfortable and well made. price is great . I tried a pair for $100 of another brand and they did not come close to these. I would buy them again. No question.

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    Sony WI-XB400 Wireless in-Ear Extra Bass Headset/Headphones with mic for Phone Call, Blue (WIXB400/L)
    Sony WI-XB400 Wireless in-Ear Extra Bass Headset/Headphones with mic for Phone Call, Blue (WIXB400/L)
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